Scam letter(s) from Anna Reshetnyak to Jerry (USA)

Letter 1

This is me, Anya, please, e-mail me here.
I am a little excited to talk to you but I will try to be concrete and clear in my first letter to you.
I want to give you a little autobiographical information. My name is Anya I am 32 years old. I was born on November 11,in 1973. I live in a very nice country which is Ukraine. My country isn't so big but we have a lot of nice places,for example Black Sea. I live in Mariupol.
This is a city which is situated on the coast of Azov Sea. So, if you decide to visit me one day we can have a very nice rest as I live not far from the beach so I would show you my city.
Now some words about my profession. I work as a dramatical teacher at the Culture Palace. To be exact I run a dramatical circle.
I like children very much and I can realize my hobby,it encourage me very much.
I have several groups of children of different age and we stage different plays from Russian,Ukrainian and World Classic literature. So, I teach children from 5 years old till 15 years old. I also teach children from puppet theatre.
Well, sometimes I act in our local drama theatre and very often we stage a play for some holiday at school with kids. So happened that I finished absolutely different university, but work at school.
I studied in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine(have you ever been to Ukraine by the way? Would like to visit one day?). I came to Kiev as soon as I left school in order to enter the university. I had no idea what my future held and decided to try my luck in the Theatre Institute,just for fun really. My family had no ties(my father is a driver, and my mother is a pharmacist) to acting and I regarded it as something a little funny throughout my childhood. I simply didn't take it seriously. The idea of going into the theatre came out of the blue and it came as a big surprise when I was admitted. May be it's because I wasn't really bothered consequently felt no pressure which allowed me to be relaxed and true to myself. I guess that's what admission panel liked about me. After I entered I didn't tell my parents because I thought they might be angry. You see, I had already told them that I had enrolled in the Institute of Culture to become a methodologist. It was only after I passed my first exams that I told them the truth and that I was going to be an actress. "All right,our girl. It is a good hobby but not profession!" they answered. Years later, when they saw a lot of my works on the scene, I felt that I had finally justified my choice to my family.
After graduating from university I returned to my native city as had practice in our local drama theatre and they invited me to work here when I was a student of third course. Now I am working here and didn't regret that I left here. The main problem is very low salary but my enthusiasm and love to my work help me not to give up.
So, you see that I am rather romantic as I have never dreamt to be a model for example or business woman, it is too materialistic to my mind,but I like my profession and I really enjoy.
So, you are welcome to see me on the scene and to estimate my talent:)
I hope you are not frustrated with my letter and you will answer me soon,
Letter 2

Hello my dear Jerry!
I am in good mood today,and you,dear? I hope you are fine.
The weather is warm and the sun is shinning.
It makes me think of us together.
The results of the election are still unknown. It is taking too long time but it is normal they say because it was the Parliament elections and it is not so easy job to check the election papers from the whole Ukraine.
We have a party "The Regions Party",it is one of the political parties having taken part in elections and it seems they win for a moment. But still the situation can change because it is unpredictable for the present moment.
Honey, I am looking forward to changing to something positive. I hope that the country will have economical and cultural thaw and it will develop successfully. Ukraine needs positive changes indeed,and everybody expects the best.
I hope I don't bother you dear. Just wanted to share my good mood with you.
Now I just wanted to ask you about one thing. I'm afraid of that but still I'll tell you. I must say in advance that if you answer no,I'll understand and appreciate your decision because it is difficult to make it for the person you have never seen. I wanted to ask to help me with my Internet expenses. I pay for it 200$ a month. First when I begun writing I thought I would be able to do it myself. But now it is getting more and more difficult to me. As you know i do not want to ask my parents about it as I am too adult to do it.
I wanted to get a second job,I tried, but i have no time for it because of the first one, so I quit.
And now I have to pay for the Internet instead of buying for example,jeans for winter. I do not ask you to pay fully but if you could give me 100$,the half of the sum I'd be so grateful to you for this my dear! Then I would breath with relief. If you could support me I would be the happiest girl in the world.
Still I understand that it might be also difficult for you. If you refuse I DO understand that.
I am waiting for your soon reply,
I hug you and kiss you,
yours Anya
Letter 3

