Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Nekrasova to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Dearest Patrice,
Thank you for your interest and attention. I would like to tell you more about myself. I speak four languages: English, French, German and Russian. So, you and I will not have any language barrier. I am a secretary. What do you do for living?
I live in a suburb of the town Yoshkar-Ola, it’s about 1,000 km north-east from Moscow.
I rent an apartment where I live with my pets. I have a black cat Stephania and a German Shepherd Greta. My parents live in a village far away from me. What about you, my dear? Do you live in a house or in an apartment? Have you got pets?
What’s your star sign? I am Sagittarius. It means that I am cheerful, sociable, honest and sincere.
I have a healthy life style, I don’t drink, don’t smoke and like to work out. I am not a bad dancer. I like belly dancing and club salsa. But I am not a party animal and I seldom go out. I spend my free time with a book or a newspaper or watch TV or DVD. What are you favorite movies? I like films which give me some adrenaline: action, horror, adventures. I also like a good comedy. I like psychology stories, one of my favorite writers is Maugham, I also like Dostoyevsky. I don’t like watching serious historic movies, they raise too many problems. I’ve got too many problems in my own life and when I go to the movies I want to relax and forget about everything. That’s why I prefer thrillers, fantasy, horror movies – they are very far from reality. As for music, I like rock, pop and R&B.
My temper is choleric, all members of my family have the same temper. They say that I am a good listener and it’s very interesting to talk to me. I am an extraverted person and I like to be around people. I hate arguments and I always try to find a peaceful solution. I am a purposeful person but sometimes I can become stubborn. I am also brave, adventurous and sometimes can be even risky. Sometimes I freak out very easily but I usually come down in two or three minutes. I believe that one can always improve things. So, I always try to improve my professional skills, my appearance, my home etc. I never stay still, I like to move forward, I like to be dynamic. I have a very strong personality, some people say that I was a man in my last life. I have never been lucky in my romantic relationships. Nobody has never taken care of me, usually they took an advantage. They say that it happens because I am too kindhearted.
I am a carnivore, I like shish kebabs, steaks and pelmenis.
I like expensive French and Italian perfumes, my favorite are Chaumet and Laura Biagiotti.
I like flowers, I always have fresh flowers standing in my living-room. My favorite are pink roses. They say, I am like a rose myself :-)
God has given me a beautiful body and I prefer a naughty clothes style, tight pants, high heels, mini-skirts and mini-dresses. It makes most of women jealous but you know what? I don’t care.
I like traveling very much. When I was a child my mother took me in different cruises and trips. I had a wonderful possibility to see my own country. My father is a hunter and we used to spend a night in the woods. My mother and I slept in the car and dad slept outside near the fire. Now when I travel I like to be comfortable, I hate sleeping in tents. I want to have a hot shower, watch TV in a nice hotel room.
I don’t have a green thumb and I don’t like it. I prefer to have flowers in a vase than in a ***.
My life is empty without a partner to love, respect and share things with. It is good to laugh and cry together. There is a lot of this world to see and I would like someone to love and share laughs, adventures and travel with, as well as all parts of daily life. So, I hope you may wish to tell me more, because I would certainly like to hear more and receive more photos. I would be happy to answer any of your questions.
Tatyana (or you can call me Tanya if you like).
Letter 2
Dearest Patrice,
Your letter makes me cheerful and your words touch me enough to find out more.
Tell me all about yourself; I am like a child again with curiosity!
