Letter(s) from Alexandra Koroleva to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Jon!!
Hello darling!!!
Do not you mind me to call you so from the very first days we are acquainted??
My soul is longing for the one to be in love with...I want to be beloved so much and I want to love so much too...
And I really hope you have the heart I am looking for, Loving, True, Faithful, Joyous, Determined, Interesting, Personable, Loveable, Optimistic, Dedicated, Warm, Sensuous, Caring, Excitable, Gifted, Willing, Strong, Sincere, Very Romantic, Friendly, Pure, Positive, Extremely Intelligent, Gentle, Kind, Generous, Happy with yourself, Pride, Willing To Work, Encouraging, Charming, Aloof, Motherly, Vulnerable, Open, Cuddly, Tidy, Takes Pride in Yourself, Intuitive, Sensitive, Sweet, Best Friend, Very Sexy, Daring, Serious.
I can read it in your Eyes and Expressions.If you are sincere - in your words too...I hope so.And I really want to meet the one to make him happy!
Ok,I think I need tell you more about myself and I will start with the traditional things,so my name is Alexandra Korolyova and I was born on the 28.02.79,and you see I am lucky that this was not the last day of the February month in a leap year!!So I am 29 and I will so soon be 30...And I feel I need the family and I want it too much...
Actually I had the family as I was married but without having the kids.All the same that did not work out and that was not sincere and I am divorced now...If you ask me I will tell you about how it was but if you do not want to I will not bother you with this story.
As for my family I was not the only child in the family and I have the younger sister,who is 18.As for my father - I have never known him...The same was about my sister's father...My sister's name is Katya,but I call her Cat,and she likes it.You see she is one of the best friends for me thought our age difference sometimes makes some misunderstanding between us.
I live in Ukraine in the town of Lugansk and I must tell you that is the cosy town though that is not as beautiful as it could be and that is not as big as the other Ukrainian cities.
I do not live with my mother and I live now with the girl who I start communicating with as she had not enough money to rent the flat and I was in just the same situations then.So we live in one flat and we are the neighbors and I can tell you she is a good girl,her name is Tanya by the way,but I cannot tell you we are friends.

I work as the horse-riding instructor and I like the job I do.You see I suppose horses the most noble animals,they are so smart and clever and really sensitive.When you are the team with the horse you really become the one unit with it.
I think I do not want to make you tired with reading this and I think you can ask me if you want to know more about me,ok?
Unfortunately I do not have the telephone,and I think that would be easier to talk to you over it too.
Alexandra.My friends call me just Sasha.Do it as you want.
I wish to have the weekend with you....And you???
Kiss you:)

Letter 2

Hello dear Jon!
I am glad to have the letter from you again!!You know I was thinking of you were interested in me or not and I wanted to guess would you write to me or not...And I am so much pleased now to have the letter from you!
You know I think if we are going to create the relations you need to know more about me and I need to know more about you to.So I think I will tell you the truth as for the family life I had and then stopped to have having the divorce...as the result.You see there was something so bad in my life that I hardly could become the alcohol lover...I was really addicted to it...I think you do not understand me now.So I have never seen my father,I told you...My mother is a woman woman who was the teacher at school and who had many pupils of course and you know once she had the school boy who she fell in love with and some time later when he finished the school,my mother,a teacher,did not want to split up with him. And you know I want to tell you I did not know anything about them....But she did everything for I knew him,and he was a good match for me...And you know my mother organized everything so that we started living together and then we even married...The only one thing which was not well - we did not have the kids living for the several years together...And you know my mother,wanted me to live with him just to know he was close to her...And then some years later everything became so clear for me as I lost my work and once I was at home for the long time you know and you see I saw my husband and my mother were so good interlocutors and they spend all the free time together without paying attention to me at all...You see then I guessed about everything and I started drink alcohol then..The bad times came into my life and I could not live like that and do you know what did they do then??They offered me to rent a flat for me and to help me to pay for it too but they told me they did not want me to live with them anymore as they wanted to create their own family and they wanted to have the kid
themselves....What a mean mother she is for me.... I was really shocked to know that....And now we are divorced and you know they live happily and they are satisfied with everything.I never meet them and when somebody tell me something about them I do not even want to listen to the things I have to know...
This is my life story for now and I want to ask you if you really need to have the girl like me in your life....I know that is not so easy and that is so much unpleasant for me to realize I am the part of that....But I think you better know the truth....
I will miss you thinking of you and I send you the warm friendly hug now...

Letter 3

Hello Jon!!
Did you miss me as I missed you?I was really thinking of you all the time after my ball pen put the full stop on the paper of that letter I wrote to you last time...
Thank you for the reaction to my story...And you know I think of it all the time as I am not the stay at home person and I like to communicate with people but as for that part of my life I did not like to talk to the people about at all and you see you were That man who I wanted to share it with and you see I really feel easier and better about it now...I understand what is the pain which was divided into two parts...Thank you for your attention and for your care about me...Thank you for you tell me never to lose the hope and to find the solutions for all the problems - I understand your words like this,am I right?And I must tell you having them from you I feel the strongest shoulder in your shoulder,dear...
I also think that the things which do not kill us make us stronger and they are the basis of the experience we have in our lives....
But my dear,let us better talk about the good things and about the excitement and the inspiration which make us really happy!!!As for me I found it in horses,in my life this is so,and my work is also my hobby and the way to feel satisfied and happy for all the time.I like these great animals and I know they are to save the people in general....Why do I think so??There are so many reasons to think so:the first is the environmental pollution and the people would not suffer from it so much having horses instead of the cars.Then the horses can treat the people and I know a lot about the cerebral paradise which is unrecoverable itself and the time with horses can improve the health condition of the one who really needs the help...
In my childhood I loved the pictures with the horses and I liked to complete and to collect the puzzles with them sticking them everywhere around me and then when I grew up I decided to dedicate my life to them too.
I hope that you do not find boring these things as I really adore them finding the escape way from all the troubles somehow...
My dear,Jon,tell me what did you think of the way to become closer to each other and of the things for people closer relations?
I was mistaken in my past and that is why I worry a lot about it and I am afraid to make the mistakes again though I understand while you are scaring that is better to stay at home....Can you tell me what you think of it?
I have the hope to get the answer from you and to find the best friend in you too.
Kiss you.

