Scam letter(s) from Jade Zill Rashidiya to Ronald (USA)

Letter 1
Forever Yours
(written by Jade Z. Rashidiya) Appearance isn't what it always seems,
Things I say may not reveal.
For you are in my heart and dreams,
Forever Yours I'll always feel. Toils of the day may not say,
Why this woman loves me in such a way.
You are in my thoughts every day,
So please don't feel our love will decay. If you could see in my heart,
Certainly longing to break out and show,
That I am lonely when we are apart,
This I wish you would always know. If your feeling sad and blue,
Please don't start to misconstrue,
Being by your side is where I need to be too.
Just know in your heart I'll always love you.
Letter 2
Our First Encounter
(written by Jade for Ronald) A sense of purpose was bestowed upon me tonight,
As I aimlessly prodded online once again,
Searching for one man that would ignite,
My burning desire which has become so tame. Suddenly as if conjured by magic,
A message appeared before my eyes,
By a man so lovely this couldn’t be tragic,
Hearing from him was a wonderful surprise. My spirit being kindled,
Decision made to take a chance,
I began conversing with him,
Maybe this is my one true romance. We chatted for quite some time,
Conversing to and fro,
All the while remaining online,
I began to feel an inner glow. Then He sent me his photos,
And He was unbelievably handsome,
Then he requested my photos,
Hoping they’d be just as delightful. Quite to my surprise,
Though there is a difference in our age,
From his demeanor I began to surmise,
A connection was forming and setting the stage. Then the time came,
For us to say good-bye,
Refusing to leave before I could proclaim,
A time we could chat again under the heavenly sky. We both graciously chose a time to accept,
While deep inside hoping I was making the grade,
But as the day dragged on confessing I wept,
As I was anxiously waiting to be with my Ronald. Hope you liked the poem.
Thinking of you, Jade
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