It's very bad that your ex cheated on you :-(
If you asked me about the best years of my life, I would say that I spent them in the kindergarten, I was attending it from 2 till 7 yo and I really liked it. My problems started along with my school. I always hated it. I was a very quiet child who did not like noisy games and my classmates did not like me because of it. My first year at school was a real ****, every day I came home and asked my mom to choose another school for me. But I was a smart kid and in the second year my schoolmates realized it and some of them decided that it would be useful to be my friend. I learned to read when I was 4 yo and I was much more mentally developed than other pupils. I was and I am very helpful and I never refused to help them with home tasks, compositions etc, etc. I was never good at maths or physics but my hobby horse was history, literature and languages. I was especially good at English. When I began to learn it everything seemed so easy. I took part in several Olympiads of the English language and I always was an absolute winner. I was the best at my school. When I was 17 I already worked as an interpreter and foreigners were very much satisfied with my job. Since then I have improved my skills and I can say without boasting that I am one of the best interpreters in this country but unfortunately I don’t have connections to get a job in Kremlin or at some embassy. Sometimes when I watch TV I and hear how they translate for the foreign politicians I say: “For shame! Mr. Putin really needs my help there.”
I also was attending music school for 7 years. I cannot say that I play the piano very well. I prefer singing while playing and they say that I am not a bad singer. When I was a student I took part in singing competitions and even won some prizes.
Tell me about your childhood and your school years. If you have any pictures, I would be glad to see them. They say, that I haven’t changed much since then. I am still that kind and trusting little girl. I consider myself naive in a sense because I cannot understand cruel and selfish things other people do. I appreciate friendship and I don’t betray my friends. I understand children because I think like a kid myself. Most people have forgotten their childhood, it’s a shame.
But it does not mean that my behavior is childish. I am not afraid of the responsibility and always ready to answer for all my deeds. I am a very honest person, I hate lies. But some other people are very fake and hypocritical. They are also light-minded and don’t think about the consequences. I was hurt many times by such people. I met many men who were playing with my heart. I am missing someone with a beautiful soul who will see how fragile I am, who will bring peace into my heart. I have a lot to give to my partner but I also want to receive. **** only takes but love can also give. Not many men are willing to give, that’s why I am looking for my soulmate in the Internet. First I want to know his thoughts, his ideas, to meet him spiritually and after that physically. I believe that we can feel that intimate closeness even through the letters. I feel very good inside talking to you and maybe we are made for each other and our names are written on the same page in the book of destiny. Anyway, I am already happy that we have found one another. You are on my mind and I hope you think of me too. Please, don’t make me miss your letter too long and don’t leave your little girl without your attention.
Letter 3
My dear,
The new day has come, I got your message. Thank you for being faithful in writing to me. It was a quick answer but it seemed to me that I was waiting for it for eternity. I feel so warm now because in your thoughts you are with me. You cannot discover everything about the person by correspondence, indeed. I know that you still have many questions to me, that’s why I try to write as detailed as possible. In this letter I will try to explain you more about my life and give you the reasons why I live and think the way I do. Today I want to tell you about my student adventures.
After I finished my school I entered the faculty of foreign languages at the Teacher’s Train Institute. I loved English and I wanted to become a real professional in it. I passed the language tests very easily but I failed the composition test. It was a very big disappointment for all of us. But all is well what ends well. The dean of the faculty of course heard of me and she decided to accept me to the faculty. She sent one of the faculty lecturers to my mother’s work to persuade her and me to enter the French department. It was the only incident I know when a lecturer was asking and persuading somebody to enter the faculty. So, I agreed and that’s why I speak now fluent English, French and German. I was a good and hard-working student but my behavior was not exemplary. I was often late for my lessons, let myself argue with teachers and even with the dean. My problem is that I always have my own point of view and I am not afraid to tell it. The main subject at our faculty were, of course, languages but we also studied psychology, history, French literature, methods of teaching, pedagogy, economics and even religion, sociology and politics what in my opinion was a pure waste of our time. To tell the truth, I hate school and if I will have to study again in the future I don’t want it to last more than one year. I am an adventurous person and I am not afraid of challenges. On my third year at the institute I took part in the interview for the program CCUSA (Camp Counselors USA) and as usually it was a piece of cake for me to pass through it. I was allowed to apply for a J-1 visa and I went to Bedford, New Hampshire. I was a counselor at the camp for disabled people. It was very hard but I have learned everything about taking care of them. All male counselors had a crush on me and because of that I had problems with female ones. My boyfriend was Russian, he came from Saint-Petersburg. He was 10 years older than me and like me he was very adventurous. When the camp was over he suggested me to go together with him to NYC and to look for a job there. We came to Brooklyn and were staying at his friend’s. Later on I found out that she was not his friend, she was his ex-wife! Anyway, Julia was a very nice lady and she helped me a lot. He went to work in Florida and I found a job of a home health aid in Aberdeen, New Jersey. I quit it after two months because of the attitude of the mistress of the house. I did my best and she always screamed and yelled at me. I had only one day-off in two weeks and the job was very stressful. Her husband was completely paralysed, he had lung cancer which had spread already into his bones. He liked me very much and said that I was taking good care of him. When I was leaving he was crying…
I called my parents and said that I had decided to stay in the States to make some money. They were upset with me and said that I was an idiot. I had a big risk of being expelled from the institute. My mother came to the faculty, talked to my teachers and they decided to keep my place at the faculty. My mother was a doctor and she made fake certificates that my health was very poor and I needed a one year vacation.
