Scam letter(s) from Valeria Bulgakova to Hakan (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hi, dear Hakan! It is me, Valeria. It is a nice surprise that you replied to my e-mail! I'd like to know you better. I think we will have a lot to talk about as it seems to me that you are a very interesting man, and very attractive. Thank you for the nice picture. I'd like to tell you about me but I will do it in short now as I am in a hurry to my work. I am 29 years old, my birthday is on October,25,1978. I am originally from a small town Novo-Aidar. It is in the east of Ukraine. If you look it up in the map it is difficult to find it as it is really very small. I am not afraid of my age - I think that I have all life in front of me. I have graduated from a medical school and I work as a nurse in a hospital. But it is not the only job that I have - actually my second job is not just a way to earn money - it is my hobby, my passion!!! I dance in a group and I like it a lot. We dance in different places - during different concerts and sometimes in the clubs. Dear, Hakan, I will tell you more in my next letter as I am in a hurry now. I hope we will continue our correspondence as I am very interested in you and want to know you better. Waiting for your letter,
yours Valeria or you can call me Lera for short.
Letter 2
Dear Hakan, hi! I am very sorry for the late reply...I am so glad to get the letter from you. I find it exciting and look forward to getting to know each other better. I have been looking for where you live - it is far from me but I believe that we will make this way shorter very soon. Thank you for the nice picture of you. You look great. I should confess that I have been thinking of you all the time since i got your letter. You have made an very good impression to me, I liked what you wrote about yourself. I don`t know what will be the next step after we have been better known. Do you have any suggestion? It can seem to be a little to fast to decide what to do now, i only hope that we can get to know each other by writing first. But I can admit that it would have been very nice if we have seen each other in person. It is very strange to get to know new people like this. We are so far apart but still in a way close. I am very glad that you did choose me when you decided to contact someone. I have told you a bit about me -I love to dance and go out with my friends... In my spare time I do a lot of sports, go swimming and running, but also go to the cinemas and theaters. In addition, I read with pleasure and also often cook and try out new recipes. I love to cook pork the most and just love any kind of vegetables. I like kids and animals and the flowers. I like travelling. I am looking for my friend, my soul mate, my ***-partner with who I can share everything. I think it is also very important to understand your partner. To know what he thinks, what he feels, what occupies him. I have always been thinking that it would be nice to find a partner with whom you will share everything and he will share everything with you - you will understand each other better then yourself. I believe in true pure love between such partners! If one loves another person properly and loves this person just for everything - it is the biggest understanding that a couple can reach. There is only one thing that can make it even better....:) My dear Hakan, I am looking forward to your next letter, I hope you will write it soon. A big hug from me to you.
Letter 3
How are you doing, my dear Hakan? My heart races and pounds from you letters, yes i truly want to continue our correspondence and further build my desires for you and hope yours for me. It’s quite good that we start our relationship as friends and let it grows from that, patience is one of the important in this correspondence because it will test how truly serious our intentions of writing e-mail to each other. I believe you are interested to know more about me. I live myself in a flat which is not very big but I have made a design of it myself and it is very nice and comfortable. I am tired to be alone. Every night when I go to bed I dream about someone like you to be beside me, to hug me, to keep me warm. I think that some things between the couple are very important: honesty, faithfulness, attention, consideration, understanding..... and of course good ***. Please, dear, don't make big eyes and ask, what I understand about "good ***" - I want tell you my opinion: good *** is gentle ***, gentle *** and again gentle ***! Also you perhaps will ask why I say good *** is important. For me is tenderness and *** among others he basic for happy relationship and love. I hope you forgive me when I speak very open about everything, also about tenderness and ***. But I think everything should be important to know about each other. I don't know your attitude and opinion to all this points, but I understand in your last letter that we have already some common together. I hope we find more common together. Dear, I am sending you the pictures which were made last year when I was on holiday. I hope you will like them as they are my favorite. I like photography and I am not afraid of camera. I have a lot of photos in my collection and if you like I will send you some more next time. I hope I didn't scare you with all my thoughts and desires and we will continue to build our friendship. I realize that our relationship should be getting stronger each day. Let's see where our destiny carries us. I feel very nice after going through your mail every time. We should be sharing the happier and sad moments also and try to make each other happy. Please, don't forget that I am waiting for your letters with impatience. With all my love and respect,
