Scam letter(s) from Marina Akeldina to Alessandro (Holland)

Letter 1
Hello, Alessandro!!!:)Hi from is Marina, from a site russianeuro.

Present my name Marina. And how your true name?

How are you? Thanks you for interest to me!!! It is very pleasant!!!! And it is wonderfull, that I can answer you!!!!:) I think, that our friendship and dialogue will bring to us only happiness and pleasure!!! Don't you think so?!!
I already feel a few excitement!!!
Let me begin with a story why I have decided to get acquainted in the Internet.
I do not search for the simple friend!!! I search for serious relations!!!! And it is important for me to know the person very well. I consern to this question very seriously!!!! I lonely, young woman, in fact, it is only 29 to me..., and I have not been married.
I live in Russia. I very cheerful with sense of humour. I hope, that you will understand it during our dialogue. It will be very interesting to find out about you more!!! And it will be interesting to me to know that you search in the Internet!
If you have serious intentions, I shall be happy to continue our dialogue.
And it will be very pleasant for me to receive from you the answer to my letter.
And I shall necessarily tell you about me directly: Where I am from, where I am working, also my outlooks for a life!!!
Alessandro, do you have photos? It will be pleasant for me to see you in a photo.
I also send you my picture, and I want to know, what do you think of it?!!!!!
And if you want, I shall send you more in the following letters if you will not be against our acquaintance!!!

I wait for your answer. Marina!!
Letter 2
Hello Allesandro!

Hello my prince on a white horse! Im glad that I have received your reply. Do you like my photo?
Its great to find new people! I hope you are also glad?
My intentions I search for serious relations which will lead to marriage. To like me cheerful music which cheers up.
I necessarily still will tell to you much about myself only during ours dialogue ok?
Today Id like you to tell something about me. Im sure you have questions to me that you want to ask me.
I live in Kazan. It’s a big sity,the east to Moscow. It stands on the river Volga.
You also can find this city on a map.
My job is very interesting. I like it very much. I work as a real the designer of an interior.
I love my job because its very creative and interesting. And I like to bring people happiness.
Alessandro I have chosen Internet talking because I work very much and don’t have time on my private life.
I don’t have Internet access at work. But I often come to work to find some books.
I like books with happy end. And I was always dreaming about feeling such happiness as a hero of a novel.
I would like to know more about you, about your life,if you want to talk you can write me about it.
I would like to see some of your photos also I send you some of mine for you to estimate me.
I hope my letter will touch you,and we will have Reciprocity in our conversation.
I think honesty and reciprocity is main in relationships.Do you think so?I would like to receive some questions from you and to get answers on mine.For us to know each other better and to talk on all the topics during our relations
I would also like to know something about you,what do you do for living?Do you have permanent access to internet?
Dear Allesandro.
Im so glad that you have sent me your photo.I can see,who im talking to.

Its time for me to finish the letter. I should work now. Waiting for your reply.

Princess Marina.
Letter 3
Hi Honey Alessandro!

Thanks for your letter, it is pleasant to see that you have become interested in me and continue to write to me. I hope that at me it has turned out to tell correctly a joke and that it was pleasant to you :)
Alessandro thanks you that you have answered my questions. Which I to you the strutter in the last letter. Now I can tell more to you about my life.
Because now I feel that you are interested to ours with you acquaintance.
To me it is very pleasant that you tell to me about that than and as you live.
At me it will be fast the day off, we with my girlfriend are going to go to cinema.
I like to go to the cinema. From films most of all it is pleasant to me fantastic films.
The film "Iron Man" has very much liked. You looked this film? As I like the adventure comedies, one of the last which to me it was pleasant “Batman(Dark Knight)“. Alessandro what films like you?
A little I wish to tell about the hobbies, since the childhood we with my parents when there was a free time, went on an ice skating rink to us very much it was pleasant to skate, I since the childhood dreamt to be engaged in figure skating professionally, but unfortunately I could not carry out the dream. Because I still had children's trauma. At me the patella is damaged.
And doctors have not allowed to be engaged to me in this kind of sports.
I at all do not remember that then have occurred. It was very much for a long time.
We often left with my parents on various lakes, it were the best days from my childhood, we constantly ate the most tasty to an ear which my father prepared, he simply did not trust mum preparation of with own hand caught fish, therefore he prepared its :)
we sat in the evening at a fire and fried bread on rods, sometimes so it would be desirable to return these days and to go through these moments again :)
And you made such trips with the parents? Tell to me about the childhood.
But two years ago there was a tragedy. My mum was sick of a cancer of a ****** and she did not speak to anybody about it. To upset others. And I very much grieve for it.
When to me to become alone I always recollect it and I very much would like that it was with us.
That pleased us. I very much miss on it.
I always see the father also I too I love it. Because it unique of my relatives who remained.
Whether I very much would like to learn about that there are at you pleasant memoirs from the life.
What you often recollect that. And about what you can tell that to me.

