Letter(s) from Olga Herashima to Mark (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Mark

Hi! How are you? I have just come from work both have come on a site and have seen yours e-mail adress on mine To page, to me it is very pleasant that we have paid against each other attention. Thanks that has loved me.

And now I will a little tell about myself: My name is Ol'ga. I work as the cook in one of cafe of our city, the cafe is called "The silver horseshoe", in our cafe is 4 cooks, at everyone the change, I work 5 days In a week. To like me my work, and many our clients are happy with our dishes. My father, often praises me and is amazed with thin, fragrant taste of my dishes. Its loved The dish from my menu, is beaters from an octopus. As whom do you work? You like your work?

Mark My hobby is my work, and to knit different things from woollen threads, for itself And for native I like to knit woollen jackets, and to give to them. You have hobby, If there is that what?

I think. That I will finish on it the letter, I hope at you there will be questions and if there is that I with pleasure on them will answer.
I wait for your letter to continue our acquaintance. Bye.


Letter 2

Hello Mark.

Today wonderful day, not looking at cold weather, today in the street -4, it is necessary to put on more warmly. Today, the sun has looked out and has risen in all the To beauty, to me very strongly to like to observe of such fine day, around So it is beautiful, snow gives light paints to the general background of a picture. To you to like Such weather?

As I wish to tell about the family. I live in the great country Russia, in city Volzhsk at us not the big small town, in our city There live nearby 50000 persons. Our city is surrounded with woods and lakes, and as Through our city the river Volga flows. I live with mum and the daddy. My mum Call Dinara, and my daddy call Ivan. My mum works The tutor in a kindergarten. My daddy the builder, it works in the building To firm "PMKa 3". Its post the younger engineer the builder. We live in To two room apartment, in five floor house, by the way our house, in which We live the father projected. Mark And in what house you live?

You look on a photo simply amazingly and I like your look and your beautiful eyes.

I wish to tell to you that I very strongly love flowers, I think that they live and reasonable... At my place it is a lot of colours, I adore to look after them, to water, to me is very strong To like to look as they are dismissed, rise in full growth and it is rich smell. And you like flowers? And what most favourite your flower? For today I finish the letter and with impatience I wait for your letter. Mark that you like to look?


Letter 3

Hi my dear friend! How there has passed your day? What at you new? At me today There was a difficult day so it is a lot of orders, today clients was more than usually. You represent, today at us to cafe, for first time, deputies from the government came Also had supper at us. All should be simply excellent also to me it was necessary very much Strongly to try, all left perfectly. Well all that well comes to an end.

As it is strange and unusual to me, I the first time in a life communicate with you Mark, with the person With other continent with which person never saw, I speak to you about myself as I have spent day, All it as that is unusual, know, how at cinema: meet, get acquainted, fall in love... But I not I will run in before, after all our life it not cinema. I hope that you agree with me?

In this letter Mark, I wish to tell the purposes in our dialogue. It is interesting to me to know about you, Also know I communicate with you because I would like to talk to the person from other country, As he lives, than is engaged. After all at us with you, the friendship has already begun.

Mark, for today I has very strongly got tired, now I will go attempt mum's meal, my loved pies with a cutlet. I will lay down to sleep, tomorrow at me one more working day. While, so long!


Letter 4

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! Road, I from all souls congratulate You Merry Christmas!!!!!!! As though I would like to note this great holiday with You, but we are far apart... I Wish You a sound health, well-being, love and happiness!!!!!!!!!! I very much like to write to You letters when I write You the letter, I become other person and at me on a shower becomes so well, I for any instant forget about all problems. I wait Your answer! Once again Merry Christmas!!!!! Ol`ga

Letter 5

Hello my dear!

Excuse that I so long did not write to you, I did not write to you because we had a new year. And you probably about it know. We so have cheerfully spent this new year, we with friends marked at first in cafe and then we have gone to my friend to village to bathe in a bath, it was so in a fantastic way. You sometime were in Russian bath? If there is no that I to you I advise, it simply is not explainable. And in general in village it is very good, there fresh air, there it is very good. And here I have just arrived from village and at once have written to you. I hope that you do not take offence at me, for so much days that I did not write to you, I so have strongly become bored of you!!!! I will well wait for your letter. Yours Ol'ga

Letter 6

With new day my dear friend!

