Scam letter(s) from Oksana Lendzian to Billy (USA)

Letter 1

High Quality Russian-English Translation of Personal/Business Letters and Correspondence!

Mr. Billy!

Thank you that you paid attention to this informational letter. We are the translation bureau as "UkrTransService". This letter was written on behalf of the request of your lady Miss Oksana. She is very interested in being with you. The fact is she has no any possibility for making payment for the translation of the further correspondence and for this time the account is closed. In order to pen the account and to go on communication with Miss Oksana the account should be full filled. If you have any intentions to go on correspondence with your lady Oksana you can contact us using the same e-mail address and we will gladly provide you with the needed information. We hope for our future cooperation.

About us:


The main priorities of the Translation Bureau "UkrTransService" are effective work with clients and particular specialization. We have learnt that such work enables us to improve quality and to cut the cost of translation.


It is experience in managing project of various levels of sophistication.

- quick selection of translators in the required field;
- translation quality control system;
- solution to extraordinary tasks;
- consultation of clients;

Low prices:

Low prices for translation are due to large investments in up-to-date technologies and systematized work experience of the Bureau’s employees.

Since the Bureau establishment we have been mastering formalization of all order management operations, and at present the Translation Bureau "UkrTransService" is an effective and open company with a unique offer of translation price and quality.

Best regards,
manager of the Translation Bureau
Victoria Omelchenko.
Letter 2
Dear Mr. Billy,

As you showed your interest in the further communication with your lady Oksana, we would like to provide you with the information according payment of the service.

In this price list, we have tried to include typical services that we offer on a regular basis at standard prices. We also offer a variety of individualized services. If you can't find what you're looking for, or if you would like further information regarding the continuation of communication with your lady Oksana you can write us your message and contact us. We'd be more than happy to help!

Services that we propose:

1. Typing, translation and sending a letter from your lady to you in English, per 1 letter -----------------------------------5 USD

2. Typing, translation of a letter from you to your lady in Russian, per one letter ------------------------------------5 USD

3. Photo scanning / sending/ , picture printing / receiving/ ------------------------------------------------------------3 USD

4. Scanned letter of a lady, per 1 page --------------------3 USD

5. Conversation with your lady on the phone with an interpreter (per call/ conversation)----------------------0.50 USD per minute

6. Conversation with your lady on the phone with an interpreter at your girlfriend's home---------------------0.60 USD per minute

7. Showing your INTERNET greeting or personal WEB-page to lady on screen------------------------------------------------------2 USD

If you are interested in monthly plans, you may not use the services for translation of separate letters. The price list for this type of services is here:

1. per month----------------------------------------------240 USD

2. per two month -----------------------------------------430 USD

The payment can be done via:
- Western Union,
- Money Gram.

After making payment, contact us and provide with full information and all the details of transfer! It should be:

- your full name;
- country you live in;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number.

Information you need for making payment:

the name of receiver Oksana Lendzian
the TOWN Almaznaja
the address Illicha str, 1a/58
zip code 94095
country Ukraine

We hope for our future cooperation. Thank you for using our service.

Best regards,
manager of the Translation Bureau
Victoria Omelchenko
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