Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Egoshina to Kerry (USA)

Letter 1
She is Tatyana. You remember me??? We yesterday corresponded on You have given me the e-mail address. I promised to send you my new photo. I send it to you. If you are interested in, that finding out me I with impatience shall wait for your reciprocal letter.
your Tatyana...
Letter 2
Hello my friend!!!!
I am very happy, that you have answered me, you do not represent, as you have pleased me the letter, thanks you for it, I very much waited him, I so strongly was nervous, if, fairly going today in Internet salon, I worried and very much wished to see the letter from you. Now I wish to tell a little about myself. My name is Tatyana Egoshina, I live in city Cheboksary, it is very beautiful city. And where do you live? My city very far from Moscow I live there since most my birth, and to me of 25 years I never was married. My birthday on September, 15th, 1983. My growth 170 cm, My weight 55 kg. Now I work as the teacher in children's to a garden, I have a higher education, I on education the bookkeeper. I have no children, but very much would like to have them, I very strongly love children, I always dreamed to have two children of the boy and one girl. How many you would like to have children, tell to me, please? I very often am engaged in aerobics and it very much to like me, I love support myself in the good form and as I love some kinds of sports, such as volleyball and tennis. You are engaged, what be sports or can at you there are any hobbies during free time from work? Today I have told to mum, that I have received today the letter from the friend to the foreigner with whom I have got acquainted through Internet salon and she have told, that it is good, but she has told, that I would not hurry up and not where did not hasten, with the decision, I think that you will agree with opinion of my mum, in fact as though that was not necessary find out the person more well... I understand, that you search for the woman who to you approach for all life, searches the for the same also I, you have for certain thought, that I am too young for such decision, but I am ready to it. I wish to find the person who will be with me all my life. I not badly speak on English, but I badly write and consequently I use the translator, but I all the same try to write sometimes itself without the translator gradually that in the future my written English became better. I hope, what I write to you is accessible, and you do not have problems with reading and understanding of my letter? I think, that you can learn me still to something in English if something will be not clear, that I write to you, at once tell to me, I shall try to express it in other words, that you would understand, of what I think and that I try to tell to you. At home I have no own computer because, it for me very much expensive, and I go every evening to check my mail in Internet salon. I consider, what Internet am the most good thing which was thought up by people because it assists people being in the different countries of the world, to be on connection and how you think? To me very interestingly your opinion. I shall wait for your letter tomorrow, write to me about myself more. I shall wait for your answer tomorrow and send me more than the photos! I with impatience shall wait it! Thanks for the answer. Your friend from Russia Tatyana.
Letter 3
Hello my loved Mr X!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter. I have received your new photos and they are fine. I love each your photo. I like to see your new photos. I want to tell to you, that I accept your apologies and I am not angry any more on you. I cannot be angry for a long time with you at all because I love you also my love to you kills any rage. You to me have told in the letter that I have understood your point of view. Unfortunately I cannot understand you. You speak, that you love me more, than somebody on light. But you are not sure in my reality. I correctly have understood you??? Then whom you love??? If you think, what I am not real, as you can love me??? It is simply impossible... You speak, that you to me sent me of money. Yes, it so. But you were convinced that I did not take your money. I at all did not know that you have sent them to me. You went to the Western Union and to you have told, that I did not receive this money. You all have found out also have told to me, that you trust me. And now you again speak me, that you do not trust me. How you to understand???!!! It is very bad, that you to me now again think, that your money was stolen by me. To me it is very insulting from your words. Now I want to explain to you again why I cannot make only the visa. I explained you, that else right at the beginning, that the travel agency refuses make only the visa. They to me at once have told, that if I shall legalize all papers at them and I should buy tickets also from them. To me have told, that it is necessary for me to bring all money at once. All problem only in it. They to me have told, that they will not be make for me only the visa. It their conditions and they always so work and on another they will not be make. All problem only in travel agency. I would be glad to make how you suggest me, but it is simply impossible!!! Still I yesterday came into travel agency and they to me have told, that they with anybody will not correspond, because it is superfluous expenditure of time. They have told, that they do not have such person who will write to all interested persons. They have told, that at them then the travel agency, and the Internet of cafe will turn out not. They do not want to go on concessions and speak, that if I shall come to agency and all I shall pay itself they with the great pleasure will issue all necessary for my trip. I can nothing with it make. To me so it is insulting. Now I have tears from a moss of eyes because I cannot anything make with this problem. To me it is very insulting, that who does not want to go on concessions. Even you MR X do not understand me and do not want to help me. I feel now myself such defenceless and helpless. To me never was so poorly. Us with you separate from each other any 325 $. All our problems only in money. I hate money!!! Money only create problems!!! I so am tired you to persuade... I do not know, that to me make. I to you suggest to send me of money and I could call you, that you have dictated to me MTCN by phone. If you will make how I ask you, your money who will not steal. If I knew earlier, that on the Internet it is dangerous to transfer such information I would offer you such variant of transfer of the information to me even earlier. But I could not assume, that your money can steal. And you still now think, that this money was stolen by me. To me it is now very bad. So your support is necessary for me, and you only speak me about mistrust. To me it is very insulting from your words... I cannot write to you more because at me the hysterics begins and I cannot constrain some tear. I shall look forward to hearing from you. I love you MR.X all heart!!! Believe me!!! I did not deceive you with money... I cannot live without you any more!!!
