Scam letter(s) from Elena Ivanova to Giovanni (Italy)

Letter 1

Dear Giovanni,
I am very happy to receive your mail again! That is like celebration for my lonely soul!Thank you that you make me feel not so lonely because of your attantion! That is very important for me and it gives me energy and joy!
There are a lot of people who are looking for second half and who finally did not do it.I am looking for a long time too,I had some meetings,but I am still single as you see and I don't want to stay on this level,I am very seriousely ready to do everything to create my happiness,that is very,very important for me and I want to make one lonely man more happy too .I have a lot of energy to love deep,strong and hot,from all my heart ,body and soul and I want to present my love to my man.
I think that is very good to speak about details of our meeting...we don't have too much time to spend it for correspondence only and then nothing.First weeks of May will be perfect! I will find free days,there are will be some celebrations in Moscow because we have some celebrations in begin of May and it will be sunny,warm weather,so it will be just amazing!
Yes,i miss my mother very much,I have only her and nobody else in this world and she is very missing me and very worry about my life and happyness,she allways call me and ask me did I eat well,am I very lonely or not? My mother is very good mother,she all ways was with me and supported me and now she is like my girl friend.Her name is Valentina,I hope,that one day if everything will be ok,you will like her too,because she is really good person.I am 9 month in Moscow,but I did not visit her,because there are in my job I did not have right to have vacance,so may be I will come to her after our meeting.
Wish you wonderfull spring and bon voyage for your bussiness trips!
Letter 2

Hello my dear Giovanni!
Thank you very much for understanding of my situation!It is very kind from your side!But your situation is more difficult then work so much!!!! It must be,that you very energetic person and that is wonderfull!I really respect you!But soon we both will have good bonus is our meeting after difficult work and grey lonely days!
Of course,I have mobile phone.By the way,I tryed to send you sms to your mobile,but it did not arrive you and came back to me,I am so sorry.So,may be if you will send me sms more luckly,I can answer and it will be ok,some times it worked good. My mobile phone number is: 89096821171 Dear Giovanni! That is so lovely and nice,that you love your niece,that you love children!I like it very much!Please,send my kisses to your small princess!
I must say about date of our meeting,that the week from 22 of Aprill till begin of May, I will be busy and will work alone in place where I usually work with my collegue,because my partner take vacance,but she don't know concretly till what date in May...I can't ask her to change her plans,because she will have birthday and because she studied me of my work and helped me a lot...but then in begin of May I will be free some days,so if in your plans will be free time to meet me,I will be very happy to meet you in Moscow. And I am very impatient in my waiting of you!
Send you kisses and wish you relax very well!
See you soon!
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