Letter 4

My dearest Hakan! I am so happy receiving your letters. That's really great that I am able to know you more and more and I feel that you are not a stranger for me anymore. I think that it is very important for both of us to write as much as we can to know everything about each other. Dear, I am very happy that you liked my pictures. I was in Crimea with my friends last summer but it was a short rest. I am having my holiday very soon in December. And of course, I'd like to meet you! Frankly speaking, I was always thinking about this day, our first touch and even kiss! Honey, I'm sure in real life our meeting will be better than in my dreams! What do you think? I am not sure it will be very easy to get visa to your country but I really want it a lot. What do you think? Or...I am too much in a hurry??? Dear Hakan, I already want to see your city, the place where you live - it should be very nice (I think:-)) With every letter the bond between us becomes closer, more intimate and tight. Your personality is so magnetic, I just keep coming back to you day and night. I share my thoughts, my feelings with you. In true intimacy, there’s nothing you can’t tell the person. My feelings to you get me up in the morning, get me moving on my goals, inspires me to achieve them. I think you feel where I am going. Maybe you think that that it is not right for the woman to speak about her feelings so frankly. I don’t want to scare you away, I just don’t want to pretend when I feel such a strong emotional and physical intimacy, warmth so large that I can almost reach out and touch it although at the moment we are thousands of miles apart. I want to see you so much. If you also want to see me, please be prepared to a powerful emotional explosion:-) We have started as friends and were growing from that. From now I too want to share in everything possible with you. To have you next to me each morning with you eyes, smile, warm heart, loving arms. I want to be in our home when you come in from work to greet you with a embracing hug and a loving kiss at the end of your work day. Please forgive me for having the following thought so early in our relationship but I want to be with you... I'm thinking of you and sending you my passionate kisses ***
Letter 5
My Darling Hakan! Thanks you so much for your letters. Each one lights a fire in my heart and keeps me hoping that our meeting will be soon. I miss being with you so much and I think also that your house is so empty without a woman to add to the beauty. I am very sorry that I wasn't able to reply before but on the weekend it is sometimes difficult for me as I don't have a computer at home. How are you doing inside right now? Are you doing ok? There are times when it is not easy dating someone this way. I got home today and a friend came to me she is going through an extremely difficult time, she is trying to leave someone and move to Russia and her life is coming apart and she is not sure if she wants to continue living or not, I have been helping her to keep going. I do not want to go back and relive what I have walked through over the last years, but it has given me a very real ability to connect with people and to help them through their crisis. I'd really like to meet you in person. I think the first meeting is very important because there you can confirm, if everything that has been said about one person is true or not. And if everything that you imagined about the other person is really what it is. Also there is the chemistry part, that cant be translated through the Internet. That is something that will, and can only happen when you meet the other person face to face. I am looking forward to our first date. Have you any ideas about it? I believe that we can think of something really special for us. But, dear, tell me what airport shall I go to? I talked to cousin what do I need to come to you, is it real or not. She knows about it because she is visiting sometimes another countries. She says that I need visa and air ticket only. My sweetheart, how do you think, if I will come to you, where is the best place for my living? At your home or at a hotel? I would like to stay at your home, if its not a problem and if you want it. I hope my wish to come to you to meet in person is not confuse you. Please tell me the truth. I dont know how much does it all cost, but I hope it will help us. Also I would like to go to cash departments of airport to know how much tickets cost. My dear Hakan, I need some information for this. Please write me what the closest airport is to you and what date is better for my visit? Please write me you opinion about this all. I shall be waiting it with impatience. I have told my mother about you. As she is a very wise and philosophic woman she said that it is one couple out of a million that suit each other like a pair of gloves. Their difference only being that one is right and the other left. At the same time they are so much alike because they reflect each other and love their reflection in each other. I feel it is about us, what do you think? Love is real when your soul reflects in the soul of your beloved. I feel it now and my feelings are overfilling me. Honey, I miss you, and I hope that all is well with you, I pray for you always, I love you and hope to hear from you tomorrow. Yours Now and Always,
