Scam Letter(s) from Natalia to Richard (France)

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Letter 1

Hello, my friend Ricky!!!
I am pleased to receive your response.
For me it is very important. Now we can begin communicating.
a great pity that our correspondence begins with a painful stories narrated by you. I think that you change your opinion to me.
Unfortunately, I do not know where to start but I will try to give you, it was interesting to communicate with me.
As you already know my name is Natalya, I'm from Russia, a city in which I live is called Cheboksary. It is located east of Moscow.
If you are interested, I can tell more about it later.
Now I am a single woman and trying to find a serious relationship.
I very much hope that I will.
And you?
I can not explain to you why I have chosen you. I hope that my choice is correct. And in our relationship, yet friendly, and will gradually develop our friendly relations degenerate into more serious.
What do you think?
I think that my first letter was interesting for you, and that's not the end of our correspondence.
Also, I would hope to know something about you.
In this letter I will send you a photo.
And I will hopefully get a picture of you.
Your friend Natalya ...

Letter 2

Hello my dear friend Ricky!!!
Our conversations continued, and I am glad to see your letter again.
I read with great interest your letter, and now write you a reply.
I think that my answer will be no less interesting than your letter.
Well, I think that in order to continue our relationship, we need more details about each other.
I read your letter and understand what has been our interests coincide. I think that in the future as we have found much in common.
Now I can tell more about my life.
In fact, I am an ordinary person, as many people on this planet. I have their interests, hobbies, work ...
But everyone is different from another person. And it is good that we do not resemble each other externally and internally.
My life is different, I try to do everyday affairs, and while some live each day varied.
I'm busy woman, I have a job that I love to do. I am a stylist at a beauty salon in the city.
This is a creative work and I like to engage in creative work. Later on, I can tell you more detail with you about their work.
Besides work, I have other classes. I regularly visit the fitness club to keep themselves in good shape.
Also, I often meet with friends, we communicate, visit the cinema, or when the good weather, we simply strolling in the park or the boulevard.
On weekends, I have been visiting grandparents who live in the suburbs.
My dear friend Ricky, I told you directly as I live.
In principle, I like this life, but I understand that I do not have enough in this life.
All my friends already the marriage and live happily ever after. One of my friends who also met on the Internet, and now lives in France with her husband.
I'm very happy for their friends, and they also wish me to quickly find your happiness.
I am not like write big letter, but today I realized that the more I am write the letter so want to tell more in his letter.
I hope that my letter was also interesting.
I will be eagerly waiting for your response.
Your dear friend Natalya ...

I have forgotten to tell to you which that: I the only child in a family. I have no sisters and brothers.

Letter 3

Hello my dear friend Ricky!!!
I am very pleased that our correspondence continues. Particularly, I am pleased once again to receive your letter.
I did a very careful reading of your letter, and received a lot of information from you.
I am very pleased that the interested and ask me questions. Of course I will be pleased to respond to you. But the letter did not last and we still oniaai share everything. Do you agree?
With regard to my age, I am 27 years old and I live alone.
Now I will write you a reply, and I feel like that was my answer to you is also interesting.
In my previous letters I wrote to you about myself, and tried to touch on several topics at once.
I could not tell you more about each topic. For example, I talked to you a bit about my city, but did not speak to you the details.
In this letter, I decided to tell you more about your city, about people who live in my town.
I guess that if people are interested in any city, no matter what country it can easily learn all the information on the Internet.
You can also learn more about my city on the Internet, but I think would be better if I tell you. Because I know the city inside, I'm live it for a long time, I have to communicate with people in my town.
My dear friend Ricky, as you already know my city is called Cheboksary.
It is a small town. I was born there and live with my birth.
Our city is home to about 441 thousand. Our city is located on the Volga River.
Volga River is very much on the river swim big ships.
Our city has a jetty where the boats are going a lot.
Also, we have their own language. He called the Chuvash language. It is very different from the Russian language.
But in my country speak in Russian.
And for this we have few people in the country speaking Chuvash.
I have not studied the Chuvash language, and I do not know.
In our city theater 4, 2 museums, 5 bridges and several higher education institutions.
City Cheboksary is divided into 3 areas: Kalininsky Leninsky, Moscowsky.
I know a lot about their city. I even know what was founded.
City Cheboksary was founded in 1469. In this letter I will send you photos of my city.
I think that people in our city are no different from people of other cities. In every city there are good people and bad. I try to communicate with good people who are familiar with me a long time.
I want you to confess that I was very lucky with the choice of the people. Now, I just believed it, because I understand that you choose, I know what you are good people.
My dear friend Ricky, I almost told you everything about his home town, my city seems to me that way. I have a little distracted from the basic theme, but I very much hope that you will read my letter with pleasure. I also hope that you tell me about your city as you, it seems.
Now, my friend, I finish writing this letter, and look forward to your response.
Your dear friend Natalya ...

