Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Fattahouwa to Alex (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my road Alex,
I am glad to receive today your letter. I am happy, that you liked a photo which has sent you in the last letter. I shall put one more photo to the today's letter.
Today I had the intense day on work, there were many orders, and it was necessary to give projects of performed work by the end of day. But I have coped with a problem, in fact now I have a source of inspiration, it you Alex. In my opinion, creative people frequently should require a source of inspiration that their work was a success.
Alex, today I had conversation with my director, and it has told to me, that I can have tomorrow free day from my work. Today I shall get the ticket up to Moscow, I shall reach by train so tomorrow in the morning I shall visit embassy and to learn all details of travel to you. It is very responsible.
Today I also contacted my agent of travel, it made out to me a direction on visiting of embassy. I hope, that tomorrow I shall be a success.
There will be a big and difficult day tomorrow, interview in embassy is appointed in the morning. After I shall come back, I shall write to you the letter, I shall tell about all. It was really difficult to find free day from work for visiting embassy. I have explained to director, that this travel is necessary for me, and my future can depend on it.
By the way I never spoke you, that my director is the woman. It the lovely and decent woman. It has understood me, and has wished me greater successes in the future.
Alex, with each your letter, you all win my heart more, to me it is very pleasant, that my heart belongs correct and fair to the man.
Now I shall write to you the address:
Republic Tatarstan
City Kazan
Area Moskovskiy
Street Volkova
The house 17
Apartment 38
I would like to pay your attention that for the present love, it is necessary to have trust and mutual understanding. You trust me? I very much trust you, road Alex, you have received my trust from the very beginning and I do not wish to hide it from you. I have no from you any secrets and secrets. You the best the man in my life, besides you sincere the man. In the last letter I have told to you, that you are the man of my dream.
These are really sincere words. To me starts to seem, that I love you, I do not wish to frighten you of the words, I only speak you that I feel. Expectation of each your letter turns to eternity for me. You do not represent how much strongly I miss you. You are constantly on we wash opinion. However I am assured, that there is no necessity to do hasty conclusions, and to rush to a precipice, first of all, we should meet, spend some time together.
Probably, we we shall never leave after our meeting. Probably, we shall understand, that we different people though I hope, that it to not happen, because now I have impression, that I am familiar with you already much, it is a lot of time and I know about you absolutely all.
Even if we shall understand, that we are not intended the friend for the friend, I all the same want our friendship. I want, that we were friends always, and always were frank with each other Certainly, I am assured that to me first time in your country will be unusual to live, I cannot present at all as I shall communicate with people who live in your city. Anyway, I shall arrive to you, and we we communicate, and you can understand me, I understand you. I hope, that between us there will be no barrier of language, I shall try to do successes. You madly like me, and I thank the God every day that it has helped our acquaintance. Alex, you trust in destiny? You consider, what our acquaintance has been planned?
Alex, I trust you, I trust you the heart, it is very important for me. We we shall be together!
I am assured of it, in fact the our meeting depends only on us. Anybody, is capable to prevent nobody to our happiness.
Favourite mine Alex, I wish to tell to you many thanks. I am very grateful to destiny that I have found you. You very strongly like me.
Dear Alex, you ask me about, whether I trust in destiny. I wish to tell to you, yes I trust in destiny.
At each person the destiny to not change it in any way how you consider?
On it I shall finish the letter to you, I shall go home now. Tomorrow at me will be heavy, and the intense day, probably, I should spend many forces and energy. But for the sake of the future I shall endow all!!!
I with impatience wait for your letter tomorrow. Also, later I shall write to you result of my trip to the city of Moscow.
Successful to you of day!!! For ever yours Ludmila.
Letter 2
Greetings my dear Alex,
I hope, at you all is good also you have remarkable day? How you today?
My day was very strained, I am tired from a trip. I shall sleep today strong.
I visited today embassy of England in Moscow.
I have already come back home, a trip was safe and safe.
Today in the morning as soon as I have arrived to Moscow, I sent to embassy on interview. My reception has been appointed about 10 mornings. I have come to embassy, and I had to wait for the turn not long. I worried very much, my excitement was valid noticeably, but I collected the thoughts. I was met by lovely lady who is the employee of embassy.
Lady in embassy has told to me, visiting of England, is responsible and difficult.
It is not easy to receive the sanction, and the visa to visiting.