Forever in Love with you,
Letter 6
Hello, my sweetheart Hakan! First of all I want to tell you that I'm missing you much! The whole day I'm thinking about you and what you will write me in your letter today. Our correspondence is very important for me, because I have very serious intentions towards you. It is not only a pleasure for me to read and write you letters, but also a way to tell you what is inside of me, to express my feelings. Frankly speaking, it is the first time for me when I want to be so opened with a man. A lot of times I have heard sad love stories , but any way I have always believed that one day true love will come to my life, but it was so interesting how I will know my love and will not be burned. And now I can say that my dream has became a reality! You know, psychologists say:" Be careful with your dreams and remember that one day your dreams will become a reality!" I'm very happy about our meeting in the net. You are wonderful man with big and kind heart! I don't know what is going on with me... It's a simple - I AM FALLING IN LOVE!!! Yes, honey, it is truth! I am falling in love with you and my heart is singing... Dear, I went to the travel agency and found out everything about my coming to you. It is a bit difficult as I have to collect a lot of documents for visa. There are two variants and I am not sure which is better for me. The first, I will have to go to Kiev to embassy and apply for visa myself. You know that Kiev is 830 km from my city and it is a long and expensive trip for me as I will have to stay there for some days. Moreover I don't know the city well and I think it will be a bit difficult for me as it is the capital of Ukraine and it is very noisy and busy city. The second variant is to order the trip in the travel agency in my city. They will do everything for me and they will help me with visa. But it is cost a lot:(. What shall I do dear? If you want us to meet in December I have to be sure that I am doing right. I'm longing for you,
I'm missing you,
Letter 7
My dear Sweetheart Hakan! That is so nice that you are writing to me me right when you get my messages - I wish i could do the same...unfortunately I have to wait till afternoon time next day to read you letter and to reply to you...but it is a really small obstacle that keeps us away...because knowing that you are out there and you am so madly in love with me as i do...I understand that there no boundaries or obstacles that will keep us apart...I believe that our overwhelming love will go through all of the doors and will open all of the windows to be together... Knowing that today is Friday and tomorrow we will have a weekend makes me both happy and sad - happy that I will finally get more sleep and will do a lot of things for which I don't have time during the working days - will clean the flat and wash the clothes and make something nice to eat - may be pizza - I love it especially homemade - especially home made by Me:-) I would love to have you by my side to eat this masterpiece of cooking:-) - just joking it is just good, but anyway you will have it when we will become a family for every Sunday or even more often - if you would like it:-) Honey, so what shall I do? I think that making everything through the travel agency will be easier and not so dangerous for me. But it is very expensive. I was told also that with the last political events it is not difficult for the people from Ukraine to get visa to Sweden. I have to collect the packet of documents: 1. Application for Permanent Residence in Sweden; 2. Additional Family Information; 3. Photos 3,5 o 4,5 cm 4. International passport; 5. Internal passport; 6. Copies of all diplomas, certificates, certificates of education; 7. Original letters-with the characteristics of the present and previous jobs; 8. Career Record. I have asked the agency it is very possible to make everything quickly. They will also order the round-trip tickets for me Everything in common will cost $1200. But there is some question about which we did not speak with you. It is very inconvenient for me to speak about it. But our future depends on it. My travel to you seems cost a lot. I do not know as far as this money big for you. I think I can pay a half of the sum. I very much want to meet you! Can you help me with the second half? I can arrive to you in three weeks after I shall pay for my travel. So all depends only on you!" Dear Hakan, I think of you before I go to sleep because I want to see you in my dreams. When I wake up in the morning, I imagine kissing you and think of you as my red rose. I feel lonely sometimes here. I wish I can see you soon. Can you imagine you and me in same place together? I think I'll be very happy. What do you think of that? Have a nice weekend and don't forget about me:-) With love,
Letter 8
