Letter(s) from Elena Kozlova to Tony (UK)

Letter 1

Hello Tony!
I am sincerely glad to receive your letter. I shall tell to you about myself more.
I hope to you it will be interesting.
I was born in July, 25, 1978.
I live in city of Kazan.
It is very beautiful large and very old city. There are many trees and parks.
Kazan stand on a coast of the river Volga. It is one of the biggest rivers in Russia.
In the summer I like to bathe and sunbathe. It is very warm in our country in the summer.
Therefore summer is my favourite season. But in the winter here it is very cold.
I have finished school and university. I have higher education on a speciality " the Finance and the credit ".
It is very difficult to find work on a speciality in Russia.
Therefore I work not on a speciality. I work as the manager on sales in Shopping center.
At leisure I go on lessons of aerobics.
It is very useful for my body. I hope my photo to you it is pleasant.
Send me your photo please!
Two years back in my life there was a tragedy. My mum has died.
Now my father lives with other family. I can not live with the stepmother.
Therefore I live one in rented flat.
I was not married. I have no children. But I want to have children very much.
I want to find my second half. I want to have happy family.
Unfortunately I am disappointed by Russian people.
Therefore I have decided to search for my love through the Internet.
Excuse me, but I should finish the letter.
I have no the phone and the computer.
Therefore I write from the Internet cafe. And my time was finished.
In the following letter I shall continue the story about myself.
And I wait your letter with impatience!
With the best regards. Elena.

Letter 2

Hello Tony!
Many thanks for your letter!
It is very pleasant for me that we have found each other.
I want to know about you more. You are very attractive for me.
I hope we shall be good friends.
The love begins with friendship, isn't it?
I hate lie. I think that we shall write each other the truth only.
In relationship it is the most important. We should trust each other.
Without trust there is no love. I think you agree with me.
I hope you understand me. I learned English at school and institute.
But I know it not ideally. I think there will be no problems at us with understanding each other.
At least I understand your letters without problems. I hope you too.
I have decided to search for my love in the Internet because I could not find the person of my heart here.
The majority of men in Russia do not respect women.
They drink very much and then beat the wives. I do not want that it was with me.
I want from mine the man of respect and love.
It is very important for me that the man had good manners and good education.
I want that with him it was cheerful and interesting.
My girlfriend Irina one year back has got acquainted in the Internet with the man from New York.
And she in two weeks has gone to him. In this year she has given birth to daughter Samanta.
Recently she came to Russia. She is very happy!
And she has advised me to find my love in the Internet.
I shall finish the letter because my time was finished.
I shall wait your letter soon!
With kisses!
Your girlfriend Elena.

Letter 3

Hello my dear Tony!
I am very happy to see your letter!
I every day wait for your letters with impatience.
I am glad that we learn each other better.
My grandmother came to me yesterday. She lives in a village near city.
After death of mum she became for me the most close person.
I love her very much. Each weekend I try to visit my grandmother. I help her.
I have told to the grandmother about you. She is sincerely glad for me and wishs me happiness.
I have no brothers and sisters. I have no children.
I prepare food very good. I have learned this from my grandmother.
I like Russian dishes, for example pel'menis, pancakes and pies.
Did you eat Russian dishes? What food do you prefer?
It is interesting to me to know about you more!
Write to me about your interests and a hobby.
I prefer classical and modern dancing music.
Beautiful music raises my mood.
Before dream I like to look interesting film or to read the book.
My favourite film "Autumn in New York".
It is very beautiful romantic film about sincere truthful love!
Do you like animals? I have a cat. Its name Pushok.
It very clever and tender. Pushok is very funny.
I send you a photo with it.
I shall finish my letter. I shall wait yours very soon!
Your Elena.

Letter 4

Hello my dear Tony!
I am very happy to receive your letter!
It is necessary to get to know each other alive!
But I think that it will be later. We should get to know each other better on a e-mail.
How was your day?
I had unusual day yesterday. My colleague Marina had birthday.
We thought long what to present her.
And have decided to buy the big bouquet of roses and to arrange a surprise to her.
In Kazan there is popular musical group " Zis ".
This group is pleasant to Marina very much. And we have invited it in cafe in the evening.
There we celebrated her birthday.
In cafe it was very beautiful. We have decorated a hall with balloons.
It was very cheerful. We had very good company. We danced much.
The group sang superb. Very much it was pleasant to all, especially to Marina.
She was very much surprised and glad to such surprise.
She looked very happy!
In cafe there was a game bowling. I think this word am written so. I the first time have tried to play this game.
Very much it was pleasant to me. You sometime played this game?
It was cheerful and amusing.
It is very a pity, that you were not near to me at this moment.
I so would like to share with you these instants of pleasure and happiness.
But I hope, that sometime we shall have a rest with you together.
And it seems to me, that it will be fine!
I shall wait very much for the letter from you!
Your Elena.

Letter 5

Hello my dear Tony!
I am glad to see your letter!
I receive energy and vivacity when I read your letters.
I understand each your word which you write me.
It is pleasant for me to realize that somewhere away there is a man which thinks of me.
I do not feel lonely. Ideas about you make me happy. Such with me for the first time.
I did not see you alive and I know you so a little.
But it seems to me that we are familiar very much for a long time.
It is very easy for me to dialogue with you. I share with you my ideas and dreams.
You became important man in my life.
I trust you completely. And I sincerely hope that you will not offend me.
Many men in Russia do not appreciate sincerity and love. And I want to love and I want that loved me.
I hope that I have found man of my dream. He is You!
I want to have with you happy family. I want to care of you.
I would like to create a cosiness in our house.
I want to feel heat of your hands, tenderness of your lips, and passion in your eyes.
I am sure that I have found the man of my life. I hope that I the woman of your dream too.
I do not want to spend my time all for nothing. I think that we shall together soon!
Sincerely, your Elena.

