Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Makarova to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello ! I would like to begin correspondence with you!
Probably we can have good relations! So, I at all do not know from what to me to start...
I think to you it will be interesting to find out little bit more information on me.
My name is Natasha, I live in Russia, in small city which name Kazan.
I hope you be not angry with me as I live in Russia, but I was registered in other city as there there was no this country. I hope you are not upset?
To me of 28 years.
I of 172 sm of growth and my weight of 57 kg.
I have ended university. Where I studied foreign languages, and basically I studied the English language.
As this language use all over the world. And I think that it very much to be useful to me!
So, that it is possible to tell about my hobbies, I like to walk in park with my girlfriends.
I like to read books and I like to go to cinema!
I like to listen to music.
I work as the seller in perfumery shop, it not bad work though pay not so much, but nevertheless it is pleasant to me. I live with mum, my mum already on pension
Also does not work. Still I have a brother, but to it 22 years, he lives in other city.
There he studies. My father was lost when I was 13 years old, it has got to accident.
It is bad history, therefore I not so wish to recollect it. I have no harmful habits, I do not smoke and never used any narcotic substances.
It happens that I can drink easy alcoholic drinks, but it happens only during holidays and in the company of my girlfriends.
I never was married and I have no children.
I do not know why but I could not find the pleasant person for dialogue of an opposite floor, I was possible has not met the person necessary to me in Russia.
I heard on TV about that much that Russian girls leave for other countries and leave there in marriage!
And I too have decided to try to find the love in Internet!
I hope that with the help of correspondence I find second half.
If you have any questions that ask me, I with pleasure shall answer it!
I shall wait for your letter. Natasha!
Letter 2
Hello dear Jose!!
I am very glad to receive your letter again. In this letter I shall tell to you a little more about me directly.
I love employment by sports. They help to support health and a figure that is not unimportant for any woman.
And you love sports? And if you go in for sports that what?
In the free time I usually sit at home and I read books.
My loved genre is Novels and adventures.
In days off usually we with girlfriends go at cinema or simply to walk.
There are such days when I very much get tired at work and I do not go anywhere.
Except for it when I have free minute I like to embroider.
To this I was learned by my mum.
As at me at home not a small collection of musical disks.
I very much like to listen to music and to dance.
I like our Russian executors.
I listen Classic music.
I think that you interests my character.
I very kind and quiet person. I was very difficult for angering.
Frequently my friends are surprised as at me it turns out to remain such quiet.
In people I like honesty and straightforwardness.
It is not pleasant to me when people tell lies. Lie it very much not high quality.
I want to inform you that my loved color dark red.
Except for that I very love animals.
Especially domestic. But now at me anybody is not present.
I want to take home a small kitten.
You love cats? I adore them. I want to tell to you, that I never was in other country, except for Russia...
But I always wanted to visit other country or to go to any travel!
I hope that my dream sometime to be carried out! I hope that now you may know me better.
I to you too have some questions.
You love children?
What you like in the woman? What your understanding of family?
What it is pleasant to you in people and what is not pleasant?
What your purpose friendship or you search loved which becomes to you the wife?
I ask you because I search for serious relations with the purpose of creation of high-grade family.
What your loved color? On it I shall finish the letter.
I shall wait your answer soon.
Yours Natasha! P.S. Send photos please.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Jose!
Today it was very pleasant for me to find your letter today.
At me all is good. I hope you too stay in good mood.
Today at me difficult day at work was.
And I am very tired but when have seen your letter weariness as a hand have taken off.
Today I shall be all evening of a house I shall read slightly.
And then I shall look the TV set.
Below I want to inform you slightly about my city Kazan.
Our city of Kazan is average city on size in Russia.
At us lives approximately 1 200 000 persons.
My city is located approximately in 800 km to a southeast from Moscow.
Our city very old also is located on the great Russian river Volga!
Therefore here many person lives.
I hope now you have some representation about him.
Our city though can seem much more big, but all in our city few interesting entertainments.
We have very beautiful quay and a little shops.
And by the way at us is McDonald's, there sell different rolls and cocktails.
I was there some times but all this is very expensive.
Basically and that is possible interesting to tell all about the city of Kazan.
I want to ask you that you now feel under to me?
It is important for me and our relations.
