Letter(s) from Anastasia Scherbakova to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello Patrice !!!
I am so glad to your letter, and I ask you a pardon, it so long did
Do not write to you. I studied later to influence the Internet
Also carelessly have passed a site where has found your structure. I - a
Very modest woman, but I however dared to write to you as I
Think, that communications with the person from other country - very much
The unusual! I never communicated with people from other countries and me
Simply that, the dream to find in your person of the friend, with which it
Simply interesting to communicate and divide news! You the first to
Whom I write, and I hope, that we the correspondence will have advantage
The beginning!
Now I write this letter for you! I think, time has arrived in
Get acquainted! My name is Anastasiya. I - from Russia, I live in
Good suburban settlement Azanovo which has arranged approximately 890 km/s from
To me of 27 years. My date of birth it on March, 17th, 1981 I send you my photos, I hope, that it is pleasant for you.
My nationality - Russian. My religion - the Christian. On character
I am a cheerful person: very cheerful, kind, vigorous and
Modest measure.! Possibly because of
Character, also can be simple to talent, I trust, it has reached
Very much in a life for my age. I work as the seller in department bottom linen.

Certainly, my work takes away from me a lot of time. But it for me unique possibility to earn money.
I love my work.
I write the letters to you from the girlfriend as for the salary I do not presume to buy to myself the computer.
I also like to read quickly through books. I am absorbed according to books also.
Pushkin - the big poets, having the right which will be quickly read through everyone.
I take pleasure in reading of poems about which I can tell little bit more.
My friend, it is very pleasant to get acquainted for me with you.
For me it is fine time when I can speak with the interesting
The person, the person who wishes to know me. I wish to open to you my small
Secret. I think of you. But, please know, I do not do
Desire to hurry up in our relations. As to me the relation with
The person - - it is very serious, and to relations I concern very much
Responsibly. The person to whom I can trust, is necessary for me. As I wish to speak that the age has no value between people which love each other! You it
agree with me? And
It seems to me, that you - that the person, the person to whom I can trust.
Please, write to me about you directly. I wish to know yours
The full name! I am so glad to your letter. I finish my letter here now.
I am glad to write to you!!!
Anastasiya !!!

Letter 2

Hello Patrice !!!
And I am very happy to receive the letter back from you! It has filled mine
Day with new paints and I was very happy to the good beginning of ours
Acquaintance! I really did not expect the such. I believed, that I will be
Necessarily make something not correctly because I very awfully
Understand about computers. I only try to study it now. I hope once I
Will study it. Computers open, huge do not clear the world for me! I
Very happy, that in this world I can find such interesting person as
I wish to speak you little bit more on me directly. I was born in the happy
The family and I is a unique child in my parents.
To my mum of 51 years and the daddy 54 years. They are happy in marriage and till now the loyal friend to the friend.
My mum all life worked as the teacher at school in initial classes, and the daddy worked as the builder.
The daddy developed projects of buildings.
My parents always
I working also very much have spent much time game with my girlfriends. We
Close friends very much, and we understand each other very well. Now I
Live separately from my parents because I am the adult person and to me
It is better, when I live separately. However we till this time
Support close relations, and often we visit each other. I very much
The big love my mum and the daddy. Now I wish to set to you some questions very much
Very much. It will help me to study you better, and I can possibly pull yours
Portrait in my consciousness! In my ambassador of the letter I will answer
You the same questions. I hope, that it will be interesting to you also. So,
My questions:
1. What your favourite flower?
2. What your religion?
3. What your favourite food?
4. You love music? What kind?
5. You like to dance?
6. You love the sun?
7. You ski?
8. To have you, ever fly in a hot air balloon?
9. You smoke?
10. What does you love in the partner?
11. What your favourite season??
12. You travelled? If yes, where? If not, where you like to go?
13. You love animals? Which.
I hope, that these questions have not tired you.
Well, now I finish the letter, and with impatience I wait
Answer! Please, send me still yours fotos! I
Grateful to you!
Your new friend Anastasiya !!!

P.s Send me as your photo new.

