Scam letter(s) from Oksana Lendzian to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1
Greetings my Special Friend Jose! Frankly speaking I am sure that this chance to meet each other here was given us not in vain and I do hope that you think the same. I know that this my letter will mean a lot for our further correspondence as you will decide if you wish to go on communication with me or not. So my name is Oksana and I am from Ukraine! I am a woman who wishes to start new life that would be filled with love and understanding, that would be filled with strong and stable relations with my man! I am rather risky and open minded woman, so it is the reason that I appeared at the dating site!!! And what about you? Was it difficult for you to start your Internet search?! Are you ready to have the woman from other country, I mean the woman from Ukraine? Have you ever thought about difficulties that could wait for us because of this distance that lays between us?! So many questions in my mind... but the main thing that I believe that you are as risky as I am and you wish to try this our communication... who knows, may be it will lead us to something special that we waited for all our lives!!! I still have the hope for it. Frankly speaking after looking through lady's profiles at the site I was really surprised to get to know how many women wished to have their men from abroad. I think that it is obvious that all of them were there because of being unlucky with men from Ukraine. In spite of my wish to be unique I can not tell you that I am an exception in this issue as I am also tired from rudeness and unfaithfulness and I am also looking, I am also hoping and waiting!!! I want you to know that I was a little bit confused when I saw that such beautiful women were there with those unforgettable faces, I think that for you it is a difficult task to find the only one among those "roses" that put their profiles there! ) Anyway I am grateful to you that you paid your attention at me and I do hope that we will go on our communication and it will be the start of something new and something long lasted or even never ended! I will wait for your thoughts here: My heart is free and open! Oksana
Letter 2
Hello, my Darling Jose! It is a pleasure for me to get to know that you wished to go on our communication and you decided to write the letter to me! Thank you... Thank you for your attractive and beautiful photo! You are very photogenic. I am very glad that I could awake your interest in myself and I hope we will approach nice and good friendship at first and then time will show us what we merit. Thanks that you tried to stay open with me and I would like to do the same for you as we both understand that we are here for knowing each other better with the hopes for the happy future together... You know that it is difficult to talk about myself and I try to overcome this barrier as well. So let me start like this: My name is Oksana. I am broadbrow, honest, energetic and sincere person. I love people, nature and everything alive. I am sure that you are interesting and good man because all people are kind and pleasant persons. But not everyone want to believe in it or have a faith in themselves. God created us equal people in order at first we to see only a good sides of person, love him as ourselves, and then we could help him to struggle against his shortcomings. I live in very small town Almaznaja. It's in Eastern Part of Ukraine. In spite of its small size I love it very much. I was born here, spent my fantastic childhood with my loved father and a lot of staunch friends of mine. My mother died when I was a little girl of 3 years old. She had a stomach cancer. That's why I had to learn to take care of myself and my dear father as soon as possible. Somehow these my skills were in use and for this time I can cook very well. My profession is a cooker. At school I could sew, embroider, knit and crochet. Unfortunately now I don't have enough time for these businesses as I need to take care about myself and to earn funds for my living as it is so difficult to do for this time when we have crisis all over the world. And what about you?! Did crisis touched you or you were lucky not to feel any influence of it?! I do hope that you are a strong person as I also try to stay positive in spite of some black days that appear in my life! So I would like to go on, I like to read, to watch TV, to be in the fresh air, to have a good time with my friends and class mates. But most of all I adore to sing songs and dance. In my childhood when I studied at school I attended hobby group of dances. I went in for modern dances. And nowadays my closest girlfriends often invite me to take part in some festive performances in order to earn a little money. We can play the role of singers or dancers. Our girls group perform at such cultural events as birthdays, jubilees and weddings. I like it for sure because it is like my hobby and the same time it gives me some additional money... So I try to be good at it! And what about you?! what hobbies and interests you have?! I think that when you know person's interest it is possible to understand him better... Do you like music and dancing?! Would you like us to dance together one day? I am romantic and I think that I would be able to create perfect romantic evenings! Do you have some wishes about it? Imaginations? I think that I have a lot of things to ask you as I feel so comfortable now when I talk to you. So I will wait for the answer impatiently. Bye-bye,
missing you,
Letter 3
Hello Jose! It becomes like my need to have your letter as I thought about it a lot and I tried to imagine how you would answer me and what you would tell me. I like to imagine and to create! Thank you for your splendid and very beautiful pictures! I have never seen such a sumptuous cities that's why of course I would be happy to visit Barcelona one day. For fun I like to meet with my girlfriends and have a lovely time together. Glad to know that we are able to go on knowing each other better. So last time I stopped at telling you about my job and my life at all. You know that I am a dancer and the cooker the same time. But I would like to be concrete about it as I do not wish to have any misunderstandings. My life is not a paradise and I would like to let you know about it. My main job is in dining hall at plant. As I told you before I am a cook. But I work at a plant in winter and spring. Unfortunately this job gives me little money and in summer and autumn I work as a cook in Berdjansk. This city is situated near Azov