Hi my love Hakan! How are you now? Honey, I am thinking about you all the time and I am very sorry that I wasn't able to write you on the weekend. I don't have a computer at home and every time I go to the local library where there are computers and Internet connection. I don't want you to worry about it, dear, as I am always here for you and I am waiting for the letters from you. This weekend was special for me. My parents' best friends had an Anniversary of their wedding this Sunday. 40 years together. Can you imagine? It was a ruby wedding. They invited us to the restaurant for the party. I have spent so nice time there. Those people are so kind and special. They have their children grown already and 3 grandkids. The kids were playing noisily all the time. It was so fun:) We have had a nice dinner. The manager of the restaurant prepared the special evening programme and all the evening we were listening and dancing on the songs which are very old but that couple were dancing on these songs on their wedding party 40 years ago also. it was so romantic that I had tears in my eyes when I was looking at them. They are so happy and they still love each other so much! It was really a very special day and I was so happy that I was there. My Hakan, I am thinking about you and want to be with you. Honey, I really don't need that document I mean the Permanent Residence in Sweden as I am getting the tourist visa. My dear, I am very grateful to you that you want to help me. I think that I will apply for visa and will order the tickets now. I will be able to stay in Sweden for two weeks. Is it ok for you? While my visa is ready we will pay for the tickets and everything in the end of the month and in December we will be together. What do you think? Honey, I am very sorry if I bring you the problem because of me. But I really want to meet you so much and to spend my holiday together with you. I guess that together we will think of something really very special for us. How would you like to spend a cold rainy day with the one you love? I would spend it with you in front of the fire, I would bake something yummy for us to eat, make us some warm cocoa and make a picnic for us on the rug in front of the fire. I would feed you fruits and berries from our "indoor" picnic and I would kiss you after each mouthful I feed you so I can taste the sweet juice from your lips. I want you to be my Teddy Bear so much...So I could take you to my bed every night to keep me warm and to make out with me...Do you want to be? - sure you do. I want to look in your eyes and kiss you. I believe that your are really popular among women in your city. And I feel special that you have picked me - from millions of beautiful girls and women all over the world. I feel like a princes who has met her Prince Charming. I think if I got to know that you like another woman - I would be really jealous...I don't know what I could do to that lady... We have a nice proverb here in Ukraine, it says: "if a person feels jealous - she/he loves you a lot" I cannot wait to be with you honey. I sure hope God knows what he's doing here, as I really don't know what I would do if something happened where we could not be together. I don't even want to think about that. I'll do whatever I have to in order to be with you, as long as you want to be with me. Giving you all my Kisses !!!
Yours truly !!!!!
Letter 9
Hakan, my honey! How are you? My love, I am feeling better but the doctor says that for the full recovery I have to stay in the hospital:(. I am very sorry but I have to come back there. Please, don't worry for me. Everything will be ok. I will write you on Monday. My love, I will be thinking about you and dreaming about us together. I hope you have had a nice party with your family and on Monday you will tell me about the contest. I wish you good luck and I will pray for you. Please, my love, forgive me for the short letter but I really have to run back to the hospital as I am not allowed to go out. I love you so much!
Your Lera.
Letter 10
Good day my love, Hakan! How are you? Don't worry, my dear, if you are busy and have no time to write me sometimes. I understand everything and I will be patiently waiting for the letter from you. I am ok here. The weather is also very cold but it is sunny. I am wearing warm coat and high boots and a hat as I am afraid to catch a cold. I know it is very easy in such a weather. I so miss you. You were on my mind all the time. Listen to this. Yesterday, I was driving with my cousin and we came to a rail road intersection were we had to stop and wait for a while. So, while we were waiting for the train to pass I kind of started thinking about you and everything you have told me and every time I do this, I can help but smile. You are the joy of my life. My cousin saw me smiling and asked me: 'Are you smiling because of him?' It is very unusual, but for the last time you are the only person who makes me happy. If this is not love, than I don't know what it is. Darling you live inside me, you are my fire. I miss you, I had a dream about you this night. I felt panic, and i wanted to go to you right in that moment when i woke up. And I was a bit upset that it was just a dream:( I love you Hakan, with all my heart and I can tell you that I will be doing all in my power to make you be a filled man in all the senses, to make you happy because you deserve it, to make you feel the greatest man in the hole world because you are already are, I want to take care of you, to make you smile and have fun every second for the entire life and more. I want to live a new life with you darling, only with you I want to take care of you. My dear, I dream on those days at the kitchen, cooking and fooling around just having fun and.......forget what we were cooking, I dream on our first meeting at the airport, in our first day together and our first night:):)! I am madly in love with you!!! From the first letter I have been dreaming on you almost every night, sweet, tender and ****** dreams, but all of them with a lot of love and I have enjoyed every dream, and dreams come true!

