Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Helder (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello Rudy! Thanks for such bright simmer photo - I like it very much! Also I want to say that I'm very glad that you got interested in me and now we can get acquaintance closer. I'll try to describe myself and my life in my letters as it's possible. I want to start this letter with a story about myself. I think that you want to know something about me. Of course i wouldn't tell you as much as possible because i think that woman should be a riddle to have an opportunity to unravel her, but i will try to do my best and will tell you some important facts from my biography, because without them you wouldn't know who i am in reality. I think i should tell you at first my name. I am Nataly, but my best friends call me Natalochka, it is real Ukrainian name and i like it a lot. I was born at 22nd of December 1980, i am Capricorn, but not a Goat)))) Do you want to know where i am from? I think you want, so i am from little town called Zoryansk, it is eastern part of Ukraine. It is rather small town, like a lot of others here, but if you want you always can find a place where to go and how to spend time. I want to tell what kind of person i am. In the childhood i was rather active. I liked to play and romped. At school i was trying to get only good marks, and always participating in all social activities. I have kind and cheerful character, i am resolute and energetic. Oh, i also have some negative features, i can be mad about some critical words abut myself))) Oh, i forget to tell you about my parents. My mother, Tatyana, was a nurse, now she is retired. My father, Oleg, was a military personnel, now he is also retired. My parents are wonderful people and my best friends. They tried to give me good education, and i choose an occupation of makeup artist. I can tell you the truth, i like this job a lot because i like make people better, even if it is only appearance,but all in all i can't ear a lot, 300-400$ per month. So, you can see that i am not rich. Ok, i don't want to make you sleep, so i will stop in this moment, and if you like me and will write me a letter, then i will tell you more about myself. Now i need to go and i wish you good luck. Waiting for your next letter,
truly yours Natalochka
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