Hello my love Jerry!
You are so hot. I love you.
I think we were created for each other.
I have so much love to give you.
Every thing I am yours, my heart and my soul,I give you all myself. I want to touch and kiss you all over your body.
I believe it is true love, we will be together and I know I would love you forever.
Honey,Sunday is Easter holiday here in Ukraine. I'll go to my grandmother village to celebrate it. It is very big holiday in Ukraine,no less greater than it was in the past. Easter, as they said in the old times, is the "Holiday of all holidays and celebration of all celebrations", the day of memory about life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a custom in Ukraine to congratulate each other with this holiday. The Easter in Ukraine is celebrated with several rites: the all-night vigil, christening movement around the church, "easter-kissings" procedure, painting of eggs and baking of Easter cakes. The "Easter-kissings" procedure is such a widespread rite in Ukraine that it cannot be avoided even by practically non-believers. The procedure consists in the exchange of kisses followed by greeting-congratulation "Jesus Christ resurrected!" and the reply "Really resurrected!" and then, the exchange of painted eggs. The egg that was traditionally painted red or tinged with red became the obligatory attribute and symbol of the Christian Easter beginning from the 12th century. Apart from painted natural eggs,
prepared for the Easter celebration were also special gift eggs made of glass, crystal, decorated porcelain and precious metals. The most outstanding manufacturer of such eggs was Karl Faberge. The main and obligatory adornment of the Easter table is considered to be the Easter cake (kulich). It is baked of short yeast pastry, it may be of different sizes, but it should be high and have round form. A cross of pastry is laid at the top of kulich. The form of kulich is explained by the fact that according to the legend, the shroud of Christ was of the round form. And it is considered, that if the Easter cake was a success, then the success will accompany the family. Kulich is cut into slices across rather than lengthwise so that the top remains safe in order to cover with it the remaining portion of the kulich.
We bake these kuliches every year. We keep this tradition in our family. And,you know,I am very glad that my family still preserves some old customs which make atmosphere so vivid and bright. It is really pleasant when the whole family gathers at the table and we can see each other which happens so rear. I hope very much that you'll join this table one day too and you will see with your own eyes how united and close Easter makes my family.
So,dear,I am leaving tomorrow morning and I'll enjoy Easter. I will tell "hello" to my grandmother from you and I hope you don't mind:)
Please,take care. I wish you very happy weekends,
I am thinking of you and I'll be waiting for your reply impatiently,
yours Anya
Letter 4

Hello my sweetie Jerry!
Thank you so very much for your help. I got the money and I paid the Internet account,thanks love!
Honey, you are right that Internet connection is very expensive here.
I miss you badly. I can't stand this time without you.
I love you so much,I need to be by your side. I truly believe it will happen so soon. I believe that everything happens for reason. I love you,my Jerry,my treasure.
What are your plans for weekends,dearest? I don't know if you have the holiday this weekends but we have it in Ukraine again. We celebrate 1st May. I am sure you know this holiday. I even can tell you some history because I was so curious about it before and I learned some information about 1st May.
May 1st and 2nd, and even 3rd and 4th are going to be closed days. The nation is celebrating the Spring and Labour Festival, the Day of International Solidarity of Working People. It is quite recently,
however, that this holiday has acquired this name. Many people are still accustomed to calling it "pervomai" or May Day and they do remember massive "demonstrations" or civil parades participating in which was a must: The tradition to celebrate this day goes back to May 1st, 1886, when the police in Chicago was trying to suppress public unrest resulting from a rally of local workers. Though workers were quite peaceful at first - they only demanded shortening their day to 8 hours - the demonstration ended in a bloodbath. Provoked by revolver shots by anarchists in the crowd, the police opened fire at the crowd causing numerous casualties. After that day, celebrations of the Day of Working People Solidarity often turned into clashes with the police. Three years later the Paris Congress of the 2nd International named May 1st the Day of Solidarity of Workers all over the world and proposed that it be annually marked with mass rallies and civil parades accompanied by social demands. In the Russian Empire this festival was first marked in Warsaw in 1890 by holding a workers' strike. The next year saw the first "mayovka", or the May Day organized action, in St. Petersburg. After 1897 such actions acquired a political nature and turned out into massive rallies. May 1, 1917,
was openly celebrated for the first time in Russia. Millions of workers all over the country poured out into the streets with Bolshevik slogans "All Power to the Soviets!" and "Down with Capitalist Ministers!" In the USSR times the holiday was marked on a massive scale, Communists turning the event into a kind of Latin American carnivals. Unlike the latter, however, Soviet mass rallies were obligatory and the slogans they carried were "ideologically correct". The best representatives of working people were honoured to march along Red Square past the Lenin Mausoleum. These selected few were not ordinary workers, however, but their "delegates" - trade union leaders and activists. For a long time May 1st had been celebrated as the Day of International Solidarity of Working People of All Countries. In 1997 this festival was renamed the Spring and Labour Festival. May 1st was often called a holiday of spring. Indeed, it used to be the first spring festival in addition to Easter,
celebrating which was not encouraged in Soviet Russia. Civil parades ceased to be purely political acts, they were just good occasions to meet friends, to communicate with acquaintances to chat and to share the latest news. Holiday dinners became necessary attributes of the celebrations. During the years of reforms the tradition of civil parades in cities and villages died out, and only two days off remained. Every family celebrates May 1st in its own fashion now. Once an ideologically motivated holiday, the occasion has now lost its political tint and such slogans as "PEACE! LABOUR! MAY" are now the things of the past. Remaining, however, is the joy at the sun, the spring, extra days off, as well as a desire to go out, to meet friends and to have fun, to share happy moments with others. The City of Ufa will celebrate May 1st with the "May Fritonika" youth music festival and other festive events and entertainments including sports races,
inaugurations of the spring season in parks and public gardens. The Sergei Aksakov public garden will open its 144th summer season with the "Round Dance of Friendship" children's festival. A rally will be held in Ufa devoted to the Holiday of Spring and Labour, as well as numerous events for the young.
As for the present times I can not tell that it is very popular and really general but still it is a holiday here and everybody is free from work for two days,1st May and 2nd May.
At my place people usually go to picnics because it is warm enough and the weather is very good.
Well,dear,I think I'll stay at home as I invited some girl friends and we are going to make barbecue in my yard but I hope the day will be enjoyable.
I wish you were with us too. I miss you so very much. Honey,I'll be thinking of you through the whole weekend,you will be on my mind.
I kiss you and I wish you fine weekends.
yours only Anya
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