Scam Letter(s) from Anna to Jesper (Denmark)

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Letter 1

I wish to tell you, that I think that a desire to be awinner is 50% of success. I have these 50% already and Ithink the other 50% you can get when you work hard about thethings you wish to have. I need to tell you that I reallywant to get married. I know, all girls want it, but I feelthat I'm absolutely ready for it. I'm a good cooker, so myhusband will never be hungry ))) I know a lot of differentreceipts of dish not only Ukrainian cuisine. I like to keepthe house clean and the things clean and neat also. Ofcourse I don't mind my man help me a bit about such things))) but at last I can do everything by myself to satisfyhim. I'm ready to take care about my man in everything, Ihave never been selfish. Of course I'm not an ideal, everyperson have advantages and disadvantages. I admit my own andsubmit with other's. I'm here to find my one and only manand if you are interested in what I can propose to you, I'llbe waiting for your letter with your photos and thequestions to me that I'll answer with a great pleasure onthe address: and I'll answer youwith my photos and with the detailed letter about myself. Anechka.

Letter 2

Hello my sweetheart Jesper, Have I ever told you that the fact you got interested in meimpressed me a lot? You really made my day. I wish to tell you abit about myself and I hope that after reading my letter, I'msure you'll do it very attentively, if you decide that I'm awoman for you and if my interests and intentions are the same asyours, I'll be the happiest woman in the world to get youranother letter with a more information about yourself and tocontinue the correspondence with you. Thank you a lot for yourcare, my dear, I'm fine and how are you? I hope you are also OK.I wasn't popular among boys and I wish to tell you that I'm fromthose girls who became beautiful after school. At school boysdidn't like me, they even didn't take me as a girl. I could betheir friend whom they told about their relations with othergirls. I didn't have my ideal of man and still don't have it. Myfirst boyfriend was from my house and we lived in one yard. Hewas just clever and good boy... I liked him. Now I even can'ttell you why... maybe I thought that it's time to start therelations with men and he was the best from those who asked mefor it. I'm looking for honesty, tender and love. I'm interestedin you a lot. But if you have any hesitations, please, don'twaste your time and my time with my money. Yes... I'm paying forthe correspondence with you and I wish to tell you from the verybeginning that I don't know English language well enough to writeyou by myself, I can't neither write it nor speak. But I'mwilling to learn it and will do it with a great pleasure for ourwith you future, dear. I also need to tell you even if I writeyou in Russian, I'll need to pay for using Internet and computerand it's almost the same money, a bit cheaper. But if you knowRussian language and we can communicate with you in Russian,it'll be really great. I'm absolutely serious in my intentions tofind a husband. So a bit about me... My name is Anechka. On the22d of April this year I became 24 years old. I'm working as asociologist at one firm, I make different reports by theinterviews other people make. I can tell you that sometimes myjob is interesting and sometimes is really boring, but it's OKanyway. As for me, now I'm a blond girl, my natural color of hairis really light, but now so long time ago I was really dark, notblack, but brown, so I'll be able to send you some photos of mebeing blond with long and short hair, and me being dark with longand short hair as well ))) I really like changes in myself, butin my life I like stability. I like myself being blond more, butI'll be happy to hear your opinion about it if you are interestedto see some ))) I wish to tell you that as soon as I'm the onlychild in the family, I was brought up the strong way. But youknow that forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. So once Idecided to try what the sex is ... and ... liked it for so much,you can't imagine. But of course my Mom and Dad doesn't knowanything about it. It's my little secret... Well, enough for now,if you are really interested we'll discuss everything...

Letter 3

Hello my honey Jesper, I was really happy to get your letter today, my dear. It wasreally nice of you to answer me. I can't use any translator inInternet for free, cause I don't have a computer and I need topay money to write in any language. Thank you a lot for the newphotos you have sent me dear. I liked them all a lot. I'll meetwith you with a great pleasure in my country and my city. I'llintroduce you to my family and to my friends. We'll spend thetime with you together. Go to the cinema, to the theatre, todifferent other places. We'll go to nice small cafes where we'llbe able to chat, to spend the time with you, looking into eachother's eyes looking through candle's light, smiling to eachother, holding our hands and kissing, of course. Then we'll bewalking down the streets and looking on the stars... then we'lltry to count them and start to laugh and after that we'll kiss alot. I understand that you can have doubts about this far distantgirl, I mean myself, which writes to you. I understand also yourdoubts about my intentions. My strongest wish is to find afamily, and to find the husband whom I could give all my love.



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