At me to you very much a warm feeling. You the good person and you like me.
I feel that we the relation will have good continuation.
And how you feel?
Dear perhaps I shall finish on it the letter.
I with impatience wait your answer.
Yours faithfully Natalia!
Letter 4

Greetings my favourite!I have just come to the Internet of cafe and have read your letter!
I understand that I to you road as well as you to me, I love you very strongly and I wish to be with you on always! You my unique, and are more to me who is not necessary!
I miss on you and I think of you constantly! I wish to arrive to you as soon as possible, what you think of it? I hope that you too want a meeting with me? What if I will arrive to you?
You will be glad me to see? I very much love you my darling and I do not wish to lose you!
I hope to meet you as soon as possible! I think of you constantly, you dream me in each my dream. My mum is very glad for me that I have found you, I am very happy. I hope for that that my dream will come true also we soon we will together!
I would like to speak by with you to phone, but I do not have your number to call you.
I hope that you remember that that at me the box has broken and I do not have your old letters. But I hope that you will leave to me your phone number that I could call you on Wednesday, and talk to you about us and about our relations.
I very much hope to hear your fine voice. I so wish to talk to you!
I hope at me to turn out to phone to you. I with impatience will wait for your answer my favourite.
I love also whole Your Natalia!
Letter 5
Greetings my dear!I have received your letter! My darling I very much wish to meet you as soon as possible! It will be fast at me holiday and I would like to spend it with you. How you look at it? I very much hope that my chief will give me holiday. I wished to arrive to you during my holiday, and to spend this holiday with you together.
But for me it is expensive trip. As I went to agency and to me have told that the visa will cost 450 euros to you in the country, and tickets 800 euros. In total on a trip to be necessary for me 1250 euros. It is very big sum to arrive to you. I am very upset as I cannot find this money. For me it is a lot of and to save up such money to me half a year is necessary. I cannot wait so much as it much for me, I very much love you and I will not sustain it is so much.
Even if to wait that the chief will not give me holiday. I do not know now that to me to do. I do not wish to ask from you money as it very much is not convenient for me. I understand that you too are upset.
But I do not know what now to do. I hope that you understand me? Can you know what now to do? Can you will find the decision? I will hope for you my darling. I will look forward to hearing! I love the whole... Natalia!
Letter 6
Greetings my dear! I am very glad that you help me and I can arrive to you!
I am very happy my darling! We already soon can meet you.
Tomorrow I will talk to the chief on the account of my holiday, I hope that it will give me holiday next week as I did not have for a long time a holiday.
I give to you data of my girlfriend as I cannot receive money for. I do not have at present passport, I have left it in round agency when concluded with them the contract.
It was necessary to them to make the passport. Now there is only such variant.
You can not worry in this occasion. As my girlfriend will not bring.
As soon as money will come that it at once will tell to me and I will go to receive them together with my girlfriend.
I hope you have understood me and will help me?
I have learnt as it is possible for me to receive your money without problems.
The manager in bank has advised me to use known American company of remittances " Western Union ". To send Money with the help of this company it is very fast and convenient. As to me have told, I can already receive money in 15 minutes after you them You will send. To me have told, that to send money, you It is enough to know my address:
Name: Tatyana
Surname: Makarova.
Street: Dekabristov, 171.
The country: Russia.
City: Kazan.
post code: 420000
All this the data which you should specify in The form of the western union. You have enough these data to send Money. And that I could receive this money, it is necessary to me to know four things:
1) Your full name and a surname.
2) Your full home address.
3) The sum transfer money:
How I understand at you there was a question that such MTSN, I am right? MTSN is After you will send ten-character number which to you will tell Money. To receive money, it is necessary for me to know all data, Which I have written to you above. I think, that now at you was not present any Questions concerning sending money. my dear now you can transfer me of money and I very much hope, that you will make it as soon as possible, that I could start to legalize papers. I hope, that you will make a parcel of money within the next few days. I shall be very happy, when we shall be together. I very strongly love you and very strongly I grieve on you. I every day think only of you my love.
I dream about our meetings every day. I hope, that I can soon arrive to you and we can be together. I very strongly love you. Now I shall finish the letter and with the big impatience I shall wait for your answer, your unique love Natalya!
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