After Aberdeen I was in Marlboro, Morganville and Manalapan, very nice areas with rich houses. I tried to work as a baby-sitter but I think I was too cute for this job and I could not stay in a family more than a week. So, I decided to come back to Brooklyn. First I was staying at Julia’s again but then I found a job of a bar-tender, found a roommate and rented an apartment in Brooklyn Seagate (right near Coney Island). I loved the sea and I went to the beach every day to listen to the waves, sometimes I did it even at night. People did not understand it, made fun of me and called me a mermaid (I had very long hair then). After a year I decided to go back to Russia. I did it for my parents because they needed me. When I was in the States my uncle suddenly died from a heart attack and I was told about it only in 6 months after it had happened! My father was not well either. Money cannot replace family, that’s why I went back though some of my friends there called me an idiot.
I have no chance to meet a nice guy in this country because all men of my age and older are either already married or playboys or have problems with alcohol.
That’s why I decided to look for my soulmate abroad. Besides, I have a Western mentality because I was living one year in the USA and I was studying foreign languages and cultures at the faculty for five years.
I have my own PC connected to internet at home. Using internet is quite expensive for me but I am very serious and sincere about finding my soulmate; I have no other way to do it accept through the internet.
We have much unemployment in the region where I live. After my graduation I tried working as an interpreter in different private companies but I could not stay there more than one or two months because the salary was too small and the boss was too demanding. They even made me work night shift, stay after hours, work on week-ends and holidays. I was exhausted and frustrated. Now I work as a secretary, quite often I have to stay after hours. My salary is small, I get about $150 a month. I always try to find some extra part-time job. Right now I am teaching a girl German. As you can see my life is difficult here.
If I go abroad I would like to confirm my diploma, maybe learn one more foreign language (Spanish, for instance) and work as an interpreter, that’s what I can do best of all. If it’s not possible, I would like to become a nurse or a masseuse or a beautician. One does not need to study too long to do these jobs, and it’s very good because, as you already know, I hate school.
This week long we are having a holiday, it's called Shrovetide. This holiday has a pagan origine. Long time ago Russians worshiped the sun. During the Shrovetide we welcome back spring. The traditional meal for this holiday is pancakes, they symbolize the sun. Do you like pancakes? I think this holiday is similar with Mardi Gras in France.
As you can see, I try to be as open as possible with you. Maybe this letter was a little sad but I wrote all this because I want you to know me better and I am revealing my soul to you. I am by myself here struggling with my problems. It’s a wild world. Big girls don’t cry but sometimes I feel like crying on your shoulder.
