Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Lipatnikova to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello my friend!!!
I think that at us can be much in common. You so do not think? If youwish to communicate with me write to me on my e-mailpassionate_divine_27 at "y a h o o" dot com Or give me yours E-mailand I with pleasure shall write to you. What is your name? I very muchwish to learn you better and with pleasure I shall answer you theletter if you write to me.But if you write to me I shall necessarily send you my photo!I shall wait very much your letters and your photos
Yours new friend Ekaterina
Letter 2
Patrice I am glad, that you have written to me. I very much waited foryour letter. I do not know how to begin acquaintance and that aboutmyself to tell. But I think, that we can learn one about other much,and ours dialogue will be pleasant. I would like, that you would sendmore than the photos and answered my questions sincerely. I likesincerity and the truth. What it would not be.I shall wait for your letter with impatience.
Your new girlfriend Ekaterina
Letter 3
Hi Patrice!!!!!
Patrice I have received today your letter, and I am happy. I so wish tolearn about you more. But I do not know from what to begin. I haveseen yours profile, and you have liked me. I hope, that to you too Ilike. I would like to answer your questions all over again.I hope, that my answers are clear to you. I am not so good to writeEnglish. But I hope, that you understand me. I as wish to tell aboutmyself more. My name is Ekaterina. To me now 27 years and I live withmum in one apartment. I was never married and to not have children.The city in which I live, refers to Berezniki. I work in localhospital. It is small hospital. Therapeutic item. I work there nurseand I help the doctor. My work is pleasant to me, because I can helppeople. To me like, when I to see their happy faces.Patrice I have started to use Internet recently. After at us hasappeared the Internet of cafe in settlement. I all over again did notthink of it. But has decided to try. Patrice that you would wish tolearn about me??? Ask me, and I am obligatory to answer you. I hope,that you will send the photos also. I would like to receive more them.I send you the photo. I hope, that it is pleasant to you. Tell to mewho are Patrice. What it is pleasant to you in women? What character?What should it be able? I very much would wish to know.I hope, that tomorrow I again shall receive your letter and yourphoto. I shall wait very much. Patrice you will not forget to write tome the letter? I hope, that was not present. I very much wait......
Your new girlfriend Ekaterina
Letter 4

Hello Patrice!!!!!!!
Patrice as you feel? I hope, that all is good. How your mood when youhave received my letter has changed? I Hope, that my photo waspleasant to you. Today I send you a photo.Patrice I hope, that my photos it is pleasant to you. You too will sendme many photo? I hope, that I shall receive them tomorrow. I do notknow why, but I to trust you. I do not know you, but I trust. I do notunderstand why. Patrice You know? I shall tell more about myself. Mygrowth 174 sm (5 ' 7), weight nearby 54 kg (120 lbs). Proportions ofmine a ******, a waist, a hip accordingly 93 - 62 - 35. And at youPatrice??I to appreciate in people kindness, sincerity, honesty and the goodrelation to another. It is pleasant to me, when purely, cosy. When Icome home I always is glad, because at home always purely. Patrice andyou love cooking? I simply adore. The grandmother has learned me andnow I always and all I make itself on kitchen. And what it is pleasantto you? What dishes? I asked you about what women to you like. I, forexample, like men who are quiet, sincere and do not deceive. Which Ilove, and which loves me. Patrice how you think, you can be it? Or not?I think, that we shall soon know it. When we learn one another better.Than you were engaged today? I hope, that when you receive my letter,it warms you and makes your day successful.I hope, that at you all is good. I shall wait for your lettertomorrow. I hope, that I shall receive answers to all the questionsand many your photos. Sincerely,Ekaterina
Letter 5
Letter 6
Hello My Dear Patrice!!!!!!
