Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Kameneva to Roy (Germany)

Letter 1
My dear!!!!!
I am also searching for a man with dreams of finding true love and to create this happiness with him one and only beloved man. From your first letter I feel that you are open to the possibilities that love can give to us. Do you agree that sometimes when we open our heart to falling in love we have fear to make a mistake and maybe even we have been in previ ous relationships where we have been hurt or deceived but from my side I wa nt you to know that I am very sincere in my intentions to you and I will always be honest and truthful and answer any questions you will have for me. It is very impo rtant to have honesty and trust to each other from the start if we want to find true love. Do you agree? Of course I realize it is natural to feel ap prehensive when first meeting someone because we have all of these hopes an d dreams and expectations for the kind of person we dream to fall in love w ith and so we sometimes wonder about the future but I also believe that we can build a future if we feel it in our hearts and we want it. Especially a relationship based on love; love is an unexplainable feeli ng and that finding true love means finding someone who becomes our comfort in life and this person also becomes our strength and our joy and our happiness and then all of the sudden we realize that our hopes and dreams for finding true love have been given to us from our beloved one and only. Can you tell me more about your thoughts on falling in love and marriage? For me falling in love and having a marriage that will last a lifetime means that I will fall in love with a man who will always appreciate the commitment we will make to each other and the vows of marriage will be the foundation for our love, trust, fidelity and faith in each other. For me a happy marriage means to everyday wake up next to my beloved husband and to be thankful that he has given his heart to me and th at I know everything we do in our life will be for each other and for our family. Even having children, reaching our career goals or personal goals w ill be for our mutual happiness. I dream of when two people unite their hearts and fall in love then their lives with one another become a common life. I hope my let ter is making sense to you in this way because I feel these same hopes and dreams when I think of falling in love and finding a happy marriage.
Sincerely, Nastya!
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