Scam Letter(s) from Svetlana Poluhina to Richard (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Richard!
How are you?
As you have already understood it - Svetlana.
At last at me the free time has appeared, and I at once have decided to write to you.
I am very glad, that you have answered my letter.
I work as the doctor - cosmetician in Institute of plastic surgery and cosmetology in the city of Moscow.
I like my work, but the free time happens very little.
First of all, I would like to write why, I have dared to begin correspondence with the man from other country.
Somehow I have read article under the name « In marriage for the foreigner » in one newspaper.
In this article the history of one Russian girl has been written.
She has got acquainted with the man from other country through agency of acquaintances and has married him.
They are now happy also she does not want to come back to Russia, behind exception only on a visit to native and close which have remained in Russia.
They are now happy also she does not want to come back to Russia, behind exception only on a visit to native and close which have remained in Russia.
Taking into account my unsuccessful experience with Russian men, I have decided to begin acquaintance to the man from the English-speaking country because I studied the English language at school, and then and in institute.
And I still rather well understand the English language.
And I write to you letters itself and I do not use the translator.
I beforehand ask you an apology if some words, phrases or offers will not be clear to you.
Probably you probably ask me why I have written to you?
I shall sincerely answer, to me have very much liked your original profile.
It is not similar to other, others pofiles.
Now Richard, I would like to drop you a line about myself.
To me 35 year. My growth of 5,7 foots, weight - 136,6 pounds.
I when was not married and I have no children.
I very much love children, instead of I have only because yet have not found such person from whom would like my children.
As to family, it small: the daddy, mum, I and my younger sister.
At me very good and amicable family.
I have been given birth on December, 7, 1973 in beautiful city Dmitrov.
Richard when you were born and where?
You heard about city Dmitrov? It near to Moscow, all in 70 km.
Our city is very beautiful, but especially in the spring and in the summer.
We have many ancient buildings which were kept up to now.
I very much love spring. It is pleasant to me, as after winter dream our city again comes to life and blossoms variety of paints.
Richard, what season is loved by you?
My favourite color green, is color of the nature and spring.
I very much love the nature and whenever possible on the days off we all family or with friends we leave for city.
I very sensitive, thoughtful and romantic.
In opinion of my native and close friends, I cheerful, sociable, sympathetic and vigorous.
But I little bit sentimental and sometimes am easily vulnerable.
First of all in people I appreciate senses of humour, kindness and sincerity.
Richard, and what you most of all appreciate in people?
Yes, I have overlooked to write, that unfortunately I do not have computer and I write from a computer which is at us on work.
I shall write to you at once as soon as at me the free time will appear.
Please, do not take offence, if I at once cannot write to you.
Richard, on it I shall finish the electronic letter.
To the letter I put the photo, and I very much hope, that it is pleasant to you.
I with impatience shall wait your answer to my letter.
Sincerely, Svetlana.

