Letter(s) from Marina Yakimova to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1

Good afternoon, my new friend Jose.
I felt pleasures when I have received your answer. Speaking sincerely I am surprised a little that I have interested you.
When I have started to search for the person I have not been assured of success to find which person I too modest but very high girl has interested because I.
You cannot present at all as I am glad that you have written to me. I to you a leather am a little races about myself.
To me of 35 years, my growth 172, I would not wish to speak you how many I weigh because I hesitate but all currents to you I shall tell on a secret of 73 kg. It will be very interesting to me that you think of me?
My eyes brown.
I would send you the photos that you have looked.
I from Russia also live in settlement Ezhovo. It not the big settlement also is located it in 140 kilometers from city Cheboksary
In my questionnaire I have written that I live in country France as I the first races have decided to try acquaintances on the Internet and I am not able to use the Internet yet.
I to work the seller in shop.
I very much love the work because I any more how many years work.
But my trade on which I studied it the cook and I very much like to prepare.
And what trade at you Jose?
I lonely and at me was not present children but very much it would be desirable.
I live one in not to the big apartment.
My mother works in children's hospital helps small children and my father to be on pension.
I have cat Mura, it lives with me 3 years. I very much love animals to me very much it would be desirable a dog.
My apartment too small for them is a pity that.
And you love animals? There Are they at you?
I would like will know about you more to me very interestingly to learn about you and about your family.
Probably you to not understand some words but it is very complex to me to write to you in your language forgive me if not so I sometimes even would use the dictionary what to write to you.
I expect your answer with impatience.

Letter 2

Hello Jose!
I am very glad to receive your letter.
I see that you the darling and I hope, that we shall continue our dialogue.
But at me not the greater request with me be fair because I do not like to deceive and I do not love when to me deceive.
I frank with you and I would like to explain why I have started to use internet.
I family enough, I love house convenience and I would like to transfer all my life near to the good person. Me it seems, that you are not deprived feelings.
I do not understand those people which leave with girls not feeling the only thing. I believe that you are not similar those people.
Unfortunately I to not meet still such person as it would be interested what to create family really.
For me the happiness is a family.
But it you interests?
I very much love children.
Children it is a life of sequence you. My dream it consists in that to have children.
I love them very much I even sometimes I would go to mum what to help it. Certainly I should find in the beginning of the person which was the father of my children.
In the most part Russian men are interested by little bit serious attitudes. They are unable to love.
I had a bad experience with Russian the man a year ago. I have been enamoured also I thought that it was on always. We had good relations.
I was happy with it, it deceived me and once I have seen it with other woman.
It is awful impact for me. It deceived me long with it and besides it hid it from me. So it broke off my heart.
For this purpose it to not repeat more I do not trust in Russian people.
We speak, that in your country more often people are very family, that they are raised more well in every respect. It is the truth?
And you the family person?
I would want to have very much your notice. Now I have an opportunity to try to find through Internet my present love for ever for ever, my second half.
I shall be happy to receive your photos and as I give you the .
I do to you not the big kiss.
Yours Marina.

Letter 3

My love Jose!!!
I am happy to receive your new letter.
How you? I hope, what at all of you by way of?
I am am mentioned with your last letter and I satisfy, that you wish me to see. My heart is full of tenderness for you.
I represent our meeting as we shall spend time together, we can speak, study each other, we can laugh and dance together, concern each other, we can see eyes each other. Thus, it is possible during the most significant time in my life.
You know, it actually is difficult to think of it because I cannot possibly carry out my dream, I wished happy to be simple, but today, there were many events which will possibly prevent to our meeting.
Today I have addressed to travelling agency and me, spoke how many there is a trip up to you. This sum very much greater and I can afford a trip if I work one year and to not spend money for food.
I wished to find a way out of this position. Having come back to my work I have told about all to my director. I to ask it what to me to help. I have asked about money. I have told about all of our attitudes fairly, I have told, that I wish to go to you.
I have been amazed by reaction, it has become angry very strongly, it speaks, that I a silly woman and that all foreign people idiots, that they want only women, that they use Russian women as working women in the house.
It spoke, that you will use me and to me will throw as a subject not necessary. I became angry about it very strongly and I wished to explain, that you are valid me love also I wish to be with you together.
I started to talk to it, but it, was very serious, it has become angry even more strongly.
I know, that you are not such as it speaks.
I cannot dare to pay this trip and I can not arrive to you.
Only, if you can help me.
Tell to me, you can help me?
For me you are important that me to support in it. And is fast we shall in a place for me you is important to support very much as is necessary.
I shall expect your answer.
Yours love Marina.

