Romance scam letter(s) from Zlata Paramonova to Robert (Switzerland)
Letter 1
hello Robert!
It is amazing that i am here and write this note for you, but i want you to pay your attention on me and maybe you will write me something;-))) It will be great!!! As i think that we have a lot to discuss and it will be cool to explore each other;-) So i hope to find your letter in my personal mail-box, my address is: Will be glad to receive your letter:-) Write soon:-) Zlata
Letter 2
Hi, Robert!!!!!!!!!!
Do you want to have unforgettable and exciting relations???????
Do you want to have an interesting, romantic, dreaming, practical girl in your life??????
Then here I am!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))
Do you really play the guitar?????
I adore its music!!!!!! But I can't open your link!!!!! It's so pity for me!!!!!
Oh here is my phone number: +380997136823. Can you call me in the evening, that I was at home!!!! OK???
My name is Zlata!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In my language it means "Golden"!!!!
Don't you think it's a funny name??? :))))))))))))) i like it very much!!!!!!!!!!!
And when I was a little girl, Robert, i liked the fairy-tale about the girl with golden hair, who could give happiness to everybody!!!! Haven't you heard it????
So, I believed that i also could bring joy and happiness to everybody and I believe it now, as well!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))
I also have golden hair with little copper!!!!! :))))))))))))))
I'm such a sunny girl!!!!!!! I'm 23 years old and I'm an energetic young woman!!!!! I guess, you want to know something more about me, so I'll try to help you in this!!!!! :))))))))
I live in Ukraine in a small town Energodar!!!! It's in the central part of Ukraine!!!!! Maybe, you'll feel that we are not to far away from each other!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))
Several years ago I finished colledge and now I'm working as an announcer on a small radio station in my town!!!!! I have to lead a program "Boys and girls"
It's about the relations and everything which is connected with them!!!!!!!!
So, I guess, I can answer one of the questions which you can have: Why am I here??????
Don't you have it, by the way???? :))))))))))
I communicate with a great number of men, who phone me and I can see, that they are too selfish and don't want to notice us, women!!!!!!!!!!! They don't want to understand us!!!!!!! Robert, I know that men abroad are different!!!!!! I've heard that they appreciate and love their women and that's why i want to have relations with the foreign man!!!!!!
By the way, what are you doing here??? :)))))))))))))))
Well, what else...............
Yes, it is pretty banal, but i feel that i should tell you something about my family:-))))) I live with my mom and dad and I have an elder sister!!!!!! She is married already and she has her daughter!!!!! I love my family very much!!!!!!!!!!!!! but my sister lives with her husband in the other end of my town and we can't see each other oftten!!!!!! And what about you??? Do you have your family?????
By the way, do you have an ideal type of woman, you want to meet?????
As for me, I want the man to be intelligent, interesting, experinced in life, loving and caring!!!!!!!!
And from your letter I can see already, that you are very smart and I like it about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, I hope you like my long letter and Robert, you are not tired with it!!!! :)))))
i'll be waiting for your reply.
Have a good day.
Letter 3
Hi, Robert!
Who told you, that hotel costs only 15$?
It's not true! I'm in zaporojie now! I also should go to th internet cafe and chenck my mail-box every day, so don't tell me about it! I'm not in a good shape here as well! And more awful is that you don't believe me! I know, why my phone can't get your calls, coz my battery is flat! I', not at home, and I can't make it full!
I know, that you sent me a little bit more money, then I needed( extra 26$)
And I don't want to spend this sum! I know, that money is very important for you, that's why I'm waiting not in the hotel, but at the station.
I already bought two tickets and I'm waiting till my train will go to Kiev!
Hope to be there tonight! As soon as I come there I'll ask phone somebody and call you or try to charge battery at the train!
See you soon.
Kiss you.
Letter 4

Hi, Robert!
Why do you think it's a jke?
It's not a joke! I just have problems here and I can't come to you right now! But I'm going to do it! Coz, I also want to see you very much! Perhaps, you can't send sms, coz my phone put off all the time! Maybe, it's already old, or I don't know!
But at first I couldn't get tickets for the train to Kiev! Then when I was able to buy them , I wanted to buy tickets from my town to Zaporojie, coz it's the closest big toen to me! But I couldn't! I have to stay at the railway station for a whole day and to go to Kiev in the morning! So, it's not so easy! You sent me money late!
But I'm doing my best to get to you! I also want to see you and don't want to lose our chance to be together! And more offencive is that you doubt in me...
Letter 5
Hi, Robert!
I'm doing my best here to come to Kiev! And as soon as I know the details I'll give them to you!
I hope to see you today in the evening, or tomorrow in the morning!
Kiss you. Zlata.
Letter 6
Hi, Robert!
Thanks for your letter! It's great, that you are already in Kiev, I'll also be there very soon! I'll tell you the exact time today!
Kiss you.
Letter 7
Hi, Robert!
How are you?
Thanks for your letters and money! I couldn't get to the internet cafe and to write you about everything!
I saw your missed calls, but you called from unknown number and I couldn't call you back!
But I was glad to see your number today, when you called me and I gave you missed calls! So, I think we can be in tocuh now!
Today I'm going to the railway station and I'll write you the information as soon as I get tickets! Kiss you.
Letter 8
Hi, Robert!
Thanks for your number! Ok, I'll get my passport and then go to bank!
Hope you'll confirm everything till this time!
It was so nice to speak with you on the phone! You didn't call me for a long time!
I'll go to the railway station also and buy tickets! I think it will be for Tuesday, coz I want5 you to be there already! I have never been to Kiev and I don't know anything there!
I'll let you know as soon as I know something!
Kiss you.
Letter 9
Hi, Robert!
How are you?
Thanks for your letter! I'm very glad to see it! Sorry, I couldn't understand what you were asking! I thought I told you already about that! I asked my boss about vacation and at first he gave me only 4 days! But then I asked him again and again and I had to explain him the reason of my going to Kiev.... So, he decided to give me a week! :)))
Can you imagine it, Robert?
I'm so glad about it! So, I guess, I also should be in Kiev on the 23rd of February! Then it means, that I should be in a hurry to buy tickets! But I don't have money yet.....
I do want to see you, I don't want to lose this chance, so everything depends on you now!
And I'm waiting for your reply.
Kiss you.
Letter 10
Hi, Robert!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Thanks for your letters, I'm glad to get them! Sorry, I didn't know, that you didn't receive my letters....
Yes, I do want to see you and I will go to Kiev, if you help me with my expences.
I don't know yet about the dates, I mean how long I can stay there, coz I should ask my boss about days-off. But as soon as I know everything I'll let you know. I'm sure, that I'll get my vacation for several days, but I'm not sure for how long!
Kiss you.

Letter 11
Hi, Robert!
Thanks for your letter! I can't take a long vacation, coz my boss won't let me go for a long time! I guess, 4 days.
But I think I'll go by bus to Dnipropetrovsk and there I'll get train to Kiev. Anyway, i think it would be the best variant!
But the tickets to Dnipropetrovsk cost 320hryvnas ( about 50$)
And ticket to Kiev cost 690 hryvnas (about 100$).
I hope, I answered all your questions....
Take care.
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