Scam letter(s) from Tiffany Williams to Rudy (USA)

Letter 1
My name is Tiffany Williams. I'm presently in Nigeria for a modelling seminar but should be back home to the Rome in 2/3 days.. I'll be honest with you I'm new to this online dating, don't know about you but it seems like you can't find a nice guy now adays so I decided to give this a try. I think of myself as an honest down to earth, loving, laid back kind of girl. I like trying new things all the time, I'm not closed minded person, I love music, sports, food. I'm not looking for a guy that's just like me, because then what would be the point of that, I want someone that can show me new things, just as I can show him. I feel I meet your criteria, just as you fit mine . I'm hoping we can chat and get to know things about each other.Hope to hear back from you soon
Letter 2
This will give you an idea of who I am and what I m about and if you like what you see, we ll go from there. Sound good? OK ! I'm easy to get along with.I am looking for a serious relationship that will result in a long term proposal, I am in the final stages of a life where i need a man to be with and to spend the rest of my life with... Below are my personal descriptions :
Religion: un-specific Christian
Education: some college, very intelligent, very self-educated in a diverse number of subjects.
Occupation: Model ( though new in the field)
Marital Status: Single
Drinking: No
Smoking: No
Will Travel: Any distance for the right man.
What my interests: I have too many to list.
Type of person: My philosophy is life is short and I try to take in all I can. I ll try anything and if I like it I ll do it again. To give a few examples-I love the outdoors, nature, the water, animals, people, travel, camping & fishing, staying at elegant hotels, eating at fancy restaurants or a pub, cooking a fancy dinner for my man, with her, or having him cook for me, having a BBQ or creatively throwing together some leftovers, renting a movie or going the movies, listening to good music, going to a concert or theatre house. I like many kinds of music except gangster Rap, I like to dance, I like to learn new things and am always interested in any type of self-improvement & going to good seminars. I enjoy my work and am very ambitious.I enjoy romance and relaxing, quality time with a good man..A serious man is the key word here. This seems to be somewhat of a commodity in today s day
and age, but I havent given up my search. He is out there, somewhere searching for me. My True Love, My Soulmate, My Prince.When we find each other, I will dedicate my life to our happiness. I am honest, patient, passionate and giving.I am a loving woman and find great pleasure in keeping the man I love very happy in and out of the bedroom and I hope he feels the same.This may be you? Who knows? Guess we need to get to know each other a little better. E-Mail me back Lets talk and see what happens.
Opportunity is only opportunity if one takes action.
Looking forward to talking with you.
Letter 3
How are you doing?. I really appreciate your email and I would really love to meet you when I get back....could up tell me more about yourself..well I love kids though. I would really appreciate getting to know up more and I hope we could be a good set for this relationship. I was deeply hurt imp my former relationship and I guess I will not want that to happen again....that is why I need to hang my trust on a faithful guy this time....Have up ever cheated on a girl?........and how will up treat me if eventually up have me?......I love to ask much question and I hope up understand why.........really like to be treated like a queen by my partner and I treat him as my king too.....I have never cheated but I have been cheated on...I felt so bad so I have not been into any relationship for year and 2 months....I will appreciate to hear from up as soon as possible. Well I am stuck down here at this moment and it is really making me so sad. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you. hugs.
Letter 4

How are you doing? So glad to hear back from you atleast it's fun knowing someone is interested and ready for something serious,coz i believe it's time i find my soul mate and since i've been on this site you're a nice guy,can tell by your mail and would so much love to meet and see if things will work out... But i have to be honest with you,am presently stuck in nigeria right now coz of a problem am having with my flight...What happened is that when i tried booking my flight,the airline agent told me that i dont have enough funds on my creditcard,so i had to contact my card company since i knew the funds i left there and when the reports came i was told that i purchased some phones which i never did...Now the airline agent is insisting i gets the remaining funds beffore my flight can be scheduled,so sorry this happened when i already thought i found someone but i hope you understand and would be willing to help me..So can you help?
Letter 5
Hello, Thanks for your email, i truly appreciates it ok! i also thank you for your concerned,you sound really nice, and i really love to meet you real soon in person. so regarding the money, i promise to pay you back as soon as we meet ok! and i also promise you that i will make it up to you when we meet ok! if not for my parent's death, i wouldn't have found myself in this kind of a terrible situation i got myself into ok! You have nothing to worry about ok! cos I'm gonna pay you back as soon as we meet ok! AND I SWEAR WITH MY LATE FATHER'S GRAVE THAT I WILL NEVER TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR KIND GESTURE The airline agent insist i get the remaining $340 before my flight can be schedule back to us, i promise to give it to u back as soon as i get home to u and i promise not to betray u .pls don't make me feel like an orphan and i promise you that you will never ever regret of helping me out ok! so pls kindly proceed to the get the money sent to me via western union money transfer today so that i can make i sure i have my flight scheduled to the airport y so that i can email you the flight details for you to know the actual time to come and if you dont mind, you can arrange for me to be picked up at the airport, i really have to get out of here as soon as possible tomorrow cos the hotel am staying right now got due today and i was given the grace to stay here till tomorrow or else i will be thrown out of the hotel to the street so pls try as much as you can to help me out today all i need is $340. thanks so much for your understanding, i truly appreciates your help ok! can't wait to be with you real soon and then show you how much i truly appreciates your help. here is my information for you to proceed to the nearest western union and then proceed to have it sent....

Reciever; Tifany Williams
Address; 24 Airport Rd
City: Ikeja
State: Lagos
zip code;23401
question ..color
waiting to hear from you soon...
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