Scam letter(s) from Maria to Axel (Germany)

Letter 1
Good day, Axel! How is your day today? How is the weather in your region? I am glad to receive today your letter. It is very unusual to receive letters from you, in fact you are a man from other country. Yes, I am excited, when I read your letter. Your letter is very interesting for me. I never thought, that I shall have acquaintance and correspondence with a man from other country. It is very interesting for me. I hope, you are truthful and sincere in your letters. Just at the beginning of our dialogue I want to ask you to be sincere with me. As I appriciate revelation and sincerity. It is probably interesting for you, why I have decided to look for a man outside Russia. I had an unsuccessful experience of attitudes with a man in Russia. It is not pleasant for me to remember it and consequently I shall be brief in the story. I had good relations with one man, those relations lasted within one year, but then we parted. To all fault became that he deceived me. he did not appriciate my feelings. You know, Axel, just from the first day of our with him acquaintance he told me about love, he said me many compliments, and I trusted him, as a naive girl. I trusted his every word. His name was Anton, he was older than me, he was 25, and I was 20. We had good relations with him, had very good and strong friendship, I began to feel, that I love him. But one day when I walked together with my girlfriends in a park. I saw Anton, he went in the company of a young woman and a child. He passed by and as though he did not noticed me, but I knew, that he saw me. I was in anger, my eyes filled by tears, and I hardly kept not crying. My girlfriends supported me, I forced myself to stop dialogue with him. I have made it! In three days, he called me and I said that everything had ended between us, he said he had never loved me,he treated all we had as a game. Axel, probably, you do not imagine at all how it was painful for me to hear such words from him. The girl, with whom he walked in the park, was his wife, moreover they had a child. I could do nothing, I did not want to destroy family and to cause sufferings to his wife and the child. I am sure that his wife knew nothing about his friendship with me. Such a relation took place in my past life. I have been severely injured, and consequently, I do not want to have any attitudes with men in Russia. Certainly, I understand, that it is impossible to judge all men on the example of one person , but I cannot do it. Now I am afraid of having relations me with a Russian man that is why I have decided to look for friends from other country. Axel, I hope you understood and my last experience? It was hard to remember it, but now this situation is in the past. Sometimes I remember it, but anyway I have another life now. Today I have a usual working day. Axel, I want also to tell you, that I write the letters for you from my work. I have a computer at home, but I have no service of the Internet. I and my sister have recently begun to live in a new apartment and now she has no telephone and Internet service. But soon they will be installed. But it is not difficult for me to write a letter from my work, it brings me a big interest to correspondent with you. It seems to me, that you are a good man, though it is difficult to judge the person according several letters. Axel, I want to tell you, that I do not want to hurry up, I want to study more about you, and about your life. I have been deceived in the past, and I do not want to repeat this bitter experience. The Internet a featureless thing, here can be a lot of deceit, that is why I ask you to be sincere with me. I am sincere and frank with you. My parents always learned me to speak only the truth, and never to deceive other people. I am grateful to them for good, worthy training and education. Axel, to you, probably, it will be interesting to learn about my family. My mother's name is Svetlana, my mum works, as a chief accountant at an enterprise. My father's name is Vladimer, he works as a engineer in firm of refrigerators manufacture. Also I have a sister who is younger than me. My sister's name is Larisa, she studies in a college, she is 18, my sister left school last year and entered in college. She studies at the Faculty of law, on a speciality "Jurisprudence". I appriciate a choice of a profession of my sister! I shall send you photos of my family today. Tell me about your family. It will be very interesting for me. With it I shall finish the letter to you. It is necessary for me to continue the work. I wait with impatience for your answer tomorrow, also I want to look at your photos, it would be very pleasant for me. Your friend Mariya.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Axel. How are you doings today? Axel, it is really fine weather in our city today. It is closer to the autumn, And air becomes pleasant and fresh. Your letter that i received today made me happier. The best part of my day is when I receive your letters. Your letters become for me more and more desired. I like to receive your letters and to know more about you. Now it is too early to speak what our relations will result in, probably, we will understand, that we are different people, probably, we will be friends. Do you think of it? But I want to tell you, that I do not want to hasten, because I already was mistaken in the life and now I want to be more attentively. I trust you, and I want you trust me too. Trust - a policy of any relations. It is my vital motto, I was learned it from my mum. I am a sincere girl, and i have nothing to hide from you. I can answer any your question, also I would like to ask you to answer my questions because it is interesting for me to know more about you. It is still unusual for me to have a dialogue with you. I am excited when I write the letters to you, but each time, I feel more and more confidently. Tell me, do you have interest to me? You can ask me, and I shall tell you about everything, that it is interesting for you! Axel, today I have a usual day at work, now I have free time, and I write to you a letter. I had already told you, that I work as an advertisment agent. Today our agency advertising has received an order of sport goods. I will have to think up advertisment for it. Some ideas