Scam letter(s) from Marina Rys to Axel (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello lovely Axel all my ideas about you and about our happy appointment, I want to receive the sea of pleasure about our joint rest, I want to see your city, I want that you have shown me the favourite places, the most romantic, to me wants to try your culinary kitchen, what your favourite dishes, I dream to dance with you to listen to pleasant music when I think of it to me to become well on soul!! Lovely at you all is normal why do not call, I want that you today have called me urgently, I on you very strongly miss!! I think of our first kiss and the first embraces I want to feel all this more quickly all in love for ever Marina!! I happy that we have found each other I want to be with you always, constantly, I want that we with you in attitudes always had big mutual love, it is my biggest dream!!
Letter 2
Hello my lovely Axel!! Lovely i all my ideas about you and about our happy appointment, I want to receive the sea of pleasure from our joint rest!! But I have some problem. I have already paid for the visa and for the ticket up to Moscow 430euro, but it is necessary for me to pay for the ticket Moscow–Berlin 570euro. You can help me with payment of this ticket? I did not expect, that the ticket will cost so dearly, and I have no enough money. I live one and I earn not so much. I think, that we should do in common my travel to you!! Lovely, it is necessary to pay for the ticket already on Friday. I do not know what to do, I am very much upset. I very much want to be with you, I dream of it all the day long and all my night!! You should understand me!! I want to give you all my love and tenderness in real time!! I think, that we shall lead, shall carry out fine time together!! We shall walk, have fun, enjoy the nature and the friend the friend!! As I want it!! Many, many gentle, most sweet kisses and passionate, most desired embraces all yours in love Marina!!
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