Patrice your letter again makes me happy. You are able to make, so Iwould smile. I at once forget about all and I think only of you. Howput today? Successfully? I hope what yes.Patrice I would like to learn about your family. What can you tell tome? At you it is a lot of relatives? Where your parents? My mum now 59 years and her name Tatyana. I do not know thefather. Mum to speak nothing about her, and I do not wish to learn,because she cries, when I ask her. More I do not ask, and nobodyspeaks me. And I have already reconciled to it. My grandmothername Evgeniya.I earlier often lived with the grandmother and it much to that haslearned me. Patrice why you have decided to search for the love in theInternet? I, for example, tried to find the man in the city or inother earlier, but nothing has turned out. At all of us the man it isa lot of to drink alcohol. I do not love it. I have not met anybodyhere and have decided to learn about you more. I wish to meet such whowould understand me. Who can support me and to whom I shall beimportant. And I shall always love such men and I shall be only it.Patrice I do not think that the age is the important factor. Becausewith the years men more cleverly also are more skilled also I would behappy, to live with such the man. Therefore age not the main thing forme. I wish to enjoy love, passion, tenderness, I wish to see happinessof the beloved. And I shall make all for the sake of it. And youPatrice???? I to not love quarrel. I think, that all can be solved easy.How you think? Patrice you would like to receive its my photos? I todaysend you a photo. I hope, that it is pleasant to you.I send you an air kiss and I hope, that it makes your daysuccessful. I hope, that I shall receive the answer soon. The truth? You will write to me at once as will receive my letter? Yours Ekaterina
Letter 7
Hello My Friend Patrice!!!!!
I am glad, that you answer my letters. You like me more increasing and more. I wish to learn you more and more. The more I learn, the you are more to me like.
Today I went along the street and looked that surrounds me. I earlier much that did not notice. Patrice you Represent? I go along the street where went not the first year and I notice a lot of new. At all I do not know how to describe it. After has got acquainted with you, it seems to me, that in my life there were changes. And only good.
And at you how are you doing? How you feel? You had a successful day?
What new has occured? I today have met the girlfriend. She has suggested to go at cinema. But I would not be in time. And I have refused. Patrice and you love cinema? What? You Like to go to theatre?
And to dance? Danced earlier? Likely you are good to dance.
I like to look films. Especially about love and comedies. Patrice as you like to have a rest? We with girlfriends it is a little bit put went in Sochi back. On rest. I never to forget the sea which so is fine. If you could be with me I think that it would be much better.
How you think?
Today I went with the girlfriend at cinema. I have promised to her the last time, that today we go. We looked Russian film about love. "Love and Pigeons". Very much it was pleasant to me.
I all time think, I am pleasant to you or not? You very much like me also I is glad, that have got acquainted with you. And you Patrice?
By the way, my girlfriend asked to think up a name for her cat. I at all do not know what to tell. You can will prompt me? How you think?
I shall wait for your answer with impatience tomorrow.
I wish, that your day would be successful and full of happiness.
I with impatience wait your photos and letters.
Letter 8
Hello My Patrice!!!!!!
I at all do not know to like you my photo, but I send it to you. Here it. On this photo I with the girlfriend.
I would like to learn from you about your friends. Patrice, at you it is a lot of friends? And the presents? Not simply familiar. And people to whom you can trust in all???? And they will always give you advice, he was not as though sick. Which does not want to you a pain. Which help with all to you.
Patrice At me only one present girlfriend from whom we can speak about all. It with her I went to cinema. You remember, told?
Her name is Olesya. We with her grew together and, studied together, together went on dances. Now she works the teacher at school. She teaches English. We with her together well studied English at school.
Patrice and what friends at you? At you many the present friends? Tell, the truth. And to have a photo, where you together? You can send it to me?
Patrice all is interesting to me also I wish to know all about you.
Likely I to make many questions, I hope, that you are not offended on it.
I already miss and I check mail. Your letter suddenly will come? I wait, very much I wait.....
Yours Ekaterina
Letter 9
Hello My Gentle Patrice!!!!!!
When you have woken up at you there was a good mood today? Or bad?What did you see in the dreams? I did not speak you about a cat wholives at my place? I him was presented by my girlfriend Olesya. He haswoken me today in the morning. His name Murzik. He has approached tomy bed and the beginnings gently to turn about my hand. Was sopleasantly!!!! I would like what every day to wake up from a kiss anda gentle touch to a hand. And you would like to wake up from mykisses?Patrice I wish to talk to you about the most personal. That occurs inyour heart. Patrice you to have secrets? You that do not speak that tome and anybody? I ask you tell fairly. I do not know why, but I do notwish anything to hide from you. Because I am assured, that it remainsbetween us, and you will tell nobody. Patrice you for me even becamecloser than my girlfriend, I can talk about about what I shall nottell to mum with the grandmother. I to trust you and I can not explainwhy. Patrice my mum, the grandmother, girlfriends, know that I communicatewith you. Speak, that I have strongly changed. Became more cheerful.Such feeling, that my life completely has changed. You have changed mylife, have added in it of more pleasure and happiness. And I wish tothank you for it. And what has changed in your life? Patrice that your friends think? Youhave told about me? I ask you, answer me only, the truth and it issincere. Patrice you are not tired to read my letter? Likely I write much and Iset too many questions. Or not? And as to you my new photo.