Letter 3

Hello my dear friend Patrice !!!
In my soul you become closer to me! It - is good, that there is a person
Who so sincerely understands me and trusts me to the world! And I
I think of you much!
I am very glad to receive your letter again, and I am glad, that you
Have considered seriously on my questions. I estimate you
My religion - the Christian. The god always in my heart and me
Often ask it, that it has given me patience and success. I do not do
Visit church often because I do not think, that it is necessary for
Understanding of belief. I think, that the God should be in a shower
Each person.
3. What your favourite meal?
My favourite foodstuffs - usual meal. I have no any rules a
Giving also was in the habit to eat, when I want it and that I want in it
Time. Certainly I as the majority of people love fruit and sweets. I
Love national Russian of food also European kitchen. Also I love gifts
The sea.
4. You love music? What kind?
I - near to music in general. I have some favourite executors
And composers. I love pop from 70-s' and 80-s'.
5. You like to dance?
Really I like to dance. And I dance, I think, well.
6. You love the sun?
The sun gives great pleasure for me. Because of the sun I very much
Summer of love. I love very much when the sun burns brightly and
Gives to the basis the earth the big heat.
7. You ski?
In the winter we have a lot of snow, and it allows us to have much from
Winter kinds of sports. I in a condition to continue a ski, only I during long
time have not made
Make it, therefore as it would borrow all the day long.
8. To have you, ever fly in a hot air balloon?
I never had a fly in a hot air balloon. However I think, that it
Very interesting and romantic. It would be good to fly so once. Presence
Speaking the truth, I have set, that this question you has checked up to
Seriously you concern to me and how much you the romantic nature.
9. You smoke?
I never smoked, and I am not going to do it. I think, that it - very much
Bad habit. However I usually concern smoking people.
10. What does you love in the partner?
The ideal partner for me - the cautious person {the man} which trusts me.
The boundless loves me. I did not meet such people here... Possibly I wait
For the prince on a white horse.
11. What your favourite season??
Most of all I love the beginning of summer. It is good time for
Walks and pleasures by the nature.
12. You travelled? If yes, where? If not, where you like to go?
I seldom travel. Once I together with mine
The girlfriend travelled to Sochi in the south of Russia which is located
In Black sea, but it was during long time. It was remarkable
13. You love animals? Which.
I love animals very much. But unfortunately I have no house of animals as to me
Time suffices to look after them.
My friend Patrice, I finish this letter now. The hope to speak with you
Quickly! Successful day!
Yours Anastasiya !!!

Letter 4

Hello, my dear Patrice !!!
I am very happy to have possibility of dialogue with you again! You
Really speak with me in your letters on many good themes! I am very grateful to you for
The warm relation to me and for pleasure of dialogue which you give me
Every day, expensive Patrice
Always, when I read your letters, I think you sitting close to me and
Conversation of all these words:) Possibly I have rich imagination! I can
Imagine all your gestures and all your emotions with which you declare
Your ideas. It very much entertains me:)
I wish to speak with you about my English language and French. I have studied it
6 years at school
And then I have studied it 2 years at university.
Today I have met with my girlfriend, and we have spent some time. I have told to it, that I
Have acquainted with very interesting person from other country
And he said, that I possibly mad:) we laughed with it and it
Was very grateful for me. She speaks you "Hello!". It - very much
Good when friends understand each other well. I and Anna
The acquaintance as and we understand the childhood each other very well. I
Very much trust it. Tell to me about your friends? Possibly such
The interesting person as you should have many interesting friends. I
Simply want, that you spoke their hello! From me:)
Today in me any especial day... At Night I during long time could not
Fall asleep: all time thought of you, about your words, about us with
You... I did not speak, you, but sometimes to me there arrives
Inspiration and I make verses. But it happens when a case me
Insistently makes impression, that also lines are born. And at night today. And
I want
To devote to you my poem. Only I ask to read and understand at once
The sense, and please not to laugh, actually it with all heart for
You, my dear Patrice

Such conversation happens,
It supports at the necessary level as ice.
The opinion loses clearness,
And the idea loses flight.
Such silence happens
Suddenly awful which is live
I will be, while rescue
I sobbing explosion.
Such time happens,
When in a life lack
The sense of it comes back to me
One your smile!

Well, I will finish this letter for today. Write soon!
Sincerely yours, Anastasiya !!!
Kiss you

"Think of you!"