I send you 10000000000000000000000 warm kisses...
Forever your wife Tatyana...
Letter 4
Hello my best friend!!!
I very much missed your letter and very much waited it, I already feel, that I began to not know badly you. I have understood from your letter, that you remarkable the man and I very much would want find out you better. I regret that happens with you and your wife. I too had a unpleasant experience relations in Russia. I lived with one man in an apartment and I loved him. We were not married, but we lived together. Once I have come from work a little before usual and have found out him with other woman in bed. I was simply in a shock from seen. I did not begin to arrange scandals and is simply cunning. He then asked my pardon, but I could not forgive treachery and a deceit. At us much in common in our destinyes. Today I have come little bit earlier to the Internet of cafe, than usually, but your letter still was not, I have waited a little... And here it long-awaited!!! My darling, I in the last letter, have not named to you one more reason on which I have decided to get acquainted with the man on Internet, I do not know, why I to you have not told, but here that. My mum I remember in the childhood have told to me, that each person in this world, has second half. In spite of the fact that the world so is huge, there is that person with whom he sooner or later will be together. Notwithstanding what he races, nationalities and where he lives, this all is not important. It is destiny! And mum has told to me when you will see this the man, can young, and can old, it is not important, you will feel that it is that person. Also can, you will not believe to me but when I have seen you I had any strange feeling. I do not speak that it you my destiny, but I trust, to words of my mum and I hope, that you that person whom I searched... I hope, that you understand me, that I write and I try to answer all your questions. I think that you understand that the overall objective it to find in my life of that only thing the man with which I can go through all difficulties of a life, together meet pleasure, occurrence of children, to grow up them, to surround with care, to give them the happy childhood. I so dream about it!!! I think, that you understand me... I wish to tell to you, as I spend the usual working day. I rise early in the morning 6:30 and I put into myself the order, then I go for work I work from 8:00 till . In the evening we with girlfriends sometimes come in cafe and we have supper together. Then we go home. My work very much to like me, I very much love children, and this feeling assists to me, certainly, in fact children in a garden still very small, and it those people, I so have told essences at which most purest soul at which is not present what sins, they it is simple, angels! Here I imagine the world ideal such if all people on all planet were children, but it simply Utopia, it is dream... In the Evening I go to look mail in Internet cafe, but it sometimes does not work, therefore if I shall not write to you within one two days do not worry I shall necessarily write to you how there will be an opportunity and if you cannot write for any reason, more than two days if at you business or you somewhere leave please write to me even one line what you cannot write such quantity days that I did not worry, well? The day off at me Saturday, Sunday. In the days off I like to read books, to go to walk on city, visit a cinema. Besides in the days off I spend a lot of time for homeworks. I like to prepare for houses, to me to like to please the relatives preparing their different tasty meal. In the afternoon in the days off I cleaned at home, I love when houses the order and all lays on the places. We should trust each other because without trust it is impossible to live. I earlier too have trusted in the person, and he me have deceived. I wished to tell to you about it, but did not think that it is necessary. The matter is that once I already got acquainted with the man by means of Internet, it was for a long time. I have grown fond his all heart, at least, I so thought, but he only played my feelings. We corresponded with him any time, then he has suggested me to arrive to him. I have taken in debt very much big the sum of money, and have arrived in USA. At the airport me, to my surprise, nobody has met. I began to call him on a phone number which this the person to me has left, but to me have answered, that such person there is not present. I have taken a taxi and have gone to the address left to me, but it was the ordinary shop in which about it the person nobody heard. I with huge work have reached Russian embassy, you do not represent, how many humiliations I have tested, how many tears I have spilled!!! For this reason my girlfriend condemned my second attempt to get acquainted by means of Internet as I already spoke you. I do not speak, that you too the same person! You have very much liked me, your letters touch strings of my soul, but I think, that we do not need to hurry up. Only, please, do not take offence at me, I at all do not wish you to offend!!! Try to understand me correctly! Still I now am in very difficult financial position and consequently I can not arrive to you. I think, that you can correctly understand me, I very much hope for it! I all over again want, that we have found out each other as it is possible is never each other better more close though on the other hand we can find out, as at personal meeting. But we shall not think about sad, the truth? Write to me as soon as you can. You also could not send me a photo with your relatives, parents? Your best friend from Russia, Tatyana