have already appeared In my head. I want to make, something, that will be unusual. My work is quite fascinating, I like it. Axel, tell me please how has passed your day? How is your work? Dear Axel, also it is interesting for me, what do you prefer to eat? I heard, that in your country McDonald's food is widely spread, do you like such food? In our city there is also McDonald's, I want to tell you sincerely, that I do not try to eat there. I like to eat healthy food you know, I prepare to eat very well! I like to cook, in most cases I prepare dishes of Russian cuisine . We raise products on the garden of my parents. Parents have a garden, where we raise vegetables, such as potato, onions, tomatoes, carrots. Cultivation of vegetables demands a much work and efforts. We do not buy them because we think that, it is not necessary to spend money on that we can make ourselves. Do you agree with me? Have you ever tried traditional Russian cuisine? Sometimes we go to have dinner to a restaurant or a cafe. I like sushi. Have you ever eaten sushi? I like the Mexican and French Cuisine too. I try to eat correctly and to have healthy food, it is very important for me. Much depends on food but the most important is vital activity. There are a lot of vitamins in healthy food which are so necessary for an organism of each person. To my mind it is important to tell, that I have no harmful habits. I do not smoke and I do not drink alcoholic drinks. I think harmful habits ruin health. I care about health, it is very important for me because the health of my future children depends on my health. I do not want my children will suffer because of me. I think, that a girl should not have harmful habits, it can be understood if a man smokes, but a girl should not smoke. Ok, your life is also very interesting for me. We are from two various cultures, but I think, that we should find common language. Tell me please about your hobbies, and what you like to do at leisure time. I like to play billiards and bowling. I play billiards with my friends at leisure time. Tell, how You concern to such entertainments. Axel, I do not like to visit bars of discos, and in general I cannot be in the noisy companies for a long time . It is more pleasant for me to be in the company of close friends. It is interesting to me, what music do you prefer to listen to? I choose music in dependence with my mood. I like to listen to classical instrumental music, also I like to listen to Pop music. Classical instrumental music always cheers me up, I am sure, that it will always have a great respect. People at any age and any generation like to listen to it. Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart are composers, who have world glory and property. Dear Axel, it is interesting for me if you sometimes play golf? I know just nothing about this kind of sports, and I do not know at all, in what the essence of this game consists. Can you tell me about this kind of sports? Please, do not think, that I ask many questions, simply I am interested in you. I have a big interest to you and to your life. Wow!!! Now I have a friend in other country, it is cool! You are a good man and while communicating with you I feel, which I have never felt. Please, treat me seriously. OK? Probably you are the man of my dream? I shall be always frankly with you. I promise you that. Well, I have already slightly tired by printing. Probably I shall end this letter. Write to me soon!!! Send your pictures! I shall wait for your letter! Sincerely yours, Mariya!
Letter 3
Hello Axel, How are you doing? How is the weather at you? My day today is fine the weather is fine today Today in our city the temperature of air reaches -10 degrees C. Your letter today has decorated my day. I have got used to your letters, and I every day hasten to the workplace to see your letter. I have a smile on my face when I read your letter. It is very pleasant for me. I like to know new moments about you and your life. Axel, I ask you to excuse me, probably I set many questions? You may tell me about it. Now it is already much easier to me to write to you letters in comparison with the first time. I am really worried very much, when I wrote the first letter to you, but now I write to you letters much easier. I write to you, that I feel. I trust you, and I tell you about everything. I also hope very much, that you are sincere with me. You know, every evening, being at home I, think of you, I think, whether you will answer my letter tomorrow. Axel, I treat you as my friend. Yes, us there is a big distance between us, but I think, that it not a barrier to be friends. You are very nice for me. Today it is a usual day at work, I worked much on some orders. I am very responsible at work. I try to carry out her perfectly. It is important for me that clients were pleased with the work done. I think, it will be interesting for you to know about the schedule of my work. I work from Monday till Saturday. My working day as usual begins at 9.00 and comes to an end at 18.00. I work approximately 48 hours per week. Work allows me to have good earnings, I earned approximately 200-300 dollars per month. In Russia it is a big money and they provide well-being. The earned money I receive in every two weeks. My workplace is in about 20 minutes of trip from my apartment. Tell Axel how do you reach the work? I am glad to receive from you answers to my questions today. You also can ask me any question, and I shall answer you if I, certainly, I shall know the answer :-), only a smile. I hope, you understand my sense of humour. Dear Axel, please tell me your favourite season? My favourite season, is spring! I love spring because in the spring all comes to life, the nature wakes up after winter, the cheerful rivers flow, trees become covered by green foliage. I think, that it is fine! In the spring all receives a new life. Also I like summer because it is warm in the summer, it is possible to bathe, visit a beach, to sunbathe. Tell, have you a river or lake near your house? Do you like to visit a beach? I like to visit a beach, in Russia we can do it within two months in a year. We have a temperate( mild )climate, and in August it becomes cooler, and actually in August the swimming season is closed. In the south of our country it is possible to bathe till October, it