Letter(s) from Elena to Patrick (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Patrick!!!

How are you? I hope that you Ok?
I hope that your mood excellent? I want that you always had good mood!!!
I want to make all that you were in fine mood!!!
You are very important for me and it is important for me that you were never afflicted!!!
I want to do joyful each your day!!!
It is very pleasant for me that you always wait for my letters.
And I shall do all that my letters allowed to you pleasure!!!

My dear man, I really love you!!!
And now I am confident it on 100 !!!
And I am sad that I cannot now kiss you for the first time.
I would like to prove to you my love by my sweet kiss!!!
I want to feel taste of your lips!!!
Now it is my dream!!!
And I know that you too love me and you have the same dreams!!!
I know that I am right. You really think so?

I very much appreciate my love to you!!!
And I want to develop our love in even more serious relations!!!
I know that between us big distance but I think that it is not problem for our love!!!
You agree with me? You too think that love has no any barrier and any distances?
My love, I think that sometime we shall overcome far distance between us!
I think that sometime we can meet!!! (There can it will be already soon?)
I really think that we should meet!!!
I think that now when our relations became love we should see sometime each other personally!
But I do not know when should come hour of our meeting.
I would be glad to be near to you, my love!!!
I can do you happy!!!
I frequently think of that what I can do for you.
And I have understood that I can give you my love!!!
I trust you as to myself!!!
And I can entrust you not only my secrets but even likely my life!!!
I know that our acquaintance not casually!!!
I think that it is destiny!!! I am confident in it!!!
And we should not lose each other!!!
We should go together on a life!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

On it I shall finish my letter.
I with impatience shall wait your letter!!!
I shall think of you!!!
I KISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

With love your Elena.

Letter 2

Hello my love Patrick!!!

How are you today?
I think that all right?

My love, at night I for a long time thought of us.
I could not fall asleep. All my ideas were about you.
I have understood that I cannot live without you!!!

At night I has dreamed that we already together!!!
In my dream we together walked along street.
We strong kept for hands and did not release each other's hands.
We have stopped near big beautiful tree and have kissed.
And it was our first kiss!!!
Then I have felt happy!!! For the first time in life!!!
And it was magnificent!!!
We for a long time walked and in the evening we have returned to your home.
We had a supper at candles and then we together have gone to sleep.
We have fallen asleep happy!!!

But when I have woken up in my bedroom I have understood that it was dream!!!
And I have begun to cry!!!
I had fine dream and in the morning I have woken up in real world in which we far apart!!!
And I have thought that it unfairly!!!
We should not be far apart!!!

And I have understood that we SHOULD MEET!!!!!
I for a long time thought and I have decided to try to make our meeting real.
My lovely man, I want to arrive to you!!!
I want to leave from my work and to arrive to you.
I very much want to be with you!!! Our meeting will help us to understand force of our love!!!
I write you it seriously. It not my thoughtless idea. I for a long time thought about it.

I spoke about it with my parents.
And they speak that I should meet you personally.
They have advised me to try to arrive to you.
My parents have told me that if I love you that I should arrive to you!!!
They have advised me to go to travel agency in Cheboksary and learn how I can arrive to your country!!!
And I want to go to this agency and to find out all that it is necessary for me to arrive to your country.
I am not afraid to go to this agency because this most known travel agency in my region.
I want to go there tomorrow.
I hope that you agree with this my idea?
What do you think about it?
You want that I have made it?
You want to see me personally in your home?
Please write me your opinion about it.
I hope that you like this my idea.
I wait for your letter.
Please write me whether you want that I went to agency?

I with impatience shall wait your answer, my love!!!
I want to tell you I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

With love your Russian girl Elena.

Letter 3

Hello my loved Patrick!!!

How are your day? I hope that your mood very well?
My dear, after your letter I went to travel agency in my city.
I have asked my chief to exempt me today from work that I could go to travel agency.
He has allowed me to go there.
And after that I at once have gone to agency.

I have come to agency and have told that I want to arrive to your country but I do not know what necessary to do for this purpose.
In agency to me have told that I can conclude contract with agency and tourist agent will do all that will be necessary for me for my arrival to your country.
To me have told about all that is necessary for me.
And also to me has told prices of that is necessary for me for beginning.
I want to write you about it.

