Letter(s) from Ekaterina Shirokova to Terry (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my Dear Terry how are you feeling today? I hope, that you are ok and that you are happy, waiting me … I am also so exciting ….
Honey, I came back today in the morning from village … Did you call me? I missed you so much, and I was so sad, because there are not any connection for operator of phone ….
I could not sleep yesterday dreaming of you … I dreamt about our first kisses ….first night ….Oh, my God …. I love you so much … I am really so thankful to the God, that He presented me you and I am also so thankful to you for this feeling, for this happiness inside me …. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ….
My love, I have good and bed news. Good - I GOT THE TICKETS!!!!!!!! All is ok my sweet love! And bad news - I should show "Cash money" at the custom, as people at the airport told me, this is law and I cannot avoid this. I must show in the custom, that I have money for live in your country this time, this named "cash money". The summe is very big - 520 euros. I must show this money on the custom. You can image how much money I should have with me!!!!!? It is not very much may be as tickets, but I do not have this, honey … I told them, that I will go to you and you would care about me, and I would stay with my
visa at first, then we will marry and may be together will return to Russia, and they should not worry about this, and they can call you, but, my love, they said, that they have so many people every day and all told about this, and they had bad experience, that I can exchange my tickets and other, and at the end this is law and they cannot do anything, so, they advise me that you can send me this money and when I will come to you I will GIVE you them BACK. My dearest Terry my flight will be in wednsday, If I will not use this chance, I will try to change tickets, but I am afraid to lost them, because my tickets
are of econom class. And we are together with you already so exciting and I think you do not want another time for me to come to you now, because we are both so waiting our meeting, our first kisses, first night, fondles ….....
My future husband, I even do not know, what to do, I am so nervous, I am in the panic ….
My Sweet, Please, send me this money as soon as possible because I have no money. I already spent all my money for tickets. You will receive this money back right after my arrival to you. Because I must ONLY SHOW THEM, LEAVING MY COUNTRY TO YOURS.
My love, I will be waiting your answer as soon as it is possible, because My flight will be wednsday at 4.30 pm of my time. Airline is Aeroflot from Pulkovo with change in Moscow. I will be in London Intl Heathrow at 9.40 pm, my love …. My love, if I will fly in wensday, I will not lose this tickets, you should send money as soon as it is possible, my love. Because if not, I should change tickets and prepay for this or lose them, because my tickets of econom class. Honey, to change tickets is very difficalt, because I can lost money … Honey, I want to fly to you as we was planning, please, try to send me money
tomorrow!!!! Honey, I immediately will return you this money, when I will come to you, because I should only show it!!!
I love you so much … I need your help so much …
Terry Mihail tomorrow can help us again. Please use the best efforts to solve our problem.
I will come here sooner … I will be near with internet cafe and check answer from you …
I kiss you …
With love, your future wife Katy

Letter 2

Honey, I read now your letter and I am really at the shock… how can you think so? You know, it is law and I can't break it…I was talking and even crying, when I was talking with custom's workers, but they really told me, that every day they have the same problems from people….

Honey, how can't you understand? If I will not fly to you, we can lose everything… I am crying now, my Dear, please, try to find a way with me… I promise you, I need only to show them this money, not spend. I can give you back it already at the airport…

My Dear, I am very panic now, please, write me soon….Honey, pleeeease, only think, that so soon we can be together, to spend time together, kiss, embrace and make love… I want to you, I want you……………………………..

Love, your Katy