sea. And this mysterious sea allure me to himself by his power and beauty every summer. Frankly speaking I am glad that I have such a nice opportunity to work in this city. As it gives me excellent chance to implement my attraction. I am crazy about swimsuits. I sew various kinds of colour and style swimsuits myself. Then I wear them and sometimes it is possible for me to surprise people with its styles! :) But I do not wish you to think about my like about Lady Perfect. Of course from the one side it is wonderful that your woman is able to cook perfectly, to take care about herself, to sew and embroider and moreover she has a great wish to find her man and to make him to be happy.. As usual there is one "but".. Time for the confession... The one thing that now is my inmost and wishful thinking is my lack of English knowledge. Yes, I don't know English. Of course there is rather sensible and obvious explanation for it - May be because I am from Ukraine but not from England or USA.:) At school our English teachers had Soviet Union views and they did not wish us to know English at all, so our lessons were spent in vain and I regret about it a lot. That's why I hope it doesn't need any explanations that I know English badly. When I became elder I understood all necessity of knowing this universal important and the first world's language. Of course I mean English. My dad didn't have enough means to provide our life and assigned money for my English courses. I don't blame him! It was through no fault of his or mine. Simply that's a life and now I want to make up leeway and to start my learning English. I know that it's very important if I wish to be with the man from abroad and if to take the reality it could be important for our further communication and may be our future life together as well.:) And its not a joke as I take our communication seriously. I mean that I would be happy if we will be able to create united relationships and become irreplaceable part of each other in future. But now we need to get to know each other better, to understand and to study to believe, to trust and to love sincerely and genially. I hope you are ready for good and wonderful changes in your life with me. I wish to pass this unpredictable life with you and I invite you in this magic and enchanting journey which is called of various kinds: love, sorrow, challenge, duty, game, wealth, mystery, promise, song, struggle, opportunity, beauty, bliss, dream, challenge, adventure and luck. As you have already guessed I told you about life. And now everything in your hands. You can decide if you want to have a lovely wife, excellent cooker, beautiful woman, intelligent person, attentive friend, kind man and unforgettable lover that it's me. Don't let your happiness go away!!! with all my heart,
Sunny Oksana
Letter 4

Hello my Darling Jose! It is still difficult for me to believe that I have your letter. Thank you for so much, thank you for being open and honest with me as I wish you always to remember that in spite of any your thoughts I will accept them as they are because I know that each person is unique and he has his own point of view. So I am glad to have your letter, moreover it was so long-awaited and welcome! I can tell you that for me it was like time stopped and those **** hands in clocks did not move at all. I wished and prayed time to go faster in order to have your letter as soon as possible! My favorite dish is stuffed cabbage rolls. I am sure that you will like this dish and you will be able to appreciate my skills in cooking!:) You know that I waited for your thoughts about the fact that I did not know English and I guess that you wonder how I write you my letters if I don't know English. The answer is simple. I mistrust the marriage agencies as I have often heard that such agencies trade in people. And I don't want to be a lucre. But I want to find my love abroad! That's why I decided to keep my wicked up. I know that there are translation firms which only translate texts or some topics. And I thought that it will be the best choice for me. I will write my letters and the translation firm will translate my words, I mean words that were written with my hand and from my head! I will do everything myself as these firms don't seek for clients or prospective eligible bachelors. That's why it's very convenient to create my happiness with my own hands and not to blame anyone if something goes wrong. So thus I communicate with you. I found a suitable translation firm with qualified, skilled, polite and pleasant interpreters as I wanted. They translate my letters to you and then your letters to me. It's very comfortable and moreover confidential and I can trust them and don't be afraid that they will poke their noses into my businesses. So everything happened like that and we are here and we are together.. I can tell you that sometimes I ask myself how it happened that I stopped to look at men here and they stopped attract me anymore... May be you are also curious to know why I decided to seek for my love, my second half via the Internet. And I am ready to share with you my past private life as I promised you not to keep anything from you. I am sure that I can trust you and I believe that you will understand me. I was younger and I didn't know what love was and what this word meant. For me love was so unpredictable, sudden, surprise and fabulous feeling. When all this story had reached its close I understood that I was sadly mistaken. No, I loved and I know exactly now that I felt this sixth sense and my intentions were sincere. I loved and I am happy that I had such a fantastic chance got to know this sense. I mean that at last I understood that my loved didn't love me. He has never told me that he loved me but I was silly and believed till the end that this feeling was our mutual and one wonderful day he would love me as well. Come to the point... When I was at school I was in love with one boy. I tried to square the circle and got him to fall in love with me. At first I needed only to achieve his attention and respect. Then I wanted to be his friend. But when I wanted to become his girl my plans failed. We were only good school friends. It was my the one major and remarkable achievement towards him. I finished school and then we had not seen each other for ages. I entered the culinary college. My life lasted but I loved him still more. I couldn't regard other fellows as my boyfriends because I didn't like them. All of them smoked, alcohol abuse and used bad language. I didn't like such boys. That's why I decided to stay