Letter 5

Hello, my dear friend Patrice !!!
I am very glad to your letter. It means, that I am interesting to you.
It - has very much encouraged and it is grateful for me. Thanks for
Today I had the working day not full (in Russia there are working days and during week-end), have allocated difficult and little bit sad.
Business - that my head was unfair for me. Shouted at me, though
I was in something not guilty. My mood was negative. I think, that I
Was not guilty of something. I carried out duties. And anything else. I
Are very vulnerable person and had hardly a presentiment of its insult. It
Has been damaged for me. When all situation has cleaned, it has no
Made apologies in general before me. Such situations it is not rare. But give
Not, to be about it, you see, that I have the person to whom I can to tell all, and it
The person - is you Patrice Our correspondence is pleasant more and more. I
Feeling, that you really good close and sensitive friend. You can
Understand me. And it is very important in sew lives, to trust me.
Trust, understanding, enthusiasm - only which is necessary for
People, is especial now. We live in the world of full indifference
And lie. I, for example, despise false men, and I consider, it
They should be removed from dialogue. I have my girlfriend and
Its former friend constantly deceived her. Spoke, which loves it,
And he, changed with prostitutes, lay
On a trifle, periodically did not spend night of the house, it
Constantly deduced it from unpleasant situations, it is constant
Asked money to alcoholic drinks, even sometimes to beat her. All
It is familiar to me not on hearings, what is the time I calmed her,
The supported difficult minutes, how many tears, it has spilt on it. It
There was a pity about it very much. I simply did not understand, how
Men can so that to make. Attempt of the girl for the sake of the person, and it is simple
Saliva to it in a shower - often happens in Russia. I always try to
Speak people the truth what it would not be. I think, that you
Are agree with me.
Now in Russia there is a problem with beggars. They sit in the street
In a tatter also ask money or simply bread. It is a pity for me to
Become them. Many have no house, there is no family, is is not present
Work. And them becomes ever more and more. In us in Russia it - as
Though it is considered as norm. People do not pay on them anybody
Attention. Only the rare person will support them, a word or small money.
Russia with it usually has small problems because people want a
It is a little to work and receive the big money for this purpose.
You can ask me something, that you wish to know about me.
The hope to receive news from you as soon as possible.
I am very happy each time, I receive your letter!
Your friend from Russia, Anastasiya !!!

Letter 6

Hello Patrice !!!
I - such big happy hearing of your words again and again. I want to
Tell, that your letters become the most part me and my life. Your electronic letters
Help me to continue to live and be in high alcohol. After your reading
The correspondence I feel easy and warm in my heart. I come to an essence
That think of me in this big world. As always I am confused what
I should begin. I the correspondence of presence to you. I - only
Happy reading of your mail. With each your letter I more schemes you
And your specific world. You pull more close to me, my dear Patrice,
And I receive sense, have acquainted with you for hundreds
Years. I lack from words to express my feelings almost. I have not made
Expect to become depending from you.
My mood changes within the day, subordinated to news which I receive from you.
Only cannot imagine, how important for me should learn all
The events happening with you. I so a lot of desire to take part in your life to allow
It is my shoulder you can to shout on if it is necessary. I want, that you knew, that is
Someone kilometres of tens, far thinking, remembering and rather
You. I am not included, that goes with me. I cannot sometimes trust
In the presence of such remarkable, magnificent, interesting and intellectual
The person in the world also that you only idle time speaking, a
Product of my dream. I see, that it is silly, but I wished to divide mine
Feelings with you just as I wish to tell to you about other emotions.
Hope you are interested in reading of my mail to which it seems to me, became
The confusing. I pass from one theme to another. I write something I
Enter into my opinion. What for I really write the following offer? I have desire
To trust my secret to you. I with impatience wait to be forgiven. If you
Not as it should be, to listen to it, to speak to me smoothly, please, and I will be
Stop at once for, holds.
This confidential desire considers my impatience to kiss your lips, please, understand me in the correct way. I do not wish to tell a
Vulgarity kind. I simply connect my feelings which I have for you. For
Some reason I would like, that you have been informed concerning my wandering thoughts
You and my relation to you. Also remember, that I think also anxiety on you
Also wish to know all in detail about you.
With the best regards, Anastasiya !!!