is great! Once I visited a beach resort in Abkhazia, this resort is on the border of Russia and Southern Caucasus. By the way, in Russia we have 30 days of a vacation every year. It allows to have additional efforts to work.. This year I have not yet used the vacation. I visited Abkhazia within 2 weeks, I enjoyed fine beaches and pure mountain air. When I have come back home and felt like vigorous and healthy. The beach and bathing in sea water helps to be healthy. I am sure, ocean water makes people healthy. I always dreamed to see ocean. Also I never visited , I know, that it is very beautiful country, it is a country of freedom. Last year I visited Bulgaria, I had the tourist permit. I enjoyed a mountain landscape. The mountain landscape is beautiful at any time of a year! There are many mounting skiing resorts are in Bulgaria. I love this kind of sports, and I try to master it. Axel, tell to me about your vacation and travel. It will be very interesting to me! Yesterday I have told to my parents that I had acquainted with a man from other country. They have been very much surprised. But their reaction can be explained. My parents acquainted not in such a way as we though they also wrote to each other when my daddy was in army, but this correspondence was by means of post service. Presently there is the Internet, and it is very convenient, also due to the Internet we have got acquainted with you. I am grateful to the Internet. Letters will go by mail probably very for a long time, therefore I think, that the Internet is much more convenient. My parents asked about you much, and I answered all their questions. First of all, it was interesting to my parents what is your name? I have told, that yours name is Axel. Will our relations proceed? I think of it! Do you think of it ? I think, that I would like to speak with you and to learn about you more. I am interested in you. I want to thank you that you are always fair with me. I trust you. After my last relations my heart hurts still and it is very difficult for me to be restored. You help me in it Axel and I thank you for your understanding and trust. Well, it is necessary for me to go home now and to have some rest! Have a nice day! Write to me as soon as you will have time... Yours Mariya.
Letter 4

Lovely Axel I want to tell to you that I today had an opportunity to establish on my computer on work service MSN and now I hope that you we shall have with you dialogue and to speak with you more often. MSN - Lovely Axel I added you in "contact" and I hope that we shall communicate with you in a network. I can inform you my MSN address and I hope that we shall speak with you soon through Msn. I shall wait for your messages! My kisses for you!
Yours Mariya.
Letter 5
Greetings, my dear Axel! It was so pleasant to see your letter today, and you have made my day better! I thank you Axel! How - you today? Well! Director was in good mood today, it has approved a lot of serving. I am confident, if everyone always speaks kind words with employees, they will try to make the big successes, and to do work completely! In general, when I read your letter, my increases of mood upwards. I think, that we are good friends! You can be convinced of my sincerity. I even more frequently remember last vacation. I would like, that they arrive soon.. I would like to spend this time in the good company, with end and the expensive person. Tell Axel, you already spent your vacation this year? Whether you have any plans during the period of the future vacation? So it is interesting to me for knowing about your life! Certainly, I understand, that you, probably, spend a lot of time for work also. But probably also it is necessary to give rest to an organism! I think, that the most important, that the rest and work are always in norm. Then the person will be always vigorous and full of forces! Then any work it made, will be a success. You agree with me Axel The finest time - when all family travels together. I remember my childhood, my parents have taken always me and my sister to travel. What happy and carefree time it was. Since my childhood my parents have shown us the big love to family. I dream, that as soon as I and my future family we shall travel more, and my children also will be pleased and loved feeling. I want to give them love which was given to me in my childhood. Axel, I want to tell to you, that I am grateful for all advantages to the god also. I believe in god Jesus Christ, it has died for the sake of our sins. However I have no opportunity to visit church frequently, I do it once a month. I understand, which we trusts in the god, can be excellent. I hope, what it will not be a problem for us? At the same time I support any belief. In my opinion, the person should trust, and it is not important, who of it or its god. The main thing - that there is a belief in his heart. I hope, you agree with me? Tell, what you think of it? Dear Axel, my friends in my work ask me also about you very much all time:) I speak them, that you are very good person, also I want to tell to you, that some my friends envy me a little because I have found the good person through the Internet. But I do not pay attention to their envy. Axel, I feel, what our attitudes - it is more than friendship, whether not so? I feel it in my heart and soul because I cannot without your e-mails now. I wait for your e-mails as soon, in the greatest possible degree!!! I already start to dream of a meeting with you once! I think, that it can be understood in our case if we - both will be had with desire to meet. I think, that it is very important. It is important to meet the person first before any other attitudes. I sincerely want to tell to you, that you are very interesting to me, and I imagine you as my person. You are a good person, and I think, that you are in my taste! Tell to me, please, fairly, that you think of me. You feel interest when speak with me? What do you feel, when you write letters to me? It is very interesting to know about it because I have serious intentions in search of my soul mate. Warm kisses of tenderness. Sincerely yours Mariya. P.S Lovely I want to tell to you that my address correct and I ask to write again to me the message and I shall wait from you for letters -
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