Letter(s) from Anastasia Dunaeva to Nathanael (Australia)

Letter 1

I am very glad to receive from you the answer. And first that I wantto tell it a thank. It is very pleasant to me to see your letterbecause it means that in this huge world someone thinks of me. I askforgive me if my letter will seem to you strange or inconsistent.Simply for me it difficultly what to begin acquaintance itself. I themodest and shy girl and consequently I worry slightly. But I hope thatif will pass any time and we can get acquainted closer, and we canfind out each other better. I begin to write to you and probably inthis letter it is necessary to tell something about me. Yes certainlyI should send of the photos. At first I shall tell when I was bornalso age. I was to be born on December 1st, 1982. It means that soonto me to be executed 26 years, probably it already large age. Infamily I was the unique child and I do not have brothers of thesisters. And now I live together with the parents in a smallapartment. I think that at this time it is time to reflect on thefuture life. I very much would like to have own family and I very muchwant to bring up own children. I very much love children and I verymuch would like to bring up children, I do not know how many I wantchildren Because it should depend not only on me, but also from minemale because he is the chapter of family and he too owes To thinkconcerning children. I have grown and was born in city of Kirov. Itthe large city in Western Siberia suffices. My father works inmilitia. At you it refers to as police. My mum works as a saleswomanin shop which to be not far from houses. She sells bread. Probably Ishall tell to you about my parents more, but in the other letter. NowI would like more to tell about myself that you it would be possibleto represent me. I already spoke that I was born 1982. And as well asmajority of children I went in a children's garden till 7 years. I nowunderstand that my parents could not constantly sit with me and theyhad me to give back in a children's garden. But I remember that when Iwas small to me the children's garden did not like, because I verymuch wanted to be with the parents. After that I have gone to school.I do not know why, but I could study well without effort in that timewhen other children had problems with study. I have finished schoolwith the Red diploma in 1997. On it my formation was not finished alsoI has gone to study in Institute, I have arrived there withoutproblems because I had red diploma after leaving school. It spokeabout that that I very well studied, it has helped me to studyfree-of-charge in Institute. I have finished Pedagogical institute in2002 and after that I did not study more. At me always it turned outnot only to study, but also it is good to explain and I could itselfteach children. After I have finished institute, I began to work atschool. And from that time I work as the teacher of small children. Iteach just children, who have come from a children's garden. I teachby him all sciences. I teach them to read and to write. I very muchlove children and me very much to like that that I make. The work withchildren requires attention and I think that with children to worklittle bit more difficultly than with the adults. As I already havetold my work very much me to like, it is perfect to help children. Inmy age to become clearly that children this our future and I try tolearn to their volume that I be able itself and even hardly more. Thelove to children has come to me with my age and now I want to getchildren. I dream to have perfect family in which family center alwayswarm. Probably you will ask me why I have written to you? But I do notknow, And why you search someone? I am like you I want to find thehappiness. I already spoke that I the shy girl and consequently I donot know as me to explain to you that what I speak with you, And whywould be not present? It is difficult to me to get acquainted with thepeople in the street and I could not find to myself male here on mynative land for the sake of which I is ready on all. My girlfriend atwork has advised me to try to get acquainted in the Internet. I shouldwrite the letters from the Internet of cafe because I do not havecomputer of a house. It dearly enough what to put the computer home.In our country not so many people have computers of a house. ThereforeI hope that it normally that that I write from the Internet of cafe.Standard of living in Russia not such high as in other countriesprobably is simple. Only I ask you understand me correctly I would notwant that you thought that I complain. I would earn enough money whatto live here. I think that on it my letter has approached to the endand I hope that this very large letter what will distract you. Now youcan read it and if you agree with that that I have written, we cancontinue to get acquainted further. Whether I hope I can set to you aquestion " you agree to have the serious relations with the Russiangirl? Whether " you Agree to continue the relation with her. I in anycase wish to you only goods and I hope to see your letter next time.Sincerely yours new friend Anastasiya.