Letter 7

Hello, my dear Patrice !!! I am glad to receive today the letter from
You. I am glad to write to you
This letter. All that time, I thought
You. Wish to tell, that you Thank, that you understand me. It is pleasant to
Me very much and I wish to charge to you my ideas. We spoke with you
About relations so it is a lot of time. It as suddenly thought, has told to you
That I think of relations. It is very important for me. I was for
The long time interested with such theme as the relation between two
Loving people. I wish to speak about relations between the woman and
The man. Tell to me, that does you think. Probably, which in what I not
The right. As I understand, the Family - very important stage in a life
The man and the woman. And to build relations it it is necessary
Very to learn the friend the friend about, but not in loneliness, and during
Though to rescue} incorporated impressions and events, romantic relations.
It is impossible to forget, that the man and the woman are involved in everyone
Another certain qualities which are valuable to both, it:
Occurrence, character and dialogue. But the most surprising, that
People are happy, when they - are similar the friend the friend who is
Similar against each other and they have fine relations. The woman
It is always involved in the man with whom the man has chosen its unique
From many other things. And love relations between them have the romanticist
Character also is accompanied by strong emotional events and
Physical affinity. But if the woman is given in the physical plan
To the man, she should be convinced, that completely can trust the man,
During it the feeling of fidelity to the partner is born. That man,
With volume which remains in sensitivity of the woman, will give
Fidelity within long years. Give the present on the moment, it now you
Have examination on honesty, and I accept in you this examination.
Tell to me what components of readiness for marriage are in you, there
Are five of them:
1. A social maturity which is it as - you ready to enter into marriage,
2. Ability responsibility on you to love and take direct, I see
It is possibly the most important,
3. The high culture of dialogue which is, as you in a condition, communicates, or
Ready to communicate with loved,
4. Knowledge of specificity of home life,
5. Readiness for self-restriction for the sake of the love and the child.
It is interesting to me, that is you as the man. For me I am direct
Already during long time planned, it when I will have
The husband, I will develop in it fatherlike love to the child, we will be
Divide duties on care of the child, I will make in the husband
Fatherlike feelings. I know, that I will be happy in home life because
I want it very much. But if the man knows that he wants in a life, it
Will necessarily make the woman happy. And it is the most important on
My kind. The woman - a violin, also depends on the man what sounds
It leaves. And the man should study it, sounds became only
Delightful melodies. I have good mood, and I am happy, which I can send
This letter to you. I have told to you my desires in my life. I so want
To be happy. Thanks, that you such are close to me. I trust
You much. It is pleasant for me. I was good mood all the day long today and mine
Colleagues have asked me, that happens with me, but I did not speak them.
I am simply glad, that in my life someone has appeared, who understands
Me also divides my dreams. This man - you, my dear Patrice I
Grateful to you and the God, that we have met each other.
With ideas concerning you, Anastasiya !!!

Letter 8

My love Patrice !!!
At last I have received the long-awaited letter from you. I go mad in without a message gone you.
I become quiet reading again your first letters to me.
Longer we succeed to inform more serious which I consider
Relations between us if there is a reason for this purpose or not. I am more
Try to pull to the reasons, instead I only express this fact.
For this reason it is important for me, that will wait for us in the future
When the romantic coquette of the first meeting leaves. I should take a
Steady calculation of the decision if we wish to remain together. If we do not wish
To remain always then as long it will be. This decision
The essential. It will be accompanied by actually irreversible changes in
Your life and mine also. I will not list all connected problems
With it. You know them directly. I should like to make such
The decision purposely, but not under an impulse of feelings to be
Cleared by the first sharp sensations each other.
Patrice, one more thing which you should understand, - that I expect
Romantic night is more in our relations than only! Sex not
Important for me when it is told about hope and chance to meet and
Feel real love. Our dating will allow us to understand a lot of an internal part ours
Hearts. For the first time I fall in love with the person. I can tell
About it not scared to be understood the wrong and thrown dirt
Contempt and disgust in me. It is first time when I feel reciprocity
In which I see the main distinction from my previous love which has remained without the answer
Once or that the teenager was enamoured. As you know, that you will not be the first
The partner I have.
Certainly, it is experiment for both of us, and it is the beginning,
More likely attempt of the beginning of a new life has got rid of stock structures.
There is something more in our relations, and it is love. If one
Not enamoured then why it requires all it? And why we could not try
This experiment before with other partners even receiving such chance.
You see that only you very important and expensive to me. I am absent and
Admire with you infinitely. I imagine only you as the person, I can live
Rest of my life with...
The snow, falling street. I wish to embrace you and then to go
Together, where eyes hope to untwist grief. Not be sad, washing the favourite.
Enter in full of dreams about to what you feel similarly. Allow it to be only
dreams, but them
To inspire. You will see. Also remember, that I - always with you thinking of
And anxiety on you.

I grieve without you.
Yours Anastasiya !!!

I devote you one more poem...