I will wait for the letter from you, with the best regards Marina.
Letter 4

Alessandro, how are you doing I Hope that at you all Ok.

I am very glad to your answer. I waited your letter.
Yes I was for border once in Turkey. I very much like to travel and I think that soon I can to visit you in your country. Alessandro in the last letter I told about the family. I live with mine the father.
It works at factory on wood processing. It the carpenter on a speciality.
It likes its work. It all life is engaged in the favourite business.
I always make to it a supper. Very much it is pleasant to it. I try to prepare that it yet did not try. Now I had many recipes. But earlier I prepared for that my mum has learnt me.
Most of all I like to prepare from a Russian cuisine. Sometimes I prepare recipes from an European cuisine. To me very much to like to prepare and please the daddy with the culinary abilities. This love to cookery I has inherited from my favourite mum.
Alessandro you love what kitchen? You tried the Russian cuisine???
Mum worked as the cook. It had many friends. I never heard as they with the daddy swear.
Sometimes it seems to me that they in general never swore.
To me it is sick about it a little to speak. My mum was very remarkable person.
It very much liked its trade. I very much am similar to it. It is a pity to me that it now is not present near to us. Mother with my daddy very much loved each other and respected.
Therefore I want first of all the person which will find me to love as the woman.
Alessandro as you already know that I work as the designer of an interior. Our management gives some possibilities for travel. Every year at us permits in other countries stand out.
But these permits are given only to those who in the best way tries on work. Last year I had such possibility and has received the permit to Turkey. Very much it was pleasant to me in Turkey.
New culture which differs from our country. Dialogue with people and with new acquaintances was left in my memory by pleasant memoirs on travel. All it was very interesting.
Alessandro you were in other countries?

I wish to learn that for you most important at dialogue with the girl: its appearance, character?

Road Alessandro I will be glad to see your letter as soon as possible. With impatience I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Marina.
Letter 5
Honey Alessandro!

I am happy to see your letter. I am glad to see your interest and your attention to me.
To me very pleasantly that we become more close.
You should not fly to Russia because I very much wish to visit your country. I never was at you to the country and I very much would like to look all sights of your city. I would search in the man that it was kind, tender, fair, and always loved the woman.
I understand it is possible to write letters infinitely. But I wish to speak by with you to phone and to hear your voice.
Alessandro I very much would like to write you number of phone. But I can not make it.
I have only an office number which to me is necessary always. On my phone trunk calls are blocked.
This one of rules of our management. In the past some of our personnel used earlier phone to suit the own ends. After such case our management has taken measures to debug.
After such case they have blocked trunk calls. At me never was necessities to call abroad.
Therefore I did not have a necessity to get personal phone.
I very much would like to talk and hear with you your voice.
Alessandro I will be glad if you write me the phone number. And I will necessarily call to you.
And also write to me to what time to me it will be more convenient to call, That we could talk.
Alessandro I have desire to find in a life of the good person and to have with it serious relations and a family. While I have not met in the life of such person to which I wish to give the heart.
Write please Alessandro what thoughts you have about these things?
Tell to me what woman you dream to meet?
Excuse Alessandro, that I ask you to discuss such frank thing with the person whom you know some days.
But me it is important for knowing.

