Scam letter(s) from Lubov Beroeva to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello my love! How do you feel today? I feel a love inspiration,you won my heart,I will be in your life soon, I am so happy. I woke up with an elatedmood with a thought, our love was started, we are involved in love game with a stirring desire ...It's our turn in love... it makes each other happy.Every couple has own love turn, don't agree? we found it together, soon it will be changed our lives. I feel, our love will be true, our dreams will come true.I just don't waste any minute. I made a first step for our love turnand I visited the tour office. I found out the one according to advicemy mother's friend. There I carried on a dialog with a tourist manager. I nave never been to abroad before, I have no ideas about, she made clearme everything steps. First of all, the process of making documents is startingto take an international passport, second step is to open a visa. I can come to yourcountry with the tourist visa it has a limit for three months. It should be done an international health insurance together.As soon as I'll get the travel papers, then I can book the tickets. Itlasts for 2-3 weeks no more. The sum total is 605 USD ($185 for passport, $225 for visaand $195 for medical certificate). I'd wish to fix it right now without hesitation.I ask so much about a financial support for me. Will you be able to help me with the money assistance?It will be our important step to serious relations and love turn in our lives together. I long for you soon!your cute Luba
Letter 2
Hello my sunshine, how are you today? I feel so good, because you are at me, let'seven we are not together now. For our love to grow as well as, I took with every beat of my heart. In feeling and emotion of what we have for each other. You have always the key to my heart, and you inside my heart has made me more than I can ever be. Though the miles separates us.Today is a nice sunny day with clear sky without raining outside, no drops are falling on the ground. It's so beautiful mood. Morning, I woke up at 8.01 AM, had a breakfast, a cup of black tea, a porridge and sandwiches with cheese. At 8.43 AM I packed my bag and went out. In my today plan was usual, to work first,and to visit Internet afternoon. About my evening plans, I didn't think yet.. But my mood was romantic and light this week, do you know why? Because it closesValentine's Day. I like so much a tradition to present formed alike heart and chocolate for the day. I dream, to give you my red heart and passionate kiss some day. Our first Valentine's Day together, it's so sweet dream for me. I hope, it will be this year for us, my sunshine. Our evening after work, we are alone. Around the vases of my favorite flowers on both sides of our bed, balloons hanging from the ceiling everywhere, two stuffed cats on a heart-shaped pillow kissing, a heart candle, a box of chocolates, romantic music..a gift - lying in the middle of our bed looking all cute and seductive. I have no idea about your gift to me... and you? ;-) I love chocolate and flowers and what's about you? Oh, my sunshine, I believe in it really, imagine it,feel it, know it. Valentine's Day the most wonderful day of the year. Do you agree?It's our special day!Thanks for your participation in planning of our meeting in nearfuture, to help me with the cost. That's so excited and happy to hear for me. Sure, we can find much similar things between us more than we have now, our dreams will come true in real life.In our local bank and I had got the detail information about the order money,they told me about an international transfer money system as Western Union,the secure and reliable way here. You need have my full name and full address. I stay it.
Lubov Beroeva
Moskovskya, 43/10
Zhytomyrsk region
I send my Valentine kiss
your Luba
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