Letter 2

Hello, Ric!
Ric, how your mood? At me very good because you have answered my letter again.
For me it is very interesting to correspond with you through the Internet because I never did it earlier.
Ric, probably, I do many mistakes? But I hope, what you understand my English?
Please, write to me about it in the following letter! OK?
Ric, Ana this other name. Will name more correctly me Sveta.
The age has no for me any value. I have received your photo, you very nice the man and I can tell, that for me it is much more important as you feel. It is possible to be a young body, but very much old soul.
I am confident, that you are young soul and this most important. To me the next month will be 36.
As far as I know, the majority of the American men very well, the Russian men much better concern to women, than.
In Russia it is frequently very difficult for woman to be independent and individuality as our men frequently make demands in relations: sit at home, leave favourite work, etc.
I know it well from my girlfriends. Our men prefer to see the woman in a step below them.
I certainly do not speak, what all men in Russia such, but it is their mentality so they were brought up, you understand?
I last mine boyfriend was a lot of saws alcoholic drinks. Already there is more than year as we have left him.
In the beginning of our relations all was good, but in due course he began to drink more and more and more and motivated it with that gets tired on work.
I very much loved him and hoped, that he will throw this harmful habit.
He frequently did not come to work and because of it him expelled also to him it was necessary to change a place of work.
In a result I have understood, that with him at me not that to fail, and he not when will not stop to drink.
And I for myself have decided, that we should leave. It was very hard for me.
But in due course, I have understood, that it is better to be one, than with such myself not respecting, weak spirit the person.
Therefore I do not like, when men drink alcohol much and cannot throw this harmful habit.
Recently our government began to pay more the attention to sports, the healthy way of life, certainly many men are corrected, but it goes very slowly.
To me 35 years and I have not met the man with which I could live all life.
Also can be it the man appear you, Ric. No I would not like to hurry up.
Time will show. Whether not so, Ric?
I want to tell to you, that for me the nationality and religion has no value.
I think, that the main thing in the person not his appearance, and his sincere qualities.
And I hope, what you with me agree, Ric?
As to my religion, I of Christians. And I believe in God Jesus.
So I was brought up by my parents. And I am very glad and proud, that was born and have grown in such good family.
To mine daddy - 58 years. He works as the driver of the lorry in firm on transportation of cargoes across the Russian Federation.
To my mum - 57 years. She the mathematics teacher also works in one of schools of city of Dmitrov.
To my younger sister 24 years, she studies as the bookkeeper at university.
Our family lives very amicably. We always try to help each other in all.
Also we very much like to gather on our family holidays - the Birthday, New year, Christmas. It so is healthy!
I think, that due to my parents I have received good education and education. And I am very grateful to them for it.
I very much love the work, to us there come many women.
Recently it became very fashionable to do various plastic operations.
Ric, also it will be interesting for learning to me about your work?
I am is very much borrowed, but I shall always try to find time for you.
Please, do not take offence, if I cannot answer at once your letter, ok?
I have no computer, possible sometime in the future I can save up enough money and buy to myself a computer.
Ric, on it I shall finish the letter to you.
And I hope, that we shall continue to learn about each other further.
It will be very interesting to me, if you will write about your family, your country and city, where do you live, about your hobbies and as you spend free time from work.
Ric, write to me as soon as possible! OK?
Good-bye! Yours faithfully Svetlana.

Letter 3

Hello, Ric!
How you? How do you feel? At me all is fine!
Ric, certainly you are right and not all men in Russia put themselves above women.
All people different, but you are again right, when have told about mentality.
I can drink a few fault. I not so love beer and very seldom I drink it. I like wine more.
Everything, that you write, I agree with you to all of 100 %. You as though read my ideas.))
I have written in the beginning to two more guys, but they have not answered me and I write only to you.
I very much want to communicate more with you and I do not want to continue search further.
I do not have children, you have correctly understood all.
I very much like my work. I the doctor - cosmetician, all am correct.
It is a lot of work, but now because of crisis of the salary have sharply fallen.
Certainly, if I shall find the half I shall go to him. It does not frighten me, I already adult.)
I am very pleased, that we write, each other, because through letters we learn about each other more and more!
And the more I about you learn, the it is more you to me like! And I hope, that this sympathy is mutual!
I think, that it will be interesting to you to learn about my hobbies, tastes and preferences, how I spend a free time.
And now I would like to tell to you about it.
As I wrote to you earlier, I have very few free time, therefore I try to lead the leisure as it is possible better, more interestingly and more variously.
To me to like to carry out the days off with my girlfriends.
We like, to go to theatre, on exhibitions, presentations or is simple at cinema.
Also we like, to sit in cafe at a cup of coffee and to talk about all.
To me has very much carried with girlfriends. They are always ready to help a difficult minute. I very much love them!
But most of all on the days off I like to leave for city with my native or girlfriends. I wrote to you already about it.
I love rest on the nature, walks on a wood, to listen to singing birds and to inhale aroma of colors.
It helps me to relax, forget about all problems and to have a rest from city vanity.
Still to me very much to like to look at a sunset. It so is beautiful and romantic!
Also I very much love sports, is especial on fresh air. It charges me energy, removes a pressure and weariness!
I very active and vigorous woman, therefore from sports occupations at me am always cheered up.
In the summer I like to run, go for a drive on a bicycle, rollers or to float.
In the winter I frequently skate also a ski. These are the most popular kinds of sports at us in Russia.
Ric, whether you are engaged in sports? If yes what? And what kinds of sports are most popular in your country?
But when in the street bad weather I prefer to do something houses: to tidy up an apartment to read books or magazines, to listen to music.
From music I prefer Russian and foreign executors.
Favourite Russian executors, it Dima Bilan, Valeriya, DDT, Splin, DJ Groove and others.
Foreign executors, it Madonna, Sting, E.Dzhon.
Certainly what mood much depends on mood, such and music.
Ric, what music is preferred by you? It would be very interesting to me to learn about it.
Also I very much like to read books, especially Russian authors, such as Pushkin, Chehov, Sorokin.
Still very much to like me poetry. My favourite Russian poets: Ahmatova, Yesenin, Cvetayeva.
From foreign poets it is pleasant to me R.Burns. In my opinion, his verses are very beautiful and melodious. Ric, you love poetry?
But sometimes I like to esteem and love novels, detectives or simply cognitive books. It depends on my mood.
Ric, what you like to read most of all?
As to cinema I very much like to look comedies, fantastic and historical films.
Very big impression on me was made with films "Troy", "Alexander", « the Lord of Rings ».
I think, you looked these films. They already enough old films, but have made on me very strong impression.
As to a hobby I very much like to embroider laces. Any string and a hook with which help I knit is necessary only, it is very beautiful.
Still I very much like to prepare. In opinion of my native and friends, I was very good and is tasty I prepare.
And it due to my mum. She has learned me to all. And you, Ric, are able to prepare?
My most dishes pel'menis, borshch and pancakes are favourite is.
Ric, whether you sometime tried these Russian dishes? It is very tasty!
Still I very much love a fish, fresh vegetables and fruit. From meat I prefer pork. I like tasty and healthy food.
However I very much like sweet. Also it is my weakness. Fortunately, my figure allows to not refuse to me this pleasure.
I as well as last time have placed one more photo, I hope to you it is pleasant.
Probably, on it I would like to finish my electronic letter to you.
Ric, please, write to me about itself as much as possible. Well? All will be interesting to me.
For example, you prefer what music? What your favourite films? Than you are fond?
What you most of all like and do not like to do?
I hope, that you will understand my questions and will answer me them.
I shall look forward to your answer, Ric!
Your friend, Svetlana.