With the big interest I will wait for your answer. Sincerely Marina.
Letter 6
My dear Alessandro!

How are you? Hope that everything is good. I’m glad to see your letter. I like it :)
I had read your letter and I’m smiling, I’m interesting in you always.
I want to tell you that my heart is beating often then I’m thinking about you and about words in your letters. It help me feel you so close to me. But it’s so sad that you are so far away in distance.
Why your parent’s was give you that name? I’m think about it often. May be it meaning something?
My name parents was take from my great-grandmother. May be it’s same for you almost?
Alessandro if two people known each other and know that to do for being together then it’s a couple and they are most happiness peoples in a world. I don’t care how you old.
The most important is that you feel about me. I want to know you. All about you and your life.
That’s why I’m interesting in you.
How you are spending your free time?
I’m glad that you are write to me your number. Now I can call you. I will glad to hear your voice.
I will call you when I will have free time. May be it will in my morning before work ma be in evening, when I will go back home. And I hope that you have answer machine :)
I want keep talking with you, I want you trust me.Have a good day!

I will wait for your answers!!!Marina.
Letter 7
My dear Alessandro!

I was reading your e-mail and I was really interesting your opinion about my last letter. I'm glad that we can talk about everything and now I know you better.
Alessandro I'm sending you a new photo I hope that you will like it. Alessandro I wanna see more photos of you.
Dear Alessandro I'd like to know that are you doing on your free time. I'm very chirpy person and i like to make funny things with my friends. I like to help them and make a life better. It's may be different things: theatre, cinema, partys,or camping. But if I will be honesty i'm not having fun with whem anymore. I'm dreaming about romantic dinner or romantic walk with my love. I think that it's so charming. Are you romantic person Alessandro? have you ever think about this? Do you like be with your family? I like holidays when all family together. It's so perfect for me. What do you like on your holidays Alessandro? What is making your happy? Tell me please about it. Alessandro exuse me but i want asking you about your life. I think that you are good man and many girls must be in love with you. How is your one's interior life? Please tell me about this. May be you want ask me about something? Ask me, i will answer. Write me please about your feelings. I like to read your letters.

Whaiting for your letters Hugs! Your Marina.
Letter 8
Greetings my love Alessandro!

I am very happy to receive today from you the letter, it speaks to me about that that we become is more close to each other.
I think, that during ours with you of dialogue between us there was a strong feeling. I am constant I think of you Alessandro, you have taken a place in my heart. On work I Became a little inattentive because you constantly are in my thoughts.
My girlfriend writes, that I have changed and that I never was such happy. It is all from for you, road Alessandro. I already became adhered to you, and I grieve without your letters.
I can do nothing with myself. I think, that I am in Love charms. I spoke about this daddy, and he says, that it is very good, and
He thinks that I will be happy. But he worries about me and speaks that I should not be mistaken. He speaks that we should even more is closer each other find out.
He loves me, it my native father. I think that you understand me, mine Alessandro.
He wishes us happiness and the big love. I think that if we have met and would catch each other a sight I could not say anything for the big excitement. I probably could say only Greetings my dear.
Like before you there is a person whom you not to time did not see in live,and know about it because through the Internet there pass so much emotions and trust already so much. I feel that we became frank with you.
And I think, that you wish to find out about my ****** experience.
In Russia on mine all men dream only of that to tighten the girl in a bed, but I do not want it, I want that it has occurred during the certain moment when any more you do not feel barriers between the friend the friend and that it occurred to pleasure and that the favourite was gentle also very tender.
The love is given to the person to be happy in this life. I think that you agree with me Alessandro.
I wish to be with the unique person with whom I will feel in safety and to be happy.
And I will approach to such person with all love and tenderness, and I think that together we will comprehend all depths of pleasure.
Our passion will be uniform and we will enjoy the friend the friend all life of our existence as the love does not have barriers. And I firmly trust in it.

