Letter(s) from Elena Nikolaeva to Guy (Australia)

Letter 1

Uuufff... little tired... Weather remarkable today in our city. I just came back from agency to write to you some news. I shall try to tell most clearly about all and to forget`t nothing))) I have informed the agent the information which you have written to me. Then we together planned the plan of my visiting, your beautiful country. In my city there is no international airport, therefore I will have a necessity to go to Moscow that already from there to fly to you. For agency was made inquiry in embassy, therefore my visa already have started to prepare, and as my passport for travel abroad. Also the agent has counted up a total cost of the second part. It is necessary for me to pay 1170 euro, expenses enter into this cost: on air tickets, together with all gathering the airports, taxes., travel up to Moscow and stay there some time, before my flight., the insurance., registration of all necessary documents and others. Yesterday I cared about pay for registration of the passport and the visa both other documents and services, I have paid 350. I have in the purse nevertheless 250 euro, but it is not enough of it. I require in 920. You have told, that we can find the decision. I can, is possible hope for your help in this problem? Because I cannot find other decisions. I do everything, that in my forces. I was interested in agency as you can care of payment. The agent has explained to me, that basically they accept means from persons with whom at them the contract is concluded directly. But they can promote us in it. My agent has explained to me as you are able to do it, the agency works together with a department " western union ", therefore you can carry out operation of payment by means of this department. It will be necessary for you to find this department in the nearest bank and to carry out transfer directly to the agent. You should tell, that you do commercial translation. You will require a name of the agent: a surname "Cherepanov.", a name "Sergey" and the address: " Russia, Chuvashiya, Novocheboksarsk, Sovetov street 15 office 34 " As soon as you carry out it you should inform me all to a detail, which the agent will require to accept your help in payment. In agency have told to me, that I would take care of payment in the near future that they could borrow in preparation of a following part and booking of flight for me. Therefore if you in a condition to help me with it you can probably make it today or tomorrow. To tighten time. Thanks for your understanding dear Guy. For me it is valid very important. I consider, that real relations can be only when between the men and the woman there is a Understanding, Honesty and Respect. Only on this basis the true love can be born. Today, I also have solved some problems on the work and now I have holiday. Here, probably everything, that I should write today. Yes, nearly has not forgotten the most important, I love you my dear Bear cub))) Now all...

Yours Elena>>>

Letter 2

Hello my dear bear cub Guy! Now in our city 8-30 morning. Between us there is a distinction on time. I have read your letter and have been very upset and revolted. I do not understand, why they do not resolve to you transfer of money, only because of that that we Live in Russia and why they say that it can be swindle. After all they at all do not know us. I think that a problem not in western union, and in you... I from the very beginning after I asked you about the help, I felt your doubt in each letter. If between us there is no trust our relations I will not develop. If you do not trust me and do not wish to help, then and write, it is not necessary to sling mud at agency and me. Yes, I heard about those people who were engaged in swindle, about them spoke on a teleimage, but they already all were caught also by them are imprisoned. Our government was accepted by strict measures with this part of criminality. They are awful people, and you add me to them.? I thank you... I very vulnerable person and me am very easy to offend. I hoped that today we manage to take care of payment and the agency starts to prepare the following part of my arrival. I have made and I do everything to meet and be in a place, but I do not feel your support, I see only your mistrust. You at all do not estimate my boldness that I defenceless fragile to the woman, gather i?aiaaeaou huge distance, through ocean to meet. But you at all do not do that about what I you I ask. I once again spe that I have no more possibility to find still means because I count that I have earned also to me were helped by my parents. I asked you about the help and you only speak "Tomorrow", "Tomorrow"... The Agency at all does not accept means from extraneous persons they accept only available funds and only from people with which the contract is concluded. The agent has agreed to help us, only because of understanding to our problem because they have here department WU and they were ready to help us. It is good, if you wish to meet and you really love me then you caaeaaoa about what I you ask that if is not present then I not in a condition to consult. In your country now evening and you probably cannot do pass through bank department. But I learnt that you can make transfer through a site in online western union. But it can be no more than 1000 dollars, make at least this part that I could care in the near future about pay parts of means in agency and they started to work. You can make it on my name and addressed to the agent. Today, if you wish to help and want, that we were together. If is not present then I do not know what to make more. I love you and I wish to be with you, I hope that you also....
Yours Elena>>>

Letter 3

Hello my dear Bear cub Guy! I have received your letter and is afflicted by that you to me all write. I today had very difficult day. I have gone to travel agency as you asked me. And completely to them has explained all situation which you to me have written, that went to office of the western union and that you talked to you also have decided not to send me your help through this agency. The agent to me has told, that office WU cannot such speak, that you do not trust me. Though you to me write that you completely trust me and are completely fair with me. Also I have told agents, that you wish to send money for the credit account in bank, is more exact on a credit card. And the agent has told, that it probably to make and has given me number of the credit account. I very much now hope, that we Guy any more will not have what problems and that soon we shall meet. In fact remains at all much until when we we shall be together. I very much love you and I wish to be only with you. The agent has asked me, that you have made transfer, as soon as possible, because they wait payment. Here number of a credit card. Now I shall finish to you on it the letter and I shall wait very much for your fast reply. All my love only for you!
Your darling Elena>>>

Letter 4

Hello my dear Bear cub Guy! How you? I very much miss on you and all I wait for your letter, but and have received what answer. I for you have not which news. The matter is that I have given you not the full address of my credit card, data are more exact. I hope, that after you receive my letter. You will help me with your help and transfer to me of money for my credit card. And as you will make it, after that I in a week or two shall be near to you. I very much wait for that moment when we we shall be together. It will be for me the finest time of all my life. I love you. Yours Elena>>>

P.S. Data of a credit card that you could send money:
American Express Bank LTD, New York USA BIC ^AEIB US 33 (number a badge) 00743625
B.I.N. BANK 5 - A Grodneskaya str., 121471, Moscow, Russia for Branch "BINBANK" in Yoshkar-Ola acct. 3030184050000001400 for ELENA NIKOLAEVA acct. 40817840314000008727.
Number of a credit card (account) - 4737071505784176 SWIFT: BINORUMM.