Letter 6

Hello my dear Tony!
Today in the morning I have woken up in fine mood!
I saw wonderful dream! It has dreamed me that we have met.
You met me with the big bouquet of colors. We went towards each other.
You have gently embraced me and have taken me on hands. Your lips have touched my lips.
Our kiss was very long and sexual!
Then you have shown me your beautiful country. We walked on streets and you held me for a hand.
It was cheerful and interesting to us together. We were happy!
And in the evening we had romantic supper at candles in a bungalow on seacoast.
We bathed in the sea at night. In the sky there were many stars and the bright moon. We were engaged in love all night!
I have woken up with ideas on you. I have wanted to share my dream with you at once.
It was the most beautiful dream in my life! I would like very much that it became a reality.
I hope that it will happen in the fast future!
Today I have printed out your photo. I have put it about my bed.
Now I shall fall asleep and wake up looking on you!
I wait the following letter from you soon!
With love!
Your Elena.

Letter 7

Hello my dear Tony!
How your today?
I did not work today. My director has problems.
Therefore he has given all employees a compensatory holiday.
I worry very much. Probably our firm to go bankrupt.
But I hope it is not happen.
As I have today a compensatory holiday I have decided to tidy up at home.
I have washed linen, have washed windows, have wiped a dust.
I very much like cleanliness and a cosiness in the house.
I began to notice that I think of you very much.
I look very much frequently at your photo. I present our meeting.
It is very easy for me to write to you. My feelings to you become deeper and stronger.
I would like to make you the happiest man in the world.
It seems to me that our meeting is a destiny.
Sometimes in the evenings I like to look at stars.
In the sky I see the big and bright star. I like it very much.
I want that this star was our star. Let it becomes a symbol of our happiness.
I hope that our love will be same bright and infinite as this star.
I want that it never died away in our hearts.
With love!
Your Elena.

Letter 8

Hello my dear Tony!
I have very bad mood today.
As I already wrote in the last letter I have problems at work.
My director has declared today that our department in shopping center will be closed.
All employees are very upset. Soon we shall not have work.
I am afflicted very much. I hope for your moral support.
Excuse me please for such short letter. I have no a lot of time now.
I hope you understand me. I have come in the Internet of cafe to read your letter.
I can not without your letters and your sincere words.
Only your Elena.

Letter 9

Hello my dear Tony!
It is pleasant for me to receive your letter.
I want to inform you that I our department was closed.
Now I am the unemployed. I am afflicted very much.
I write the letter and tears flow from my eyes. I do not know as to live me further.
I have no work and you are far from me. Only dreams of you inspire me.
It seems to me that I shall happy only with you.
My grandmother has arrived to me to support me this difficult minute.
We talked about you much. My grandmother has noticed that when I speak about you I look happy and in love.
She sees as I treats you quiveringly. She thinks that I shall be happy only with you.
She speaks that two loving persons should be together.
My grandmother not against if I shall arrive to you.
Does not hold me anything in Russia.
I want to start new life with you. You are necessary for me only.
I want to arrive to you! I hope you not against and you will help me with my trip to you.
What you think? I wait your answer soon!
Sincerely, with love!
Your Elena.

Letter 10

Hello my dear Tony!
Many thanks for your letters and understanding!
I want to be with you! I hope for our meeting soon!
Today I went to travel agency. I have found out the following.
First, I should make out documents: the passport and the visa.
It is necessary for this purpose from one about two weeks.
When my documents will be ready I can order tickets.
My tourist agent will help me with official registration of documents in embassy.
Cost of expenses for documents - 487 dollars.
Cost includes services of agency, consular gathering, the passport and the visa.
I hope you can help me. What do you think?
I want to arrive to you very much! I wait for your answer very soon!
Sincerely, with love!
Your Elena. mailto:lena_koz@bk.ru

Letter 11

Hello my love Tony!
I understand you... You are afraid to send money to me.....
But you should trust me completely.... I love you with all my heart!
I always sincere with you! I really want to be with you!
Only you are necessary for me! I hope you can trust me completely.....
If you do not want to send money to me personally,
you may send money to the bank account of agency.
If you do not want to send money, I shall be happy to meet you here in Russia!
I do not want to deceive you..... But you are necessary for me!!!
I do not want to lose you..... And it is not important for me where there will be our meeting!
I hope for your understanding and trust to me.....
Sincerely, with love!
Your Elena.

Letter 12

Hello my love Tony!
I understand you completely...
Number of my Russian passport: 3903 152268 Date of distribution of the passport: 17.05.2003 My full address: Russia, Tatarstan, 420 017, Kazan, street. Gagarin, 35 - 35.
Details of the bank account of agency:

57:Beneficiary Bank
SWIFT: CBGURUMM; Account with correspondent bank: 04413603; Name: JSC
Vneshtorgbank Retail Financial Services;
Address: 5 Dolgorukovskaya Str., Moscow
56:Correspondent Bank of beneficiary's bank:
SWIFT: BKTRUS33; Name: Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas;
ABA:021001033; Address: 60, Wall Street, New York, NY; zip code: 10004
Beneficiary's account:42301840115001004631,
Beneficiary's name: Ruban E. P.
72:Payment details:
Private transfer to Telebank client 806033

Now you have the full information on me.
I love you! I do not deceive you!
I really want to be with you!
I hope for our meeting soon!
Today I shall go to my grandmother on week-end.
I shall write to you when I shall come back!
You always in my heart!
I shall wait for your letters!
Sincerely, with love!
Your Elena.