Hakan my love, what else can I tell you, every word comes from the deepest part of my heart that already belongs to you, so it is in the best hands, yours!!!

I am sending you a million of kisses that i hope will be enough to cover you all until the next letter. Always yours,

Letter 11
My amazing Hakan! How did I get so lucky to find such a truly beautiful man - very attractive on the outside, but absolutely gorgeous on the inside too, with such a loving heart and sweet disposition!! I think I may have died and gone to heaven... Sweetheart, I would love to come there right now, to be in your arms, and give you the most passionate kisses and let you know of my undying love for you. But distance is being cruel and is keeping us apart! How dare it do that to us!!! I feel that in a relationship communication is very important but the most important things in a relationship are: 1. trust: without trust love is empty and love could not exist between two people 2. love: love grows slowly and must take patience. 3. friendship: love starts with friendship then grows into love. 4. honesty: must always be open and honest with each other, no secrets and no lies. 5. understanding: takes time to learn and understand each other and our feelings and our emotions. 6. communication: to be able to talk about anything and to still have it feel like the most important conversation you've ever had. To be able to talk and solve problems together 7. happiness: to feel the happiness of having someone near you and when that person is far away you can still feel the happiness and love even if they are in another country. 8. support: to be able to be there for each other through good times and bad time. My dear Hakan, you became one of the dearest persons I've ever had. There is a thing I'd like to share with you. They compare the love of the sweethearts, parents and families with this example: Imagine you have a glass jar, this jar is compared with the space in your heart for the dearest people. Such jar must be filled up with big rocks, small rocks and sand. First, it has to be filled in with big rocks, then with small rocks, finally with sand. Big rocks represent the partner of you life (spouse) small rocks are children, parents, Sand represents other relatives and friends.

If the jar is not filled up in that order, there will be not enough room for the big rocks. It seems to me I can fill my heart in a right way. How did you fill yours? With love,
Letter 12
Hakan, my honey, how are you? I am sorry but I wasn't able to write you for some days. I don't want you to worry. I was a bit ill and had to stay in the hospital for some days. After the cold I have some problems with my ear. I have some pain on Friday and went to the hospital. It turned out that the things were not very nice and I was taken to the hospital for some days. Actually I am still in the hospital but as I am feeling a bit better I am allowed to go out. But I don't work now and have to take a lot of medicines and have a lot of procedures in the hospital every day. Honey, but please, don't worry for me. I am sure that very soon I will recover. We've been having a beautiful weather these days. It seemed so unfair to stay in bed when the sun is shining outside. I was thinking of you all the time. And I was missing you. A doctor prescribed me a lot of medicines, but she had no idea the best therapy for me was my dreaming of you and my enormous wishing to keep in touch with you. My love, it's so nice feeling when I am thinking of us together. As I do every morning, I awoke with my first thought being of you. I was thinking how much pleasure it would be for me to bring you coffee first thing in the morning and to see the smile on your face. I also dream of making love to you in the most tender and romantic ways to express my innermost feelings. I think some day of kissing tenderly every part of your body from head to toe, wrapping you in a carpet of kisses; you see I am an incurable romantic although you may not yet have noticed this side of me. ;-) How do you like that idea? My idea of heaven is to catch your glance, to feel your touch, to hear your voice, to see your smile, to give you a hug, to kiss, to give moral support at times of stress, to help with daily chores and to make love with you whenever the mood takes us, hopefully often. And I so hope that I have not embarrassed you, insulted you, or upset you by these very personal thoughts, but rather that they have given you a glimpse into my character and my soul, and that you like what you see, because I do believe that I wear my heart on my sleeve. A lot of kisses for you!
Letter 13
Hakan, honey! How are you? I am feeling much better now, at least I I don't have any pain. My doctor prescribed me a lot of vitamins and different medicines and I am doing everything properly.
I am trying to stay in bed all the time. Every evening I am allowed to go home. But all day I have to stay in the hospital. My love, please, don't worry for me. I am ok and everything will be nice.
