Scam letter(s) from Elena Yaranova to F. F. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my sweet dream and my most beautiful prince!
I hope at you all well today? I am right?
Today very good and warm day.
I had the big surprise today.
When I went for work saw as on a city beach bathe and to sunbathe many people.
Usually the swimming season at us begins in the middle of June.
But now at us very warm weather some days and consequently the swimming season began a month earlier.
It has pleasantly surprised me, because I very much would like to sunbathe to be even more beautiful.
Because near to such beautiful prince as you, should be too beautiful princess.
We with you shall be beautiful pair! You agree? Lovely, you have opened for me a door in the world of love.
I love you and I am given this fine feeling completely.
I test happiness of that there is the one whom I love. Thanks for that you is.
I am grateful that you allow me to test this strange feeling.
I want that we had fine children whom we shall love. To like children so that to learn them to love the world is main applicability of parents in relation to children. You agree with me? Angela writes that they are fine, only Ken recently Had a road accident.
The automobile on which he went was not serviceable and Ken has hit in the big publicity board.
To him has very much carried also he only had a trauma of a knee.
Now he is in hospital.
Angela almost all time spends together with him.
All of us very much hope, that Ken will soon recover.
When I about it have learned, I to start to worry for you even more.
I hope that you will take care?
Please be accurate and attentive.
You are very necessary for me I of you very much I like. My relatives send you respect and love.
All of them very much love you and together with me to worry for you and your health.
Please lovely to take care for us. Ok I would not like to finish the letter, but the cafe is now closed.
To me have told that it is necessary for them spend preventive works and consequently today they will be closed earlier.
I very much to miss you.
Today probably I shall go to walk in park or along the river.
Lovely, I shall think of you and to dream.
I send you the most gentle and ****** kisses.
And as I send you all my love.
Always your favourite princess.
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