Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Banahovskaia to Jarle (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello! I am sorry for yerstoday u had problems with my net i sent you sms and hope you reseved! So Flight at 25.11.2008 at 17.30 and arrive at 19.15 at SPB tickets two way cost 240 euro and i will take some bottles of our good wine and if you canhelp me about 30 eoru for my internet i tired with this one at all if you will send me 300 euro i will be very glad and thankfull to you!!!"
my data for transfer western union :
i sendind you dome my foto and with my best glf and cousin!
Bye kiss you and waiting from you message!
Letter 2
I sending you a ticket to you be shure that i will come!!! I tald you i am very serios and interested in our meet!I always do all that i promise!
I was in Orange office and that i know that sim card coat 20 usd but for roaming i must have deposit 50 usd and 1 min cost there 2 dollars.And i have one problem i must show at our custom min 300 usd to be entered becouse i must show that i have money to live there and not goinh like ********** becouse many our girls working there:(
Letter 3
Hello,my dear!!!!
How are you ? how was your party? i was thinking all night about you!!!
You will **** me i spend yerstosay 160 usd :( and i am so shy and at friday i spend 50 on flowers to my mother birthday.i am so sorry ! Today i will start pack my bagage and i need buy some wine for us! I am realy sorru that its happened but i was so glad that i will come to you after 2 days that i was a little ***** (but i was a good girl).So i think thst you will not be sat at me and help me to come! Last time transfer please and meet me in airport i am so much waiting it!!!
Kiss you!!
Letter 4

send me please monday toll 13 o clock 250 euro and all ill be ok!!
Yerstoday i wasnt club staied at home but problems with internet and i havent money anymore to send you sms sorry it was last about money :(
hope tomorrow morning i will have sms with code
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