Letter(s) from Elena Lebedeva to Henrik (Sweden)

Letter 1

DearI am so happy to receive your letter.I'll tell you about myself, I hope you will find me interesting.I have attached pictures of me to this email. I have more if it's a matter.I hope you understand my English.My name is Elena. I am 29 years old. I am 168 centimeters tall and I weigh 54 kg.I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I was born on 24th of February, when is your birthday?I am a teacher of history in high school. What do you do for a living and where do you work? I live in Russia in the city of Suna. It is about 850 kilometers to a southeast from Moscow.I am a Russian woman. Do you like Russian women?I have never been married and have no children. Russian men are not serious about marriage. Russian men like to drink alcohol and I don't like that. I hope that you don't drink a lot like Russian men.I want you to know that I do not smoke or drink strong alcohol.Sometimes I do drink a little with my girlfriends, but very seldom.I live in small apartment with my mother. In my free time, I like to sew, knit, cook and read various books. I like to go to the cinema and I like different kinds of music. I like to smile and have fun!!!I like to travel, but I have never been outside of Russia.If we continue to correspond, maybe we can learn more about each other and eventually meet. I want to meet a nice man, fall in love and have a serious relationship so I can have a happy family with him.I would be very happy if you want what I want and could be this man I seek.Just so you will know, I have no computer at home and use an Internet cafe to send email. I hope this won't make it difficult to get to know one another.I shall finish my letter now. I hope it wasn't too long for a first letter.And I would like find out about you and your family.I shall be waiting for your response and photos.Your new friend,Elena

Letter 2

Dear!!!I am so happy to receive another letter from you! It means so much to me.Thanks for photos, I like it, you are very attractive man. Yesterday I was tired after work, sometimes I should work on Sundays. And I have not written to you. But I can write to you every day. I want to tell you more about me in this letter. I am very kind and generous. I have good sense of humour and I like to make people happy.I like fair people who look directly in my eyes when they speak to me.I do not like people who lie. It is a very bad quality in people.I read books in my free time at work.My favorite kind of books are novels and adventures and books about travelers.I like to listen to music. Usually, I listen to the Russian artists.Celine Dion is a foreign artist that I like.She has a very nice voice. Sometimes I listen to the radio.Sometimes I watch TV. I like to watch shows about animals.My favorite show is "In Fauna". I also like to watch the news.What happens in the world while I am at work is interesting to me.When I have free time, I like to participate in sport.It helps me to keep my figure. I visit aerobics. It keeps me healthy.Do you play any sports?I also like to cook. My mother taught me. She is a magnificent cook.I am proud of her. I can make soups and salads of all kinds. I think I can prepare just about anything from pizza to chocolate ice cream.I also like to bake pies. Apple pie is my favorite.My favourite color is dark blue. It symbolizes calmness and silence as the sky in clear weather and power and stability as the sea.Especially I like to watch the dark blue sky with bright stars in the evening.I will close for now. Please write soon, I don't want to lose contact with you.You asked if I would leave my family and friend if I love someone.Yes, I would. They will be happy for me if I shall be happy.Respectfully, Elena

Letter 3

Hello!How are you? I am fine.I am happy to receive your letter. It is very interesting. I think you are great man.I want to tell you in this letter why I have not found a boyfriend here in Russia. I hope this story interests you.My story is the classic one of love and deception. She loved him and he said he loved her but actually loved another woman.It seemed like things were going well with us, but I was wrong.He was meeting other girl behind my back.I used to think this only happened in stories in magazines, but I was wrong.I think I am wiser now.I have heard about Internet dating for a long time, but I have only recently decided to look into it.I hope that our dialogue will be serious and we shall not leave each other having told nothing.All I need is to love and to be loved. I want to hold, to meet, to kiss, to cook for and to love just one special for me person, I hope you will be this man for me.What made you decide to date through the Internet?I do not have any brothers or sisters. I did not speak you about my Dad, he has left me and my Mum when I was the child, I do not know where he is now.At first he got home in one day and then has disappeared absolutely.I would like to see him, but I think that it is impossible now and he won't be glad to see me again.But I don't regret about it, it was many years ago.I have not been in a lot of places in Russia, just around my area. But I want to travel. It is my dream. I would like to fly on the plane, I have not been in the plane before. I am really very far from all great things in the world.I will close for now and wait for your next letter. I want to continue writing to you, so please write soon. I shall tell you about my town in my next letter.Bye-bye!Elena

Letter 4

Hello my dear!!!How are you today? I am fine. I hope everything is better with you today. I want to be near to you right now and to take care about you. Please take care about yourself, ok? I am here and I can help you only by my words.It is a magnificent weather outside today. It is better to be out of home in such perfect day and to walk on the fresh air. It will be pleasant.But it is better to write to you and to talk with you. It is wonderful.When I think about you, my honey, I became so happy, and it is pleasant and nice on heart. It is very bad for me without your words, without your letters, without you. I wish my heart to belong to you. I wish to connect my life to you my dear. I am happy because you and me are together and are writing to each other. I do not want to lose you. You are very dear for me. I want to be with you. I talked to my mum and she is happy for me. Yes, she will be alone. But she told everything will be ok. She will be with my grandmother. My grandmother lives near to my town in village.She is ok. I have some sad news also. I was in the travel company today but I only got upset there. I may go to you and I can be with you very soon but I should receive all travel documents at first and they cost much.They cost 330 euro in total. It is visa, insurance, medical policy, medical inspection and international passport for travel abroad. I have to have all this for a trip to you. Actually registration of these documents will take about 10 days. It is good. But I do not have money for it. I don't know what to do. I don't know how you can help me. I am upset. I have lost any joy after I have found out it. I really want to be with you, I want to live with you and to share all life moments with you. I don't know how I shall get all these documents, they cost too much.Ok, I shall finish on it, I shall go now. Please write soon. I shall wait for your letter tomorrow. And please take care of yourself, I worry about you.A lot of kisses and love.Yours for ever Elena