Scam Letter(s) from Galina Veselova to Dameon (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my love I am very glad that you have written me such good news!
I too very strongly love you.
I very much was delighted that we soon shall in a place and I wait that moment when your hands will adjoin to my hands.
In the letter you asked my index, but I shall send you all my address to not be mistaken I very much I wish to listen to your music.
city Kirov
street Zarubina 44-1
Index 424003
Name: Galina
Last name: Veselova.

I wait with not patience from you for the letter, Galina

Letter 2

Hello my Love.
How at you an affair today? At me all is good.
I am very glad, that you want to meet me. I too very much want it.
You in my head it is constant.
I always think of you. My love.
I so dream that you have told me! Our first night together. About!
It will be magnificent!
You too have very strongly excited me and when I think about our the first
Night together I all cai?a? as a match from impatience!!!
Today went in oa?enoe?aneia agency and found out about registration
Visas. It will cost 450 $. Now I might bring in this money and
My visa would begin to be made out.
And for the ticket it will be possible to bring in money later. I so am glad to this.
You now might help me with registration of the visa?
The visa will be made out aoa?aiea 2-3 weeks and the visa will be valid during 3 months!!
For this time we with you might save money to tickets.
It so is magnificent!!! You are glad to this?
I so love you and want to be together with you as soon as possible.
You have now 450 $ that my visa began to be made out?
If yes, it will be magnificent!
It will be very big step to approach of our meeting.
I shall send you my home address if you want to send me something,
But I want urgently to ask you to not send me money in the letter, because an envelope
May open and I shall not receive it. Such already was with my aunt.
I think, that the best variant of a parcel of money will be the Western Union.
I saw advertising on TV and I think, that it will be the most correct, convenient and fast way.
I with impatience shall wait for the letter from you my love.

With love your forever Galina.



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