The first that to me is necessary-receive international passport. Without it to me will not give tourist visa.
It I shall receive in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation.
If I shall take advantage of services of travel agency it will occupy about 10 days, and will cost to me 131 euro.

As soon as I shall receive foreign passport, I can begin registration of tourist visa.
In travel agency to me have told that visa will be ready in 2 weeks.
Cost of tourist visa for 90 days 123 euro. There are visas for a longer time but they are more expensive.

Also it will be necessary for me to pass medical inspection and to receive document which confirms my health.
I shall pass medical inspection at myself in hospital. It will cost 27 euro.
After that it will be necessary for me to receive insurance medical policy.
In our city there is a large insurance company and it makes insurance of citizens which leave abroad.
I shall receive there policy in cost 86 euro.

After it is made to me it will be necessary will arrive to Moscow to take away tourist visa personally in embassy.
Ticket to Moscow will cost 44 euro.
42 euro will be necessary to me for live in Moscow in hotel 2 days while to me will not give out visa.

For all this travel agency will take only 37 euro.

All sum which I should pay in agency that I had all that is necessary for my arrival to you is 490 euro.
I have been very much afflicted when to me have told it.
My salary approximately 96 euro in a month and I cannot pay these charges!!!
But I could save 106 euro.
And consequently I can pay for all it 106 euro.
But you understand that it insufficiently.
I still need 384 euro!!!
I have been very much afflicted!!! I very much wanted to arrive to you and now I have such big problem!!!
I have told in agency that I cannot pay it.
And I left from agency. I had very bad mood.
I very much wanted to arrive to you!!!
I wanted to meet you personally!!!
And also it is pity that now I can not do it!!!

I very much love you and I wanted to give you my love!!!
I am already 27 years old and I am still virgin and I wrote you that I thought that I shall have sex with man only when I shall become his wife.
But I have very much LOVE you and I wanted to have my first sex with you!!!
I do not know reason of such my decision.
There can be it love? REAl LOVE!!!
But now it only my dream.

I cannot arrive to you and I am very sad because of it!!!

But my love, I can arrive to you if YOU can help me.
If you can help me to add this 384 euro that I can arrive to you!!!
If you can send me these 384 euro that I can arrive to you!!!
Then I can arrive to you in 3 weeks!!!
I think that these 3 weeks will be enough that we could learn each other even better.
And then we can make real our dreams!!!
And if you will help me to arrive to you that I can have with you my first sex!!!
I think that it would be wonderful!!!

My dear man, I want to ask you: can you help me?
You want to help me to pay my charges for my arrival to you?

I want to tell you that if you will help me that I shall try to find work in your country!!!
I shall work and I shall give you ALL my salary!!!
And so I can give you this money if you will help me to arrive to you!!!
I am confident that I can find work!!! And then you receive back your money!!!
I hope that after that you undoubtedly can help me???

I hope that you agree to help me.
Now our meeting depends on your decision.
I hope that you will do correct decision.
Please do not hurry up to answer me.
I want that you have well thought about it.

On it I shall finish my letter.
I shall wait your answer.
And I shall hope for our meeting!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With love your Elena.

Letter 4

My dear Patrick, I am very happy to see your letter. Forgive, that has forced you to worry. I could not write to you as was very much busy.
I am happy, that soon we shall together. Ideas about our meeting overflow me and my emotions are difficult for constraining.
I very much want, that you have shown me sight of your city Brantford.
I with impatience I wait when we shall enjoy time together.
I love you because, you fair, kind, careful the man.
I very much want to get acquainted with yours mum and the sister. What do they speak about our relations? They are happy for you?
I am very grateful to you, that you will help money for our meeting, my love.
In our city exists western union.
My passport now is in travel agency. without the passport I cannot receive money. The agent has offered me an exit from a situation. At that time when are legalized papers, you can send money for my agent.
It will be much more likely for us and without any danger. As the agent travel agency the legal person. Your money will be in safety.
My love - the data of my agent travel agency. As soon as you will do transfer for its name, inform me about it.
Its name Elena,
Its surname: Pjatnica,
The country: Russia.
You have brought to me pleasure in my grey, dim life. I shall wait for your letter. Remember, that somewhere away annou the woman who very much loves you. Forever, yours Elena