I shall wait for your letter tomorrow.
Sincerely Ekaterina
Letter 10
Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Patrice!!!!!!
Patrice I have received your letter.I am glad to receive your kisses. They warm me and on my facehappiness and a smile of that I have received your kisses.Patrice to me you are interesting to whom has still told what youcommunicate with me? Who that still knows, what I communicate withyou? What do they speak? What do your close people which opinion foryou is important speak? I very much wish to know it. I think, that youalready understand, that you like me. Mum and girlfriends speak mine,that though do not know you, but you are assured that for whom I havebeen born. But I would like to know also opinion of your relatives.You understand? Patrice when I talked about you with the grandmother, she speaks thatvery much would like to treat you with the pies. You would like to trythem? I can prepare for precisely same tasty pies. I thought, that at me all to have. But it appears to me is not presentmuch. I cannot touch you, I can not feel you. I can not kiss you, feelfire of love and passion. I CAN NOT WITHOUT IT!!!!!And so it would be desirable. And I hope, that becomes fast a reality.Between us there is some distance, but we have found a way to find oneanother. And I am assured what be fast we can in strong embraces ofone another. I think, that at all of us it will be good. And you as think? That your relatives and parents think. Your, sincere and gentle Ekaterina

Letter 11
Hello My Lovely Man and My Sweet Patrice!!!!!!
I so am glad to receive your letter. At us today a sunny day and I amhappy, to receive your letter. Because your letter warms my heart morestrongly, than beams of the sun.Thanks that has answered my question sincerely. I am glad to receivethe answer.I do not know, how you have made it. Patrice tell as???? Remember I hasasked you to dream me. And you have come to me in my dream. How youhave made it? Tell to me. You know, what was in this dream?? We havemet you at cinema. We with the girlfriend have decided to go aftercinema on a beach and when I left has stumbled and has not fallennearly. And you have caught me and have rescueed. I constraining, andyou have asked, where we go. We have told, that on a beach, and youhave gone with us. Patrice you told many interesting histories. Then youhave asked, whether you can spend me home and I have agreed. We sendonly late night. Because had fun and went long and slowly. Have thenstopped and sat on a bench. Where you the first time have kissed me. Ihave felt, as on my body have passed a shiver, pleasant, pleasant andI have nestled on you more strongly and we enjoyed kisses. And here Ihave woken up. I do not know, why, but today all turned out well. Canbecause you have kissed me? How you think?I wait for your letter. And you saw, what dreams??? Tell to me about them. Patrice it is very interesting to Me.I LOVE YOU PATRICE!!!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Ekaterina
Letter 12
Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Patrice!!!!!!!!
Patrice I adore your letters. I do not know, why, but every night Irepresent and I see dreams only about you and how we shall betogether. I more increasing and I want to you more. I do not know howto describe the feelings. I wish to nestle on you, to feel your kiss,your caress, your tenderness. To look in your eyes, to see your smile,to feel your fire of love and passion.I think of that as it will be fine when we shall meet. Patrice yourepresent, our sights meet, we run towards to one another and then along kiss, long evening both the longest and first our passionate andlong night of love. AS IT WILL BE FINE!!!!!!AS I WANT IT!!!!!!I wish to be with you every day, and the longer we communicate, themore strongly I would like to you. I do not know, how you havefascinated me, but I feel, that I wish to be with you. Patrice tell to me, you love me? You wish to be with me? You want, what wewith you could enjoy our kisses? Love? Passion? Tenderness? Caress?That we could wake up in embraces of one another? What is hearts wouldknock from love. That we could embody all our dreams in a reality.You want? I want. Patrice I do not know how to describe this feeling andthat that occurs inside of me. But I wish you to see to hear your voice. I only then shall be happy.And you? Patrice tell, how you think? You too want it? You feel, how yourheart knocks, when you write to me the letter? I wishes to be pulledout from a ****** and to depart to you.And yours? What do you think of a meeting? I wait for your letter. Yours and only your loving and gentle Ekaterina
Letter 13
Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Patrice!!!!!!!