Letter 4

Hello dear Jon!
Thank you for the letter from you!I want to tell you I like the words you tell me about you found your inspiration in nature and your job brings you to many beautiful places and can you tell me more about the places like these and the places you liked best??
And you know you are quite right that without the pain will not feel the great joy...I agree with you totally...
My dear you know I am so excited with everything we have these days between us and I want to tell you I feel someone so special for me in you...That is great for me as I was thinking would lose all my trust to men after my ex husband attitude to me...But now I see you are not like him and I really want to trust you again...I want to become closer to you and I want to let you in my life totally...And I hope to be in your life for all the time too...
You changed my life so fast,Jon,and so easy - and I really feel you gave me the breath I needed so much...I really want you to be the man who I was looking for so long and finally found...People say that love will never come when you are waiting for it and they also say real love comes unexpectedly and I feel this about you...
I believe in this dream,I cannot let you go,and I feel I am happy again now and you gave me this stolen feeling back.Having the warmth in my heart is so important foe me and I hope we will have this light feeling through the long years,my dear Jon!What do you think!I want to share so many things with you and I want to believe you and I want to trust you and I really do not want to waste the time and I want to start creating something so strong with you...I dreamt about family and now I dream about us together creating Our family...
I need to know what you think and I ask you if you are really so serious with me as I am with you...
Tell me,I am waiting for the answer from you impatiently!!
Your Sasha

Letter 5

Hello my dearest Jon!
I was reading you so attentively and the more I know you the more I am interested in you and I want to be with you...I want to tell you I am the one with the deep soul I hope.I never told you but I want to tell you now that my horse's name is Inspiration and I called it so as I was always thinking that will bring me the hope,the love,the dream and I found all these things on You...I need you now as I understand I started to breath with you...And I cannot be without you now...I am so sad that I have to make the choice between you and the horses I take care about...And I would love to be with you now but the financial situation I am in now is so strong for me...
....But all the same I want to be with you and I need you to be in my life with me....And you know as the winter is outside and that is so cold these days here and I must think about my horses at the horse-sport school,I cannot pay anymore here at the translating firm where I write to you from. And I have to chose between two variants:to buy the vitamins for the horses I look for there or to pay for the correspondence with you...And I was thinking for the very long time about it,and you see I feel I really need you and I do not want this relations to stop immediately as I will feel so lonely without you....But what shall I do???Nobody will help them but me...And I ask you to help me then. Maybe you are the man who I was looking for and if you really feel the interest in me - please help me with some money to pay for the correspondence with you here. That costs $7 USA for the letter to you and $3 USA for the picture to you.I hope you understand that the life people have here does not let to have the money like this.So please,if you want to be with me too,and if you think of the words I tell you about maybe you are nothing for the world,but you are so special for me - please ,help me to pay here,and we will be in
touch with you again!!!
Please be with me,Jon!!
Your Sasha

Letter 6

Hello dear Jon!
I thank you for the wish to help me and I asked the people here how it is better to do it and I was told about the Western Union and the Money Gram services we have here in our town too and they are all over the world too.And you know I will be so happy to know you will be with me again and I do not want to lose you so I had to tell you about my problem and I had to ask you for these money for me...Thank you for the care and for you want to be with me too.
I know that you will need to know my name and some other information about me too.So I am Alexandra Koroleva,I live in Ukraine,town of Lugansk,zip code here is 91035 and my address is Dargomyzhskogo Street,14/12.
And I told you the every letter to you or from you here costs $7 for me and the picture to you or from you too costs $3 for me and I want to be in touch with you every day of course and I would love to know I do not lose you and you are with me!!!!
Please let us the opportunity to be closer to each other and not to lose the relations we started,please!!!
Sasha with lots of kisses just for you....
Need you so much...

Letter 7

Dear Sir Jon!
This is the "Infinity" Translating Office writing to You.
Miss Alexandra Koroleva is out visitor and she uses our translating help here.
She had to resort to our help because she does not have the personal computer at home and she cannot operate it either and she does not speak English well making lots of mistakes in her oral and writing speech.
She cannot write to You anymore now as she does not have the funds to pay for the letter to You.
That is why she had to ask You for help.And now we ask you to inform us about Your decision to help Miss Alexandra Koroleva or not.
Our contact telephone number is +380675948388 .We work from 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening according to the Ukrainian time.
Sincerely Yours

Letter 8

Dear Sir Jon!
This is the "Infinity" Translating Office writing to You.
Miss Alexandra Koroleva is out visitor and she uses our translating help here.
We received Your letter and we ask You to tell us what detailed information would You like to know about us.
Thank You for the cooperation.
Sincerely Yours