Letter(s) from Yana Tihomirova to Adilson (Portugal)

Letter 1

Hello my sweet friend!!!!!
My dear, your new message again pleases me!
To read your ideas it is very pleasant for me, because we absolutely understand each other and all that you peep finds reflection in my heart!
Thanks, my dear!
At us all the day good weather and I feel as if a holiday!
To me to become especially well, when I read the letter from you, because this the best that I can have this day!
How your day my sweet??
I had a free time and I hastened to check up mail from my best friend :)
I very much would like to learn more about a life in your country.
At us constantly speak about a global economic crisis. I heard that many people, which had stable and reliable work reduce or operating conditions change.
I heard that an economic situation in your country more stable and the global economic crisis should not bring a lot of harm.
At me on work while all is good, also the chief speaks that do not plan any changes, therefore I do not worry very much.
To me very interestingly, what traditions or rules at you family, between the man and the woman. I shall try to explain an essence of a question more clearly :)
In Russia it is usually accepted that the man is the head of the family, because he by nature more strongly and is the defender. If all women in my country to divide on two groups, that in the first - women do not earn money, because are engaged in house affairs, look after the house, care of children, cook tasty food for the man.
In the second greater group - the woman earn money as well as the man and look after the house, care of children and certainly cook tasty food for the man :). The First group existed during ancient times :)
Ancient man went to hunt on the mammoth, and when it was possible to him :) he brought extraction in a cave, where he was waited by the woman, which cared of a cave and supported fire :) It sounds funny, but very similar!
I have got used to earn money independently, therefore it not difficultly for me. My parents have learned me to all, and I can tell with pride, that I am able to do all :)
I have girlfriends, which have got acquainted with foreign men and have left abroad. Some years they live happily! I heard that many foreign men consider the Russian woman of very good for creation family. I think that it really so, because Russian women not only beautiful, but also true, reliable, careful, kind and skilful. In Russia even there is a saying about the woman. It sounds approximately so:
" The Russian woman will stop a hurried horse and into burning hut will enter ". It means the following: the Russian woman is able and can make all if it is required :) Certainly to any woman is necessary the man, that to feel favourite, necessary, desired and protected.
I wish to create family and I plan movement to live in your country.
Certainly, while early to speak about it, but at me there are no secrets from my sweet. We should do the big way to learn each other.
I would like to visit your country for the period of a month of rest from my work sometime.
Know, that I always wait your new message!
And already miss :)

Yours Russian friend Yana.

Letter 2

My dear!!!!!!!

Your lovely mail again pleases my eyes!

I feel, that our correspondence carries away me in dreams with new message more and more! It is similar to illness :), because I cannot without your new letters and I should see your new message, differently I feel badly. It seems to me that I am ill with you and only your letter my medicine :)

You always more interesting with each new message!
Always I receive from you a lot of the new information and a charge of positive energy!
You have written a lot of for me and have told all that me interested in last message. It is very useful for me, because except for you to me nobody will tell about it. I always wished to see your country and when you write for me, I represent as it can look in a life. Thanks my Sweet!!!
When I see your letter my mood grows up to a maximum! I read your message many times and on my face constantly smile, because it is really fascinating. Then I start to do the message for you my gentle men, but not always all turns out at once :) In me many ideas and I cannot decide, what to write in the beginning and that then. To me is sometimes necessary pause to weaken my brain :) then I make to myself tea and I eat something sweet :).
I never thought that correspondence can be very fascinating, but now I am can not without this!
How there is your day?
I hope that all well?
Yesterday I went to my friend Inga at date of a birth of her small son Anton. To Anton 5 years. We have spent very cheerfully time together, but I missed on you my dear. Almost all my girlfriends married also have small children. I like children, and we often play with them, or we go to children's cafe. My friends have started to notice changes in me :) They speak, that I became very cheerful and joyful. They all the evening long asked me, what has exchanged in my life and I have told him that have got acquainted with you through the Internet and we became the best friends.
I have shown them your pictures, and they have told that you very beautiful man.
My girlfriends are very glad for us and send you the best regards!
I plan to visit my parents in weekend, because we already for a long time did not see each other.
My parents know, that I have the correspondence with you too.
I hope that you do not become angry about me for that I have told to my relatives about you. Simply I do not like secrets and I think that our correspondence should not be a secret too. I am proud that I have such good friend as you my sweet!
Unfortunately I should run, but I shall wait very much your new letter and certainly new pictures!
Know that I always think of you!

