Letter(s) from Irina Polushina to Troy (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my most favourite, my future groom Troy! For me was happiness to read those remarkable letters that you wrote to me!!! My honey I have not answered at once, I went to mum to tell to her "Good-bye", but she has told that will arrive to city to carry out me on the bus to Moscow! My honey I shall go to Moscow on Wednesday along toward evening on my time, and I shall be in Moscow on Thursday in the morning to go in embassy to fill in a pair of papers and to receive the visa! My honey I have really changed your life! You have changed my life!!! I frequently had ideas to create family with someone who does not approach me or at all to remain one, but it was before girlfriends have advised me the Internet! You here have appeared and me as if have found happiness! It is the truth my honey I cannot result examples at all when still I was so happy! My honey of me very much torments this expectation. I already began to collect some things today, but I have stopped in fact till Wednesday still many times I shall dress something another! I today completely since early morning have cleaned in an apartment, have contacted the owner of an apartment to tell that on Wednesday I move down from an apartment removed by me!
My honey such happiness, such pleasure now in my heart!!!! My lovely I the truth now do not know what to tell! I am afraid that when we shall meet at the airport I shall not find words to tell to you something,
but I shall take myself in hands I shall tell: " Hi my loved Troy! " And then we shall be forgotten in a long sweet kiss!!! My honey I shall wait for your letter with the biggest desire to kiss you! All love forever, your Irina

Letter 2

Hi my the most favourite Troy! For me was happiness to read your remarkable letter! To see photos!!! It looks very funny in a photo!
Your friends have problems with excess weight and you in the form,
harmonous beautiful me loved!!!! My honey I cannot will get rid of ideas on you, I do not want to get rid of these ideas! It me, the future meeting, the future joint life so bewitches!!! It is so much times I spoke about that as strongly I love you and I want to tell once again: " I love you all heart!!! " I shall always repeat this phrase: I LOVE YOU ALL HEART!!! I look at the solar sky and I think of you, I look at dry asphalt and I think of you! My heart is beaten so strongly, my blood is very hot!!! Earlier I had ideas: " to dress today?! ", but now my ideas: " my lovely Troy has written to me probably the letter, I so want to tell as strongly I love him, but I do not have not enough words! I think: " His lips are so sweet, his hands are so gentle for me! " I think: " I Troy already waits for my words and it is necessary to hasten more likely to him! " . And I hasten to you my honey, I cannot wait, but it is necessary! But expectation will soon be terminated also we shall be together!!! My honey I shall leave for Wednesday in the afternoon I shall necessarily write to you! In Moscow I shall be on Thursday in the morning and at once I shall write to you therefrom!!! I LOVE YOU ALL HEART MY HONEY!!!! I shall wait for your letter with huge impatience!! All love forever, your Irina

Letter 3

Hi my favourite my most dear Troy! I have arrived to Moscow, at once have found Internet - cafe nearby to embassy! My honey it there was little bit difficult trip for me by the bus, it should be better when I shall be in the plane! But all difficulty vanishes when I start to think of you my lovely! Love that between us helps to overcome all difficulties - our love most strongly on light! My honey I tried to call to you on road to Moscow at us there were some stops on a route!
I did not manage to be called to you so I very much want to hear your voice now. My mobile phone +7 927 680 1423 for me will be happiness if you can call to me!!! My honey my phone can be switched off sometimes,
it is not charged now so if you will not be possible manage I I shall try once again itself!!! My honey I shall go now in embassy to take away all documents, I shall search then any for hotel where I could carry out three nights up to a start!!! I shall write my honey to you later!!! I LOVE YOU ALL HEART!!!! All love only for you my honey, your Irina

Letter 4

Hi my the most favourite Troy!!! Such happiness to hear this remarkable song!!! Your remarkable words in the letter force to feel me " In 7 sky "! This most remarkable, ennobling feeling love!!! My lovely I tried to call to you but why that has not left! My honey I have taken away all documents, they now in a left-luggage office, but there was a problem. In embassy to me have told that I should have at myself cash!!! It is such horror!!! To me have told that to pass customs house and to take off I should have at itself 1000 $ on every month! The visa is made for 3 months to prolong it already in the USA,
and it means I should have at itself of money 3000 $! I do not know what to do!!! In embassy to me have told that this money should be with me, they are not spent for something - this money are necessary that the government the USA was confidently that I fly in the USA not to earn, be on the tramp, be the beggar!!! It so ridiculously and distressingly simultaneously!!! I do not know what to do!!!! You can send my honey to me 3000 $ that I could overcome customs house and fly to you? This money remain with me and are not spent for something, but it is so distressing nevertheless!!! When I shall arrive to you I can give this money to you so this money remain in our future family budget!!! My honey it is awful that there are such rules, such laws which prevent us to connect our hearts on simple without superfluous efforts and problems!!! I LOVE YOU ALL HEART!!! I so dream that in revival to be in your embraces!!! It is the greatest feeling on light will feel as our hearts are beaten in a breast, in embraces!!! My honey I shall call to you today again!!! I shall wait for your letter with huge impatience!!! All love for you my prince, your princess!!!