I miss you and I am finishing this letter with a little kiss on your cheek
Yours fondly,
Letter 4

My sweetheart,
Thank you for your understanding. I think you can understand me even if I don’t say a word. I thank God for our virtual meeting and I don’t want to let you go. I already want to meet you in person, I dream about it. I think what our first looks and words would be. I understand that we should not hurry with all this. I think I will be a bit shy in the beginning because a live meeting is different from virtual relationship. Some words are easier to write than to say. But after breaking the ice I will be much better. You already have a special secret place in my heart. I am a loving and giving person. If we decide to be together, I will give you my love and care. It feels so good to know that you think of me.
Unfortunately I don't have long black boots.
I think I have been waiting for you all my life and maybe I even loved you before I met you and dreamed you into reality. I want to stay in this dream forever, I miss you so much, my darling. I dream about the time when we are together and I feel very happy. Take good care of yourself for me.
Big hugs and tender kisses for my angel,
Tanya. P.S. Right now I have financial problems and because of that today they will switch off the Internet. I will get my salary next week and I think I will be able to talk to you again on Wednesday.
Letter 5
My angel,
It’s so wonderful to hear from you again. I need your warm words, your conversation, your letters make my day. You are the only one for me. I found what I was looking for, I will not be alone any more. We will be a very happy couple with you. I have a lot to give you: my loving heart, my pure soul, my care and tenderness. I don’t want the treasures of the whole world when my precious diamond Patrice is not with me. Material things are not important for me, all I want is to love and to be loved.
Now I have my Internet back and I am happy to talk to you again. This Sunday we will celebrate Women's Day in Russia. On this day all women get presents and congretulations. I will go to see my mother on this day.
Do you have many friends? Tell me about them, I am interested to know all about you and about those who are important for you. They say that men’s friendship is much stronger than women’s one. I would agree with it. I will never be jealous if you will need to socialize with them, if you would like to go to the pub or fishing with your buddies. Sometimes men need to spend time with their friends and discuss their male things. I won’t be angry if you do that, I will make a nice dinner and patiently and faithfully wait for you at home. If you are glad and happy I am glad and happy too.
Maybe some people would call me old-fashioned but I think it’s a big shame to cheat on your husband. I strongly believe that if you love someone you should trust in this person, you should not have any doubts about him. I think it’s very disrespectful when a spouse checks the pockets and the mobile phone of the other one. Real love trusts in everything. I can promise that I will not doubt your words even a second and I will never be suspicious of you, ‘cause you are my angel. I think you are a beautiful person and we will live with you in harmony. It will be a blessing for me to breathe the same air with you, to meet the beginning and the end of the day together. I long for the moment when we see each other. You gave me freedom to love. I was in the dark and you showed me the sunshine. Now I feel free like a bird, I can fly so high, I can touch the moon, the sun and the stars. You are my superman, you rescued me from the loneliness and you will never hurt me.
My lovely sunshine, my heart is in your hands, don’t let it go. You are the only one who makes me feel warm. When I look at your pictures my heart is blooming like a flower, my past without you seems to me as empty as a night sky without stars.
This evening I will think of you as usual, imagine our first date and our first kiss. I dreamt of you last night, we were dancing at slow music, it was so romantic. I was feeling your strong and warm hands on my waist, I was hugging your neck. You were whispering tender words and compliments into my ear, it felt like in paradise. Of course, because I was dancing with an angel.
I miss you so much.
Many sweet kisses on your fresh lips.
Always yours,
Letter 6
My precious,
God knows how much I want to be with you and how much I miss you. I am ready to give you all of me. I don’t want to lose the love I’ve found, I cannot be complete without you. When we meet each other we will see the flame of love in our eyes. I wish I could share everything with you, walk hand in hand with you along the streets of your city, go shopping with you, go out into your favorite restaurant, take a ride to the country-side for a bar-b-que. I can do it only in my thoughts now. I want to tell you about the place I live in.