Today I am full of optimism and pleasure and I would like to make that, such that does not enter During my usual daily life. You know, I such person who likes to enjoy The life also wants new that the life did not seem a grey strip. After all in a life is very much Many light and pleasant paints. I do not know why, but today I have risen with a smile and is simple with Excellent mood, in my head the thought has flown to jump off from the plane, with a parachute. But to make it, many preparations probably are required, I never jumped, but I I hope that in the life I can make it.

Mark, know I many times recoloured the hair and I do not know what colour to me goes. I sent to you The photo where my hair black colour and the brown colour, what hair colour is more to like you? I hope That in that and in this colour I am nice to you, and is attractive.

Mark, today I would like to tell to you, what type of guys to like me. To me it is nice The clever, good, beautiful man. And the age does not influence it. What type of women to like you? I wait for your letter. Yours Ol'ga

Letter 7

Hello! With new day Mark!

At me today excellent, cheerful day, today at me was the day off. And we With girlfriends photos have decided to walk on our city park, here by the way Where I and my girlfriends. Also sat on a shop and a fur-tree, it was so ridiculously and funny. After that we have gone to me home and played children's games, such as Blind-man's-buff. It was simply excellent, and is ridiculous. You know, it is unusual we adult people We play children's games, but it has removed stress, has cheered up. Sometimes simply Interestingly also it is necessary to become for a while the child and to rejoice as the little girl Which have bought a candy. By the way I love the sweet. You sometime represented yourself In a role of the child? If there is no that I will try it very interestingly and funny.

And still I went today to an ice palace a little to go skating. Here a photo. I did not skate so a long time, that I even have fallen today two times, was sick. I even Today has presented itself the best figure skater in the world so has fallen into a reverie that I ran Unintentionally in the girl. But all has done without bruises and grazes. I have very perfectly spent today the day.

And how you spend the day when you have a free time? I finish the letter and with impatience I wait for your letter. Yours Ol'ga

Letter 8

Hello my dear Mark

I think that now I can name expensive because we have very strongly approached together. I I see that our feelings are strong. You know, I wished to find easier friend but have turned out so I have found you, Probably it is destiny. Mark, I simply wished to communicate with you, and to become friends, but my feelings to To you have passed to more serious level than simply friendship. I see that you have understood it in my previous The letter. Mark, I hope that you seriously concern me and you are ready to continue with me ours Relations, also it is ready to something to more serious than simply friendship. If it not so that and tell to me that you Simply you wish to remain with friends. Road, you know I do not wish to be mistaken, because I already many times Was mistaken with men. And any more I do not wish to repeat the errors, and I hope that you will not disappoint me. It so Mark? I will wait for your answer. Because it is important to me to know your feeling to me, after all on it Also relations are under construction. Ol'ga

Letter 9

Hello my dear!

I am glad that you are ready to serious relations with me, and is ready to something to more serious. It has very strongly lifted to me Mood, I feel that you and there is which that person to me did not suffice all life. I so am glad to it that I Has found you, I at all do not know what to tell, but I feel that you and there is that half me from which I will find rest In a life and me it will be good, I feel that we a single whole. I can speak to you it is everything, but it only words, it is necessary To operate to be together.

Mark, I would like to meet you, what you think in this occasion? I am confident that if we with you want That at us with you all to turn out, and we will live perfectly. But I cannot make of the decision for you, I am ready to it To step that we were together. But business in you, whether you are ready to meet me? Whether you want this step? You are ready to it?

Mark, I do not wish to press on you, make of the decision and we can discuss it with you. We people understanding each other, We adult people also should understand an event essence, and should solve this problem. Well I will finish on It the letter, I will wait from you for the answer my dear Mark. Yours Ol'ga

Letter 10

Hello dear Mark

I am glad to receive your new letter. It is very pleasant to me to hear from you that you agree about our meetings. And we Will go to our general future together. I do not know that from us is required, but I think that it will be not so Easily as it seems at first sight. Road, I think that to me will be more convenient to arrive to you because I want To make to itself a pleasant vacation near to you in your country, after all I never was in your country, I think that At you it is very beautiful and interesting. You know, Mark, at us in the country it is now very cold also to you it will be not convenient At me. Is better will arrive to me. I hope that you understand me. What your opinion on it?

Mark, you know, I feel in myself more serious feelings to you, and in me all burns when I write to you or When I think of you, and it very much to like me. I very strongly wish to meet you, and to look in your beautiful, Gentle eyes. To stroke you on a head and to embrace as a plush bear. It is very amusing, but I so strongly would like It... I kiss you my bear Mark. I wait for your letter shortly, yours and only yours Ol'ga