Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Lenchik to Ole (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hi.Thank you somuch for your letter.I was very glad.How are you?
In my last letter I wrote you that I have't computer at home and can't write you every days.Especially now when in Ukraine is econimical crisis.I mean that I losr my work few days ago and now I don't how to send you e-mail in a future.I hope that all will be fine. I want to write you more about my family and my life: I live with my family ( father my sister Irina and I)My mother dead few mounths ago,I am still can't believe.
I love my family very much and I think that it's important for every person. What you think about it? Also I have a little dog-Chuck. It's very funny dog and I love his very much. I live in Sumy , it's not very big town near Kiev ( 365km)
Sumy is very beautiful and green town, especially in spring and summer. I hope that in the future you can see it.
Do you want to visit my country?
I like to travel very much and I want to visit many foreign countries, but I can't. It's very expensive for my family.
I never been in foreign countries, but I dream about it.
Please,write me soon.
Letter 2
Thank you so much for your letter and picture.I really was very happy.
How are you today?How is your family?
I had work in the market.It's was not very good work,salary was very small and I working 6 days in a week.
I have pedagogical educations(I have a diploma of teacher of history and law) and it's not easy to fing good job here.
When my mother is dead,my life is exsgange. My sister have a family.She is not marry,but have a small son.Ofcourse father of her son help him. My father not working,he is invalid last 25 year.He get money from goverment, but really very small. I had correspondens with man from Sweden,but I don't know why he stop to write me.
I thought that he is serious,he promissed visit me,but.......
I really don't know what happened.It's was more that one year ago, I would like to meet you,.but I think it's impossible for me go to your country.
I need to have foreign passport and Visa,but I think you understand that I can't get it now.This is very exspencive for me.
I think will be more easy for you to come me.What you think about? I want to ask you very important question for me:
I want to find a serious man that to have a happy family.
Your age is not important for me. Because I think that man in your age is more serious then young boys.
If you can, please, send me more photos.
Do you have correspondence with other girls? It's very important for me!
I feel that you are very kind and careful man
Unfortunately I can't to write you very often, because I use e-mail of my girlfriend and she don't allow me to use it very often.
You can ask me any questions.
I need fhinish for today.
PLease,write me as soon as possible.
Letter 3
Good evening.
Thank you so much for your letter.I hope you have a nice day.
How are you today?How is your life?
I think you have good salary.This is enough for life at your country? No,I It's was not supermarket,it's was work in a street.I really don't know how exsplain you,because I ma sure that you have't same at your country.
I think you will see,when come here.
My salary was very small,.I get %%%% from food that I sale.
It's was near $100 every mounth,It's very small money.Now for normal life in my country need near $1000-$1200 every mounth. Yes,I have more family.My grandmother(mother of my father) he life in Russia, other grandmother(mother of my mother)stay in UKraine,nut in other town,
Also, I have 2 uncles and much cousens.They don't life in our town. I have't picture of son of my sister togather,but I will try to make when it's will be possible. I will be so happy if you can visit to my town.We have't good hotel, but I can find good flat-hotel for you.What you think about?
It's will cost near $50 for every 24 hours,.
Also,we have't train from my town to Kiev every day.
But I can meet you,if you want by TAXI.I don't know about prace for TAXI now, but if you want I can ask about,
Yes,ofcourse you can visit for few days only.It's will be very good I saw that you really very serious man and it's is not suprise for me.
From your first letter, I understand it.
I'm value a honesty, mutual assistance, confidence and harmony. I hope to find in your person reliable and good send for myself.
I'm very easy-going, cheerful and kind.
I want love you and will be honey from your side.
It's very very important for me and my future life.
I know that love without trust and honestly-it's impossible.
In first man and woman must to trust each other and be honestly with each other.
And it's will be strong beginning for good relations.
I feel that you are very kind and careful man I want to find a man who will care about me and our future children. It's very important for me. And I hope that it will be you.
I think , you man high morals and very cultured.
We cannot have a relationship without trust and honestly.
Thank you that you understand me!!!I really want to have serious relationship We have few cafe-Internet here,but it's more exspencive for me.
I think that very soon I will use computer in Cafe-Internet,(I print very slonly, but in cafe-Internet I need pay for time)
Say hello your family from me and my family.
Write me as soon as possible.
with love.
Your Tatyana
Letter 4

Hi Dear!Thank you for your letter.How are you today>Are you ready for trip to UKraine?I can't believe,but I will see you very soon.
Yes,my father get money from goverment but not in a bank, from post system.
Eevrey mounth in same day(for exsplaan 3 of February)he must be at home and wait him money.
IN the morning I have been in a bank and open account number.
It's not very diffcicult,but I will receive credit card only in 2 weeks.Woman said that I can receive money without card,in a bank.I think that I receive money only one in this account number
This is all information about my number. Beneficiary: Account number: 027-2625 93182 Name: Tetyana Lenchyk Adress: Sumy,Dzerzhinskogo 3\ 29 str. Bank of Beneficiary: JS POSTAL PENSIONARY BANK AVAL
KIEV UKRAINE. SWIFT: AVAL UA UKRSUM Acc.04-400-503 in Bankers Trust Company, New York,U.S.A.
SWIFT: BKTR US 33 Tetyana is my Ukrainian name. I never use this name, but this name is in my passport.
I want to meet with you as soon, as possible . This is my home address: Tatyana Lenchik
Dzerzhinskogo per. 3/29
Sumy, Ukraine 40022 Erick,not worry about flat andf cart,I found every thing that we need for our meet.I reservations flat and CAR in a paper, nut when they get him money,I get key from flat and check from TAXI service.YOu really can not worry about.Also car in airport cost in twice exspencive.I think $200 it's exspencive,but $350-$400 this very exspencive.
I told you that we have't good hotel,we have one,not good but it's war a way from my home.
All people who visit in my country stay in flat-hotel.This really more comfortable.More better that hotel.
PLease,not worry about ecerything!!!!
I wait you as soon as possible!!!!!!!
Say hello to your family.
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