My mother helps me with everything and she doesn't allow me to do anything around the house and I am a bit angry at her as I don't think that I am so sick. She is walking with my dog also until I am out. It is a pity that it happened but very soon I will recover. I feel sad here sometimes a as all the day I am staying in the hospital and have nothing to do there. But I have met some women there, they are older than me and all the time they are trying to teach me life:):). I am listening to their advices carefully and it is interesting for me to communicate with them. My doctor is a nice woman. She is really very attentive to all her patients and she explains everything and takes care about everybody. I am very happy that. Ok, my love, I will stop talking about the hospital as it takes too much place in my life now and I really don't like it. My love, tell me how are you? I hope everything is well?
Honey, I believe that we will meet soon but I am very sorry that now I am not able to give you the information about my flight to you as I have to recover. I am very sorry. But I am also sure that everything will be ok. I am dreaming about you, my dear Hakan, about us together, about lots of things we will be doing when we are together. Please, my love, take care. I love you so much!!!
Your Lera. P.S. You look great at the picture you sent me. I will take it with me and we be looking at you all the time:)
Letter 14
Hakan, my honey! How are you? My love, I am feeling better but the doctor says that for the full recovery I have to stay in the hospital:(. I am very sorry but I have to come back there. Please, don't worry for me. Everything will be ok. I will write you on Monday. My love, I will be thinking about you and dreaming about us together. I hope you have had a nice party with your family and on Monday you will tell me about the contest. I wish you good luck and I will pray for you. Please, my love, forgive me for the short letter but I really have to run back to the hospital as I am not allowed to go out. I love you so much!
Your Lera.
Letter 15
Hakan my honey! How are you? That's a pity of course that you didn't win that car but anyway I feel very proud of you!!! I am still in the hospital and will have to stay this week there also. I am feeling better now but still have to stay in the hospital for some more days to have a full recovery. The doctor says that things actually are not very nice and she got to know that I was out of the hospital without a permission:( I am very sorry honey, but I have to stay there and I ask you not to worry if you don't receive the letter from me for some days. It is a bit sad but things are so now. I am very sorry if I made you upset. My love, I will plan my trip to you as soon as I recover. My honey, I have to go back quickly as it is lunch break now and I hope nobody will see that I was out of hospital. I will be waiting for the letters from you.
I love you, my Hakan but have to go... Dreaming about us all the time,
kissing you in my dreams,
always yours,
Letter 16
My sweetheart Hakan! Thank you for your letter, darling. I feel so wonderful and praised that you are thinking about me all the time even when I am not able to write you. Thank you, honey! Please, try not to worry so much for me. I really feel much better now and the doctor says that this Saturday will be the last day I am in the hospital. I hope everything will be ok and I am sure as I am doing everything right and though it is not very cold outside now I am wearing warm clothes in order not to catch a cold again. My love, I hope that next week I will come back to work as I am very tired of being in this hospital and I want to work already. I am missing my friends as I don't have an opportunity to meet them now, I am missing my dog Baby:). She is at my parents now. Honey, my holiday will start next week but I think I will go to work for a while and then when I come to you we will have more days to spend together. My love, I got to know that my visa is ready, it is really a great news!!! I have just to pay for the tickets. But honey, there is a little bit of problem. As I was ill I have spent a lot of money for the treatment in the hospital and I am a bit out of balance. Of course I have the money for the trip but I am afraid it won't be quite enough:(. Is it possible for you to help me a little bit? I am sorry, dear, if I cause problems for you because of it but with my sickness I am really a bit out of my funds here. Sorry:(. Honey, is it ok for you if I come on December, 12? It will be Friday.I I hope that I will be able to book the tickets for this date. My Hakan, I am hoping that you are doing ok and you are happy like i am to be writing to you and hearing from you...You know I love sharing things with you honey - I feel like I can finally open up my heart and soul and pour it out into you. It has been hard being alone for so long. And even though right now we're still apart physically,it it doesn't matter to me, as we are able to share our thoughts and feelings with one another through these letters. I am so thankful for technology like this that allows us to grow so close to one another, yet physically be so far apart! I look forward to spending each coming day with you - to learn more about your hopes, dreams, passions and desires. I love writing to you and hope that you do too...I have to be honest - it is the highlight of my day:-) Actually, getting and reading your message is the best part of my day - then second best is when I have a chance to write back to you... Also I feel that our love is something terrific. The pigeons that are flying behind my window every morning remind me of you - may be because they are so nice and lovely - they are the symbol of peace and love! I've told you this before, but I will always be happy to tell you the same thing: you are the only man who has ever made me feel this way, and I will love you forever!!! With all my love,
Your love pigeon
Letter 17