Letter 5
Hello my beloved!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter. I have received from you 2 letters and many photos of your relatives. It was very interesting to me to look at them. We will have in the future such big a family. I so am happy. I very much love, when around many native people. I with impatience wait for that moment when I can get acquainted with all your relatives. I very much wish to like them and I think, that they will be me happy. What do you think about it??? I think, that we will have good relations. I am completely assured that I wish to be with you. I have grown fond of you all heart and me more who is not necessary in this world, except for you. I wish to arrive to you and to be the happy man with my only thing which I love. I speak about you. You the best the man in this world. You simply man of my dream. You that prince on a white horse from a fairy tale which I waited all life. And I want, that the our fairy tale was realized. I very much wish to see you personally. I am completely assured of the feelings and with made the choice. You have won my heart and half of my heart occupy you. The part of my heart belongs to you. I have chosen you that you were my husband and we we shall live up to the end of our days together and will never leave. We will have a happy home life. I shall wait for you from work and when you will come I every day shall cook for your tasty food. I am assured, that you will like my meal. I shall bring up ours common children and I am assured, that they will grow good people because they will have such remarkable daddy and careful mum. Many people spoke me, that I shall be good mother and I know it, because I simply adore children. To you spoke, when be, what you will be the good father??? I am assured, that you will be the good and careful father who will preserve the family against any troubles. We always shall be support each other in all and we will have a family idyll. I think, that all will be how I have told. Tatyana "XYZ"... (I very much like sounding my future surname. And to you???) . I from your letter have still understood, that you would like to send me the letter and gifts. I am very glad. You so care of me. But you have incorrectly written down to me the address on which it is necessary to send the letter or gifts mail. I write you it again and so up to last word all of you will need to write on package or the letter. The address: Russia, republic Chuvashiya, city Cheboksary, Prospekt Lenina 2, main post office, do vostrebovaniya, Egoshinoy Tatyane. Here it is all the information which you need to specify completely that I could receive your letter or a gift from you. Mix nothing. In your country of the address on letters write to a underside. At you write all over again: the Full name, the address, city, state or republic, and only then the country. And at us to Russia it is accepted to write all on the contrary. And only therefore you cannot understand me. I have given you the correct address and you need to write all how I to you have told also I without problems I can receive your letter or package. Still I have understood, that you wish to send me 325 $ which me does not suffice that most to pay all documents for arrival to you. It is simply remarkable. You execute all my dreams!!! I so am happy, that I can arrive to your country and get acquainted with all your relatives. I cannot transfer words the happiness at all. But you again have incorrectly written the address of bank to which it is necessary to send money. I give you it again. The address of bank of the Western Union: VNESHTORGBANK, PROSPEKT LENINA, 53, Russia, CHEBOKSARY. I hope, that now you will not mix it. Write down it correctly that was not any mistakes. My full name: Tatyana Egoshina. To me have told in bank, that in a name it is impossible make mistakes because differently I cannot receive your money. To me have told, that you still will need to be given me the personal information that I could receive your money. I need to know: your full name (how you write it to receipts of the Western union.), It is necessary to know, city from which you will send me of money, the exact sum of money and control number (MTCN). If you will give me all this information I without any problems can receive your money. I think, that by New year I shall already have time to arrive to you and we shall be happy. It is a pity, that we shall not have time to meet Christmas... But in it I am guilty also I can take offence only at myself. I shall finish on it the letter. I love you "Idiot" all heart!!! I with impatience shall wait for your reciprocal letter. I send you 10000000000000000000 warm kisses to your sweet lips. Forever your Tatyana...
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