Letter 4

Hello my dear Ricky!!!
I hope that you do not mind if I to name you so?
I just feel like you do a lot of nice in my letter.
I am very grateful to you for your reply.
I am very glad that has liked you my story about my city. I also liked your story. Now I which that know about your city.
I have forgotten to tell to you that I live in Kalininsky area. Which I have sent a photo to you is represented coast of the river of Volga.
My dear, I want to confess to you that in these few days that we know it seems to me that we have known them a long time.
Of course, this may sound stupid, and I'm not worth talking to you but it's a fact.
Every person has its own character, and everyone thinks of her. I understand that some emotional and some vice versa shy.
And so I want to talk to you about the character. Do you think any of you has?
Now I will tell you about my character. Sometimes the easiest to observe the man from a little bit and understand his character.
I have long been aware of their friends, and I know people who have their weaknesses and their strengths. You will be familiar, I do not so long ago, so I still hard to tell you about your character. I would be very interested to know your opinion.
But now I can tell you that there are already some overlap in our character.
Unfortunately, I do not know what to think about my friends, but I have a very long time watching each other and understand that I am a very quiet person.
How much am I to remember, I never raised a voice to people, and even more so never arranged fights. I try to deal with the words, because we live in a civilized society, and violence is simply not acceptable to us.
Maybe it shows my weakness, but I always thought that a girl should be a girl and not the soldier. What do you think?
I have a good education and good upbringing, and all I am grateful to my parents.
I never got offended or anger at the people, as if he has not been bad with me.
That's what I can say about my character, my dear Ricky.
I very much hope that you will still be interesting to know something about me. I will also very much hope that you tell me about your character.
My dear, I also want to ask you, what topic you'd like to talk? What you're looking for?
I am very pleased to support your theme, because as interesting as you would like to talk.
In this letter, I send you my picture, it will be photos of my favorite colors, and also my photos.
I hope that you enjoy.
I will wait for your next letter.
Natalya ...