Hakan, my dear! How are you and how are the things there? I am out of hospital and it is very nice. I have stayed at home for the weekend and didn't go out. I have been just watching TV, relaxing and doing some things around the house. I am so tired after this hospital and so glad that at last I will sleep at home in my bed:). I have taken my dog home and she seems very happy also. My love, I am missing you and praying for you to be ok. Tell me, dear, how the weather is there now and what things I have to take with me. Very warm or not? Shall I take an umbrella with me? My love, please, don't be angry with me but while I am preparing to come to you I will have a lot of questions to you as I don't want to forget about anything. Honey, I would have already booked the tickets but after the illness money is really a little bit of problem for me. Honey, I would appreciate your help of course as without you I am afraid it will be impossible. I wanted to book the ticket already as I was told that before the Christmas holiday it will be a little bit of problem. My love, you said that you would help me. The time goes and I want to be sure that I have my tickets in my hands right now as I don't want to be very disappointed afterwards:( I hope it won't happen. There is some more thing which is not very pleasant. I was very upset today. My friend was going to have a baby. Actually the doctors told that she was going to have twins-boys. But on the fifth months the kids died. I was so upset to hear about that and I went to support her. She is not feeling well yet but I hope that in the future everything will be well. So are the news my love... I was so sad, that you were not with me, I would like to hug you or just keep your hand. That so important for me now, that's my dream. Today I talked to my cousin about us more and she is so happy for us! I am sorry to make so many problems for you I only hope that you will be not disappointed to meet me. I ask her about transferring money, she said that the best way is to use western union system and she said, that everybody in Europe knows how does it works. I did not hear about this system of money transferring and I just searched Internet for this to read something about it. And i found this site, where anybody can get nearest bank, which included to western union system. Here it is: You can visit it and look how does it works. I was in bank and the clerk has told to me is necessary to use number (MTCN) in transfer of money . You will receive this number at bank and you have to give it to me. I need this code, your name, your address and your zip code to get money. The clerk has told that without MTCN it is practically impossible to receive money. Its seems all information that you need to send me money is my name and my surname. You know my name and my surname is: Bulgakova. Please let me know is this information enough for you? Please let me know. I kiss you and hug you, my love! I am sorry to make so many problems for you I only hope that you will be not disappointed to meet me. My honey, I wish you to have a nice day,
I am missing you,
LERA. P.S. My full name: Valeria Bulgakova. address: Lesnaya street,
78/3, Novoaydar,
Letter 18
Hello my perfect soul mate, my Hakan! Thank you very much for the beautiful loving words that you say to me in your letters. Sometimes I think is this all real or is this one big dream and when i will wake up it's will be over. I really feel like in heaven or better. Today is a cold day here, it is raining all day long and it will be for a few days:(. My dear, I understand what the weather is like in Sweden and it is ok for me as here we have a winter already also though it is not snowing yet but it is vert cold. I have a lot of warm clothes and I think that I won't get cold when I come to you. Please, don't worry for me. I hope I will solve all the things as for my trip to you very soon. Honey, actually I need about $500 but you told me that you could help me only with the half of it and that is why I didn't tell you how much I really need. I thought that it won't be very decent of me. My honey, I am very sorry again if I am bringing you problems because of it. Sweetheart, i think very much about our meeting. I have so much desire to be in your arms, to feel your safety and your endless love. I desire very much to do romantic things together. My love, don't worry if you have any worries or doubts about us - i have endless patient with you. You are so wonderful and the best man in the world, everything you do you do it fantastic. You never can do anything wrong for me. My dear Hakan, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! And I want to be with you! Now i have found you my perfect soul mate i never let you go. My heart and soul forever yours. Some words you say to me i want to say to you to. To me, you are a dream to, to me you are the answer to my prayers to, and i feel so blessed to have your love to, what can i wish more, you are everything i wish, i want only you and nobody else, you are perfect for me. I am completely satisfied! I love you more than words can say,
Miss you very much,
Letter 19
Hello my dearest Hakan! My love, I was a bit worried and I am sitting before the computer all the time. I am so happy and full of gratitude that you have helped me with everything to come to you. My dear I don't know how to thank you. Now I am jumping up and down from happiness- but couldn't do it because people wouldn't understand me right:-) Honey, now it is 19.05 p.m. and all the banks are closed already. I will receive the money tomorrow and will send you all the information about my trip, ok? My dear, I am so so happy now!!! Very soon we will meet in real? I feel butterflies in my stomach when I am thinking about it but I am so happy! One other thing, I know that once we meet, once we look into each other's eyes, once we have held each other all night long, once we have pledged ourselves to one another, we will want to be together forever... I have to be honest with you, everything you say and with every letter I want you more and more. Everything about you drives me crazy with longing for you.... Sorry if I write too much, but my feelings are just jumping out of me:-) Waiting for the letter from you with impatience,
Kiss you,
Lera. P.S. My love, as soon as I know everything tomorrow, I will write you at once.
