Scam letter(s) from Olga to Arun (India)

Letter 1
How are you? you are very interesting to me. I want to know more about you.I want to see a lot of your Photos.What about me.My name is Olga.I'm 25 years old.I'm 5'9 and 124lbs. What about my work.I work as the secretary in the organization.Charity Organization.Our fund help to homeless kids, kids without parents with clothes, food toys and so on.I like this work because we do our work for the sake of kids and I'm proud that we do such necessary,responsible and important job.My hobby is listening to the music and reading books. I like to read novels.I prefer a lot of different music.I like sport.I play tennis.Also I'm fond of hiking, picnics on fresh air. I try to attend regulary the beauty center.Thanks to healthy nourishment,my lessons of aerobics and dancing I have slender body and strong health.My favourite color is is blue and pink... i prefer tender colors, but my choice usually depends on my mood.Also I care for my friends very much.I'm carried away with sport and cooking. i love tooffer friends and guests my dishes. I've never been married and I don't have any children.I don't smoke and almost don't drink, but sometimes I like to drink in good company. What about you????? What about your work?????? So I will wait for your answer.
Hope to receive your letter soon :):):)
Best Rgds
Letter 2
I'm so glad that our correspondence is going on.I like your letters very much and especially that wonderful thoughts in them. you are very interesting person. so, what about me, my name is Olga,I'm 25 years old and i will be 26 on the 10th of May.I'm russian but I have european or american blood too - my great-grandfather was from Europe or Usa As far as I Know.Maybe that's why I'm so interested in another culture...I was born on the 10th of May in 1983 in town St.-Petersburg.My mother often says me that I have to marry because I am already 25 years old and soon I'll be 26. She says that is the best age to do it because I have enough experience of life. i often think about it, but unfortunately I didn't meet worthy candidates yet.To tell the truth I have rather big success in association with men here,but I'm very serious and careful in this case - I'm searching someone unique, worthy and noble one - the man my dreams, my beloved and defender. I'm afraid nobody fits my spiritual needs here in Russia that's why I've decided to find my unique beloved one in the Internet. Let's see what to expect from it?!?!?!?! Certainly as for the most of people the mainest thing is family in my life.I have the united family. My parents love each other very much that's why I have been growing up in atmosphere of care and love.They are the dearest thing in my life. I am much obliged to my parent that I am such kind and good educated person.I'd like to have such family relations similar to the relations of my parents. Esle I care for my friends very much. I consider that friends are the second family you can't live without.I have 1 best friends Lina - we spend much time together and support each other whatever will happen and I'm very proud that I have such friendship in my life., as I've already told you I love kids very much.I don't have my own but I give all of my love, care and attention to the son of Lina and to tell the truth he considers me as the second mother.
you have your best friends????? Also I'm carried away with sport and cooking.Else I love to offer friends and guests my dishes.
I hope our correspondence will continue, and thank you a lot for paying your attention to my modest person. In your possible next letter I'd like very much to read more about you, your lifestyle.
Your new friend Olga.
Thank's ahead
Sincerely Olga
Letter 3
Hello my unique and beloved I'm full of doubtful feelings - first of all I'm happy to reckognize that we were in touch with our mutual loving and caring thoughts and feelings but this wonderwork is complicated by the fact that you are not writing to me for the rather long peroid of time and we still unfortunately can't make arrangement on our personal meeting. Isn't it difficult for you to explain me the reason? It's hard for me to tell these words, , but I have to speak out! Should I forget about you and throw out all of my romantic illusions... Should I wait a bit...
Should I think over my intensions and my behavior... , please tell me what should I do! Please tell me what made you to keep silence and forget about me? , I need your answer to be assured - expectation and uncertainty frighten me... Sincerely and truly,
Letter 4

You the fool as I can be Scammer
From what it you took
I not understanding that you speak you that to the patient???????????????? Or absolutely the fool?????????
As you can so to talk to the girl which only wished to correspond with you and than that it is more
I thought that you to me the friend
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