Letter 5

Hello my dear Ricky!!!
I am happy to see your letter, and to know your news.
I am glad that you understand me. Indeed I had a difficult day today but I have power to respond to you.
I am very pleased to read your letter and very happy for you that you have good results in sporte.Ya also go in for sports, and if you're interested, I can tell you more about my sport.
I hope that you will spend a good time today. As for me, now I have to job. Today, I am working on my job.
But the work did not spoil my mood, because I like my job.
Throughout the world there are people who do not like his own job, and they work just to earn money.
Do you agree with me?
I'm really very lucky with the choice of profession. I confess to you that I am of course revenue is important, but so no important as the pleasure derived from work.
I think that I would not could to engage in other work, even if the wages exceed many times over.
This is my opinion about the work. Of course, I will not judge people for what they are working only for money.
I respect the interests of others, because each must be an opinion.
My dear Ricky, as you can tell me your opinion about your job? You really like your job?
With regard to my income, my salary is the average for any citizen of Russia.
It is about 7000 - 7500 rubles, approximately 150 - 170 euros.
Unfortunately, I do not know what life in Europe, and this amount would be enough to live in Europe. But in Russia it is good money to live normally.
Of course, I can not afford to travel on vacation to other countries, but I sometimes have a holiday in Russia.
I have several times visited resorts in the city of Sochi. Incidentally, I have a picture from my last vacation. I will send them to you in this letter.
I hope you will enjoy:) I had many photo, and I could send you them in a considerable quantity that to you could look them.
But because of the breakage of my computer, I do not have the ability to send them to you. I have only a few photos that were stored on CD.
The repairman which is repairing computers told me that he broke the hard drive. Unfortunately, I do not know anything about the computer, and I do not know how serious it is. Maybe you, my dear, tell me, I have the hope to restore this piece that I pitch to take his picture?
I am very ashamed to ask you this, but I'm really very sorry to lose my collection of photos.
The computer is a very useful thing, but sometimes gives such surprises.
my dear, do you agree with me?
I still think that the computer is more useful because it only because we now know, and perhaps our acquaintance will not end in a friendship. This is something that I feel. I think now that if I lose my contact with you, it will be a big setback for me.
I very much hope that this will not happen, because I'm so used to you that when I go to bed sleep is the first thing I remember everything I had that planned this day? And yet there was such that I did not respond to you in your letter. I will struggle not to make you worry and miss you, without my answer.
I very much hope that you might also be interesting to talk about what I wrote you this letter.
I have great curiosity will await your response.
I send you lots of kisses, my dear.

Letter 6

Hello my dear Ricky!!!
You know, today I am especially glad to see your letter again.
Our communication is ongoing and it is really very good for us.
I also have the great joy of our conversation. Every day more and know more about you. Every day more and more used to you, to your mail.
My dear, I am glad that you help me advice how to make the hard drive. But I think that I should not do everything itself. I can aggravate the situation. It would be better if they would professional.
I am also glad that you have been waiting for promotion. I sincerely wish you good luck.
Today we have good weather in the city, and this is especially pleased because I have a free day today and I can do it profitably.
I plan today to hold the cleaning of my apartment. I love to clean, because I like when the house is order. It is very good is in the retracted room.
Do you agree with me?
Also today, I will most likely visits my grandparents who live in the suburbs. I think that they will be glad to see me today.
Besides today I have employment of sports in the evening. Indeed I have not talked to you about my sporting achievements.
Now I do aerobics, now it is very important. Many residents of the city were engaged in this sport. This sport is mainly women and girls.
I also decided to engage in and maintain themselves in good shape.
My dear, I also want to tell you about my sporting achievements.
From early childhood I have dealt with the artistic gymnastics. Parents want to raise me from a professional sportswoman. I worked for a long artistic gymnastics, and I had good results. Now I have the title of master of sports.
My career would have lasted, but I was waiting by failure. Once at the inter-regional competitions accident and I received a knee injury. Since then, I could no longer deal with a large sport.
If it were not the case, perhaps you could see me at the big tournaments on TV:)
I am very proud of their sporting achievements. Of course a little sad that it turned out I did not dislocate. I try to enjoy life and not look back with regret.
I think that you will agree with me.
My dear Ricky, here such plans at me for today.
I very much hope that you will also be a good day:)
My dear, today I want ask to you, I do not know perhaps it may seem stupid, but I think we can continue to develop relations.
I want to ask you what feelings you have for me?
As for me, I have a strange feeling as if our friendship has turn into something more. Perhaps I am wrong and I should not lose his head. But I say this to you not simply so.
I will always speak to you frankly because I can trust you.
I know that you understand me and always support me words. I also want to tell you, my dear, that you can trust me.
Now I need to go to do affairs which I has planned.
I gently whole you my darling.
Your princess Natalya...