Letter 4

Hello, Ric!!!
Ric as I am happy to receive from you the letter again.
I am given with huge pleasure to read your electronic letters.
Ric when I read them I mentally I present your image, I present that you can do at this time.
I very much would want to know what of seasons to you it is pleasant most of all?
It is more than all from seasons to me the spring is pleasant.
I wrote to you it in the last letters then summer autumn and winter.
And at you what most favourite season?
Ric, I heard, that at you in the country mark Festival of Spring.
It is the truth? It would be interesting to me find out about it!
Spring for me the most favorable season because blossom not only flowers, but also my soul!
In the spring my soul sings with happiness, and heart would like love!
As well as each woman, it would be desirable love in the spring.
Now I feel, that there is one person who can take a place in my heart.
Ric how you think who it?
The majority of my girlfriends is already married and have children.
I already for a long time am ready to beginning the wife and mother.
In my opinion, I have enough lived for myself.
I very much like the big families, feasts, the common family holidays.
I too dream of the big family. In my opinion, it is dream of each woman.
Also I want to tell to you, that my girlfriends tried to acquaint me with friends to the husbands or with fellow workers. But they did not like me.
I have told to girlfriends about you. And they are very glad for me because they want to see me happy.
Also I consulted to my parents about my acquaintance to you through the Internet.
They estimate it positively because they care of my future life. And they want, that I was happy.
I have told him, that you are the good and decent person.
Therefore they are pleased with our correspondence through the Internet.
But I do not want to hurry event. First we should learn well each other.
Whether not so, Ric? It is very important for me.
Therefore through our electronic letters we should learn about each other more to not make a mistake at once. I hope, you will understand me correctly, Ric?
Unfortunately I today cannot write for a long time, I need to go, but I shall think of you and to miss.
On it I finish the letter and I speak you. Bye-bye!
Sincerely yours, Svetlana!