lonely if I couldn't be with my beloved and I couldn't love other man. One day suddenly I met my loved fellow. All of our classmates became adult and he changed also. Then he was a real young man. At that moment when I observed him I thought that I loved him all my life not in vain. He is attractive, beautiful, tall and strong. What did I need else? After that evening we began to date. I was over the moon. My inmost dream came true! Great!! I was so happy. But some time later I started to understand that his physical power and beautiful manly looks is not everything that I needed really in my life. I devoted all my life to him. I lived by him. But he only allowed me to love him. I am sure that he liked me very much and my genuine love, my sincere care for him and good treatment to him helped me to win his confidence and had a corner in his heart. But it's not enough for real love. For real love someone need to love oneself too. I didn't know why but I have never liked his friends. And later I began to notice that they drank a lot. Then my boyfriend started to drink too. It was awful! I couldn't do anything. My requests, entreaties, claims and demands rejected. I told him that we would part because of his terrible habit. But he only smiled and abandoned me. He made his choice but what happened in my soul after his heartless action my feelings were to deep for words. I even invented to take my life but thanks for God and my devoted friends I didn't do it and they saved me. I couldn't pull myself together and come to myself for very long time as I couldn't understand why the alcohol was so important for him than my truthful feelings. I realized that all our men are similar. They smoke, drink and can't love in the right way. They want only to receive love but they don't want to give something back. That's why I decided to find my man abroad as I have heard and have seen a lot of programmes and movies that your men are different. I hope that I am not mistaken at least in this affirmation now and you are the real man!:) You see that everything is in your hands, I am sure that you understand what I mean when I use this word as "everything", you are right, it is about our future! I do wish to win your heart as somehow my heart beats faster when I hold this sheet of paper with the letter that is signed with your name. I will wait for the news impatiently. I know that I miss you... And you?! with all my heart,
your missing Oksana.
Letter 5
UkrTransService High Quality Russian-English Translation of Personal/Business Letters and Correspondence! Mr. Jose! Thank you that you paid attention to this informational letter. We are the translation bureau as "UkrTransService". This letter was written on behalf of the request of your lady Miss Oksana. She is very interested in being with you. The fact is she has no any possibility for making payment for the translation of the further correspondence and for this time the account is closed. In order to pen the account and to go on communication with Miss Oksana the account should be full filled. If you have any intentions to go on correspondence with your lady Oksana you can contact us using the same e-mail address and we will gladly provide you with the needed information. We hope for our future cooperation. About us: Effectiveness: The main priorities of the Translation Bureau "UkrTransService" are effective work with clients and particular specialization. We have learnt that such work enables us to improve quality and to cut the cost of translation. Experience: It is experience in managing project of various levels of sophistication. - quick selection of translators in the required field;
- translation quality control system;
- solution to extraordinary tasks;
- consultation of clients; Low prices: Low prices for translation are due to large investments in up-to-date technologies and systematized work experience of the Bureau’s employees. Since the Bureau establishment we have been mastering formalization of all order management operations, and at present the Translation Bureau "UkrTransService" is an effective and open company with a unique offer of translation price and quality. Best regards,
manager of the Translation Bureau
Victoria Omelchenko.
Letter 6
Dear Mr. Jose, As you showed your interest in the further communication with your lady Oksana, we would like to provide you with the information according payment of the service. In this price list, we have tried to include typical services that we offer on a regular basis at standard prices. We also offer a variety of individualized services. If you can't find what you're looking for, or if you would like further information regarding the continuation of communication with your lady Oksana you can write us your message and contact us. We'd be more than happy to help! Services that we propose: 1. Typing, translation and sending a letter from your lady to you in English, per 1 letter -----------------------------------5 USD 2. Typing, translation of a letter from you to your lady in Russian, per one letter ------------------------------------5 USD 3. Photo scanning / sending/ , picture printing / receiving/ ------------------------------------------------------------3 USD 4. Scanned letter of a lady, per 1 page --------------------3 USD 5. Conversation with your lady on the phone with an interpreter (per call/ conversation)----------------------0.50 USD per minute 6. Conversation with your lady on the phone with an interpreter at your girlfriend's home---------------------0.60 USD per minute 7. Showing your INTERNET greeting or personal WEB-page to lady on screen------------------------------------------------------2 USD If you are interested in monthly plans, you may not use the services for translation of separate letters. The price list for this type of services is here: 1. per month----------------------------------------------240 USD 2. per two month -----------------------------------------430 USD The payment can be done via:
- Western Union,
- Money Gram. After making payment, contact us and provide with full information and all the details of transfer! It should be: - your full name;
- country you live in;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number. Information you need for making payment: the name of receiver Oksana Lendzian
the TOWN Almaznaja
the address Illicha str, 1a/58
zip code 94095
country Ukraine We hope for our future cooperation. Thank you for using our service. Best regards,
manager of the Translation Bureau
Victoria Omelchenko
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