Have a good day!

Yours Yana

Letter 3

My sweet!

How are you, my gentle friend?

My sweet, I very much missed you!
But your new message again expects me, therefore my eyes are again shone!
How there is your day? I well speak on english!
At me excellent mood and even cold weather behind a window cannot afflict me!
Your letters give me much warm and pleasures, therefore I am not afraid to freeze even if the temperature will fall up to - 30 degrees :)
To me it is very pleasant, that my letters and pictures like you also!
Should admit that I very much try to do it best :)
With each new message I love All of you more :)
I think that our messages and ideas are very similar. You became very close person for me and it seems to me that we know each other already very much for a long time, because to me very easily with you. Don`t you think so? :)
I notice changes in me! I wake up with excellent mood and I go for work absolutely vigorous and cheerful! The working day passes imperceptibly, because I think of you and my soul sing. It is improbable, but I feel is younger for 10 years !
Our correspondence proceeds, we learn each other more and we become is more close to each other.
You became for me the best friend and I cannot without your attention!
I would like to reduce distance, which divides us and to appear near to you. I understand that now it difficultly to make, in fact at me there are no wings :), but I sincerely trust that soon all to change.
I often think of you. I represent as you think of me :) my sweet, you really think of me or only it seems to me?
I already spoke you, that I wish to have holiday from work. I really work long without holiday and I very much would like to have rest.
I would like to have a vacation from work in the end of this month or in the beginning of the following. This time of rest, which I can take from work once. Certainly I dream to spend this time with you my friend!
Our correspondence this only thing that is at me now and I very much value it!
My good, you can ask me absolutely all, because I have no secrets for you!
I very much miss in loneliness and only ideas on you warm my heart!
I cannot recollect time, when to me was simultaneously so well and so sadly!
But I promise you to not miss strongly. I only ask you to not forget about me! Know that I always think of you!
I send you my gentle embraces!

Yours Yana

Letter 4

My sweet and gentle friend!!!!!!

Happy Valentine day!
How are you, my lovely?
Today the sun again shines and I am shone too, because very much waited the letter from you and now I read it!
To me to become especially well, when I read your messages!
I feel a lot of heat and pleasures in your letters and it makes me happy!
Our correspondence is similar to the especial world, which we create together and here only two characters. It I and you my hero!
This space where is not present troubles, bad weather and extraneous people.
We are divided with the big distance, but through our letters we reduce it and during this moment it seems to me that you sit opposite to me and conversation with me. I represent that the screen of a computer is transparent glass for which I see you, I see your face and your lovely smile :)
These positive ideas give me force and not miss long, while I write the message for you! Your gentle letters give me huge heat and this heat warms my heart.
I understand that now we have only desires of idea and dream. I think that this the most important in the beginning of our way, because only strong desires and dreams give us force to operate to transform the world around of us. All in a life begins with dream and desire! We dream of much and we want much, but there is a possible future about which we do not guess yet and only the end result will depend on us.
I recently have come back from street. I feel is very fresh also my cheeks have covered a colour :) In the street very beautifully and it seems that completely not coldly!
All trees in silver and the snow creaks under foots.
I wish to transfer you through the letter excellent mood! I want that your face was decorated with a playful smile, because so I love you most of all!
I plan to go for walk tonight with my girlfriends. At one of them today a holiday and we wish to make a surprise for her! My girlfriends always ask me to transfer you HELLO! And the best regards, because they consider you as the friend too!
They always are interested as there is our correspondence and as your health.
My sweet, I feel best with you, because you became the native person for me. Really it seems to me that I know you during all life, because I always understand you and you understand me and me very easily and comfortably with you.
It seems to me that we can communicate easily on any theme and you always greater support and care of me.
I very much miss on you and in me unique desire to see you more likely to be a number and to learn each other more.
Now we have only our letters, but it cannot make us more close. We should investigate each other personally, when we shall meet once. I would like that this day has come more likely!
I often represent day of our meeting and it looks as the happiest day in my life!
With each new message you become closer to me, and I feel that you give me a lot of attention, care and understanding.
I cannot understand as I lived all this time before acquaintance to you. I thought that my life there is all and I am happy with all but I mistaken.
I really was mistaken, because my life has changed, when in it there were you. My eyes are again shone also my heart again fights strongly! Your messages became a part of my life! You have opened for me absolutely new world, the world in which is happiness! It is valid so, my favourite!
Your words are necessary for me also as the moisture is necessary for growth for a flower. Your ideas light my heart just as oxygen promoting burning! It seems to me that we go to one dream!
Now I do not know that will be in the future, in fact it depends on us and only our desires and actions define it :)!
Know, that my heart fights only for you!
I wish to conclude you my embraces and never to let off!
Bye, bye!!!