It’s a nice, quiet and clean neighborhood. I live in a five-storey building, my apartment is on the forth floor. From the window of my living-room you can see the yard and from the window of the bedroom you can see the office of public prosecutor and the church. Every morning I hear the church bells. Our district is very green, we have many flowers and trees here. I take my dog for a walk in the park where she carries the sticks and scares the crows. Summer nights I fall asleep listening to nightingales and other birds. Sometime you can hear gees, cockrels and donkey screaming. It’s the mini-zoo. There you can see many birds, raccoons, foxes, a wolf, a pig, goats, a raven, owls, a pony and a monkey. The zoo is on a small island in the middle of the pond. In summer you can go boating there and feed the ducks from the boat. Some people go fishing, once I saw a very large carp in there. Sometimes I take bread, cabbage and carrots to feed the animals, it’s a lot of fun. I like playing with the wolf. I talk to him, he likes when I scratch him. I never let my hand get close to his head, because he can bite off my fingers. He behaves like a regular dog, but still it’s a strong and dangerous animal. Now when I walk Greta in the evening I hear him howling, it’s a real voice of nature. I imagine myself in the middle of the wood or a snowy field in the winter, it gives me some excitement and adrenaline when I imagine wild wolves chasing me ;-)
We have several food shops five minutes walk from our house. Everything is close: the post-office and the bank is across the road, the clinic, the court and the hospital are also very close. We have two pharmacies with a good choice of medicine. At night, when it’s quiet you can hear the train, there is a railroad close to us. Passenger trains don’t run there, only cargo trains. I like listening to trains, it helps me to fall asleep. Most of my neighbors are nice people, they don’t make any trouble.
We have our own concert hall where people can see different shows. At Christmas we have a Christmas tree standing near the market place, schoolchildren make decorations for it with their own hands and at Christmas you can ride a one-horse open sleigh there. There are also several hairdressers’ and a small restaurant. Near the bus stop there is a flower-shop. We also have a big stadium but I am not keen on sports and don’t go there, I prefer fitness clubs. Now, my dear, you have an idea of the place where I live and it makes us even closer. I want to know more about the place you live in. For now I can see it only with your eyes. The more I know about you the closer I feel to you. Do you always have me on your mind? Take me everywhere with you: to the stores, to the cinema, to the restaurant. I want to be the part of your life because I am your lady and you are my man. If this is not love, I don’t know what love is. You asked me if I want to marry you. It's a very serious question, my sweetheart and I did not expect it in a letter. I thought you would propose to me when we see each other. I think my answer will be 'yes'. But I don't want to say it by a letter, you understand? When we are together I will cherish every moment, I will make you smile if you feel down. And if you become the sun I will become the wind to follow you everywhere.
I kiss you eyes, lips and nose.
Tenderly yours,
Letter 7
Hello my darling,
I was happy to hear from you as usual. Don’t worry we will overcome all difficulties to be together. I love you and for you I am ready to leave my home country and go west. You and I will be just fine together. My parents and friends will understand me. Everything is possible if we want and believe. I will be the most delicate, loving and caring wife you could imagine. It will be a pleasure for me to do anything for you. I am sure you have a nice home but my arrival will make it much more cozy and peaceful. You will be happy to come back there from work and I will be happy to give you million kisses every time you come home. Tell me what your home looks like and I will think what we can do to make it look even more beautiful. And I will tell you about my apartment.
As you know, I have a one-bedroom apartment. My apartment is small but very nice. In the living-room you can see a piano, a TV set, a DVD, a PC, a scanner, a printer, two book-shelves, two arm-chairs and a sofa. The walls are light-yellow with sparkling golden flowers, it makes it look very warm. There is a clock and a small picture hanging on the wall. The floor is covered with a dark thin carpet.
I call my bedroom a sunny room because the walls there are bright-yellow. There is a big bed, a small table, two book-shelves and a wardrobe. On the wall near the bed there is a big red carpet. The floor is covered with a thick red-green carpet.
The kitchen looks like a basket, the main color is cream-and-coffee. There is artificial fruit and a big portrait of a strawberry hanging on the wall. It’s especially cozy in the evening. The kitchen has a small balcony. It’s the place for meals and long conversations.