Letter 4

Good morning my love of all my life Jose!
I am very happy to receive again your answer and in me a lot of pleasure and happiness as I to wish to inform you fine news.
My love as I you already to speak, I shall learn, how many there is my arrival to you and I to make it.
I to go to agency of travel and have come with good news to us with you.
My love Jose, I to learn that that I could arrive to you to me it is necessary to do.
The passport for travel abroad. It at me is, as I to gather in the past to year in about mine the girlfriend abroad, but it has not turned out, as there was no money, and the passport for travel abroad has remained.
It is necessary for me to do the visa. Its cost to make 105 euro + consular gathering 43 euro.
I shall do the visa for maximal time, it is three months.
Also, it is necessary for me to do an insurance policy for departure Russia.
Cost of an insurance policy to make 137 euro.
For this purpose it will be necessary to gather from it the necessary documents, the insurance certificate, INN and another and to do photo for documents, to submit the application for official registration of papers for travel. I shall do it in the near future. But it is necessary for me, that you to help me with it.
In general to do documents it is necessary 285 euro.
Also I to learn concerning tickets to you. Their cost to make from 450 euro and above.
In general that I could arrive to you it is necessary 735 euro.
It is very inconvenient me, but I am compelled to ask your help to do my arrival to you as to save up this money a lot of time is necessary. It of that I do not have now work.
I to not wish to wait our meeting long my love and I ask you to help me now be fast we could together and do our attitudes.
I shall be the happiest on light if be fast I can with you.
I hope for that you will help me and be fast we can together.
I love you more than the life!!! You my love!!!
I wait for your answer my love.
Your love for ever Marina!

Letter 5

Good morning my greatest love Jose!!!
My dear I is very glad to receive your answer.
My love I already to learn as you to me can send me of money for my arrival to you.
It is system of transfers of money refers to Wester Union, it is the most good and checked up way.
To send me of money to you it will be necessary my data here they.
RUSSIE, le code postal:423450,
La ville - Orel,
Street Mira the house 3 apartment 11.
Mon prenom Marina
Nom Yakimova.
After you make to me transfer I can to receive money in post office.
On my person there was a smile as I have started to read your letter. Your words have very much touched my heart and soul.
For me now is not present there is nothing more pleasant and joyful than to read through your letter. When I read them in my soul to occur that that not ordinary, such which I still never tested.
My soul blossoms, your words have kindled my heart. You have appeared in my life as a warm beam in my cold life. You the most light strip in my life.
Now I cannot present at all that I did without you? I cannot constrain my feelings to you, my love to you does not know borders!!!
I very strongly love you!!!
And now if I shall not be near to you if we shall be far apart, I simply shall not sustain, I shall die of love to you.
Dear I wish to be with you, I wish to spend with you days and nights.
I the nobility, that we are simply created the friend for the friend. We necessarily should be together my love!!!!
I test to you such strong feeling, that I cannot simply express it by means of words.
When we shall be together you will understand, how we is strong with you love and my feelings to you.
I never to betray you, to you I shall be always true and I shall not throw you.
I am very happy, that I have you. And not one I am happy to it, all my friends are happy for me. They see that I at last have found the one whom searched for all life.
I have strongly changed since that moment when have started to communicate with you. Dear I want to you, me to you pulls as if a magnet. I cannot be one any more.
I cannot write more because if I shall continue I shall shout.
I strongly love you and I adore!!!
I send you one thousand the most gentle kisses!!!
With all love and respect yours Marina.