You one in the world, you are necessary for me.
You one in the world, my destiny.
You one in the world, my dream.
You one in the world, my star.
You one in the world, my pleasure.
You one in the world, my life.
You one in the world, my love.
You one in the world... Mine.
You one in the world, I love you!
Patrice I am absent without you! "

Letter 9

Hello my love Patrice !!!
I will always name now you my love. You not against?
I waited this moment when I will receive again from you the letter and this happy moment have come, and I can learn, that you think of my previous letter. I
so want to you. I can do nothing with myself, it is love, it sings in me as a bird in the spring sky, I think, that it is destiny. Your letters are filled by
such heat and care, and in me of pleasure tear, sometimes the operated. I say "My God, thanks, that you have helped me to find my unique person, and I hope,
that we will incorporate, and we will be happy". I dream of our meeting and as we leave on walk with you, keeping for hands as we will care about each other
and as we will be occupied by love. I have remarkable news to you. I have decided to carry out our dreams.
I during long time dream to see you. The dream to have strong embraces and a gentle kiss with you. I will try to execute my dream. Yesterday I have learnt,
that this month I will have holiday. I have solved at once, where I will be spend holiday.
I wish to execute my holiday at you in the country. I wish to visit you this month. It will be the best my holiday. All holiday we will be together. The
majority of my treasured dream comes true, I should be close to you.
Our meeting will be possible only if you want it. For me your feelings are very serious. I read each your letter very attentively. If you do not object rather our meeting, I will prepare for documents for a trip. Our meeting will be possible, if both from us want it. I will do everything to spend holiday with you. I would understand that it in our forces what to have a meeting. If we prepare together on a meeting, our meeting will be carried out. You agree? I
hope you also want a meeting, and you will help me.
I trust only to mutual love. Therefore I believe, that both from us want this meeting. It will be the beginning of our incorporated life.
Concerning this meeting we will inform our children and grandsons. I will be convinced, that it is the most remarkable holiday in my life because you will
close to me. We will be the happiest pair!!!!
I think of you each hour and each minute.
I wait your beautiful letter, and I send you an air kiss and embraces.
With love for ever yours Anastasiya !!!

Letter 10

Hello my love Patrice !!!
I miss and I wait for your letter, I am happy, to receive your letter
Today. I would be very upset, if you have not written to me.
Patrice all my acquaintances and relatives say, that I have very much changed. They
Are surprised to me and my happiness. And I wish to thank to you that
You do me happy. Thanks you Patrice. When I read yours
Sincere letters, I feel perfectly within day and to me to see
Fine dreams.
Patrice I thought of our meeting much. How you think of it? As it
To happen? What will we do? I think of it constantly. From all
My the dream is pleasant to me one. In this dream, I leave their plane and
I see you. I do not know, how the airport, because never looks
Flied, but I am assured that I learn you when I will leave the plane.
We run towards to one another, I see flowers in your hands. I
I approach, and you give them to me. I already in your embraces, we enjoy
Our kisses. You take me on hands, and we continue to kiss.
Patrice I very much wish to feel your kisses!!!!!!
I wish to feel your lips, the most sweet and gentle!!!!!
We to go to you home, and there we make a fine supper for two.
I to prepare easy dishes, we have supper, at candles, under slow music
Also we talk about all.
Then we become a single whole in dance, we dance and we go slowly in
Bedroom. There we lay down in a bed and we undress one another. Ours
The love, our passion, our desires become a single whole, and we
We burn down in love, and we enjoy passion and tenderness.
It so is fine!!!!!!
Patrice as you think, how there will be our meeting? How it will be? That we
Let's do?
I very much wish to learn your opinion. I with impatience will wait for yours
Letters, and I hope, that you will tell to me about the desire.
I wish to be with you Patrice!!!
I love you Patrice!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Anastasiya !!!

Letter 11

Hello my love Patrice !!!
Patrice I adore your letters. I do not know, why but every night I
I represent and have dreams only about you and about that as we will be together. I
More and more I want to you. I do not know how to describe the feelings.
I wish to nestle on you, to feel your kiss, your caress, yours
Tenderness. To look in your eyes, to see your smile, to feel
Your fire of love and passion.
I think of that as it will be fine when we will meet. Patrice
You represent, our sights meet, we run towards one
To another and then a long kiss, long evening both the long and the first
Our passionate and long night of love. As it will be fine!!!!!!
As I want it!!!!!!
I long thought what to write further and as
All to you to explain that I wish to write to you. And still has
Resolute which I will begin with the most important for me and I hope on
Your understanding. I write to you, and my fingers simply do not want to
Write, that it is very difficult to ask to me you of the help and for
Me it is very difficult psychological barrier to ask someone money.
And I think, that you have already understood. I really have no enough
Money to arrive to you as I am poor.
Today I visited a tourist bureau and to me have informed that my LOVE is required to me
To arrive to you and to build our love and a family
The visa + the passport for travel abroad + the insurance + other documents = 440 euro
In me tears because to me have told that it much very much money for me
My salary makes very little it approximately 130 euro.
Patrice you understand as me it is sad that I cannot to arrive to you?
I very much would like, but I cannot pay, what to me to do?
You could arrive to me my love?
I very much would like our meeting, in me of tear,
Because I LOVE YOU Patrice and it speaks my heart which loves and waits for our meeting!!!
Your gentle and loving Anastasiya !!!