It has asked for me the proof of my stable life in Russia. Yes, really woman who has actives in the country, has the real estate, and is the provided citizen, reception of the sanction to visiting of England is possible.
Lady has kindly suggested me to tell the purpose of my arrival in England. I have told, that my purpose is the meeting with dear to me the man, that is with you the darling Alex.
It has understood the purpose of my travel and has there and then hastened to warn me against possible dangers of travel. It has told to me, that cases when nobody meets the girl in England are known, and it remains one. However I assured it, that you are responsible and sincere the man. I assured it, that we we are greater friends, and we know, each other already it is a lot of time. The employee of embassy also has told to me, that it is not easy to woman of my age to visit England, however I insisted on a meeting, even for short term. So I have found out, that it is necessary to get the visa.
Then lady in embassy has explained, that more convenient type the visa to me is the visa of the tourist. This type of the visa will allow me to travel to England as the independent tourist, I can free move on all extent of England.
I have agreed, that this variant the most suitable for us. After we have chosen the necessary type of the visa, to me have suggested to fill various questionnaires, to answer questions.
To me have explained, that registration of the visa will borrow 2-4 weeks, also according to this visa I can to find in territory of your country within three months..
This type of the visa really optimal approaches for us. Also in embassy to me have explained, that I shall require the passport, necessarily I should pass medical examination, and already then to start registration of the visa. I knew, that all will be not easy. It will be really complex for me, but I am ready to process. I have already the passport, and it is big plus.
The our meeting depends on us, and we should make its reality.
Dear Alex, also I should speak you about cost of official registration of papers. Official
registration of papers costs much more dearly, than I could assume. The visa will cost 100 euros, medical survey which will be necessary for me I I can to pass free of charge because I have the policy of medical insurance. It will be necessary for me to fill various questionnaires, it will cost additional 100 euros. I should give in embassy the information on the marital status, personal incomes and my actives in the country. As you see, it is necessary to do a lot of prophetic to be together. As I should pay a consular payment. I think, that the our meeting is most important, than any money. Now, I wish to sum up, costs of all necessary things. Official registration of papers, will manage to me about 400 euros. I have this money! It not a problem for me.. You tell are glad, what our meeting takes place already soon?
I have about 900 euros, I plan to spend this money for process of reception of the visa. Also I should live in Moscow the certain time, and certainly I shall require money for the foodstuffs, payment of a taxi and hotel. I can afford such charges, for the sake of our meeting.
Dear Alex, I think it will be fair, but I should tell to you about it, I shall possibly require your help, I want that you got to me the ticket aboard the plane for travel to you.
I do not wish to offend you and to bring it insults, but sincerely I require you.
All that depends on me these are documents, I shall do them, I shall make out all correctly so that our meeting, had no delays and problems. To me very much not dexterously to ask from you the help, I have been assured, that I shall consult itself, but nevertheless our meeting will be impossible without your support.
Tell, you are ready to help me with tickets? You can get them for me?
Inform me on it if you are really ready to help me with tickets, I shall visit again embassy and to begin process of registration. As soon as I shall receive your consent, it will be necessary for me to come back to Moscow, and to be engaged in reception of the visa.
So I believe, that I have made everything, the big step to our future appointment, now you the owner of a situation, but to make a decision to us it is necessary together!
If I shall meet with your approval to the aid I shall be the happiest woman on light.
Alex, also inform me your Nearest airport, probably, I shall consider also cost of tickets. We shall compare the prices, and to search for benefit.
I am very tired today, there is enough late already and now I shall come back home. I shall think of you, and to dream, about a meeting. Please, closely concern to my letter. I trust you. Alex, and with impatience I wait for our meeting.
Once again excuse me if I have offended you the request for the help, I really did not wish to cause you a pain.
You are of great value for me, and I value our feelings. For me there will be a big happiness if our meeting takes place soon. I wish to care of our future.
I listen to the heart, and I hope that you as will listen to your heart Alex.
Now I shall finish the letter, and to wait your answer tomorrow.
I wish you good day.
Letter 3
Mine Alex, I hasten to inform you, I shall go tomorrow to Moscow again!!!
This time I would shall go what to receive the visa. My trip last time
Has helped me to learn, that it is necessary for me for travel to you.
I today collected a lot of prophetic for a trip! My director has paid To me of money and now on this money I can live in Moscow! I wish to take All my documents as it is probably fast! I love you, and I I know, that you very much wait for me!!!