Letter 20
Hakan my honey! I am very sorry for the late reply. I know that I have made you worry maybe. Dear, I am having some problems with getting the tickets here. The thing is that it is holiday time begins and as it turned out there are no tickets on the dates I was planning. When I asked about that, and it was some time ago, there were tickets, but at the agency they told me that I had to make a pre-payment which I didn't :( as I was in the hospital. That is why it will be possible now to fly only in the end of December. I am very upset here, honey. Actually I was crying all the day yesterday. I am very sorry if I upset you but I don't know what to do. Shall we wait a little bit more then? I am having my holiday already and it is so awful to stay here alone without you when I have a lot of free time and I have nothing to do. My love, I will be waiting for the reply from you. I hope we will think of something? Maybe we will change the dates a bit? Maybe it will be even better as there wasn't much time after my illness and I think it is not very good for me to travel so far. I am sure that all our dreams will become true. But a bit later. Honey, I will be waiting for the reply from you with impatience.
Kiss you,
Letter 21
My love, how are you? Honey, I am very sorry for kept you worried. We heard yesterday some very bad news in our family. Yesterday they taken up my grandma in hospital. She had problems to breath and had pain by her heart. She is 88 years old and every day can be the last. She every time called my name so I think that I have to visit her this week. She will have to stay in the hospital for at least one week because they try some medicine to her. So tomorrow I will go to the village where my Granny lives. It is 300 km from my city and I think I will have to stay there for a week. I will come back on December, 18. My dear Hakan, I hope it is ok for you and you will wait a bit for me. I am sorry but I won't be able to write you letters during this period of time as there is no Internet connection there. I will be missing you. But I think that we have to go there. I will come back and will sure plan our meeting! I want it and I need you so much now. I love you,
Letter 22
Hakan, honey! I am very sorry for the situation. Please, forgive me. I wasn't able to write you earlier. I was very far and had no access to the Internet. I know that I spoiled everything and I am very sorry for it. My Granny died and as she was born in Russia she had to be buried there. I came to the town yesterday at 11 a.m. but I was so tired and I caught a cold and felt not very well that is why I wasn't able to write you at once. Dear, I am very sorry for everything happened and that I was absent for so long time. It was really a very hard and long journey and the life of all my family had changed now. That day when I have written you for the last time we went to Kiev with my mother. The problem was really big as we were not able to go to Russia. The city where my grandmother had to be buried is situated in the part of Russia which is between Lithunia and that is why all people who go there have to take visa in the embassy. We were waiting for visa for 9 days and all this time we were living in Kiev at my friends' flat. We went to the Internet cafe every day and I have written several letters to you and tried to explain everything but now I understand that you didn't get them as I have written the wrong e-mail address. I am very sorry, dear. Our relatives were waiting for us and for some other relatives who were coming from Ukraine also. That is why the funeral were only after two weeks. It was an awful thing and very sad and I don't want to retell much about it. I was missing you a lot and all the time I wanted to go home. But we had to stay there and to arrange a lot of things after that. We came back yesterday but I didn't go for work now as I have a cold and still very weak now. When we were in the train on the way home there was very cold and maybe because of that I am a bit ill now. My dear, how was your life all these days? What were you doing? I was so worried about all this and I was afraid that you would not write me again. Now I am back, my love. I am at home and I will write you every day. I will be waiting for the letter from you soon. Everything will be ok.
I love you,
I have sent 100 kisses for you every night and I hope you felt them?
Forever yours,
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