Letter(s) from Elizaveta Kruglova to Andrew (USA)

Letter 1

Bon matin mon cher Drew,

As for me, my day started from the cell call, it was my group mate, she passed me the request of the Dean to come. They know about the fact that I was invited to participate in Winter School of Economics at the High School of Economics and my Dean told me today that they are very happy for me and they are interested in my trip to the Winter School . I told her I can’t go but she started to tell me how important it is and that I should go, she even offered me the material help as a compensation on the trip. I asked when it will be but she answered I will get it in the end of the month only after the trip and they can’t give it to me earlier. So they want me to go very much, even called me to come today. Only two people from my university were invited to the Winter school – me and my teacher, so my university is interested for me to go. They even let me not to visit the university since 16 until 28 of February. And my teacher, she called me also to go by train together for safety. But I don’t have opportunity to go till now. So, Andy, I need your help. I don’t want disturb you and bother you anyway but I really need your help now.

Va Liza.