Scam letter(s) from Olga Nikitina to Hector (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend!
I am very glad, which you have written me.
My name is Olga to me of 27 years.
I search for serious relations family creation.
I live in city Kazan. My city is located in 700 km from Moscow.
My growth 167 sm. My birthday 5 May.
I never was is married, and I do not have any children.
I write to you from Internet cafe.
I can write only letters to you as in the cafe Internet from which I write to you was not present MSN.
My religion - the Christian.
I believe in God.
I visit church on a regular basis.
I live with sister as our parents have died in accident 2 years ago.
I work as the waitress in cafe.
I am not so glad to my work.
I have higher education, and could influence more best where a payment more.
But it is very difficult to find good work in my city.
My sister studies at university.
I as can I earn for a life to myself and a life of sister.
I love sports meets. Everyone weekand I visit association.
I try to keep from me directly in shape. I think,
That the woman at any age should be beautiful and attractive! I like to go to wood.
To me to love a sight as the nature repeatedly year changes. I adore fresh air.
When I go on park, I have a rest from city vanity.
My dream - to live near at coast to the beloved.
I romantic nature. In relations with the person I appreciate fidelity, honesty and sincerity.
I have decided to get acquainted with the person from other country as
Here I could not find in Russia favourite. All men in our country drink very much.
They do not appreciate women. I have been disappointed in Russian, also I hope to meet
Love in other country.
I very much want, that you seemed, that the person whom I search!
I look forward the answer.
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