Scam letter(s) from Kimberly Mayer to John (USA)

Letter 1
Now that i know your name im so happy that im emailing you again..Im from weyer cave VA I like your bright smile and im quite happy that u like mine too..
I think im as close to you as your eyes because i have been staring at your eyeballs since i emailed you, they are so bright that i dont believe that we cant get along,Distance isnt worth a match for impression or attraction.I have a nice quote that i always live with..It is "When you are good at something, i stay happy always knowing that is the best way to live life.I like your bright eyes..
Willing to learn more about you too and im wishing u a good day with your schedule.
Stay smiling, Kimberly
Letter 2
Hello John,
Thanks for the mail,Well its nice that you are interested in getting to know more about me and i am glad too that its time for me to sit and write to you everyday and see what future has for us,I have been scared to date for the past 4 years because of what my ex boyfriend did to me,but when i sit down and think about life i see that all men cannot be the same and that is the reason why i registered on the site and yesterday was my first day on the site and i am also happy that i meet someone i think we can be good match with time because we need to take our time and get to know each other better,I am kind of woman that like man that date only one woman if you can do that with me then we will have more time to concentrate on each other,I work with motherless kids and the nature of my work gets me around the world my work base on contract and project so i do travel alot right now i was appointed to work with a team for fund raising to help the less priviledged children across the world, also i act as a foreign obeserver and we hold seminars to teach youth about the social probelms facing them, i and my collegues have been to alot of countries like spain,italy England and presently we are in West Africa for a short program,I am the only daugther of my parents and i have lost both of my parents on the same day in a car accident on there way coming back home from church,Right now i am not in the state i am working on a contract in west africa (Nigeria)and i will be coming back to the state in two to three weeks,I will like to ask you some question and i will be glad if you can give me honest answer,How long have you been on the dating site and how many women have you meet,I am new to this online dating stuff and i have heared that many men and women play games please i want to tell you that i am tired of getting hurt and i will be glad if you can tell honest answer,If you have someone else you are dating presently kindly tell.I am waiting for your reply.
Letter 3
Hello Darling John

I am so happy to read your mail, i promise my reply to you will totally be honest because i have promise you that i will never lie to you because i don't want to hurt you.

My last relationship was very bad that i don't even wanna think about it again because my ex-boyfriend treated me so bad and i don't pray to have that kind of relationship again.He is abusive and drugs,I never know he was doing that when we meet each other we dated for 6years .So it was after we state relationship that he stated showing his bad behaviour to me and my parents.

I am an india american tribe(nevajo),My dad is from Virgina while my mum is from Spain...I was born in VA but when i was 4 my mum took me to canada where she works and that is where is school,I spent 20 years in canada before my mum took me back to VA after she retired from her work...When we get back to the united state my dad took me around the state and show me different places and i was so happy to visit many places in the state and after we get back home my dad ask me if i would like to travel to united kingdom to study computer for 5 years and i told him that will be great so i travel to united kingdom to study computer engineering and when i completed the programe i came back home and i meet a guy who we dated for 6 years a but i never know he was a bad guy I know we are far away right now and if you are really interested in me for long term relationship then the distance will not be a problem for you because even if we will be together we still need to get to know each other better and which i think we are doing right now by emailing each other....I am still in Nigeria where i am working and i will be coming back to the state in two to three weeks...We can build feelings for each other by chatting online and writing mails to each other if you agree with me...Well if you want me to move there i can but you have to assure me that you will not cheat on me or hurt my feelings i think you are kind if man i am looking for.

I like being with my partner in the room for at least 4 to 6 hours and 5 to 6 nights in a week which i think you also like to do that too,I wont like us to say much about that now because we are just getting to know each other i will like us to talk about that when we are together so that we can feel the passion inside our body.

I need to stop now because i need to get busy with those kids. reply me back i will love to read your mail.Take care of urself for me..

Always Love

Letter 4

Dearest John,
Our road to friendship has been a little less then traditional but for some reason it worked for us. I know you will always be there for me and that's one of the reasons I think I may be falling in love with you.
I have never felt so connected to a person in my life; I love talking to you or just being in your presence.I also realize that it is hard to tell somebody you care about that you do not love them as they love you. Please don't ever be afraid to be honest with me, because I will always be your friend. I love your comforting words and I want to say thank you for everything. I have loved you as my friend for some time and I would cherish the chance to love you even more.i have attached pics of my activities.
Waiting for your reply soonest,
Love Always
Letter 5
Dear John, I was sleeping, my hand was searching for you, but you were not there. I turned my head, I opened my eyes slightly and saw you fixing your new toy, the computer. I just smiled. It would be so typical of me to do. I didn't know that you saw me blinking, getting glimpses of you. I turned my head to the other side and slightly fell right back to sleep. Within minutes, I felt you beside me wearing your robe. I cuddled right into you, like two spoons against each other. This may just be memories, but I still wake up at times thinking of that morning smile when you read my daily routine here is to take good care of the motherless kids also to teach them some important aspect of brother is now in Spain with my aunty i live with my cousine in weyer cave VA so i have the chance to relocate to meet my love mate.
Love Always, Kimberly
Letter 6
Dear John,
Our love continues as an enchanting tale of long ago, seeing into our souls.You forever empower me to be just who I am, but encourage me to be more because you see my whole potential. You've made me your queen, and I cannot wait for the day to be in your arms forever! This distance shall be short lived for deep within we know that all obstacles shall pass and our souls will be one!I love you with my whole existence, my whole life and nothing in the world can take that away! You've created a secret mental palace, a fantasy that only WE can reach within our dreams. You are my paradise, my safe-haven, the security and stability that I have longed for. I love you, my sweet prince! Honey i want you to disconnect from the LPM i will do that because we have found each other
Love always
Letter 7
Good morning to you so worried here concerning one of the motherless kid that has CANCER...,doctor told us that the operation of the Cancer will cost $1200.Honey am able to get $800, Please i need your help because they need to start up the operation so that the kid can survive.i will refund the money back to you as soon as i get my much can you get for me out of the remaining $400???
Love You
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