Letter 2

Hi my friend Nathanael!
I am very glad that I can to read your letter. For me was by apleasant surprise to see your letter. Therefore I want to tell you athank. You have a lot of work? I can to you than help? When I searchedfor someone on the Internet, I have sent the message to four men, buthas received back only from you and I am very glad to this. I am gladbecause your structure has liked me most of all, I waited back onlyfrom you and consequently you probably can not even present as I isglad. The Internet of cafe to be not close to my house. But thisdistance not a problem for me because I am ready to pass manydifficulties to speak with you again. I would like to spend in cafemore time speaking with you, but it happens difficultly for me becauseof my work. I very much want to learn more from you and me also itwould be desirable to tell as much more about itself. I hope that mylast letter was not too large. And you were frightened by it. I amsimple not worried also much to me it would be desirable to speak verymuch. Allow me to tell about the family. My father was born in SamaraAnd now to him 61 years. My father the militarian, but now he onpension. he strongly got tired of the work and I saw it. And when Iwas small we went to have a rest on a nature, and it very much waspleasant to me. My mum was born in Vladivostok in 1949 and her now 58years. My parents have met in Vladivostok, it happened after my daddyhave sent there to work. The militarians frequently send in othercities, and then they have returned to Samara already together. Herethey also have remained to live. After wedding I have appeared. I grewwithout the sisters and without the brothers. I do not know why I wasone in family, but probably to my parents it was not simple, becauseof work of the father. I hope that my parents have liked you and Inecessarily shall send you their picture. Certainly I very much lovemine the parents. And I think that me very much was lucky with theparents, but I became adult and I need to think of the family. How toyou mine the English language? I hope that that what I speak you canunderstand and read without problems? The study of my language beganat school. I very much liked this language and I always wanted tolearn to speak on English easily and freely. After school I havecontinued to study the English language on special rates. I read manytextbooks and was engaged with the teachers. I spoke that I liked tostudy and I studied this subject with pleasure. I probably makemistakes? But I hope that them not much. Simply practice is necessaryfor me and I think that I can speak normally. I shall be honour and Ishall tell that I sometimes use by the interpreter, I hope what you itnot strongly disturbs? Me was lucky because when I studied educationwas free-of-charge and I could much study. Now all very dearly and nowI can not be engaged with the teachers. But I think that to me enoughthat knowledge that I have received. My growth 5 ' 6, my growth 130ids, I watch the figure and I shall do it always, because I lovealways to be in the form. I very much love to look films about happylove and I dream of that that it at me sometime will be. This my dreamfrom childhood as well as at many girls. In the past I have met whichman strongly has grown fond. But I was silly. he has deceived me andme was very sick. But not looking on it I continue to trust in love.It is one more reason on which I write you. I want will meet the manwhich is worthy by my clean and sincere love. Which will never deceiveme. I always trusted in such light feelings as love, friendship,fidelity, fidelity, kindness. I could not meet such man in Russia. Iam to be trusted that you which that man I searched! I hope what notstrongly has tired you with the story about itself. I shall be glad toanswer your any questions but I not always I can understand aquestion. Therefore I ask to not be run if I can not answer yourquestion. I am very glad that we can to continue our acquaintancefurther. I ask write to me more about itself. I shall be very gladmore to learn you. For me it is very important. In hope that ourrelations can go above.To my friend Nathanael Schyf!With impatience Anastasiya!

