Scam letter(s) from Natalia Maslenikova to James (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love Jim !
How do you feel today? I feel a love inspiration, you won my heart, I will be in your life soon, I am so happy.
I woke up with an elatedmood with a thought, our love was started, we are involved in love game with a stirring desire... It's our turn in love... it makes each other happy.
Every couple has own love turn, do not agree? we found it together, soon it will be changed our lives.
I feel, our love will be true, our dreams will come true. I just do not waste any minute.
I made a first step for our love turnand I visited the tour office. I found out the one according to advicemy mother's friend.
There I carried on a dialog with a tourist manager. I nave never been to abroad before, I have no ideas about, she made clearme everything steps.
First of all, the process of making documents is startingto take an international passport, second step is to open a visa.
I can come to yourcountry with the tourist visa it has a limit for three months. It should be done an international health insurance together.
As soon as I'll get the travel papers, then I can book the tickets. Itlasts for 3-4 weeks no more.
The sum total is 190 USD ($90 for passport, $63 for visaand $37 for medical certificate). I'd wish to fix it right now without hesitation.
As I have learned how many will cost tickets aboard the plane 800 $.In total I was necessary 990 $ to arrive to you!!
I ask so much about a financial support for me. Will you be able to help me with the money assistance?
I as descended in branch of bank MoneyGram, to me have advised the fellow worker.
I have come to bank MoneyGram, and spoke with the operator of bank MoneyGram, they have told that it is the most reliable and safe system of remittances.
She as has explained as it to use and that it is necessary for transfer and reception of money through bank MoneyGram.
Lovely Jim , it is necessary for you my data:
Name: Natalya
Surname: Maslenikova
The country: Russia
City: Yoshkar-Ola
The name of bank: Communication bank
As I need to know all your full data for reception of money:
Your name?
Your surname?
Your country?
Your staff?
Your city?
And MTCN 8 figures which to you should tell in bank?
As it is necessary for me to know the address of your bank where you did transfer of money!
It will be our important step to serious relations and love turn in our lives together.
I long for you soon!
your cute Natalya
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