The hall has blue walls, it reminds me of snow. Here there is a big mirror, I put my make-up on in front of it. Greta’s place is also in the hall. Our bathroom and toilet are made in green colors, I also put green carpets there.
I like coziness and they say I have a good taste for colors and designing ideas.
I always keep our home clean and fresh-smelling.
I imagine how we will spend our evenings. We will stand together on the balcony admiring the sunset. We will watch TV and read magazines together, I will make hot chocolate for you and bring it in bed. On holidays we will afford ourselves a glass of fine wine but we won’t get ***** from it. We will be ***** from our love. You will admire my beauty and look into my tender eyes. I will be the happiest woman, we will always support each other.
I am not afraid of this new life in a foreign country. I am sure I will be able to make many friends there. But you are my best friend and you will always be. Wherever I go I keep you in my heart. I wake up and fall asleep with your name on my lips.
Tomorrow is Women's Day here and I will go to see my mother to congretulate her.
The more you will know me the more you will love me. I have many nice surprises for you, you will discover me little by little. A woman should always have some mystery for her man. Our life will be bright and exciting, I am sure. I have much love and respect for you, I admire your thoughts, you are number one for me and I am your number one fan. I think other people will envy us but I don’t care. I am glad that I have met you and made a step towards my destiny.
Million kisses
From your Tanya.
Letter 8
My dear Patrice,
I could not know that someday I will meet you and we will have one world and one heart for two of us. We can never guess the mystery of love. We speak different languages but we understand each other without words. There is no way back and the reason of it is our love. Our love is like a sail in the sea of life. I guess all we have to do now is to trust in our fate.
I am afraid I will not get the visa to come to your country. It will be easier if you come to Russia. We could meet in Moscow.
It has been snowing since the morning today, spring comes here slowly. In March snow only starts to melt.
My character can be found in one word...integrity. From this you have honesty,
kindness, a sense of humor, sophistication, successful, passionate and a romantic!
I enjoy focusing on those small details of romance and/or attention to the man I am with. I am that woman that takes your breathe away every time you walk past me...I am the woman you can sense her presense across a crowded to tell you her thoughts with just a smile. Someone that looks forward to Sunday mornings in bed reading the paper together and drinking coffee or tea....
I imagine how we will be walking along the streets. I will be looking into your tender eyes and you will be excited by the smell of my perfume. I cannot imagine my world without you, without your love my heart will turn into a stone. I was born to love you.
Letter 9
My sweetheart,
When I talk to you in my letters I walk away from my problems and find a better day. You give me strength to carry on and together we can have the sun and the moon :-) I hope that our love story will be the happiest story in the world.
The spring is slowly coming to us, today we have already 3 C. A flock of ravens came to our church bell-tower, this morning I counted 7 of them. They are now in season and keep on flying and screaming, I guess it's their wedding dance. I think ravens are beautiful birds but they have a bad reputation and I feel a bit worried when I hear them scream. They are very smart birds, it's even possible to teach them to speak, they speak better than parrots! This is true because on TV once I saw a talking raven. The snow becomes sticky and it's easy to make a snow-ball or a snowman. My dog likes playing snow-*****. The point of our game is that I make a snow-ball, throw it up into the air and she jumps and crushes it with her teeth, it's a lot of fun for her. This morning she made me make many snowballs, my hands even became numb. But it was fun for both of us.
I wonder why you cannot take a vacation from your work. I can find out the information about a trip to Belgium but I know that for this I will have to buy a tour at the travel agency. It will be much easier to get a tourist visa than a guest one. Besides that unless I am mistaken, I will not have to go to the interview at the embassy. I think it would be cheaper and easier for you to come here. I can find out how much it will cost me and tell you. But you will have to send me this money, my love. I hope you trust me enough to do that, if not... So, you also have to think well about it, ok?