Letter 7

I'm happy again to say hello to you, my dear Ricky!!!
Your letter was for me great pleasure.
I listened with great interest read your letter and now i am going to write a reply.
My mood was good, and becomes even better when I am communicating with you.Today in our city a wonderful weather.
Sun, although a bit cold on the street. Approximately -10 degrees Celsius. Now the day and the weather a little warmer. But the night will be colder than now.In such conditions it is necessary to put on warm clothes that do not get sick. Besides, my work is not so close to my house, about 30 minutes walk.I am very pleased that you have such an excellent to be engaged of music. I think that you might play for me one of these songs:)Our correspondence continued, and every day I want more and more free time to carry out the computer, when you write a letter to you.But I can not do it because I have a job, I have a home, and my computer is still not in working condition.I just want to spend more time communicating with you. because it makes me really a lot of fun.I know that there are people who can not live without the Internet, and are at the computer the whole day.I have always been interested in this question: How can you deal with a whole day behind a computer. You know that I sometimes come to the internet cafe to write you a reply. I have several times come to internet cafe and saw all the same people.They spend a lot of time here. I have always been interested in this question, but I have not been addressed to ask them about it.But now I guess what they do. They also like me to communicate with your friends, loved ones, relatives or simply for those people. Now I also want to spend a great deal of time communicating with you. But this is only the words that are written using the keypad.The words told by man had more fun and understanding in communication.Do you agree with me, my dear?Why would these people do not meet in real life. But not, perhaps they do not have to remain together at the moment, or simply have no desire to meet.But I know that if you want something very possible to meet even with a man who is at the other end of the world. I think that you will agree with me.I know that you really like communicating with me, you tell me about it in every letter, and I like to know what you like communicating with me. I also like to communicate with you, and you understand it.But our goal is not just communication. Do you agree with me, my dear?Our goals are really serious, and to continue our relationship, we may need a meeting. I understand that it is a serious step, but the sooner we do it so quickly our relations degenerate into more serious.Unlike some people who need only to communicate, we need to develop our relations.My dear, I think you agree with me.I very much hope that you will understand my letter correctly. I also hope that you were interested to read my letter and agree with me.
I will be very pleased once again to get your answer.
Lots of kisses for you my dear.
Your princess Natalya ...

Letter 8

Hello my dear Ricky!!!
I once again thank you for your letter. I do not know how to express to you my gratitude. Sometimes it is so that I can not express their feelings through words.
But I really try to thank you.
You missed my letter?
I really missed you, even though enough time has passed since you wrote to me last time.
This is true because I am bored to spend time without communicating with you.
I'm trying to like something off from this idea but I can not. And I think about you, I think what's happening with you now, I think that you write me the next letter, think about how to shape our future relations.
Speaking of the relationship! My dear, our last conversation was about a little bit about the meeting. I read your letter and understand that you are not against having to meet more of you and we understand why a meeting is necessary.
My dear, I do not remember whether I told you about that I never had to travel outside Russia.
But when something happens for the first time, and I need to do this step. Many people each day traveling to different countries. And it seems to me that these trips are designed carefully and think about each step.
We should also carefully consider our meeting. Do you agree with me?
I have never traveled, and very seriously for this mission.
Although I never visited other countries, I know that for the trip I want to have some documents and tickets. I think it is because I have seen it many times in films.
Also, I think that I would have to ask for advice or as an embassy or travel agency. Because our town is not an embassy, I would have to contact the travel agency. Do you agree with me, my dear?
In our city there are several tour companies, and I will choose.
I talk to my friends, I think that they will help me choose the right agency.
Today I have free time and I was able to meet with friends.
Tomorrow I will write you details of my visit to the travel agency.
My dear Ricky, I have never traveled, and look forward to your support.
Besides, I would very much like to get my first trip was memorable for us.
I think that would be wonderful if we meet without difficulties.
although I know that in any case has its difficulties. I think that also agree with me.
But as the two of us we can overcome these difficulties. I am confident in this. And you, my dear?
My dear, I do not want to unsettle you but I do not have a camera. We are sorry, but I will try to find a recent photo of my flat on CD. But I can not promise you.
My dear, in your letter, you reminded me that I have not read a good book. Previously I had always read a book before bedtime, and now I just forgot this employment. My dear, you can advise me what you read? I also try to find this book and read it.
I hope that my letter as well as not always forced to miss.
I would very much like to re-read your new message.
I have the whole of you to my next letter, my dear Ricky.
Your princess Natalya ...

