Letter(s) from Kristina to Dave (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello again my dearest friend Dave.
Today I know about reception of the international status. I will need to go in Glavnoe upravlenie veterinarii pri Kabmine RT, it is located in Kazan if to translate it on english language, this central administrative board of veterinary science, there I shall pass examinations. But I have one problem, qualification paid and I have no opportunity to pay it :( Dave, I would like to ask for you the help for my training. I have no sufficient sum of money to pay it, all process to cost 500 dollars, but I have only 250 dollars. To not suffice me 250 dollars to pay for study. Dave, you can help me with this? I do not know to whom to address with this question. I hope that you can help, and I shall receive the international status veterinary. I very long time dreamed about reception of the international status and now I have an opportunity to receive it and I so do not want to lose this opportunity. If you can help me in reception of the international status, I shall be very grateful to you!

I wait for your answer. Yours Kristi.