I do not know how to describe that that occurs. I already spoke youabout it. Yesterday we talked to mum about you. I have told to herthat I cannot live without you, and I wish you to see. Mum has told,that she is glad for me. It is glad, that I have met the man of thedream. And I have asked her to go to me to you or not. she has toldthat thinks, has told, that I should go to you and not suffer andsuffer one here. And I at once have run to Olesya and have told,that I to go to you. I shall be with you. I do not wish to wait. IWANT TO YOU!!!!!!!!!I love you Patrice!!!!!!!!!!!!When I read your letters when on work when I go simply along thestreet when I go to bed and when I sleep. I all time think, about youand I wish to be with you for ever. I dream, that our happiness wouldbe with us for ever. Nothing is necessary for me, anything except foryour love and I wish to be in your embraces for ever. Nothing isnecessary for me. Anything except for your love. I wish to kiss you,to feel your kisses, to enjoy our passion and love. Patrice I wantsimply hold you for a hand and to go along the street, that we wouldbe together. FOR me THIS the MOST IMPORTANT!!!!!!! I wish to wake up in your embraces, I wish to wake up from your kiss,I wish to see your happy eyes. I wish to meet you houses, to make toyou massage, to prepare for fine dishes and to enjoy our love!!!!!!! Iwish to lay on a beach about you, what the sun, water and you with me.And I could kiss you. I WANT To YOU!!!!!!!!! I WOULD SHALL MAKE ALL THAT OUR HAPPINESS WAS WITH US FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!I WISH TO BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!Patrice I shall make all, that we with you would be happy. That I hadnot to make, I shall make all, everything what to be with you. Whateverything of what we with you dreamed, became a reality. Soon our dreams become a reality. We shall be together. I go and Ilearn all possible ways about how and when I to you shall arrive. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!Patrice I shall be with you. With you for ever.I promise you, I shall make, that to me it should not be made. And already tomorrow I shall inform you all. Yours and only your loving and gentle Ekaterina
Letter 14
I do not know what to tell. I never felt so badly. First time I writeto you the letter and it seems, that I write last time because youlikely will not answer me. I did not know, that such will be. I at alldid not represent, that when that I shall write to you such. FORGIVE......FORGIVE ME THAT I CAN NOT BE WITH YOU.....I do not know how still to tell. Everything, that was on heart,everything of what dreamed, everything of what thought suddenly hasbroken in a flash. I promised, that I shall make and I shall be withyou. But I cannot make it. Forgive Patrice, I ask you to forgive me.And I hope, that you understand me and to forgive. I have learned, howmany cost to arrive to you. And I cannot make it.I everywhere was, went in the next city because it big and all it ispossible to learn there. Was in all governmental organizations. If tomake all most it is required about three weeks and many money. At meis not present so much. I did not think, that so it is difficult to goto you. To me have advised to go in agency, there it is less than price bothall of them know also to all will learn, will explain all and therewill be no problems. But I do not have even that money which they ask. I know, that likely I can to ask about what that you because has notconstrained the promise. But I want one, that you would not leave meone. You have given me so much everything, and I wish to be with you.I do not know as to make so we would meet. Patrice, I ask you all heartwhich belongs to you. To not leave me one. Patrice I cannot livewithout you. I ask you forgive, forgive me Patrice.With all my heart, The girl who loves you, but cannot be with you. But I ask you to notleave me. I am assured, that in the world there is no man better thanyou. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!Forgive, I hope that you will forgive,I shall wait for your letter. Yours and only yours for ever, loving and gentle Ekaterina
Letter 15
Hello My Lovely Man Patrice!!!!!