Letter 5

Hello my dear, Ric!
It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter today.
Each time when I receive your letter my day becomes light.
Ric, I would like to ask you your full name and your home address on any emergency.
Please, write to me it in following e-mail it. Ok?
You know, that I do not have computer and I write from work.
For work there come the big accounts for the Internet and probably can forbid to use to me a computer on work.
I certainly can write from the Internet of cafe, but most the nearest the Internet of cafe is very far from me. I shall not have time to come there to write to you.
It will be so awfully if we cannot write each other our electronic letters.
Because your letters became a part of my life.
They are very important and necessary for me.
Ric, as to me I can send you letters or cards usual mail.
But I would like to warn you that you never sent me of anything by means of our city mail.
At us in the country of a parcel reach the addressee very seldom, especially if it is parcels from other countries.
And to prove whose - or fault very difficultly. It already happened with my friends.
Many Russian organizations of mail and their workers love theft of parcels of other peoples.
And it is very bad and shameful for our country.
I think, that only in Russia it is possible. As our country poor.
And dishonourable people never will miss an opportunity to appropriate another's.
Even it is a shame to me to write to you about it, Ric. But it exists also will make nothing with it.
I think, that in your country similar does not occur. Whether not so, Ric?
I know that you in the country have mail under name Fed Ex and it safe.
It is very a pity to me but I also heard many histories about that as people sent a mail through Fed Ex and it also did not reach them.
Therefore I ask you to not send me parcels our city post office. OK?
I do not want, that it has been stolen by dishonourable people.
Especially the most dear and desired gift from you for me are you and your letters!
I am always happy, to receive from you messages and always I wait for them with impatience!
But I all the same shall write to you the full name and my home address just in case:
My full name: Svetlana Poluhina.
My home address: City of Moscow
Street Lesteva, house 17, apartment 10.
The Russian Federation
Please, keep my address. It can be useful to you in the future.
Perhaps, on it I shall finish the electronic letter to you!
In hope for fast your answer!
Your Svetlana!

Letter 6

Hello, my dear, Ric!
I want to tell to you, that I am glad to each your electronic letter!
I did not think earlier, that I shall get used to your letters so soon.
Now I feel, that they are necessary for me as air.
At me the free time has appeared and I can write to you. It is a lot of clients before New Year.
Ric, in your letters I have found something unusual and attractive for me.
And I never assumed, that I can tell about myself so interestingly and directly also.
Ric, in my opinion, we know, about each other already it is a lot of, but with each your new letter, I continue to admire and be surprised with you.
From your messages I have understood, that you the good, clever, sincere, decent, very interesting and inquisitive person. It very much to like me!
Ric, it was always interesting to me find out, how people in America spend the holidays.
Ric, where and how like spend your holiday?
How many the countries you already have visited? Write to me, please! OK? It will be very interesting to me.
Unfortunately, I cannot allow myself holiday in other country.
But if I had such opportunity first of all I would visit Italy, namely Rome and Venice. It is my old dream.
I think, that Venice is the most romantic city of a planet! And you were in Italy, Ric?
Ric, you love a camping, rest on the nature or you prefer to travel in more civilized way?
I very much like spend the holiday outside of city, in camping, travelling on foot, floating on canoe to ski or skate. It so is healthy and is extreme!
At us is there are many beautiful places, is especial near our city Dmitrov, in a wood where there are many various trees such as a pine, oaks, birches and various beautiful flowers.
They simple, but their simplicity also involves most of all.
I hope, you know, that our Russian woods are extraordinary beautiful.
I think, that you in America too have remarkable places on beauty.
It is surprising a place of our nature, therefore we with my family very much like, to go there to a camping.
Not far from city there is Moscow canal and the small rivers where we go to have a rest.
There we bathe, we sunbathe, play a ball, we fish, we enjoy the nature.
Mine the daddy very much loves fishing and when he will fish we prepare for very tasty soup, refers to Uha. It is fish soup and it especially tasty when it is prepared on the nature, on fresh air.
I think you tried this soup, it very tasty.
Each such rest, it always passes interestingly and romantically.
Such minutes I feel absolutely happy and carefree.
Ric when I read your letters I feel happy also.
I feel, that our relations it is more, than friendship!??? You feel the same???
Because I cannot without your letters now. I constantly think of you.
By the way, my parents ask about you all time.
They are very glad our correspondence through the Internet and to our relations. They transfer you Hello!
Ric, on it I shall finish my electronic letter to you.
I as shall usually look forward to your letters, the my dear friend Ric!
Sincerely yours, Svetlana!

