Letter(s) from Venera Razumova to Rudy (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my darling! How you? I hope, that at you all is excellent. With me all is good.
In this letter I will send you the picture, I hope, that which I sent those pictures to you earlier to you liked.
Today I have finished work before and now I will make a dinner. dear I wish to ask you a question, what dish to you it is pleasant? What do you love? A dessert, meat, fish? Inform me it Rudy. I very well prepare.
I very much like to cook food.
If I do not work as the manager possibly I will the cook (smi-ile!).
Cookery - the health basis, cherishing a family life. I know many recipes
Dishes. I love the tasty and healthy foodstuffs. Yes, the meal should be useful for
Health, it is the most important. Rudy, I very much love a potato and various,
Various dishes from this vegetable. When I come home, at first I continue
Kitchen and I start to prepare for me directly something tasty. Mhh... I very much
Love during those moments when my friends come to me. Always I trying to be prepared to
Their any various delicacy of fishes, various kind of meat. I always try mine
Friends have estimated my abilities in cookery, and almost always it happens. Also I
Very much like to bake pies. Rudy, you know, what it "the Russian pies"? It
The groceries of the filling which have been wrapped up in the test, and baked in an oven. Most
The important do not use a microwave. Otherwise taste it becomes absolute another,
Besides it has awfully baked completely. If all does correctly, it is divine
Be on taste!!! Once you should eat this thing... All my friends during long time
Have estimated it. My grandmother has learnt me to it. In due time you
can in it will be convinced. I easily do various salads. Very much it is pleasant to me fruit: the Melon, a peach, apples, pears, pineapple.
Today I will prepare a hen. I think, that you love is tasty to eat. In due time I will cook to your tasty food. I will try to achieve your heart by means of my culinary charms, it is a joke-). Now I need to go to cook food.
I wait for your messages
My kisses, yours Venera