Letter 12

Hello my love Patrice !!!
I am very glad to read your letter!!!
My love Patrice as you? What do you do at present?
But I nevertheless hope that at you all well.
My love Patrice as I has understood you that you can help me that I started to do documents,
That I could arrive to you.
My love Patrice I with impatience wait ours with you a meeting.
I wish to be with you Patrice. I very strongly LOVE you Patrice!!!
My love Patrice I is very happy that you to me are going to help me that I started to do documents.
My love Patrice it is necessary for me as I spoke to you (the international passport + the visa + the insurance)
Which I have listed all these documents to you will cost to me 440 euro.
As soon as I will make them I at once I arrive to you and we
Together with you we rejoice that together!!! I will be very happy!!!
My love Patrice but now only one problem.
When you are going to help me that I started to do documents?
After all as soon as you can help me I at once I start to do documents,
Then when they will be ready I arrive to you.
I think that you understand me, after all I speak to you as is actually.
My love Patrice I visited today bank to ask as it will be better if you send me money.
I have come to bank have approached to one girl which there is engaged to advise
In this area also has asked it as it will be better if you send to me
Money to me has told that there is such service Western Union it is fast and reliable remittance.
My love Patrice at you in a city is Western Union?
I send money To me have told that you will require only my data.
I now will write them to you. Here it is my data:
My name: Anastasiya
My surname: Scherbakova
The country: Russia
Republic: Mari-El
City: Yoshkar-Ola.
Zip: 424000
Here it is my data which to you be required to send through Western Union.
But you can specify only the country Russia, that I could receive money in any
My love Patrice to me have told that it will be necessary for me to know too your data
Write to me too the data
Your name:
Your surname:
The country:
City where you have sent me money:
My love Patrice I think that you understand me that I speak to you. I Love You Patrice!!!
Also it is simple I can not without you to me very alone... But I nevertheless I hope that you can help me,
And I start to do at once documents which to me are necessary that I could arrive to you.
My love Patrice I will know all yours of accuracy which you will specify in Western Union.
I think that you understand me that I speak to you. My love Patrice when you are going to help me?
I think that very soon we will be together near to the friend the friend.
I very much wish you to embrace softly and is sweet to kiss.
As to all accuracy of my arrival to you I can tell to you after
That as I will start to do documents. But I nevertheless hope that you understand me.
Finishing the letter I send you millions sweet kisses.
With impatience I wait for your fast reply
Yours Anastasiya !!!
P.S Unfortunately I do not have such photo which you ask from me. And as I cannot make them as I do not have camera to make these photos. I send you the photos where I walked in park in the summer and painted the lips with lipstick. I hope that you will not be afflicted from for it. I will prove you the love when I will arrive to you and you will be convinced of it on all of 100 % !!!

Letter 13

Hello my love Patrice !!!
I am very glad see your letter my love!!!
I so would like your love and caress, your heat and tenderness.
Sometimes I so would like, that you have entered, villages near to me, have gently embraced me for a neck the strong hands, I have embraced you and have kissed you directly on the mouth so gently, hotly and passionately. I would conclude you in the gentle, female embraces and would tell to you about how I am strong you I love and that to ANYBODY, NEVER you I will give since you only mine. Forgive, but my feelings to you, are stronger than me. I shout, I even am ready to cry, on ALL is ready for the sake of you. When we will be together I will become the happiest person in the Universe before its occurrence, all world learns, how I am happy! Let, let all know, let all to me envy, let. … Sometimes my dreams of you come so far, that it seems to me, as if I have gone mad, but I like to be the madwoman because I am glad that I can though to dream of you, after all dream to me can to forbid nobody. I wish to wake up in the mornings in your gentle, tender embraces.
I thank Destiny, that has presented you, I thank her that I can love you.
Simply I love you, that's all.
You do not represent, as strongly I wish to see you, to meet you somewhat quicker.
On it I finish the letter. I with impatience will wait from you for the answer.
I love, gently and passionately whole you.
Yours for ever Anastasiya !!!