Letter 3

Hello my dear friend Nathanael!
When I wrote to you the last letter. I had cheerful mood. Therefore Iwanted to joke to transfer you my mood. I want to tell you, that inRussia to live hardly, but is cheerful. The laughter prolongs life, Ispeak it to you as the the teacher. The person sometimes should laugh.Therefore do not think that I not serious girl. Now, as speak inRussia, joke in a side. I want tell you I like to do when I have afree time. I like to read novels about love and to look soap operas. Ispoke you that I like to look films about love. I like the Russianfilms about love and American films. I shall name to you names offilms that you could understand: " 72 meters " (Russia); "Titanik"(USA). If you did not look these films I give you advice to look them,they will like you. In these films is shown a true love and tragedy.All people dream of such love. What kind of music I like? I do nothave any favourite group. I love quiet slow music For example fromforeign music I like a song "Beatles" - ("Yesterday" I hope that youunderstand what music to me it is pleasant is slow dancinq music.As_Pushkin A.S. wrote. (I hope that you heard about this well-known inall world writer) frosty, winter evenings I like to knit a sweater, ajacket and socks all of them from a wool. Because in the winter inRussia it is cold. I have not told you that we have a garden behindcity. Therefore in the summer each week we go in a garden. We raise ina garden: apples, a currant, a potato, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes. Ido not drink vodka but in a holiday I can allow to drink to myself alittle of champagne. What I like to eat. I love salads, especiallysalad from tomatoes with cucumbers filled with sour cream. Butsometimes I like to have a meal pel'menis. You know that suchpel'menis? These are such balls of meat wrapped up in a dough. Thenthey cook in water. They move to a table with a broth in which theycooked or is simple with mayonnaise. I hope that you sometime will trythis dish. I feel, that we with each letter become closer to eachother. Therefore I shall tell about myself more. I spoke you that Ican not gets acquainted at once. Therefore I had no long time of theguy. When I studied at university I have got acquainted with the guy.In that day I went on a trolley bus to defend the diploma, and toreceive higher education. In a trolley bus with me seat the modestguy. He has seen my degree work, in a result we have got acquainted.But me has very much surprised that when examination was finished, hehas come to university with the big bouquet of roses to congratulateme. I have told that I can not accept from him such expensive gift.But, he has told me that he the businessman and money for him is not aproblem. And me was necessary to admit to him that I have a allerqy onflowers. But he has quickly found variant. We have found my teacher atuniversity and have presented this bouquet to her. After was love, hepromised to present me all world, spoke that we are created the friendfor the friend. But only after one year I have found out that he hasother side of a medal - the dark. He was not the businessman, on thecontrary he took away money from businessmen. He was consist in agangster grouping which with the help of blackmail and threats tookaway money. Then I have told him or he throws this dark business or Ishall left him. And he has made the choice. We have left. I havebecomr alone and have already lost hope to find decent the male. It'svery good that I wrote you. I am very glad. May be it's destiny hasreduced us purposely. And we we are created the friend for the friend.Though, if I shall be fair if I had an opportunity to leave to live inother country I would go with pleasure. But what I shall do in othercountry? I don't know, what I could to do in other country. I havework, I have parents whom I love. One, that I haven't here - it is themale with which I can to create own family. Probably, I treat malefrom my country intently after my last acquaintance with the male. Idon't know. But I have difficulties with acquaintance with male. Andnow I very gladm that we have started to correspond with each other. Ihope that we shall not stop on it. Now when I have written to you thisletter I am afraid that you can me not to answer. Please don't ceaseto write me letters. With your letters I forget my past, and I startto think of the future more. I am sure, that we are waited the finefuture, Probably I speak about it early. You see we know about eachother a little. And the further acquaintance is necessary for us. Butwe have taken the first step. And we should make many steps before wecan tell each other: " I love you ". And I very much hope, that youreally will agree with me. And we shall correspond further. I shallwait letter from you.Your Friend Anastasiya.

Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Nathanael!
l very thanks ti you for the letter back. Excuse me for the my last letterit was a little bit sad. But all it was in the past.in this letter I shall not write you sad histories of my lifewith each letter, I understand that we become more adhered to each other.Therefore I shall give you my home address: country: Russiazip code: 424037street: Podolsk cadetshouse: 4department: 97Dunaeva Anastasiya Also could not write lits to a mine the phone number. I would try toyou to call. II think, that you can send me the letter in a regularmail. lf you also will give me your home address, I also can send youthe letter. BUT I think, it is not so convenient for us. Each letterwill go very long time. We have a problem in the regular mail notalways the letter achieves the addressee. Probably our mail works verybadly. I also would like to speak with you, but at present I havefound out that it is impossible. l very much would like to hear yourvoice. And I think that you also would like to hear my voice. But Iregret it is impossible. I cann't give you house phone number becauseI have no phone of my house. i want to speak with you, it would beamusing to hear your voice. But my familiar too have no phone. There Iwork there is a phone, but he is used for emergency calls. Thereforeon this phone it is impossible to call. but i shall give you number ofthis phone but I do not know as you can call l shall have problems,after as I used our work phone in the personal purposes lt is numberof ph. (39022) 93539 work I can't Afford the phone which is connectedto the international lines. It is very expensive. Our city haven'tsuch phones also. They are only at rich people. I have found out thatsuch phones are in moscow and it saint petersburg. They are at theinternational airports. And telephone conversation is costs veryexpensive. Therefore i can't call to you. it is a pity to me. But i amhappy that we have an opportunity to contact you with the help of theinternet. I think that internet - great achievement of a science. Itallows to speak with people, taking place on the big distances. And Iam very pleased that we could meet each other help of the internet.Oh, i nearly have not overlooked, I have informed my parents aboutyou. That we have acquaintance. I have told my parents a little aboutyou, in the beginning, they have considered cautiously to ours toattitudes on internet. But subsequently, mum sends the regards to you.She hopes that in future we can shall be magnificent pair. If it istrue, I too think so, but we know each other absolutely short periodof time. And i think, that early so speak about it. I simply haven'tanybody except for you, whom i can inform this words only you. And ireally hope for continuation of our attitudes, i think that you notagainst.Kiss.Anastasiya.