Letter 7

Hi my dear, Ric!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!
Ric, how are you doing? I, simply perfectly!
Your messages cheer me up and force to beat my heart very quickly!
Now my ideas only about you and about our relations! I think of you always and everywhere: on work, houses, on a visit …
I sincerely want to tell to you, that you to me are not become indifferent.
Ric, you have changed my lonely life, have made its unusual.
- my parents, girlfriends, fellow workers - have noticed all, that I became very thoughtful, my person shines happiness, the smile does not descend from my person, and cheerful fire burns in my opinion!
Probably, it is the most wonderful it is time in my life because the destiny has reduced me with you!
I cannot believe, that it occurs to me!
And I very much hope, that our relations will not end only with electronic letters, that sometime we shall be together.
In fact we should not miss such opportunity once to be together. Whether not so, Ric?
I feel, that, at last I have met the man of my dream: strong, courageous, self-assured, decent and understanding!
And it the man are YOU, the my dear friend! You, probably, are surprised with my words?
But it is the truth, trust me! I speak these words with special care and respect for you, Ric.
Due to you I again have felt happy and carefree! Your letters give me the big pleasure and pleasure in my lonely life!
I want to tell to you, that is very difficult to be lonely, especially, when all my girlfriends already have family, the husband, children.
Everyone ask me, why I one why I can not find to myself the man.
The public opinion in our country is still formulated on old stereotypes.
In our country to the twenty years' girl says goodbye her loneliness.
And if the woman is lonely in thirty years at her look with pity.
But the opinion of others is not important for me. Simply I did not dare to begin close relations with the man because it is too much a pain to me my last fight - friend has brought.
I wrote to you a little about it in the last letters, and I would not like to come back to this theme.
But you, my dear, have helped me to forget the past, due to you and your letters I have felt happy.
I am ready to repeat these words constantly! Because your letters have demented me.
I think of you day and night. You became a part of me and my life, your letters help me to live.
And I devote these lines to you, my dear Ric!
I understand with special an acuteness
In long and painful separation,
As your voice is necessary for me,
Your strong embraces.
And heart is beaten, time hurrying.
And meetings the instant of imagination is bright...
Really I have not invented you?
For what to me from destiny such gift!?

On it I shall finish my love letter to you, my dear! I shall wait for your warm mutual letters!
With ideas on you! Sincere yours, Svetlana!

Letter 8

Hi my love, my dear Ric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loved, I very much very much very much miss on you and I very much love you!!!!!!!!!!
Forgive, that has not written earlier, but because of holidays I did not have such opportunity.
I hope you can soon answer me!!!! I very much love you!!!!!!
For ever yours Svetlana.