Letter 9

Hello my dear Ricky!!!
How your mood today? I think that your mood wonderful.
I'm ok. And even better when I read your letter and answer you.
My darling, I understand you as you are upset concerning my photos. Many photo where I with friends relatives was final at me.
But when I prepared for acquaintance I did not know that for you it will be interesting to know about my relatives. It is very a pity but if I knew that I would place all a photo on CD from the computer. Be not upset please. Who knew that there can be a such.
My dear, in our previous letters, we talked about the trip. And I think that you can continue this conversation.
Yesterday I met with a friend who had visited Spain. And I am decided to learn all the details of the trip. But as this journey has been about a year ago, we thought that now there are any changes. And I will get to know all the details of the travel agency.
Yesterday I took my friend's name and address of the agency in which she then made out trip.
And because I now had a day off from work, I visited the agency.
When I came to this travel agency, Me met a very friendly, offered a drink of tea. I immediately thought that there are polite people, and they are in any case, help me to arrange a travel.
Then I talked to the agent, and explained that I has never traveled outside of Russia, and now decided to visit my lovely male who lives in a France.
The agent listened very carefully to me and offered to come to you as a tourist.
I agree with the agent and accepted version of the arrival of France as a tourist.
Then the agent told me in detail what is needed to travel. For travel, I need to do a visa, passport, undergo a medical examination and buy a ticket.
I offered a contract. If I make all the documents and buy a ticket to the agency, it makes me a discount on the ticket. I think this is best offer.
What do you think?
But today I did not sign the contract because I needed to consult with you.
My darling, for me it is not difficult to be engaged in a trip, on the contrary to me even it will be interestingly engaged by a trip.
After all, I have never traveled, and this will be my first trip.
I very much hope that my first trip really take place.
The only problem of my trip is that I do not have the entire sum for the trip to you.
I'm a little upset. I would be able to do everything itself, but in this world money decide much.
My dear, I think that this will not be an obstacle to my visit.
I do not know how much will I travel in my life, but I know that this is the most important journey of my life. In fact, now my fate is decided. And if we do not see you now, how will I be able to arrange my personal lives.
Indeed, I am already so used to you, that meeting will be for me the brightest event in my life, and perhaps in yours.
I hope that you were interested to read this letter, and learn the details of the visit to my travel agency.
I will also wait for your answer, my dear.
For me it is very important to know your opinion about the trip.
Your princess Natalya ...

Letter 10

Hello my darling Ricky!!!
First of all let me send you the most tender my thanks for your dear letter.
Every day, it pleases me more and more. This is like the sunrise early in the morning.
If the sun not ascend it would be very bad for all the inhabitants of the planet. If I have not received your letter I will be sad until you write to me.
Well, I think we can continue our dialogue and development of our relations. Do you agree with me, my dear Ricky?
My dear, today I would like to continue to talk about my trip, and of course do not forget to talk about relationships.
During our correspondence, I noticed that our relations develop and become more warm.
More recently, we did not know each other, and today for the development of our relations, we need a meeting. And incidentally, we already talk about it a few days.
I know that if say and do nothing we will not be able to get under way and will not be able to meet. Do you agree with me, my dear?
Of course, I already would start to legalise papers for a trip, but I cannot start to be engaged in a trip.
Because I do not have which sum to me it is necessary to start official registration of documents and purchase the ticket.
My dear, Of course if I did not have problems with money, that I already yesterday would begin prepares for a trip.
But since I do not have that amount money, I need your support.
I think that you will not be against to help our relationship?
My dear, to pay for the entire trip, I would need about 430 euro. So yesterday I was told in travel agency. But yesterday, I am embarrassed to tell you about it.
Because I thought that you do not understand me correctly, and besides, I never had to To ask assistance related to money.
I do it for the first time and now I feel a little silly and awkwardly. I really want to meet with you, I really want to travel and I really want to visit your home, know what life outside of Russia.
You must understand my desire, my dear Ricky.
I look forward to your support, and very much hope that I will be able to exercise their journey with your help.
I will also closely monitor my mail, and very much hope that you will answer me soon.
Your gentle Princess Natalya ...

p.s My dear, unfortunately I do not know when I was arriving to you. if you can help me, then as soon as I start to prepare documents for the trip will be known to the date of my arrival in France.