Dear Alex I trust you, I trust you. I love you. I think that I I shall have travel separately without group. I shall be very glad if you Will meet me at the airport.
Today there was very difficult day! I already, have bought tickets up to Moscow and tomorrow I shall be already in Moscow. I shall fly in the plane because it is enough
Will reduce time of my arrival. If I shall have time tomorrow I shall write To you also I shall inform, that I have arrived! I so am glad that this all occurs. It Means, it soon we shall together! I so wish to arrive to you more Soon and to connect our hearts! I promise, that I shall make all correctly, When I shall arrive to Moscow. I shall have a meeting with the girlfriend, and we Let's make together all necessary. It will help me and soon I shall close
To you!!! Wait for me, my love!!! I shall hasten to our happiness.
Our love only in our hands. I shall hold our love and To care!!! I should tell, that I now understand, that between us There is a trust. I sincerely understand, that you want, that I would arrive to To you. I understand, that you love me and want, that I have arrived to you. I
I know, that you very much love me, in another way you would not aspire To our meeting. Well! I shall be concerns to you with love, and trust.
I love you!!!!!!!!! You the person of my dream: beautiful, decent,
Cautious. Such always, despite of difficult minutes in a life. I the strong woman and my love to you will help me!!!! I on correct ways fortunately And I shall struggle for happiness with you! I shall write soon
To you! Yours for ever Ludmila.
Alex, I wish to tell, that when I shall arrive to Moscow I I learn
The information concerning the ticket and to inform you! Well?
Letter 4

Good morning Alex!
I had good enough trip to Moscow! I am a little tired from such big city, but have already got used. As soon as I have arrived to Moscow, I at once have gone to search for hotel. I have found the most good hotel. In this hotel the prices and services are pleasantly incorporated. One day of residing will cost to me 20 euros. The hotel refers to "ZARYA". I think that it is hotel suitable for me in which I have removed a single room. I understand, that I should make much and, possibly I shall lose many forces, but for the sake of our love I shall not be afraid of it!!! The Russian women very hardy. I too the hardy woman, therefore I shall overcome all!!! I very much would like, that process of registration of the visa would be as soon as possible. I wish to arrive to you soon, so, on how many it is probably mine Alex! My love does not know a limit, and I wish to present it only to you one all my love. You understand?
ONLY to YOU!!!!!! My desire and dream consists in that, we have a happy life. I wish to lead the remained part of a life only with you. You the worthy person.. Alex.
A place whence I write the Internet - the cafe which is located absolutely near to my hotel. Now I have no problems to write to you this letter, having paid 1 euro. In our city of service of the Internet - the cafe is more cheaper. Moscow - the big city.
It is the center of Russia. The Standard of living here above, than in our city. You know, what underground in Moscow the biggest and the most beautiful in the world? It really very big underground!!!! I such nevertheless did not see.
Today there was very heavy day. I had a lot of time to do all necessary. When I was included into embassy, it was necessary for me to write the application. Lady in embassy was very polite with me. It has helped me with my documents. In embassy there is a commission. There it was necessary for me to give my medical survey. In other words I am very tired today. I shall sleep today very well!!!!
I have absolutely forgotten to tell to you, that lady in embassy has told to me, that it is necessary to buy more likely tickets up to your country. It is necessary to buy two tickets. This important condition what to receive the visa. I have been surprised, when they have told to me that at me should be two tickets. Then serving embassies have explained to me, that they should be convinced that my economic situation is stable and that I can independently return to Russia. You understand? Because of this reason I should satisfy this condition and buy 2 tickets. You really, will help me mine Alex. Alex, I should solve the problem with tickets soon, what my visa was ready soon. I wish to be grateful to you for your anxiety on me. I understand, that you worry about me. Please only do not worry. If I shall make all quickly I will not have a necessity to spend money for residing in Moscow. I should speak, that I have learned in embassy, that I cannot receive your ticket. Serving in embassy has told to me, that you cannot buy the ticket for me. Otherwise I shall not receive the visa. Therefore I should buy my tickets here in Russia. I know, that there is such service when you can buy the ticket for me. This service will not work in our case. You understand? You should charge to me purchase of my tickets.