Oh, my dear Patrice, I have not had any dates for a very long time, I think I even forgot what it means :-) I think that maybe I would like a romantic dinner and then walking on the beach under the moon and listening to the waves. What would you like?
I can’t stop thinking of you. I guess I am infected by you… Will you try to save me?
Tender kisses from your Tanya.
Letter 10
My darling Patrice,
I think that with my coming there my life will have a new start, a new chapter.
I think of you often. Maybe now you are alone by yourself standing by the window and missing me. I want to give you a hug and spend this evening with you, the stars will be our candles… Soon we will be together, our time is coming and I hope that it will be the best time in my life. I imagine how I come there and call you to say how much I missed you.
Oh, what a wonderful dream you had! I want it to become a reality. Last week I went to the hair-stylist and dyed my hair, I sent you my new picture, I hope you like it. I don't have a picture in a black mini-skirt but next time I will send you a picture in a short dark dress and high black boots. I hope you will enjoy it.
My love, I called the travel agency and they gave me all the information. I have a foreign passport but it is old and I must have a new one, it will take a month. I wish it would be done faster but it's not possible. The agency will do all the job: passport, visa, plane tickets etc, etc. The price of the tour is 2500 euro, I will come to Brussels on the 15 of May and I can oficially stay 9 days.
So, if you are ready and agree to meet me here is the information for you. My full name is Tatyana Nekrasova, the name of my town is Yoshkar-Ola. This is enough for the Western Union, I think it's the fastest and the easiest way. Here is my mobile if you need to call me 7 961 377 2784. Can I have your number too?
If you send me the money I will be able to start making preparations on Monday.
If you need any additional information you can call me or e-mail.
You are my hero, I dream of you. Our happiness is so close. Our love is the best medicine against boredom, only fools don’t believe in love. We will find a wonderful place for us to live, sadness and cold won’t reach us there. When I see your smile my heart will blossom. It will be such a big happiness for me just to see you. I’ll be everything that you need: your dream, your fantasy, your desire, your hope, faith and love. I want to stand with you on a mountain, I want to bathe with you in the sea. It’s all my fantasies, you help me to dream :-)
Tender kisses,
your future wife Tanya.
Letter 11
My love Patrice,
I think you put your spell on me or made a special loving potion because I miss you so much. How do you do this magic? But I like it so much and I never wonna lose this feeling. I can’t wait when I knock on your door and enter your room.
The best gift for me will be to spend time with you.
Don't worry, I could not answer you right away because I was very busy and tired for a couple days. But on the other hand you have my mobile, you could have called me. You asked me about the post code of my city but to tell the truth, you don't need it.
Anyway, here is my name and address for you: Tatyana Nekrasova, 425200, Russia, Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola, Medvedevo str., 52-102. As far as I know to send money via Western Union you need to know my full name and the name of the city. And I must know your full name, the city the money was sent from and the MTSN code.
I am very excited to have the opportunity to meet you in person. What about you?
Here is my fantasy about you and I being together. Sitting on the beach watching the sunset, embracing each other, with overwhelming feelings, with the ocean waves crushing and the sounds of birds all coming together like nature music sing to us. And as stars appear in the night sky, as if all the angels are looking down on us smiling for happiness, for the love and romance in the air, as all this happening, you are lost in my eyes and my beauty.
Hot kisses,
from your future wife Tanya.
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Name: Ekaterina
Age: 38
Name: Janet Smith
Age: 35
Name: Olga
Age: 27
Name: Anastasia Scherbakova
Age: 27
Name: Anna
Age: 32
Name: Victoria Kovaleva
Age: 25
Name: Elena
Age: 29
Name: Oksana
Age: 28
Name: Elena Polkovnichenko
Age: 32
Name: Maria
Age: 24
Name: Agnes Pedrier
Age: 32
Name: Vera Kazakova
Age: 31
Name: Elena
Age: 21
Name: Lilian
Age: 32
Name: Ekaterina
Age: 25