I will wait your following letter with the big impatience and I wish to hear that you think of it?
While my gentle Alessandro. For ever yours Marina.
Letter 9
welcome you my dear Alessandro!

I am very glad that have received from you the letter.
I wait every day from you for letters more and more. So it is pleasant to me to read your letters.
I am very glad to that that in my life there was you. It is pleasant to me to think of that that where that far is the person which thinks of me. Also remembers me.
Yes my religion Christian and I very much respect the religion and as I respect religion of other people.
Alessandro I am very glad to that that in my life there was you.
When I came home to me was very lonely and is intolerable boringly by one. But it was earlier.
And now I know that that I have you. Tell to me about that that I am not mistaken also that that you never will leave me one. So you are necessary to me. I miss every day on you more and more.
Alessandro I never tested such feeling. I trust you as never and to anybody earlier.
To me it is very important that also you trusted me. I think it very important in ours with you relations. Honesty and trust are very important in relations with people.
Me deceived before the man and I very much am afraid now of that that it again happens.
But very fair and open person seems to me that you. Therefore I completely trust you.
Understand me. For me it very much and very important. I very much hope on about what you agree with me. Please tell to me about that that never will be such that we will lose trust to each other. I very much am afraid of that that if the such occurs that we will lose that that probably so long searched.
And I very much am afraid to be mistaken again. To me will be very much and very painfully.
I am afraid to feel. To me even it is a little terrible. But I know that you with me so do not arrive and with me will be always fair whatever happens. Tell to me that at us all will be good?
I will wait very much for your letter. It is very important to me to read it and the nobility of what you think. I would like to see again your warm and sincere words.
Now it is necessary for me. I very much love you and I look forward to hearing from you.

With all my heart to you Marina!
Letter 10
Alessandro I am again glad to see your letter!

I have very much become bored. Today good news. I went to travel agency.
Has learnt that my documents are in working out. After conversation with the adviser has learnt that in two days I should go to Moscow to pass interview in embassy.
Alessandro tickets to Moscow are already ready. They were given to me by agency.
Also the travel agency has given a hotel accommodation for 3 days.
And I will have a possibility to go interview and to a to live in hotel.
Also the adviser has explained that it is necessary for me to know your full data.
A full surname, name, address, and airport name. Because in travel agency all these data will bring in my questionnaire.
I very much am glad to it. Very soon to a smog to be near to you. To me it is a little terrible.
Because I go one. And I very much want that you have appeared near to me.
Last night we have talked to my daddy about all. Alessandro he is interested where I will visited in your country. It is very glad. But certainly also worries about me.
But I have calmed him also to it have told that I am am waited by the man which me never will throw and always will be a number. He asked to transfer you the warmest wishes and asked to transfer that you did not offend his daughter. He meant me certainly:).
He at me a little that understands on the Internet. And it not absolutely seems has understood where we have got acquainted :). Has solved that on correspondence.
He has told me history of its youth. In those days when did not hear that such the Internet.
He made a business trip to Stavropol Territory. Also has got acquainted before the departure with the girl. And the only thing that he has had time to write down it its address.
Alessandro they long wrote each other letters. It showed them to me.
They already have absolutely turned yellow from an old age. After was already 30 years ago.
They sent each other photos. He spoke that very much has grown fond of it then.
But then it has moved also they have absolutely lost each other. Alessandro and only more recently we with it have found this girl from its correspondence on one of sites in the Internet.
You represent how many at it there were pleasures? There is it too searched for its long years.
It remained the widow many years back. But and has not married again. Now they too want will meet.
It will arrive to us on a visit. But likely I any more will not see it...
Because I will be already near to you. We should not repeat with you their error and not leave never.
I will finish the letter. Today I need to gather for a trip to Moscow. I so worry.

I will wait very much for your letter.Your Marina!

Letter 11
Alessandro I am very glad you again to welcome!

