Scam letter(s) from Lenara Kamalieva to Peter (UK)

Letter 1

Hello, my dear friend!!!
I was very glad to receive your letter!!! Thanks for warm words!!!
I live in the city of Chebksary. To me 32 years also work as the seller in shop. At me a small apartment where I live together with mum. She very good person! And she to me as the girlfriend.
I very much like to be in new places, but it is a pity, that geography of my movement small. I have travelled the nearest places in the city. At us very beautiful nature!!! It is a lot of woods, fields and pure lakes!!! Also at us in district many beautiful and ancient churches and monasteries!!!
Please, tell write about city. In which you live, it is very interesting to me to learn as the my dear friend lives!!!
In the summer I am frequently on picnics with friends behind city in a wood, and I have an opportunity to ski in the winter, but it is a pity, that we do not have high mountains.
In our city the river Volga proceeds, It is the longest river in Russia.
I have grown near to the nature and consequently very much I love animals, birds and walks on fresh air. I live with mum.
I love sports and I go to a hall of aerobics and shaping, and also simulators.
At us now summer and very warm weather. And what weather at you? Please write to me about everything, Peter!!!
I would like to learn you closer!!!
I with impatience shall wait for your letter!!! I shall wait and hope!!!
Godbye my dear friend Peter! Lenara
Letter 2

Hello my dear friend!!!!
Hi my love!!!!
How your affairs?!!!! How mood?!!!
I am very happy to receive your letter!!!! You know, that your letters always please me!!!!
I have got used to them and to you!!!!
It seems to me, that I love you!!!!
I miss on you!!!!
I want you!!!!
But... My dear understand me, I the woman, I the alive person and as all people to me should work to have money for a life.
Your tender words, your gentle letters help me in this life morally, they cheer me up, pleasure and happiness!!!
But... I cannot be content only with words.
You do not want to meet, do not want to be together to enjoy the friend the friend...
My love I agrees to be your girlfriend, your mistress, all that you only will wish, but I want that you supported me not only words, cheering me up, I want that you supported me, money resources!!! I the woman and me would be desirable as all women to look beautifully, to buy beautiful things.
I do not want a lot of fashionable clothes, I simply want to have all the most necessary. I do not dream of anything supernatural, I simply want to live normally, not thinking every day on what to buy a meal and that to me to put on. I hope, what you understand my love?!!!
My pleasure, my love I cannot live without your letters, but they in anything do not result!!!! I want the present love, I want a meeting with you!!!!
There has stepped autumn and in our country became more cool, the sun does not shine any more brightly and does not heat the beams the ground. In a month it becomes already very cold and the first snow will drop out, in two months the snow will go constantly and will not disappear till the spring.
With approach of colds before me there is a problem (: I do not have warm coat and a boot for autumn.
Today I saw very beautiful coat in shop!!!!! It is simply fine!!!!!
I for a long time looked at it and could not allocate eyes!!!! It was just my size!!!! I could not be kept and have tried on it on myself!!!! As it is delightful looks on me!!! It is a coat as if it is tailored specially for me!!!! I a regret removed it (: I so would like it to buy, but my small salary does not allow me of this purchase (:
But I so would like it to have!!!! All my ideas come back to a that beautiful coat!!!!!
It of very beautiful color which very much approaches to my eyes!!!! The coat long also hides to me legs that is especially good during frosty time!! On a collar and cuffs it is trimmed with natural fur!!!!! If you only saw it!!! I am confident it to you too by all means it was pleasant!!!!
Its cost makes 450 USD. I want to ask you, you could give me such gift as it a coat?!!!!! The gift for autumn of a coat and boots, will make it approximately 550 USD.
If you really feel to me prove it business. Because in letters it is possible to speak âñå:î to love, about friendship, about attachment, to promise caress and tenderness, but it only words....
We in Russia have proverb: " Words will not be full!!! " I hope, you understand its sense, my love!!!!!???
Write to me in the letter, that you think of it, please!!!!!
I with impatience shall wait for your letter, to wait and hope...
I miss you!!!
I kiss you!!!
I love you!!!!
Yours and only yours Lenara....
P.S, my love, know as though you has not apprehended this my letter, not looking that you will answer it, you will for ever stay in my heart!!!!
I wrote this letter not easily, it was very difficult for me to write it, but understand, that I the alive person and only emergency have forced me to write it...
You in my heart, in my ideas...
I love you!!!!
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