Scam letter(s) from Marianna Nikitina to Ray (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Greetings, Raymond! How are you? It - Marianna! Make you remember me, I contacted you on and you Your address left me. Very interestingly for me to reach, know The new person, probably you will my second part or will accept a place My heart. I single, I am the only thing, I have no children, partners, The person who feigns to be my husband. I have been told many times it I am not similar, that the woman for 30 years and I have saved up me good. As For me I cannot believe, that to me 30, because not so long ago I Finished my high education. By the way, here my e-mail. I will tell to you a little about me directly. I was born on 28th From November 1976 I am a Sagittarius. I am a person liking to Correspond, like the amusing companies, us with colleagues job And friends spend time often together. We remember often the old Times as we have spent the school days, university time. I like The nature, and to me is pleasant to spend time on fresh air, it is pity The Russian climate does not allow to be always on fresh air... And I send you photos of liked fresh air. I like to Float, and float good, and I go to a public internal swimming pool. Swimming - a good way to hold your number good, but is pleasant to me when My number is good. What concerning my job? I work as the barman. It is amusing to tell, but Right now I work not by a trade for which I studied. I Studied for the bookkeeper within 5 years but then I have based mine Business which brings to me great pleasure. Job of the bookkeeper It seems boring and monotonous to me, but it is not pleasant to me monotonous Things... It is a little about the person of my dreams... I am interested a The person searching for serious relations, I require the person who can make Me feel the happiest woman on this planet. It is important to have Mutual understanding, trust and responsibility! I think The Internet - a good way for friendship... I think, what is it should be Romantic to have the friend or even it is more in other country. That You feel about search of the friend through the Internet?. The hope which I have not made, has made, you have bothered... Your new girlfriend Marianna from Russia! P.S. I hope, that you will write to me directly if you do not see it The successful correspondence because I do not wish to spend yours or Wash time, and I will wait for your letters... And films also!
Letter 2
Hello Ray
I without mind with happiness! Soon we will together and to sleep in one bed. I not when had no meeting at the airport - all when that happens in the first and to us the chance to have a meeting there has dropped out. We will be beautiful pair as you consider. Let's spill out at to drink hot chocolate as you and wished and to wait absolutely hardly hardly! I am grateful to destiny for this gift in my life - I speak about you! I have specified in agency and to me have told that in our country flights to Europe are well organised and there will be no flight delay, is possible only from - for weathers but now there is rather good weather and it will be even better. I will consider your words and I will attentively at the airport. You should restore the health! I very much miss on you! The spring has come! You do not represent on how many to us it will be good together! I will find to myself work and we will work for the family blessing! You think to get children? I very much would like! I will necessarily write to you tomorrow my beautiful Ray
Yours Marianna
Letter 3
Greetings Ray which We have so close, have come nearer to our love And we cannot take and finish all now! I would like you To tell, that you do not trust me and as you wish to Concern, if you are not assured of me? It will be easier To me to reach you if you do a true step instead of Will say about that we are familiar only through The Internet! Yours not and silly thoughts! I am ready to wait So it is a lot of time, how many it is necessary till the moment of a meeting and it will be on March, 7th, for me, it very much Boring without you, I did not have many days any communications With the person you should understand me. I am fascinated In you and me it seems, that we are born to incorporate Our destinies in one homogeneous future. As it seems to me That we should not wait for many quantity of time ours Meeting I want it, we had a happy future and to have Created a family, yours Marianna
Letter 4

Hi my love Ray! Now I'm in Moscow, as you know... I've rent the room in apartment, it's much cheaper than hotel, now I need to save up each ruble. It's so unusual for me to be in the Internet-cafe, there's a lot of people around me, but I'm happy that I can have a some connection with you until we be together. Today I was in the embassy. They have give out me visa( I thought they would ask me something, but no! and that's good) and said than I have precise one moment in flight out of the Russia. They have said I should have a cash with me to fly out. And they need prove that I'm payable person, and that I will pay for hotel there. That I won't rob and that I have a money to get back home. I said I have a ticket back to home with open date, I can use it anytime I would wish. But they said no! And showed me a document. Also they said it's written on their site in Internet and on their wall at embassy... I've told that my agency worked with that, and they said, that you're not a child, you're adult woman, you need to check the information yourself... Yes, I was wrong, I should check it all by myself... So... My visa is tourist visa and I am obliged to show the proof at the airport at pass of customs. They have told me, that it is obligatory point of passing of customs. I should have with myself 21 Euro per day, 630 Euro per every month, my visa is calculated for 3 months, and I have been told that I should have a 1900 Euro of proving ( they said it could be bank account, which is available from outside of Russia, cash money or credit card). This money will not be spent anywhere they remain at me but if I do not have this money to show, I will not be able to pass through customs and I cannot go to you! My darling, can you send me this money than I have shown at the customs and when I'll arrive to you I will give this money to you back! I have no money now at all, and I hope very much that you can help me with this situation and to be with you! When I will arrive to you, and you will meet me at the airport, I will give them to you, because I need to show only cash at customs passage. I love you very much, and I hope that we will be together soon! I hope, that you can help with that terrible situation. I am now shocked from such unforeseen news. It has really forced me to have frustration, but now I feel better. I will be waiting for your answer with the big impatience, I think I will go to cyber-cafe tomorrow approximately at the same time...
Your loving Marianna
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