Yours Yana

Letter 5

My gentle!

Your girl is happy again!
Having written the letter for you, I always think what impression it will make and what you will answer, but you always write for me all that I expect from you! This happiness for me to read your letters!
Your words are fire for me, which lights my heart! My heart really flares fire of tenderness and happiness! In my eyes light and my smile radiate brings pleasure all around. This all is given me by you my sweet!!!
When I have written last message for you in me there was no confidence of your answer and I very much excitement. My heart prompted me that you will approve and will support me, will understand and will divide pleasure together with me, but my brain constantly prepared for bad ideas for me. I always trusted a voice of my heart and tried to not listen to consciousness.
Your words and emotions have carried away all alarms, which were in me and now I feel is better :)
When I read your letter, my face the shines smile, because I understand that you the best the man for me. I never received so much support and care so much attention and love. This all gives me you, my gentle, and I am infinitely grateful to you!
I should tell that you have very big and hot heart, because your heat heats me strongly and I feel that you are really ready to make all that we were happy together. I appreciate it most of all!
I never received so much beautiful and gentle words. When I read your new message in imagination I represent as you speak it for me.
My favourite, I would like to listen your gentle voice always!
I read your letter many times and I enjoy each word, which you have written for me!
This improbable happiness my gentle!
I would like to tell much, but my ideas go a fast stream and I cannot stop them. I think of you, I think of you all time! You is constant in my ideas. I represent you in my life and I can not believe that it really, because you the best the man for me. I try to write for you all of my ideas such as I receive them from a head that you could feel that I feel now.
The life in Russia is expensive enough.
For example:
Rent of an average apartment in St. Peterburg - 800-1000 dollars. A payment for an electricity warmly and phone about 100 dollars.

The minimal wages in Russia about 100 dollars a month, but for a life it is necessary a minimum 500 with a condition that you have a apartment or the house.
Cost of the most simple house on surburb St. Peterburg about 100 000 dollars. Cost of an apartment a minimum of 80 000 dollars.

Cost of the car from 20 000 dollars.
It seems to me that really expensively even for Russia!
I represent as you open my message and look at my pictures.
I see a smile on your face and I feel delight and pleasure.
Only in my dreams I reduce distance between us and pleasure by your society.
In my dreams we already together! These ideas banish boredom and make me happy.
Today I write for you, because you have made it possible for me!
You have given me force and have opened to me eyes fortunately! You, have again forced to burn my heart and have given hope!
I have got used to your attention, kindness, tenderness, care and support. I wish to feel always it and the nobility that you are at me!
I never felt anything similar!
My darling, you have filled my world!
You are my world!
Know that I cannot without you.

Only yours Yana

Letter 6

My gentle and sweet!