Letter 11

Hello my dear prince!
Our communication is ongoing and I am happy to re-read your letter.
Today in our city, overcast weather, but my mood does not change from the weather.
My mood depends entirely on the dialogue with you, and during our correspondence, I never had to grieve.
Today, I have no change in the timetable of the day, and I have no news. I think that in this letter, I need to continue to talk about the development of relations and the meeting.
My dear, you know that I have a great desire to meet, but I do not have opportunities.
I want to answer my question. I can count on your support?
I ask you to support because you are only interested in the meeting because no one else.
Of course I asked for help from their friends and relatives, but because my social circle as well as myself, not because rich people in this situation, nobody could help me, and I was not occupy to take at least part of the amount which is necessary for me to travel.
So I do not have options to have that amount here in Russia.
Of course you would be able to come to Russia, and help me here. But I am very worried for us, because my ex boyfriend will hinder our meeting, even here in Russia. And therefore we can not risk it. I am sure that you are a brave man, but together there is nothing we can do.
Because if we are able to cope with a one man, then his friends help him.
And then we really might be big trouble.
With regard to accumulate this amount to me, I think that to earn that amount to me not possible.
All my salary is spent on rent, for food and other needs. If I had the opportunity to gain a small amount I would have long put off the start.
But this option is also not real.
My dear, we have a very simple situation does not. And I would not like to cancel the meeting.
Although I have a version as possible, we can meet. This idea came from me right now. And I am happy to share it with you.
Because you have that amount which is necessary to me, I think that we can find a way how you can refer me to that amount. I think that there are many options as possible to transport the money. I was a little heard of companies that deal with money transfers.
But I do not know the details, because I never had to use the services of these firms.
My dear, I am sure that this option is possible, and we need to use it.
What do you think about this?
My dear Ricky, you have more options than those that you suggested in a previous letter?
Of course I do not pleasant talk about money, but I think that you understand me, understand my feelings ...
Now I am in a good mood I finish writing this letter and look forward to your reply.
Your gentle Princess Natalya ...

Letter 12

My darling, I thought that you are glad to my actions.
But there is that it not so.
What for you speak me this history???!!!
It is not pleasant to me to hear from you such stories. On what you hint???
You in something suspect me???
Tell to me directly, that you do not trust me, what for to speak guesses.
Tell to me directly, that you do not trust in my existence, you do not trust me and we will leave.
How you think, what sensations at me?
I cannot simply believe!!! I have told to you all details of my life. Yes this even not main.
I have spent a lot of time as a result to hear it!!!
I simply am very strongly upset.
You the adult person, unless you yet have not understood, that for me not the main thing money.
Your love is necessary for me.
I normally earn to live normally in Russia.
I thought that it will be better if I arrive to you. You agreed. And now your help was necessary for me, and you turn away from me.
How it is possible????
There can be you do not test to me love??? There can be it only your game??? Again to break my heart.
My darling if you really love me - you will help me.
If you do not love me - you simply will suspect me further and will search for the reasons not to help me.
Or you can be simply not will to write to me, will forget about me.
What will you choose???
I will wait for your decision.
Know, that these suspicions spoil our relations.
Know that I love you, and I can forget about this unpleasant moment in our relations.
I love you.
I will look forward to hearing from you.
Your love Natalya...

Letter 13

Very sorry but I can not continue our relationship after I say to you.
By the way, if you're interested, I have no trust in you now. Once again, I reviewed your letters and I understand. What in your previous letters you have hypocrisy. For all of our correspondence you send me just a few photos.
I first decided to find love on the internet, and now I understand that you are not fit for me. YOU are so fond of money, that probably you will be with them alone.
Farewell, I'm not pleasant to talk with you after these words.
And I do not want your last chance!



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