I wish to tell, that I considered the cheapest tickets onboard the plane.. Company " Aeroflot " the greatest company, therefore I has decided to use services of this company. One ticket aboard the plane from me costs 413 euros. It not so the high price in comparison about 680 euros for higher class. There there are tickets and more dear. For example for - 890 euros!!! But such dear places in the plane are not necessary to me. I shall fly in the cheapest class if only this plane will connect us!!! Mine Alex, in other words I ask 800 euros for my tickets. In last letter I have told to you, that it is necessary for me to buy the ticket for territories of Russia. It is a necessary condition for reception of the visa. My darling favourite Alex, I wish to tell to you that I really concern to you sincerely and truthfully. Tell, than I can prove to you the sincerity?
My favourite Alex, I perfectly understand you, that you are afraid of a deceit, I heard some histories about a deceit in the Internet. But I ask to believe to me. I do not wish to deceive you, and I never shall deceive you. I with pleasure would arrive to you, not asking your help, but now I am valid I can hope only for you. Favourite Alex, I tried to take money in a duty in bank, but to me have told that I cannot receive money in bank in Moscow because I am registered in other city. The darling Alex, I as tried to take money from the girlfriend, but it has told to me that at present at it very difficult situation with money. I could ask the help from the parents but before I leaved for Moscow, my daddy has told to me, that I should be independently the girl. It has told to me as that I should make everything, that in Moscow I would not have problems. I am afraid of that it will abuse very strongly me, that I have not provided it. The darling Alex, I hope that you understand me. I really concern to you truthfully.
I wish to inform you, that I have gone, to bank what to learn how I can receive your help for purchase of the ticket, and to me have informed that the most optimum variant it WESTERN UNION. To me have told, that WESTERN UNION is the cheapest and safe by reception of money. But it is necessary for you to inform me your full name, and also your address. With this purpose it is necessary for you to go to office WESTERN UNION and to send money. I hope that you understand as I is tired from all process of reception of the visa. Every day I spend for that what more quickly to receive the visa. Dear Alex I hope that you understand me. I have made all that in my forces, now all depends only on you. Know, if I could make so what to stay to you without problems, I would make it. I have made all that in my forces, I do not regret that money which I have spent for road to Moscow, on residing at Moscow as I have paid some sum of money of embassy. I do not regret this money. I am assured that our love much more dearly than all this money.
I really trust in it. The darling Alex, now I wish to give you my data, that you could send me your help.
For this purpose it is necessary for you to know my full name:
Name: Ludmila
Surname: Fattahouwa
This my full and finished name. As I wish to give you the address of bank. It is very good bank. At it very good reputation. It ALFA BANK.
So, now I wish to write all of you data completely:
The country: Russia
The name of bank: ALFA BANK
Name: Ludmila
Surname: Fattahouwa
The sum: 800 euros
In bank to me have told, that then you will fill some documents, and to you to inform control number of translation.
The darling Alex, you should inform this number to me, that I could receive your help. As I wish to tell to you that it is possible to do this moving from a credit card. As I wish to tell to you that you would send me a copy of document Western Union. Well?
Favourite mine Alex, you wish to write the letter to my parents? Oh, it would be very good also my parents would be very glad to it. I shall speak you the address of my parents in the following letter, well?
My darling Alex, unfortunately I could not listen to your songs which were sent by you to me. I tried many ways to reproduce them, but at me nothing has turned out. I shall try to do it once again. I think, what we can listen to them when we shall spend our time together how you consider?
The darling Alex, I again wish to tell to you that I cannot receive from you the ticket. I should buy the ticket here. I should do it what to convince embassy of material stability. You understand me? I spoke you that process of reception of my visa goes in the special order. It occurs because I have no bank account because I do not receive the greater salary because I have no a private property. For this reason I should buy the ticket itself. I should go to the airport, and buy the ticket. When I shall buy the ticket to me will give the check (receipt) in which the name of the buyer (my name) will be written for this reason I cannot deceive embassy and I can not receive the ticket from you.
The darling Alex, is the law, and I cannot break it. I hope that you understand me.
It would be very good, if you have sent me of money as it is important for acceleration of process of reception of the visa. I very much hope for you. My darling Alex, I ask, trust me. I really sincerely concern to you. I ask believe to me. I love you.
I shall plan my flight to you on March, 15th. Tickets for this date cost more cheaply than all the others. Alex, you understand, it can be day of our meeting!!! After purchase of the ticket I shall come back home and I shall wait for day of our meeting. I very much wish to have with you a meeting!
We already have made much for our meeting. I shall go up to the end, and we shall receive our happiness! I shall wait your letter soon! My heart will afflict, but I know, that soon we shall together. With love, yours Ludmila.
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