To me it is pleasant that I feel your support.
It is very important. To me now it is not easy one. It is glad that I get your support in letters.
Alessandro yesterday all the evening long collected things. Prepared for a trip.
Also remains absolutely mute time that I have appeared near to you.
Here which you asked my home address:
Marina Akeldina
Republic Tatarstan
The city of Kazan
Index: 420132
Street Adoratskogo 29
P.O.Box 26
Code: 533
Alessandro to you that you have written thanks data which are necessary to fill questionnaires in embassy. Now I will not have questions at filling of questionnaires.
Now I feel that you wait for me.
I have to you some questions. I cannot will be defined what to me a thing to take for a trip.
Whether Alessandro warm things will be necessary to me? We with you will walk on a city?
Whether to take to me with itself an evening dress? Or it is not required to me?
At me so affairs much that I can not understand in all up to the end.
Alessandro I still had not enough time for gathering. And very soon I will be near to you.
I have finished all affairs on work and I already am in holiday.
My holiday to last one month. Today I need to come into my office and to take away some documents.
Which are necessary to me for a trip. I will finish the letter. I will wait for your letter.

Alessandro do not forget that your support is necessary to me.Your Marina!
Letter 12
Hello My love Alessandro!!!

I am very glad to that that at last I can to inform you good news.
Today I have reserved tickets.
I so am glad to it. That at last I can take off to you.
I very tired to be one. And now very soon I can appear near to you.
I think of that what there will be our meeting much. Many times I even represented it.
To me it is important that you could meet me at the airport when I will arrive.
I at all do not know your city to me it will be heavy to be guided at you.
Therefore I will ask to meet you me.
Has absolutely forgotten. I need to write to you data about my start.

Here these data:

Flight: Moscow (MOW)-> Amsterdam (AMS)
Airline: KLM Flight: KL3105
Departure: February, 13th 2009, 10:10, the Sheremetyevo
Arrival: February, 13th 2009, 12:00, Schiphol Arpt
Places: the House-keeper a class
Time in a way: 3:50
Flight: Amsterdam (AMS)-> Moscow (MOW)
Airline: KLM Flight: KL903
Departure: March, 13th 2009, 09:20, Schiphol Arpt
Arrival: March, 13th 2009, 14:40, the Sheremetyevo
Places: the House-keeper a class
Time in a way: 3: 20

Tomorrow I still descend in the airport and I learn passage conditions aboard the plane.
I am very happy. Before a start I will try to call and inform you on that that I take off.
It is important to me to hear your voice and to talk to you before a trip.
I am afraid to fly by the plane a little. And even when I flied to Turkey to me it was very terrible.
But then with me there were people with which we together work and behind conversation I could will calm down. And now I treat one. Also I do not know who will sit next to me in the plane.
I very much worry and very much I worry. Therefore I wish to hear your support by phone.
But now I will finish the letter. Also I will start to gather in a trip.
To you. To which that person I so long searched and it seems at last have found :).

Kiss. Your Marina.
Letter 13
Hello my love Alessandro!!!

Today since the morning I had a good mood. Because my heart fought very often and very much worried, because Moscow very big city.
And I wanted all in detail nobility because did not want that I before planting aboard the plane did not have any problems.
I was excited very much with such questions:
When I should leave hotel not to be late for plane planting;
What is the time I will need in advance to arrive to the airport;
What is the time I will need to be registered by tickets;
What is the time to be necessary passage of the customs control;
Whether they will examine my personal things;
Alessandro you understand it very important questions. Because I did not want that I did not have any problems before a start to you.
And to know all it is detailed about all it.
When I have come to airport to know all necessary, at me the mood has changed in the bad party. To me awful news have told.
I have addressed to the customs control to know all details before a start of my plane.
The customs agent has informed me that I should have at myself the necessary sum of cash.

My visa is calculated for 30 day, stay in your country and me it is necessary to have at itself the cash sum of money.
I have approximately counted it there will be 1200 dollars.

