Scam letter(s) from Illiana Fox to Glen (Canada)

Letter 1
Thank you so much for your email message.....I am so happy to hear from you .. but i will like to know you very well...How old are you and where are you really from....My name is Annie and i am from Ohio in United state.....I am a Nursing student and i am now a final year i am now into my final year project and that is why i was posted to Nigeria just to come and complete my final year project here before i go back to the state...Tell me more about you as well and send me your photo...Thank you so much
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Name: Elena Matveeva
Age: 25
Name: Anna Johnson
Age: 53
Name: Natalia Zakhurdaeva
Age: 26
Name: Mourhy John
Age: 25
Name: Pamela
Age: 37
Name: Diana
Age: 26
Name: Vera
Age: 35
Name: Roseline Sandaya
Age: 35
Name: Benita Mike
Age: 24
Name: Janet Jackson
Age: 31
Name: Abigail Wilson
Age: 32
Name: Elena Scherbarkova
Age: 25
Name: Dinara Akhmedzyanova
Age: 28
Name: Tessy Amine
Age: 29
Name: Angelia Smit
Age: 35