Scam letter(s) from Olga Bessonova to Robin (USA)

Letter 1
My fine Robin you do not represent, with what impatience I waited for your letter. I waited and thought that you to me will tell. I would dream of that what to receive more likely your letter. Also has received. I waited for it with impatience. I even have come today much earlier, than usually. What to receive it.
I am glad, that your relatives as well as I understand us. I am madly glad to it, but most of all I am happy, that I am not mistaken in you.
In your sincerity, what you that with whom I should be for whom it is born.
How you could think the such????? My feelings most it is sincere on light!
I do not play with you, and my friends do not laugh at you, they know that you the strong person, both you love me and you will make all to make me happy!!
As it would be desirable to be with you nearby and to feel taste of your hot kiss!!!
I wish to learn from you which that. How you represent our meeting? I do not know, how it will occur. But I think, that it will be at the airport. Because as I know that it will be necessary to fly by the plane. I never flied, but I think, that I can, and I shall not be afraid. I on all am ready for the sake of you Robin. And how it will be? How you represent our meeting at the airport? Here I have left the plane, have gone to an exit and on eyes have met....... I cannot present at all that happens. Likely I shall simply leave all things and to run to you towards, what to feel your kisses, your embraces, your tenderness and caress. Can so? I at all do not know...... At all I do not know as it will be. Robin there we the first time shall kiss. There first time we shall meet and we can feel one another. You represent? Robin it will be our first meeting. How you think, what will be? Tell to me, I wish to know. Where we to go? What shall we make? We shall be one? Nobody to us will stir?
Robin I know that it will be fine, but I do not know as it you imagine. Tell to me. I wish to know it. I wish to be with you, only with you for ever and nothing is necessary for me except for your love.
I miss you, I wish to be with you. I hope, that you will write to me soon how you imagine our meeting and will tell, that we shall make.
I wait for your letter, with impatience and I am burnt with that I wish to be with you.
I send you a photo,My girlfriend again has forced me to be photographed and I hope, that soon we with you shall have many photo on which we shall be together.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Kseniya.
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