How are you my lovely?
My darling, I very much waited your new message!
Today I am especially happy, because you have written for me the most beautiful words!
You have made me the happiest woman all over the world!
I am not engaged masturbate! I wish to arrive to you! I do not wish to replace real sex relations only with imagination!
You are ready to invite me? Then I shall arrive also we shall have sex all time!
I cannot hold inside my feelings and emotions, because you my darling and favourite!!!!!!!!! My heart is filled by happiness and I wish to tell all about for you my love!
I am madly happy, because you have answered my feelings and I know that you only my!
I trusted that you will understand and approve me, because anybody except for you is not worthy this!
When I read your gentle words in my opinion there are tears. These are tears of happiness and delight, because I am madly happy!
The happiness and love were only in my dreams, but you could transform my dreams into a reality!
You has changed my life and has woken the tender feelings in me!
When we have written the first messages each other I could not even think that happiness close, but all of you have changed also I wish to tell that my happiness this is you, my favourite.
With each new message I understood that you very interesting and surprising man. You have presented me a lot of attention, care, tenderness and love. You really sincere, gentle, beautiful, romantic, noble.
In you are concluded the best characters of the man and only in your hands I feel easy and is protected. I always trusted you and was not mistaken, because you could change my life. This all is similar to a beautiful dream! I would like to remain always in that surprising dream together with you, my darling!
You my gentle angel! When I have read through your message my heart strongly fought also a heat have grasped me. I never felt so well as my soul flies to the sky!
I cannot remain indifferent to your warm and gentle words!
I feel that these words start with your heart and I feel to you too.
I know, that you are a unique person for me which I waited all time!
Thanks that you have woken my dreams and have allowed to dream together with you.
I cannot hide more my feelings and I shall not make it, because they belong only to you!
I tried to be accurate in my letters to not frighten you, but now all of you know and I cannot have any secrets from you.
You the best the man for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everything, that is in my heart belongs to you!
I love you my sweet!
It not only emotions, because I feel all these tender feelings which is in me, and I shall keep it for you there will not come yet happy day of our meeting.
I cannot wait, when there will come this surprising day.
I all time think of our meeting, and very much wait, when our dreams to be executed.
I love you my gentle, and I dream to be near to you!
Now the most important to solve the problem with my rest, which we can have together!
To me should give approximately month of rest from work, and I wish to plan it together with you my sweet.
It is necessary for me to receive the consent of the chief before.
Tomorrow I shall try to learn and solve all.
It will be improbable travel for me, because I shall see you and we can enjoy the friend to friend!
Unfortunately I should finish this letter :(
Know that I live you and my heart fights only for you!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
I send you the most gentle embraces and sweet kisses!

Yours Yana

Letter 7

Hello my love!

My darling, today I have woken up as the happiest woman!
I have opened eyes and have smiled :)
The sun brightly shone to me in a window and all has been around covered by a white snow.
Behind a window the winter fairy tale has come and I felt best this day!
I always wished to wake up once happy! This day has come also my dream was executed! This all owing to you my gentle!
I always wanted that me understood, cared of me and certainly loved. In my life there were you and have given me all about what the woman can dream. I am infinitely grateful to you my darling! I Am usual in the morning thought of work, on forthcoming, affairs, meetings, tasks. I looked at happy pairs and secretly envied them :) Yes, so it was valid also to me completely not a shame. I dreamed, that I was met by my the man after work. I often represented, as when I return from work, you wait for me and give gentle embraces and after that we leave together. But I left on street and nobody waited and I did not meet :( me again moved to a stop and waited the bus :)
But now in my life there is you and I know that you always will be care of me, because you have the biggest and kind heart! The care and attention the most important for the woman and you have presented me it!
I am happy with you, my gentle!
You, the reason of my happiness and my love!
In loneliness it is impossible to be happy. For true happiness it is necessary to find second half. I have found you and this all that is necessary for happiness!
It is our history of happiness and I want, that we have written it together!
I all time think of day of our meeting! It will be the most surprising day for me, because I shall see you, my favourite!
I often draw in my imagination as it to happen. I represent the first
instants, when you embrace me and tell: " My darling Yana! " Your words constantly sound in my head, therefore my eyes are shone with happiness!
I represent as you will take away me from the airport and on road to your house will show your city, but I all the same can see and understand nothing, because I shall look at you and to enjoy your society.
You show me your house and we shall have infinite conversations, because we need to tell much each other. We shall recollect our correspondence as which we have made a first step each other and it will seem to us really small in comparison with our meeting.
In me it is a lot of ideas and I sincerely trust that you think of it now too. Thanks that you make our dreams by a reality!
Today I have appeared on work and all were surprised to my excellent mood. Time went imperceptibly and quickly, because in my ideas there were only you my love.
In the end of the working day, I to speak with my chief about holiday which is necessary for me.
To my surprise the chief has told that I can have rest in a week or at any time when I shall want. This news has especially pleased me, because all my plans are executed.
I return home full of emotions also have called all my girlfriends on a visit to share with them pleasure. We had excellent evening together and conversation about all women cares :)
My girlfriends are very glad for us and send you the Best regards!
My sweet, I miss you and I want that we were together more likely!
This all of what I needed! I constantly think of our meeting and these ideas do not give me rest.
I would like to learn you completely and to enjoy your society.
I know that should have patience and then all to be executed! Let all will be as should be!
The most important for me, that you will be a number with me and I near to you! This it is enough to be the happiest!
I would like to marry, but all over again I should arrive to you in the beginning of March for the period of my rest from work and see your city your house and certainly is better learn you!
I already spoke you that never was abroad, therefore it there will be the most improbable travel for me. It as is improbable as flight on the Moon :)
My friends have told that I should do documents necessary for a trip to you.
I to study all that shall be necessary for me and I shall inform all news of you.
My sweet, I would like advice at you about date of my visiting? As soon as I shall receive the information we all we shall discuss together.
Know, that I love you!!!!!
My heart fights only for you!
I wish to fall asleep in your embraces!

