Scam letter(s) from Ludmila to Martin (UK)

Letter 1

I wish you happy day and the mood is good.
I want to get acquainted and learn with you you well if you agree.
But at once I want to tell to you, that I want to be serious with you and to not play with you game, and I want, that you as concerned to this.
In fact many write for an entertainment, and it is not necessary to me, in fact I want to find the half in a life, and you can that person which to me is necessary, and I your girl, but was possible to learn it only through a time interval.
Also I suggest to learn each other well and to write each other.
To get acquainted through the Internet to me have suggested my familiar in fact there were many cases when people got acquainted and created serious attitudes and lived together.
I have found you through elenasmodels.
Also it can too at us with you identical plans for the future and the identical purposes in a life.
And I want communicate to you in fact can we are created the friend for the friend.
My name name Ludmila.
I live in Russia.
To me of 26 years If you want to learn much me well write to me, I with pleasure shall answer your letters.
And it is a lot of to tell about itself.
And also I want to see your letter, with your story about myself, to me it will be pleasant to read and learn you.
I shall send the photo in the following letter, and also I want to see your photo.
And I shall wait your letter, and I hope, that you will answer.
Letter 2

Hello Martin!!!
I am very glad, that you have written to me again. I am grateful to you for your letter. I was very glad when have received it I very much liked that that you have written about yourselves. I in many things shall share your ideas and feelings. Thanks for your good words, it is pleasant.
I want to tell to you, that it will be difficult for me to write to you frequently because I have no computer in the house, and I write to you through the Internet of cafe.
But I shall try to write to you every day, but it at me will sometimes not turn out, when I will not have time.
But I want to see your letters every day and to learn about you much.
That you knew more about me, I shall tell to you more about the hobbies.
At leisure I like to go to take a walk on city one or with girlfriends If it turns out to visit on the nature I necessarily go. I very much love the nature and I try as it is possible to be is more often on it I very much love animals,
and is especial aquariums with beautiful fishes. I like to go in for sports, two times a week I go to fitness club, and still when there is time in a swimming pool. Some times I acted in competitions on navigation. Unfortunately I never borrowed 1 places, but I am not offended. The main thing as speak Participation.
In the evening I like to watch on TV good film or to esteem the book (I prefer classics, sometimes a fantasy or a detective). I have some questions to you if you will consider possible answer please them,
it will give me the greater representation about you:
You the romantic person? You go in for sports? What for the most important you search in the girl? You love animals? You would help not to the familiar person if he required the help? All this will enable me to understand in the best way that you for the person.
I with impatience shall wait your answer
Best regards Ludmila!!!
Letter 3

Greetings Martin.
I was glad to see your letter.
And thanks you, that you have written to me and want to correspond with me.
And I promise you, that I with you shall be completely serious, I too want, that you are in earnest to me and always trusted me.
In fact many people to communicate on the Internet only for an entertainment or for what there will be no game that it was pleasant for them to spend time behind a computer.
But I want what game in fact I already adult and I want to find the prince in this life and I shall try, that at me such person with which I could lead well life and to be happy.
And I write to you about it because at me bad experience on the Internet was,
and I do not want, that with me again such happened.
And I to you shall tell a little about it, I have found the person on the Internet, and it to me have very much liked, and we had good feelings to each other, and I already wanted to arrive to it, and but agreed, but it has written to me later, that this time when we with it communicated it with me played, and to me was so a bit too to hear it, in fact I so trusted it, and I thought, that it too well concerned to me but as I have learned it not so later.
And me was so a bit too to go through that moment when we have left, but that it played on my feelings was most sick to me.
And at that time to me was so poorly.
And I since that moment did not communicate more with whom that from the Internet and did not want it do any more when.
But I have gone through that sick moment in a life, and I think, what not all men such on the Internet as were that.
Also I hope, that such do not happen with you.
And at once write to me, for what purposes you with me communicate, that I at once knew.
And I shall tell about the life.
I was born in the city of Kaluga, and till now I live there.
To me of 25 years and my day a birth on July, 25.
And I live with my mum together, my father has died 3 years ago in automobile failure, and I during that moment when mine the daddy have died so experienced and did not want to live, in fact I so loved the the daddy in fact they with mum were such happy pair which can be found in Russia.
And when there was no daddy our life with mum became much worse.
And now May mum, began to work much to support family and to give taxes to the state.
And we live in two room apartment together and when there we beat that in three when I was the daddy.
And I not as cannot forget my father and so I want to return all back when all of us were pleased with a life together.
And when I recollect it, always so it is hurt me transfer and there are tears on mine person.
And I do not want, that you much about it asked me, in fact so it is hurt to me to speak it.
Also I shall tell on more about myself.
I have left school these are 11 classes, and I studied on 4 and me always praised at school, and spoke, that I the good girl.
And after school I studied in school on the cook the confectioner.
And at me the favourite subject on study English language was is and on it at me always was 5.
And I can freely write to you, using what translator.
Also I can communicate on in this language.
And I think, that we shall understand well each other.
And I want still studies in a higher educational institution but while I think,
that it not possible in fact for this study are necessary money, and at me not and it is a lot of them, but when I shall save up the certain sum that I could care about it I shall study, in fact I think, that this higher education is necessary for each person.
For now I work as the seller shopping center and I sell lady's wear.
But this work of me does not arrange, and I hope, that I shall find more good work.
And I shall send you the photo that you have seen me, and write as look and whether I am nice for you.
And I shall wait your letter.
Also write to me as much as possible about itself, and do not overlook to send me the photo.
Letter 4

Greetings Martin.
And why you do not write to me, what I have not liked you, or at you on that other reasons?
But write to me that I knew that to me to think.
Also write to me only fairly to not wound my heart, in fact I want what lie.
And I shall put on, that I shall soon see your letter.
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