Namely the document which confirms my financial solvency.
To have sufficient financial assets for the period of stay in your country.
From calculation of 40 dollars on every day. I have not understood a problem why such rules. Also has asked to explain me all in detail.
The customs agent has informed me that I should show this sum at passage of the customs control. Because I take off for other country and I even do not have document confirming about hotel booking in your country.
Also I should provide myself with meal and necessary needs. And at passage of the customs control I should show this sum. That will not prove that at me any problems in your country.
Also the customs adviser has explained me some cases when citizens of Russia took off by the plane for other country. They became illegal workers.
Also remained there to work illegally.
If I do not have the given sum of money the customs control will not admit me to plane planting. And I will lose tickets.
Also in cash desk of the airport me have warned:
If the customs control does not admit me to plane planting they cannot back return money for the air ticket. Which is already declared to planting.
But also there is a choice if I cancel air ticket booking before planting in the plane that to me in cash desk will give out the penalty.
After that I should pay at first the penalty and only after that I can back receive the money for air tickets.
After such news I have started to worry. Because I do not have any possibility to show this sum of money. I have spent all money for visa registration.
On hotel accommodation. Yesterday has paid for tickets.
Now remained absolutely without money. I cannot borrow money.
Because I already borrowed some sum of money at the girlfriend to arrive to you. My daddy cannot help me.
Alessandro I asked all who could help me. But anybody does not have such sum of money.
Now I can hope only for your help. You wrote to me, that never me will throw in a heavy situation!!!! I hope, what it is the truth?!
Alessandro now your help is very necessary to me.

This sum of cash is necessary to me before I will go to the airport.
Otherwise me will not admit on my flight of the plane that I have arrived to you.
You should understand it, because at us in Russia and I of anything against our laws cannot make such laws. I the legislative citizen.

Alessandro as soon as I will be registered before a start aboard the plane and the customs control I can arrive to you. But you should meet me at the airport because I will back give you this sum of money when you will meet me at the airport because I will back give to your strong man's hands (with which you will soon embrace me) your money, which you will send me to pass our devil's customs control.
This money to me is necessary to pass the customs control. Will not prove them that at me any problems in your country.
Now I am in a difficult situation. And I cannot to address more to anybody.
I still had only last hope of you. I thought that I will not have problems.
I thought, that the most difficult to receive the visa, but it has appeared that before passage of the customs control there are the are lawful. And I cannot break these laws.
I very much hope that you will send this sum of money and will help with this situation.
I trust you and I will wait for your help.
Alessandro understand to me any more to whom to address at present!

If you can help and send me this sum of money, my data will be necessary for you to make a remittance through bank departments of fast remittances.

Here my full data:

Republic Tatarstan
The city of Kazan
Index: 420132
Street Adoratskogo 29
P.O.Box 26
Code: 533
Marina Akeldina

But you do not need to send money for my home address, because if you will send money for my address, I should go to Kazan to receive money.
And it is necessary for you only these data (Marina Akeldina Russia) that I could receive money in any bank department in Moscow ok?!

I will look forward your prompt reply. I love you Alessandro!!! Your future wife Marina! Last mail after I did not send the Money buts wrote that i would go to Moscow to help her: Hello my love Alessandro!!!

I am very strongly upset because you cannot send me money what I could pass our devil's customs control. I went today to Italjansky embassy and they to me have told that than other laws than in other countries cannot help because with Russia. They to me have told that you necessarily should show money to the customs control that have passed you abroad.
Now my lovely and gentle Alessandro I do not know that to me now to do.
I hope that you can help still to me with this sum of money.
Tomorrow there will be my flight of the plane, but I will be not not passed because I cannot show them money. If you can send me this money I can cancel my flight on the following number. You should not fly to Moscow because my treasured desire to meet you to Italy.
I never saw this country in a reality and I very strongly would like to look all sights of this country. My darling Alessandro I would ask you that you have tried to send to me this sum of money within this week I hope that you do not afflict me. I will wait from you for a prompt reply with good news.

With love yours on eyelids Marina.
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