Letter 5

Hello my best friend Nathanael!
I am glad to see your letter. I am understand that between us fineattitudes are fastened. And I become sure, that sometime there willcome day when we can tell each other: " I love you ". Or may beprobably I am mistaken. Today before writing to you the letter, Ispoke with the manager of internet cafe. He has told that Internethave a lot of deceit therefore I should be cautious. But when I readyour letters, I understand that I should not be afraid of a deceit. Healso spoke that many girls play in false love to entice money or withthe help of this false love to left in USA. My god why in this worldthere is not enough validity? But you can trust me. I do not deceiveyou. Though probably you will not trust me. But I haven't idea todeceive you. I already spoke you that I use the Internet only with onepurpose. I want to find my half because I can not find worthy malehere. I know what such a deceit and his consequences. In one time onemale has deceived me and I had feeling that my private world isdevastated. And I in this occasion have huge grief. Well, I shallforget this bad theme for conversation today. I shall write a littleabout my daily routine. Per working days I rise early from bed. I riseat 6.00 mornings. It would be wonderful, if I could wake up near toyou and speak you " good morning ". But it_ only dreams. Then I go ina bath where I wash and I clean a teeth. Then I do small gymnasticsthat my muscles came in the older. Further I prepare for breakfast. Inthe morning I do not like to fill in my stomach. I eat a little. Imake sandwiches with sausage, cheese and cooked eggs And then I drinktea with a lemon. It is my breakfast. AT 7.15 I go for work. I go forwork on bus, as I have not the own car. For 45 minutes I need go to mywork. Near to with my house a stop. I go to bus stops and sit down ona bus number 16. Then I change to the bus number 23 which carries medirectly to work. My work begins approximately at 8:00. I and mycolleagues we go everyone in the study, where we are waited bychildren. And I begin a lesson from, whether that I check all childrenon a place. I teach children who just has come in school and me tohave to teach them to all sciences at once. I teach children to write,to read and to consider. Certainly there are still subjects which Iteach. But that that I have told is main. Yes now summer and works itis less, but me to have to be engaged with those by children, whobadly studied in the winter. But there are such who does not want tostudy and me to have to translate them in classes where subjectsconduct the men. I the woman and me am difficult to swear, I do notlove to shout and to argue. And consequently I happen sometimesdifficultly to raise a vote even on the child. But certainly if thechild it deserves I accept serious measures. I consider that in suchage the main this education and it is necessary to bring up the boywith character the man, and the girl would need to be brought up so inthe future she could make the house cosy, and heart the man hot. Ithink that in education of the boy more father should be engaged,because he is the chapter of family and the son him should grow by thedefence counsel. I have a break from 12:00 till 13:30. I usually fillhim to write to you the letter. I also write you this letter in alunch break. My work conies to an end in 17.00 evenings. If I can notwrite to you during dinner then I write you in the evening after work.And I go home. At home, I am usually occupied with domestic affairs.It is washing of clothes, cleaning of rooms from a dust. And another.At leisure, I watch TV more. In days off, I also am in the basichouse. I do not like with recent time to go on various dances or abar. But I think that to you it not interestingly. I hope that I havenot bothered you with the letter.With love Anastasiya.