Letter 9

Hi my most dear man, Ric!!!
Forgive, forgive, forgive, that could not write to you earlier.
I have caught a cold and laid in hospital. I had no access to the computer, but know, that every day and all the day thought of you and very much missed.
I in the seventh sky with happiness from your warm words on my last letter!
I feel, that we each other are not indifferent!
After your last letter I for a long time reflected on our acquaintance through the Internet, about you, about your letters and on us.
And I have understood, that I cannot live without your letters any more, and certainly without you, mine Ric! At leisure all my ideas only about you.
I feel, that we are created the friend for the friend!
Probably, it is love? But as still it is possible to name my feelings to you, Ric!
Yes, yes my dear Ric! You have correctly understood me, I have fallen in love with you very strongly!
This feeling has come to me so quickly and unexpectedly, that I cannot believe in it.
And in that I have not invented you that you really exist on this planet!
I want to tell to you, that I love you, my dear Ric! I love you all my heart and soul!
I very much for a long time did not test similar feelings.
And consequently I felt emptiness in my soul without love. But now my soul sings with happiness, for pleasure of a life, from love to you!
This feeling to not explain words! I hope, you understand me and feel to me the same warm feelings, as well as I, Ric!
My life became similar to a fairy tale, and I want, that this fairy tale did not come to an end!
Therefore for the sake of our love I am ready on all:
to leave my family, girlfriends, to give up work and to arrive to you, the my dear friend.
Because I very much want to be with you, to feel your breath, your touch! Ric, and I hope, that you too want it.
I believe, that if very strongly to want something it will necessarily come true!
And if our desire is mutual, we necessarily shall together, and that to us in it will not prevent!
Whether not so, Ric?
But I would like to ask to you one very important question for me: you have or write to other women, except for me?
I hope, you will sincerely answer me this question because I do not want to be deceived again.
Ric, I very much love you, and to me it will be very bad, if you deceive me in our relations.
We should trust each other. Whether not so, my dear?
I want to tell to you, that many men try to get acquainted with me.
But they are not interesting to me and not nice, because all my ideas only about you.
Now for me the most important in my life are you! And nobody is necessary for me, except for you, my dear Ric.
But the only thing that connects us and our feelings are our electronic letters. And I so love you.
And separation from you becomes for me intolerable. I very much grieve on you, my lovely.
Therefore I am ready to arrive to you, to your country, what to be near to you and to love you.
My dear, what you think of it?
I have told to parents about my feelings to you, and that I want to be with you and to leave to you, my dear.
They have been a little surprised, that I want to leave all and to leave to you for America.
But they see, how I am happy, as I want to be with you, and it for them the most important.
My parents hope, that I have made a correct choice.
Also they understand what to live in Russia very difficultly, and that you do not want to move to our country.
Therefore they have no objections that I have left to you.
Certainly, during first time I shall grieve on my native, but at the same time I cannot without you, my loved Ric.
I have so become attached to you, to your letters, that I cannot live without you now.
I speak it sincerely and in all sincerity which is filled with love to you. And I want to be with you as soon as possible.
Ric, my love, you want, what I to you would arrive??? I cannot without you and you are very necessary for me.
I today shall try to meet my girlfriend who went abroad and knows the information on all necessary documents.
I shall try all as it is possible to learn more precisely and I at once shall write everything, that I learn. Ok, my loved?
My love, on it I shall finish my letter to you.
But in the conclusion of my love letter to you, I would like to write to you this remarkable poem of English poet R.Bernsa.
O my love a red, red rose
That's newly sprung in June:
O my love is like the melodie
That's sweetly play'd in tune.
As fair art thou, my bonie lass,
So deep in love am I:
And I will love thee still, my dear,
Till a ’ the seas gang dry
Till a ’ the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi ’ the sun.
And I will love thee still, my dear
While the sands o ’ life shall run.
And fare thee weel, my only love,
And fare thee wee a while!
And I will come again, my love
Tho ’ it ten thousand mile!

Bye-bye, my dear and loved Ric! I very strongly love you! Take care!
Yours for ever Svetlana!

Letter 10

Hi my love Ric!!!!
I very well understand our today's situation and my dear I want that you knew, that in spite of on anything I very much love you also I is sure, that for us the main thing, that we like and we trust each other and let yet together, but I think, that it only business of time.
Some my familiar speak me, that my acts are difficult for understanding, but I know, that acts in love always are difficult for understanding.
Frequently the big love came to an end tragically, but I believe, that we shall be happy.
I believe, that my first letter to you it was not casual.
I do not want to speak, that it something divine, there is no it simply destiny.
Now I think only of you and for me each hour of my life without you this test which to me is very difficult for overcoming.
But our love should us help to overcome all obstacles and we shall be together.
I am sure, that our love not simply hobby and fire of love never will go out.
Many me I ask as it is possible to fall in love with the person who never saw in alive, but I speak them, that in the letter we write each other everything, that we think and that thus is much easier to express everything, that you think and feel. So we learn each other can even better, than our familiar.
On work with the big understanding have considered my decision and wish me only good luck.
I very much love you and this most important for me.
I have recollected one poem which speaks about expectation, I think it approach for us.

Hours seconds to not compress
As the space is not compressed,
Where indefinitely for a long time "hi"
In itself it is necessary to hold.
In itself falls
Stock of patience, and something
Does not allow to bring down from the account,
When we the 100-th time in a way,
When one of us it is tired
Will hear knock of wheels in a breast
Also calls flying metal.
Alas, are replaced whimsically
As the Leningrad rains
In calendars the big numbers.

I very much hope, that in our case nevertheless time will fly faster that hours have turned to seconds and that we soon could meet.
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For ever yours Svetlana.



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