Kisses! Kisses! Kisses!

Yours babby Yana

Letter 8

My darling!

My lovely, yours girl madly missed you!
Everyone night I cannot fall asleep, because ideas on our happiness raise me and my temperature grows!
Today I have woken up absolutely happy and all the day long I have excellent mood! My sweet, very soon we shall together and this idea fills me with energy every day!
Your words have made me the happiest woman!
I am glad that we have decided to not postpone our meeting and to embody our dreams in a reality. I am infinitely grateful to you my sweet for understanding, support and care! You my angel, because you always allow me force to dream, to trust and love!
I had the big day, because have learned the information on my trip.
I have visited visa service and have learned all on registration my documents necessary for travel.
To me have offered the best conditions and now I know all about travel. It is necessary for me to do the passport for travel abroad and to submit the application on consideration of the travel visa. To me have informed that is required no more than one weeks to make all necessary documents.
I should pay for the passport for travel abroad about 40 dollar, processing of the application on consideration the visa of 80 dollar, and to pay the insurance about 240 dollar.
As a result on all documents it is required to me of no more than 360 dollar.
First of all I have ordered the passport for travel abroad and it will be ready next week.
I am afraid that all my savings will are spent for preparation for travel.
My sweet I am afraid that your help and support are necessary for me, because it very much big efforts for me.
I did not expect so many charges and it is very inconvenient to me to speak you about it.
But I hope that my sweet again will understand me and care of me.
Our meeting this all of what I can dream now and I hope that our plans will be executed.
We long time had only hopes and dreams and now it is very important to carry out all our desires!
I know that you most of all care of me and I trust in you my sweet!
I completely rely on you and I give all of you that is at me!
I love you also want you that we were together!
This all of what I dream now!
I send you all my tenderness, caress and love!
Very much I miss and I wait your answer!
I conclude you in my embraces and I give the most passionate kisses!

From Russia with love, yours Yana!

Letter 9

Hello my angel!
My love, I madly missed on you!
You can send me your phone number?
I could call to you!
My angel, I cannot send you photo.
I the serious woman also cannot show you my body while we not together.
If I shall make it then it will be a shame for me.
I sent you many my photos and you can well see me.
I hope that you can understand it?
I all time think of you and I wish to arrive more likely to you!
My angel, I have concluded the contract with travel agency and have submitted the application on consideration of my documents. Now I should pay all expenses for a trip to your country.
My angel, your help and support is necessary for me.
I should pay all documents next week.
If we shall make all in time, then I can arrive to you in the first days of March.
Unfortunately I have no bank account.
To me have informed that the most convenient and safe way to send a remittance is the company Western Union.
It is very known company, which sends money worldwide.
My personal information only is necessary for you.
my full name: Yana Tihomirova
address: Russia. St. Peterburg
prospekt Svetlanovskii
the house 53 apartment 24
It is the information, which it is necessary to send a remittance without any problems.
My love, I hope for your help and support!
I all time think of you my love!
I madly wish to be near to you!
I love you, my angel!
I adore you and I wish to be near to you!

Yours baby Yana