I ask from you a pardon because I can not arrive to you. Therefore myheart hurts also I cannot make anything. To me it is very bad becauseI cannot embrace, see you your happy eyes, enjoy your kisses and beengaged with you in love. Patrice I so am happy that you have answered me and to forgive. I didnot know to receive I your letter or not, but I trusted that our loveexists also you will not leave me one. And you have written to me. AndI am happy. Patrice As you wish to help us? At you to have what that anopportunity? WHAT do you wish to make? Tell to me. I do not know asyou wish to make it. You in other country, I here. As you can make it.Explain to me. I wish to know as you wish to make it. I shall learntoo as you can make and if I learn what that a way I shall inform you.I hope that you already know as to make it. But I shall learn. I went to Travel agency and the trip learned from them provisionalcost. To me have told that it about 1400 dollars. They would tell thatI have informed them exact data on that in what airport to me it isnecessary to fly and when. I have asked what is the time to busyofficial registration of papers and tickets. They have told whathardly more weeks. If you to inform me the airport that I to descendand learn exact cost of a trip. Patrice tell to me what airport to me itis necessary to fly? I shall wait for your letter. On my eyes of tear of happiness from that that I soon shall in yourembraces. The most gentle and sweet. I want more likely to you. To bewith you for ever. I LOVE YOU PATRICE!!!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Ekaterina
Letter 16
Hello My Lovely Man Patrice!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I was very happy that we with youcan together. Yesterday when I have come home, mum has asked me why Isuch happy. Patrice I have told to it that we with you shall be togetherand it has told that is very glad for us. Patrice I today have woken up in the morning and have gone at once allprecisely to learn as as it is possible to make. I have asked as youcan pay it registration to me of documents. They have told that suchservices are not present and have sent in bank. I descended in bank.They have told that they do not have license for the internationaltranslations. Also have advised us to use Western Union. I have askedthat this such. To me have told that it is the company which isengaged in remittances. But it is necessary for me to go to the nextcity because at us it is not present. I shall learn all tomorrow. Ihave written down the name the airport and I shall inform it in agencytomorrow. I learn exact cost and exact day when we can be in embracesof one another. I am madly glad to it. I very much want to you and I wish to be withyou. Patrice I shall learn all tomorrow precisely.Patrice I so am happy, I soon shall with you, I shall enjoy our kissesand passion. All of what we dreamed becomes a reality!!!!!!!!!Patrice you represent? We shall be together!!!!! In my heart pleasure andhappiness. I to not bring with myself the photo today, but I to sendthem to you soon. We shall be together and we shall do many our photos together.I send you much many the kisses and we with you can soon enjoy them onthe present. We shall embody all about what we think and of what wedream in a reality!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU PATRICE!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Ekaterina
Letter 17
Hello My Lovely Man Patrice!!!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I have brought with myself a photoand I send you it. I hope that it is pleasant to you. A lot of timeand many photo will be fast at us where we with you shall be together.We can embody all our dreams and desires in a reality. Patrice I today have learned all necessary information. In Travel agencyto me have told that 1380 dollars for that would be necessary that Icould be with you. I as to go to other city and have learned thatwould be necessary that you could help us. To me have told that it isnecessary for you to find Western Union in your city. There it isnecessary for you to send money for my name Ekaterina Lipatnikova. Toyou will inform ten-character number. I can receive your help if youwill inform me the full name which has specified at to send,ten-character number which to you will tell there and whence you havesent Western Union address of money. I hope that you can make it and Ican be fast with you. I so shall be happy that with you. I think of that what things to takewith myself. At you warm weather? What to me to put on? Tell to me. What to me to take with itself? Patrice I very much wish to be with you in your embraces for ever. Iwould dream of that that we were in our embraces more likely, couldmake love and enjoy the most passionate and sweet kisses. I love you all heart!!!!! I wish to be with you!!!!!!! I wish to bewith you for ever!!!!! Patrice we soon shall together. TOGETHER!!!!!!! I am madly glad to itand I wish to see more likely your happy eyes and to embrace you.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Ekaterina
Letter 18
Hello My Lovely Man Patrice!!!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I send you a photo which have madespecially for you. I very much would want that you now were togetherwith me and we could enjoy our love and passion. I would not want that you ****** on me. I would want that we never toswear at you. I will be assured that at all of us well and perfectly.Patrice I forgive that the city has not told to you. I did not know thatit is necessary. Have told that it is necessary for you to specify thecountry where you send - Russia. In my city there is no Western UnionI learned about it in the next city - Cheboksary. Patrice I as well as you dream and with impatience I wait when I can bein your embraces for ever. What is the nights together, I wait yourkisses, passion, tenderness. I wish to feel you, your hands, yourbreath. I wish to enjoy our love!!!!!!! I we shall trust that we are happy for ever. We to meet one another inthe different countries and now we shall meet, and we shall be together. I LOVE YOU PATRICE!!!!!!I with impatience wait for your letter and I hope that next week mydocuments will be ready. And I shall be with you. I do not wish to wait. I want wings to fly to you. But at me they arenot present. But I shall be with you. Because our love will overcome all barrier and we shall be happy for ever. Yours and only your loving and gentle Ekaterina
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